Douglas Larch Garden Building Installation

Due to the way the Douglas Larch Garden Building kits are sent out, we tend to advise that experienced DIYers or carpenters/builders should tackle installation. These are a ‘proper building’ as we describe them. They are a timber structure which can be adjusted and modified to suit your requirements, various modules in Douglas timber can be added to them such as extensions, walls, framing etc.

A recent customer sent in this picture set of the Baako Douglas Gazebo 6.9 x 3.8m , this is the basic structure and to this walls, doors, windows etc can be added in a variety of materials to create open barns, carports, summerhouses, offices, in fact any structure your require. Additionally, the Douglas Building Structures are a VERY economical alternative to the traditional oak garden building.

Securing the Base

Constructing your Douglas Building

It is recommended, as with all timber that you pilot drill your screw holes with a durable, trustworthy power drill.

Make sure to keep your timber secured straight!

Applying the Roof Purlins

Once your main frame/body is installed, the next step would be installing and securing the roof purlins. Again, ensure that everything beforehand remains to the required level for the desired pent roof.

If the purlins are nice and level then installing the roof boards should be simple, given that their tongue and groove design allows you to simply slide them together and nail them to secure them. Please note that the use of steel nails is not really recommended for Douglas as in oak.

In this case, the customer installed a downpipe at the lower end of the pent roof to which a drain pipe will be attached, cutting the required section through the roof board and securing it from above:

Then to finish off the building the customer used EPDM roofing material to cover the roof boards. EPDM is ideal for flat or low pitched roofs due to its durable rubberised material which lasts for years and years. The EPDM is finished off with a metal roof edging trim.

The Finished Douglas Building

Thank you to the customer who sent these Larch Garden Building installations in. They are truly stunning! Overall, we hope that you’ll enjoy the Douglas Baako Gazebo for many years to come!

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