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  Saunas Barrel Hot Tub

Barrel Hot Tub

Barrel Hot Tub
Barrel Hot Tub Barrel Hot Tub with an internal heater Barrel hot tub with an external heater Barrel HotTub Hot tub Hot tub external heater barrell hot tub Wooden hot tub Ash Set Hot Tub PVC Liner - Blue Water Bottle Holder Covering Sheet For Internal Heating Hot Tub Covering Sheet For External Heating Hot Tub

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Cat No 43.6190
Delivery Time: 7 - 14 Working Days
European Number: 8715815006254
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Internal Heater

Barrel hot tub made from Spruce either untreated or in Thermowood. You can choose the hot tub with or without an internal heater or with an external wood fired heater. Several accessories are also available as required. The hottub is 200cm in diameter

Great fun and natural.

The dimensions of the barrel hot tub are:

  • Inside Diameter: 190cm
  • Outside Diameter: 200cm
  • Inside Height: 90cm
  • Outside Height: 105cm
  • Wood thickness: 42mm

Comes supplied as a kit form with all fixings and instructions. It comprises the following:

  • Wooden Ladder
  • Five Benches
  • Safety barrier for when a internal heater is fitted
  • Luxury finish on the rim
  • Emptied by means of a plug in the bottom
  • Adjustable stainless steel clamp ring
  • Impregnated Foundation Beams

Options available with the barrel hot tub:

  • 43.6190 Spruce Hot tub including an Internal stainless steel heater
  • 43.6180 Spruce Hot tub including External Heater

Thermowood Hot Tub:

Thermowood is an environmentally friendly process where the timber is heat treated and it enhances the properties of coniferous timber. It results in a characteristic brown shadded pattern giving it a warm and modern appearance.

Thermowood treatement of the barrel hot tub ensures:

  • Increased resistance to moisture
  • Higher level of sustainability (Class 2)
  • Better shape retention
  • A lighter structure

Barrel Hot Tub in Thermowood:

  • 43.6198 Barrel Hot Tub in Thermowood with an internal heater
  • 43.6181 Barrel Hot Tub in Thermowood with an external heater

Barrel Hot Tub Accessories:

  • 43.6193 Standard internal heater
  • 43.6187 Standard external heater
  • 43.6195 Covering Sheet - internal heater
  • 43.6194 Cover lid in wood - external heater
  • 43.6185 Wooden cover - internal heater
  • 43.6188 Wooden cover - external heater
  • 43.6184 PVC Liner Blue
  • 43.6196 Ash scoop set
  • 43.6197 Impregnating oil
  • 43.6189 Bottle Stand - For five water bottles

Please note: Free delivery for the Barrel Hot Tub accessories is for when you order a Barrel Hot Tub alongside it, if you're looking in to ordering just an accessory, please email us with your enquiry for delivery costs.

Approximate Delivery Time: 7 - 14 Working Days
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Tanya Trotman
Apr 10, 2018
My husband build this from a kit, at first we thought you could use it without a liner, which you can not. We ordered the kit because the access to our garden was almost impossible. Its looks fantastic and we loved the feel of it. With the lid on the water stay warm so it only needs a small amount of wood to get it to temperature again. First time we lit it, it took about 4 hours to heat the water. We love it. The service was brilliant and delivery on time, in fact early which was a good thing because of the size of the delivery lorry. Many Thanks


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