Soren Summerhouse & Lars Shed with Storage Log Cabins

I was lucky enough to take a short trip across the Norfolk – Suffolk border to a small village near Halesworth to visit a customers lovely Soren Summerhouse & Lars Log Cabin Shed.

Standing proudly at the end of their garden, the Soren and Lars looked fantastic!

It’s clear to see the customer have put a lot of thought and style into their outdoor space.

The Soren Log Cabin is one of our most popular cabins for use as a summerhouse. With its large double glazed double doors and 2 full height windows either side, the Soren is beautifully light and airy.

The Soren has a large 3.6m square internal space which the customers have utilized with a number of seats and a sofa to spend their time relaxing and enjoying their garden.
Its 1.5 meter front canopy is also a nice feature. A great option for taking a rest outside under the comfort of the shade.

Flanking the Soren is the excellent Lars Log Cabin with side porch/log storage.
The Lars is a sweet little cabin with lovely features. The side porch is useful for storing garden furniture during the wetter days and not take up any space inside. Or it could of course be used as vital log storage space as the customers have done here.

The customer has also built a large decking area to the front of the cabins, extending the usable space to entertain their friends and family.

Why TUIN & the Soren and Lars Summerhouse and Storage?

The customer commented on comparing with other similar log cabin companies. They considered TUIN best value for money and it helped that our showroom was just a short drive away. While visiting our showroom they got a real sense of the size, feel and quality of our materials.

Our showroom is a great place to come and look at our excellent range of log cabins and to see witness for yourselves the high quality and craftsmanship. We also have our sales team who are available to answer any questions you may have. Have a look at our TUIN Showsite blog for more details,

The customers also commented on the ease of the ordering process and excellent communication throughout, from both our sales team and couriers.

Transformation of their Summerhouse and Storage

Although the customers garden looked good, they wanted to bring it up to date and modern. They needed a new summerhouse to enjoy their wonderful garden space and quickly decided on the Soren Log Cabin.

Soon after realising the customer will be without his workshop and shed, he decided to also purchase the Lars Log Cabin.

The transformation is incredible. Complimenting their surroundings wonderfully and bringing the space deservedly up to date.

Have a swipe across the photo to have a look at the transfiguration for yourself.

Garden Transformation

The Build of the Summerhouse and Storage Log Cabins

Our happy customers were kind enough to send us some images over of their log cabin builds.


Having a large rear entrance to the back of their garden proved very useful. The delivery driver was able to access the rear gate and drive the forklift through to drop off their large packages.

Sorting the Logs

The customer then unpacked all of their pieces and laid them out into similar sized piles close to where they will be constructed. By consulting the build diagrams they were able to assess where things were going to go. This makes for a much easier build process without having to sort through numerous logs to find the one you’re looking for. Now is also a good time to decide where you want the smaller window to go. It can be placed either on the left or right wall of the cabin.


Having already had a large structure on the site, the customer confirmed it was solid and level so was able to get straight into the construction of their new project.

Starting with the foundation beams, these are placed directly onto the base. They are to keep the bottoms logs from getting wet and being damaged. Once the foundation beams are down the starter/half logs are placed on top and screwed into the foundation beams. This is the only time the logs ar screwed down.

Wall Logs

Now the log walls can be built up. This is a very straightforward process and requires only a mallet for tools. The interlocking logs are placed one on top of the other and secured down by malletting along the logs. Although this can be a speedy process, it is always advised to refer to the drawings throughout. This will ensure everything is going to plan. Logs can be removed if you have gotten ahead of yourself but this can be time consuming and cumbersome.

Once around 8 logs high either side of the openings, the window and door frames can be slotted into place. Again, a very straight-forward and easy task. Some customers opt to build up all the wall logs first and then remove the window and door fascia’s allowing them to push them into place. Then reattach the fascias afterwards. This is entirely up to the customers preference.


Once walls were built up, focus was then set on the roof. The rafters were fitted in the same way as the wall logs, interlocked and malletted down. This is where an assistant comes in handy as it can be difficult for a single person.

The roof boards can now be laid. The 16mm tongue and groove interlocking roof boards are nailed into place allowing a gap for expansion between them. The customers of this build didn’t opt for roof insulation, however if they had, it would be laid on top of the roofing boards and topped with OSB boards.

During the ordering process the customers went for the black straight shingles as the roofing option. These shingles are very hard-wearing and last for many years. They also look great. Although the shingles were time consuming to lay and fairly taxing especially during the hot summer we had, the effort was certainly worth it.

Treatment of the Summerhouse and Storage Log Cabins

The timber has had 2 coats of woodworm and fungi preservative then 3 coats of Cuprinol ducks back colour finish.

Here at TUIN we don’t recommend Cuprinol as a treatment option as it has had some adverse effects on our cabins in the past. We do however recommend the brands Sikkens, Kingfisher, & Sadolins as well as our Carefree Protectant Treatment and Embadecor Timber Stain available in many shades to suit your style.

stain shades
Available shades of Embadecor Timber Stain

Other Uses of the Soren Log Cabin

Of course you aren’t confined to the Soren being used as a summerhouse. It has many other uses as well.

A Garden Office – Work in style and comfort in your very own garden office log cabin. With added insulation to the floor and roof, the Soren is more than capable of providing a warm and convenient place to work.

A Garden Bar/Pub – This fantastic option is getting increasingly popular with our customers. Create your very own stylised entertainment venue in your very own garden. With the cost of a pint increasingly year on year, this is certainly an attractive alternative to the local pub. Coupled with one (or more) of our matching Log Cabin Bar Tables and you’re well on your way to creating the ultimate home pub!

A Hot Tub Cabin – With the Soren having a nice large square internal space, it is an ideal place to situate your hot tub. Having somewhere warm and cosy all year round to enjoy your hot tub is certainly an attractive idea. Keeping your hot tub inside during the winter months will also help reduce its heating bill and keep it away from the elements. Having somewhere warm to undress without having to run from the house is also an welcomed feature.

Reviews of the Summerhouse and Storage Log Cabins

Of course we can go on forever about how good our cabins are, however don’t just take our word for it. We have many excellent reviews for both the lars and Soren log cabins.

Soren Log Cabin Reviews

Lars Log Cabin Reviews


What a fantastic transformation! Our happy customers have put a great deal of thought and style into their newly developed garden area. The Soren & the Lars log cabins are a perfect pair for people who want both a light airy place to enjoy their garden in, as well as a practical and useful place for garden storage and a workshop. The decking area really compliments the space further enhances the log cabins useability.

We are happy we could provide such high quality cabins and excellent service to our happy customers who said would definitely recommend and buy from us again!

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