28mm Log Cabin Inspiration

At Tuin, we offer hundreds of Log Cabins as standard, these are also split up into various log thicknesses. Each with a certain use in mind.
This blog series will cover each log thickness we offer along with showing you how customers have put these customers to use.

The 28mm Log Cabins offer great value for money, these log cabins are ideal for leisure buildings, summerhouses, sheds etc. 28mm Log Cabins are ideal for summer and spring use, compared to thicker logs which can be used all year round.

Asmund Log Cabin Summerhouse

This Asmund Log Cabin measures at 3m x 3m, an attractive 28mm corner cabin. Painted in a bright blue to add colour to your garden, these customers used their Log Cabin for a summerhouse.



The Anja Log Cabin Measures to 2.95m x 2.00m, with a log thickness of 28mm. Ideal as a heavy duty shed as shown above, perfect for the outdoor toys and furniture.



A popular design, the Jos Log Cabin measures to 2.5m x 2.5m, ideal for a summerhouse in your garden corner- Complete with seating and a table,
The Jos Log Cabin is also popular for a garden pub.

This concludes the overview for 28mm Log Cabins.

As shown, they are the ideal log thickness for use of a summer house or as a heavy duty shed.

With over 80 cabins to choose from, in various styles and shapes. Take a look at our 28mm Log Cabins.

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