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Tuindeco International BV are based in Holland and are Europe's foremost supplier of Log Cabins and garden products.  Click the logo to go to their website.


Bespoke Log Cabin
(3 Reviews)  
Cat No: BSP-TD0

If you cannot find a log cabin that suits your exact needs we can make one for you. Log thicknesses available are 28, 40, 44, 58, 70 and 92mm thick wall logs. Bespoke buildings are only available in Apex, Pent or Flat roof configurations.

Please Note: All of our standard buildings cannot be modified or changed in anyway. They are all made, in stock and available for very quick delivery. Any amendments to a standard building including glass, sizes, is a bespoke building. Addtional doors and windows can though be added. Doors and Windows in a standard building cannot be changed.

Additional Note: We only offer a bespoke service for our log cabins. No other product is offered bespoke.

Tuin Parts
(17 Reviews)  

All parts are available for our products. This is our spare parts reference page for any parts you require.

Price Varies
The price for this product is not set and is calculated according to your selection
Immersion Treatment
(5 Reviews)  
Cat No: LGPT

An immersion service for log cabins in Green or Brown. This is an immersion - diffusion process used to impregnate the timber. This service can be used for any of our untreated products.

Spray Coating of Timber Products
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: LGUC

We can professionally paint any of our Log cabins, Garden Timber Structures, Timber, Fencing etc in fact anything we sell in timber can be spray painted.  

Log cabins, gazebos, arches and other structures will receive a two layer coating.  Timber cladding or fencing products receives one coat.

Coach Screw
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0150

Zinc plated coach screw DIN571, Seven Sizes Available, Great for Garden Buildings and Structures

Price: £0.12 , Save £0.08
Masonry Screw
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0019

Masonry screw with a countersunk head, it is electrolytic galvanised.  Including plug, Three sizes Available

Price: £0.16 , Save £0.04
Coach Bolt
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0110

Zinc plated coach bolt. The bolt is DIN603 with a hexagonal nut DIN555

Price: £0.17 , Save £0.04
Stainless Steel Decking Clip
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.5505

Stainless Steel Decking Clip Black With Screw, Used with our composite decking,

Price: £0.40 , Save £0.10
Stainless Steel Decking Clip Black
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.5506

Stainless Steel Decking Clip Black With Screw, Used with our composite decking,

Price: £0.47 , Save £0.11
Wood Construction Torx Screw
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0401

Wood construction screw wirth a revolutionary flanged head. This is the perfect screw for any timber construction, pergolas, carports etc. The large head is extremely resistant to breakage.  Uses a Torx bit. Fourteen Sizes

Price: £0.66 , Save £0.24
Composite Decking End Caps
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.5557

Composite Decking End Caps, For use with our 15cm Composite Decking Boards, Available in Four Colours

Price: £0.56 , Save £0.13
Corner Angled Bracket
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0005

Corner Angled bracket, Available in Four sizes, great for strengthening/Fixing timbers at 90°

Price: £0.75 , Save £0.26
Mesh Ties
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 15.2002

Mesh Ties for use with the gabions and mesh screens, Ideal for strengthening your Mesh Design, Priced per piece.

Price: £0.69 , Save £0.16
Fence Support Bracket
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0002

Fence Support Bracket, Ideal for fencing these brackets are available separately or in packs of 12,

Price: £0.79 , Save £0.18
Round Timber Palings
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 23.6060

Round Timber palings pressure treated, the posts are pointed and crowned.  Tightly milled around and either 6cm or 8cm in diameter in lengths from 60cm up to 250cm. Nine sizes

Price: £1.91 , Save £0.78
Joist Hanger
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0010

Joist Hanger, Perfect for holding up those joists, these hangers come in four different sizes to suit.

Price: £1.53 , Save £0.35
Hardwood Fine Sawn Post 40mm Point
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 1.40060

Azobe Hardwood fine sawn fence post 40mm.  Available in two sizes of 60cm and 150cm. 

Price: £1.64 , Save £0.43
Stainless Steel Fence Bracket
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0003

Stainless steel fence bracket, Available in one size 30mm x 30mm, 

Price: £1.86 , Save £0.53
Garden Gate Latch
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0253

Gate Latch suitable for any of our gates. The traditional style latch with a self closing mechanism

Price: £2.28 , Save £0.53
Garden Coupling Strip
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0013

Garden coupling strip, great for dam walls, One Size Available 120mm x 40mm.

Price: £2.50 , Save £0.58
Eased Corner Pine Thick Timber
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 19.1418

FSC Middle European Pine timber.  Pressure Treated and available in six sizes.  Thickness of 16mm and 28mm in lengths from 180cm up to 400cm.

Price: £2.77 , Save £0.77
Planned Eased Corner Pine Board 16mm
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.1618

FSC Middle European Pine, eased, rounded corners. Planned and in 16mm thickness with sizes from 180cm up to 500cm. These boards are very good for use as barge boards on various structures and gazebos. Available in Nine Sizes

Price: £3.37 , Save £1.37
Mounting Kit for Mesh Screens
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 15.2001

Mounting kit for mesh onto timber, each set has four pieces. Ideal for use with our "Garden Mesh" Products.

Price: £2.79 , Save £0.77
Impregnated Pine Plank
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.2490

FSC Pressure Impregnated middle European pine.  Fine sawn with Edged corners.  Available in Three sizes - 17mm and 20mm thick, 1.8m and 4.0m in length.

Price: £3.19 , Save £0.99
Timber Plank Silver Grey 1.7 x 14.5cm
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.2490OG

FSC Timber Plank in two sizes of 1.7 x 14.5cm in lengths of 180cm and 400cm. Immersion treated, silvery grey in colour

Price: £3.06 , Save £0.71
Lift Off Hinge Spigot
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0210

Lift off Hinge Spigot with a 38mm x 5mm x 100mm plate. 17mm diameter and 40mm long.

Price: £3.73 , Save £1.33
Planned Eased Corner Pine Board 15mm
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.1518

FSC Middle European Pine, eased, rounded corners. Planned and in 15mm thickness with sizes from 180cm up to 400cm. These boards are very good for use as barge boards on various structures and gazebos. Available in Three Sizes

Price: £3.18 , Save £0.73
Planed Pine Timber 28 x 36mm
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 2.03418

FSC Central European Pine.  Smooth planed with sharp corners.  Pressure Impreganted.  One size available 2.8 x 3.6 x 185cm

Price: £3.64 , Save £1.01
Half Round Fence Rail
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 35.0725

Half Round Fence Rails in pressure treated timber.  One size of half a 7cm diameter log with a length of 250cm

Price: £3.73 , Save £1.02
Larch Timber Edge Boards - Unplaned
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 45.0016

Larch / Douglas Unplanned, Untreated timber boards, sharp edges and core free, Available in Ten sizes from 180cm to 500cm.

Price: £4.61 , Save £1.87