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  Manufacturers TuinDeco



Tuindeco International BV are based in Holland and are Europe's foremost supplier of Log Cabins and garden products.  Click the logo to go to their website.


Pressure Impregnation of Log Cabins - Tanalisation
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: LGPT
Delivery: 6 - 8 weeks - Free Delivery

We can pressure treat your log cabin for you.  Tanalisation is particularly useful for garages and some of our open gazebo log cabins.


Spray Coating of Timber Products
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: LGUC
Delivery: Up to Four Weeks - Free Delivery

We can professionaly paint any of our Log cabins, Garden Timber Structures, Timber, Fencing etc in fact anything we sell in timber can be spray painted.  

Log cabins, gazebos, arches and other stuctures will receive a two layer coating.  Timber cladding or fencing products receives one coat.


Coach Screw
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390150
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Zinc plated coach screw DIN571

RRP: £0.07 , Save £0.05

Coach Bolt
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390110
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Zinc plated coach bolt. The bolt is DIN603 with a hexagonal nut DIN555

RRP: £0.31 , Save £0.23

Masonry Screw
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390019
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Masonry screw with a countersunk head, it is electrolytic galvanised.  Including plug

RRP: £0.28 , Save £0.17

Wood Screw
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390401
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Wood construction screw wirth a revolutionary flanged head. This is the perfect screw for any timber construction, pergolas, carports etc. The large head is extremely resistant to breakage.  Uses a Torx bit.

RRP: £0.59 , Save £0.40

Fence Support Bracket
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390002
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Anodised fence brackets per piece or with optional 12 piece pack

RRP: £0.65 , Save £0.41

Corner Bracket
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390005
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Corner bracket for fixing timber together, available in four sizes: 30mm, 40mm, 90 x 60mm and 40 x 40 x 30mm.

RRP: £0.74 , Save £0.48

Mesh Ties
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 152002
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Mesh ties for use with the gabions and mesh screens.  Price per piece

RRP: £0.63 , Save £0.35

Stainless Steel Fence Bracket
(1 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390003
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Stainless steel fence bracket per piece 30mm x 30mm

RRP: £1.50 , Save £0.96

Hardwood Fine Sawn Fence Post
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 140060
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Azobe Hardwood fine sawn fence post.  Available in ten sizes and lengths from 60cm up to 300cm.  Post available with and without a point depending on the size selected.

RRP: £1.12 , Save £0.42

Joist Hanger
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390010
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Joist hanger in four sizes; 38mm, 40mm, 46mm, 58mm

RRP: £1.55 , Save £0.84

Palisade Round Timber
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 236060
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Palisade Round Timber pressure treated, the posts are pointed and crowned.  Tightly milled around and either 6cm or 8cm in diameter in lengths from 60cm up to 250cm. Nine sizes

RRP: £1.36 , Save £0.53

Garden Coupling Strip
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390013
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Garden coupling strip, great for dam walls 120mm x 40mm

RRP: £2.49 , Save £1.34

Garden Gate Latch
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390253
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Gate Latch suitable for any of our gates. The traditional style latch with a self closing mechanism

RRP: £2.41 , Save £1.05

Galvanised Fence Post Cap
(2 reviews)  
Cat No:: 620800
Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Galvanised Fence post caps in four shapes and suitable for posts of 7.1cm and 9.1cm.

RRP: £2.60 , Save £1.12

Chipboard Screw Pozidrive
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390061
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Stainless Steel, waxed chipboard screws with a double galvanised head, full thread and waxed with a pozidrive head. Price is for a box of 200 pieces. 

RRP: £4.39 , Save £2.78

Wooden Fence Post Cap
(1 reviews)  
Cat No:: 600800
Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Wooden fence post caps in two styles and four sizes with dimensions of 7.1cm and  Pressure treated to ensure they last for years.

RRP: £2.94 , Save £1.30

Eased Corner Pine Thick Timber
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 191418
Delivery: 14 Working Days

FSC Middle European Pine timber.  Pressure Treated and available in six sizes.  Thickness of 16mm and 28mm in lengths from 180cm up to 400cm.

RRP: £2.11 , Save £0.42

Garden Gate Shoot Bolt
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390257
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Garden gate shoot bolt lock with an easy use thumb piece.  Lockable with the addition of a padlock. 100mm in length

RRP: £4.37 , Save £2.68

Planned Eased Corner Middle European Pine Board
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 3716182
Delivery: 14 Working Days

FSC Middle European Pine, eased, rounded corners. Planned and in 16mm thickness with sizes from 180cm up to 500cm. These boards are very good for use as barge boards on various structures and gazebos. Available in Nine Sizes

RRP: £2.39 , Save £0.53

Mounting Kit for Mesh Screens
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 152001
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Mounting kit for mesh onto timber, each set has four pieces.

RRP: £2.79 , Save £0.77

Impregnated Timber Plank
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 372490
Delivery: 14 Working Days

FSC Pressure Impregnated middle European pine.  Fine sawn with sharp corners.  Available in two sizes - 17mm and 20mm thick, 1.8m and 4.0m in length.

RRP: £2.39 , Save £0.36

Fence Post with Point
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 171000
Delivery: 14 Working Days

FSC Fence Post with a point.  6.8 x 6.8cm in lengths from 100cm up to 150cm.  Pressure treated. Three sizes

RRP: £3.56 , Save £1.47

Lift Off Hinge Spigot
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 390210
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Lift off Hinge Spigot with a 38mm x 5mm x 100mm plate. 17mm diameter and 40mm long.

RRP: £3.73 , Save £1.57

Pine Planed Timber
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 203418
Delivery: 14 Working Days

FSC Central European Pine.  Smooth planed with sharp corners.  Pressure Impreganted.  One size of 2.8 x 3.6 x 185cm

RRP: £2.65 , Save £0.32

Half Round Fence Rail
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 350725
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Half Round Fence Rails in pressure treated timber.  One size of half 7cm with a length of 250cm.

RRP: £3.16 , Save £0.78

Larch Plank Rounded Corners
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 451618
Delivery: 14 Working Days

Larch / Douglas planks with eased rounded corners suitable for finishing. 1.80m in length.

RRP: £3.25 , Save £0.77

Drop Through Bracket for Swings
(0 reviews)  
Cat No:: 320011
Delivery: 14 Working Days

A drop through bracket, suitable for use with a range of play accessories but ideal for making a garden swing

RRP: £5.19 , Save £2.60

Garden Decking Tile Straight
(1 reviews)  
Cat No:: 170005
Delivery: 14 Working Days

FSC pressure treated timber decking tiles measuring 50 x 50cm

RRP: £6.60 , Save £3.96