Shepherd Hut- Jimmy XL Inspiration

Our Shepherd Hut – Jimmy XL is certainly imposing with a size of 8.4m x 2.4m- But it’s still brimming with potential with the number of uses it can be applied to. Including this merge of a home office and bar area.

Constructing the Shepherds Hut

Starting with the installation, it’s a process similar to all Shepherds huts. Starting with  the base on the axels, and then proceeding with the flooring.

The Shepherds Hut- Jimmy XL is also featuring a new panel design, allowing you to change the configuration of the windows and doors to best suit your needs.






Once the side walls have been installed, it’s time to move onto the roofing. Due to these roofing boards being curved, we recommend you to take your time when installing these along with the roofing felt. From there you may continue to install roofing shingles if you wish to.






Shepherds Hut Interior

Once installation is complete, now it’s time to start on the interior decor. For insulation, the process of “twin skinning” is what’s best for the Shepherds Huts. This requires adding insulation to the side walls and then adding some paneling to create a second wall. A lot of our customers use this opportunity to add decorative panelling for a more vintage look.






Decorating the Shepherds Hut

Now it’s for the fun part- Choosing your colour scheme and decorating your new Shepherds Hut. These customers chose a muted light green for their wooden panelling with a colourful and striking wallpaper to compliment it. This along with the darker laminate flooring, a smart but cosy office area is starting to emerge.







With the interior decorating complete and the exterior treated, all that’s left is the furnishing and finishing touches. These customers took advantage of the 8.4m length to transform their Shepherds Hut into both an office and a home bar. This includes dark leather seating and a TV to unwind after a long day at work.







And this is just one of the ways you can utilise our Shepherd Hut – Jimmy XL.
For more ideas on how to transform your Shepherds Hut, take a look at our Log Cabin Pub Inspiration blog post.

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