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Superior Gazebo - 3.4m x 5.9m

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Superior Gazebo measuring 3.4x5.9m. Perfect for entertaining and being secure from the great British summers. Substantial posts and framing make this a very strong structure.

Limited FREE shingles offer with this gazebo

Roofing - Free Shingles Offer - Whilst Stocks Last:
Roofing - Optional Shingles:
Foundation - Post Footing Anchors:
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Sale prices and FREE roof shingles offer

Superior Gazebo 3.4 x 5.9m perfect for out door dining and sheltering from the sun. With it's large size there is plenty of room for several guests to dine together.

Limited FREE shingles offer with this gazebo

Supplied in a natural wooden finish and pressured treated for longevity.

The Superior Gazebo features as standard:

  • Pressure treated pine timber
  • Standard roofing felt or optional shingles
  • Fixing kit and instruction manual


  • Overall Dimensions: 3.4 x 5.9m
  • Ridge Height: 3.10m
  • Height of opening: 2.14m
  • Posts: 115mm x 115mm x 2.25m approx

Optional Extras:

Ground Anchors For Gazebos:

  • Screw down Post Holders - An above ground fixing method, requires a hard standing such as concrete, slabs or a timber frame.
  • Spiked Post Holders - A below ground fixing option, intended to be hammered into soft ground.
  • Adjustable Ground Anchors - A below ground anchor which needs to be concreted into place.
Post-Holder-screw-downs spiked-ground-anchors Adjustable-ground-anchor 

Please note that there are no bolts/fixings with these post holders - They will need to be sourced separately.

Roof Options:

  • Roof shingles in a choice of five colours
  • Guttering Set - 600cm length for square roofs
  • Metal Finial

Customer modifications:

Many customers will also choose timber from our vast range of wood to add closed walls to further enhance the Superior Wooden Gazebo.


If you are building this gazebo yourself please see our information page for advice and tips.


Although this wooden gazebo is pressure treated (meaning it will last for years without rotting) it will still benefit from a weatherproof treatment to keep it looking really good or leave it as is and enjoy the weathering process.

FREE roof Shingles:

As a standard gazebo you can select EITHER roofing felt OR FREE shingles.

Free shingles for this gazebo are the same quality as our standard range and made by the same manufacturer. However, they are last years stock and old range colours, also some packaging may not be as new.

Standard Roof Shingles:

These are from our standard catalogue range and are available in various colours and styles.

We highly recommend shingles with your gazebo: The final finish is far more superior then felt.. Ordinary felt will last two - three years. Shingles will last for at least 15 years and it is unlikely you will ever need to replace them.

Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Delivery Days

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Roofing - Free Shingles Offer - Whilst Stocks Last A Range of Free offer shingles for your Log cabin, These are from last years stock where some packaging might no longer be "as new"
Roofing - Optional Shingles
Foundation - Post Footing Anchors A range of different post mounting options for this gazebo, Above and below surface options available. Please note fixings screws/bolts are not included with the post anchors.
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Size Group Width
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Gazebos up to 6m deep
Overall Size
3.4m x 5.9m
Impregnated Pine
Post size
115mm x 115mm
Walk Through Height
Roof Type
Rectangular Roof
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An installers walkthrough of three Superior Gazebos.
A customers walkthrough of their Superior Wooden Gazebo.
Average customer rating:
61 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. alan fisher
Mar 19, 2024
Absolutely great service ,haven't installed yet but pleased with prompt and timely delivery ,will let you know if it goes up as well .
Mr. Allan Compton
Mar 10, 2024
Quick and efficient delivery
Happy with quality of product
Mr. Duncan Fraser
Aug 3, 2023
I had been looking for a sizeable open-sided gazebo for a while and always seemed to return to the Tuin site. A good range of options with good-looking timber. I bought the Superior Gazebo to sit on my existing decking at the foot of my garden. It arrived well packed and the timbers were sound, with plenty of hardware. It took some time to measure the placement and squaring of the feet for the uprights - long work well worth the effort! I even had to lift, repair and add in additional support for the deck joists. All square and perpendicular!!
The timbers are pre-cut but not always to length - be aware that you will have to trim and fiddle a bit, but there are spare lengths so you won't go short. Fixing the ridge beam was a pain and needs some thought. On that note, the instructions indicated a height of 2.9m but the online details were 3.2 m - causing a level of confusion to confirm all the fixings were correctly placed. They were and the height is 3.2m - not as stated in the paper instructions. The angles to the kingpin are pre-set but not always correct - be ready to fiddle a bit. The over-hangs of the rafters were not even so I had to trim the 4 corner supports - easy enough.
The roofing does require thought and planning. I was working in a confined space and should have thought about the order of surfaces to roof - and whether to fix the shingles as I went along. I suggest that I should have built up the 2 ends and the back roof first (from the inside) putting on the shingles a s I went; leaving the front roof to build last, from the inside, from the top down. I have used a range of ladders and none of them really worked - I have had to employ a roofer to finish things off. The shingles are glass-fibre which is great for weather-proofing but really slippery, so working on the roof is tricky.
All in all, this is a beautiful structure; good timber; properly designed and it went together well. I now have a roofed deck - 6x4m - and it looks great. Not the cheapest available, but very good value for money and that's what counts for me.
robert woodhouse
Apr 19, 2023
The delivery service was very good they dropped the pallet off 40 meters down the drive rather than beside the entrance gate.

We had a slight issue with the roof trusses; the middle trusses appeared to have the bottom edges cut at a wrong angle. Also my joiner thought the number of trusses to be less than required; they would support the roof but maybe not a man on the roof to finalise the fitting of shingles. We had wood of the correct size so we added 4 more roof trusses and 8 1/2 trusses on the corners.

Your help desk liked the additions it matches more like your square Gazebo which we had built earlier this year. The extra cost of the wood was only £30.

Both Gazebos are excellent and very good value; all visitors have been impressed. Each took about 4 days to build a joiner and my assistance.
Mr. Craig Ayling
Apr 5, 2023
Very good service prompt delivery.very good product it looks great in my garden. Could do with some more instructions for self builders but did manage using internet

£2,348.22 Total incl. VAT

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