Douglas Garden Building Installation

Due to the way the Douglas Garden Building kits are sent out, we tend to advise that experienced DIYers or carpenters/builders should tackle the challenge. These are a ‘proper building’ as we describe them. They are a timber structure which can be adjusted and modified to suit your requirements, various modules in Douglas timber can be added to them such as extensions, walls, framing etc.

A recent customer sent in this picture set of the Baako Douglas Gazebo 6.9 x 3.8m , this is the basic structure and to this walls, doors, windows etc can be added in a variety of materials to create open barns, carport, summerhouses, offices, in fact any structure your require. The Douglas Building Structures are a VERY economical alternative to the traditional oak garden building.

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It is recommended, as with all timber that you pilot drill your screw holes with a durable, trustworthy power drill.

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Once your main frame/body is installed, the next step would be installing and securing the roof purlins, again ensuring that everything beforehand has remained to the required level for the desired pent roof.

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If the purlins are nice and level then installing the roof boards should be simple, given that their tongue and groove design allows you to simply slide them together and nail them to secure them. Please note that the use of steel nails is not really recommended for Douglas as in oak.

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In this case, the customer installed a downpipe at the lower end of the pent roof to which a drain pipe will be attached, cutting the required section through the roof board and securing it from above:

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Then to finish off the building the customer used EPDM roofing material to cover the roof boards. EPDM is ideal for flat or low pitched roofs due to its durable rubberised material which lasts for years and years. The EPDM is finished off with a metal roof edging trim.

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And here is the completed building:

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Thank you to the customer who sent these in! They are truly stunning and we hope that you’ll enjoy the Douglas Baako Gazebo for many years to come!

Log Cabin CarPort Ever – Adapted

This is a review kindly sent in by Mr KVDL. This is an adaptation of our Carport Ever Log Cabin. to meet Mr KVDL’s requirements.

Requirements: – garden shed/log cabin with floor area of at least 15m2 with sizeable covered area for outdoor seating.

Research: Following extensive research into log cabins, gazebos, car ports etc., I came to the conclusion that our requirements could only be met by adapting a standard building. I came across a carport being offered in the Netherlands and was pleased to find out that Tuindeco had representation in the UK through

In dialogue with Richard and team Carport Ever was adapted by decreasing the carport space and increasing the shed area by adding extra logs. In effect the inside wall was moved forward and the extra logs were used to fill the gap created using an H-profile.

Ever was ordered with factory impregnation. Something, which does not appear to be common in the UK but is a pretty common standard back in the Netherlands. Richard’s advise on the matter was useful though not conclusive.

One of the big advantages of dealing with Tuin is the exhaustive information available on their blog. Many articles from Richard but also from customers which is great for prospective buyers.

Ordering: The order process was relatively straightforward and specification for the incremental logs were added to the original order. I specified black shingles and whilst this appears to be the most common supply, at the point of order Tuin is unable to guarantee the color. I find this rather intriguing as to why the client can not be guaranteed the specified colour in the same way that additional logs can be ordered. In my opinion Tuin should consider this.

Delivery: Within the specified delivery time, Carport Ever was delivered. The transport company was brilliant in their communication and whilst there were minor access challenges the Moffit was expertly driven and the “parcel” delivered in the preferred area. The wrapping of the package is great and provides protection from the weather.



Foundation beams were delivered at the same time but it was clear that one of the beams was different. Tuin was notified and within 48hrs a replacement was delivered. This delay did not affect the building process.

Additional notes: On the blog you can find information on mallets and based on this, I ordered two different versions from Amazon. A 24oz non marking Roughneck and a similar weight, white/black Silverline version. After extensive use the Roughneck was preferred simply because it appeared to have a better, firmer hit.

The drawings delivered with the building are A4 size and with the number of parts of this specific building, it takes time to study them and work out the various parts and their use. With the built taking place in early spring I had all the drawings laminated as well as enlarged to A3. With rain and coffee and tea spills the £5 spend on laminating was well worth the money and made reading the drawings much easier.

Note; all decking supplies were not ordered from Tuin and supplied locally. Spaxx decking screws were used; relatively expensive but easy to use and no split decking boards!

Foundation: Richard’s blog provides ample information about foundations and we opted for decking because of its intended use with double slabs used under the joists and weed suppressing matting to combat weeds coming through.




Unpacking: Upon opening the package the number of parts may seem overwhelming but all parts are numbered which match the numbers on the drawings. It took 4 hours to carry all parts to the back garden and all parts were sorted in piles based on their respective numbers and indeed use.



At that point it became clear that the additional logs ordered had not been factory notched ( as originally ordered ). Richard was informed and he arranged for Wayne to come to site and notch the logs in situ. Whilst present, Wayne also was able to pass on some of his experience from the numerous cabins he had built. Overall we lost approximately half a day in the built process but probably gained in other areas because of Wayne’s suggestions.

The build: With a built this size, two adults are required and an extra pair of hands comes in handy from time to time. Starting square and staying square takes its time throughout the initial layers of logs but after a while the shape remains firm and other than occasional checking the building does not move again.



A3 drawings to hand and all parts sorted by number, spirit level, a large square, drills, some nails, hammer, saw, mallets and plenty of coffee in supply, the work commenced.

Initially the proceedings are slows but after the first two hours, the built logic ( building by numbers ) is catching on and towards the end of day 2, gutter height was reached successfully. The following two days were spent on the roof; the gables are very heavy and somewhat unstable ( they are delivered pre-built ). Unless you have 3-4 adults on site for this task, it is difficult to see how these could be lifted in situ. We ended up removing some of the screws and lifting them up in two separate parts; much easier to lift and indeed reassembling is no issue at all.

Ever-log-cabin-1Purlins were fitted with relative ease and a large part of the remainder of the day was used to fit the many, many roof boards.


Before fitting the shingles, it is worthwhile reading the blog once more. There are some really good hints/tips here which will make fitting straight forward and ensures a great finish. It took a full day to fit all the shingles.



The building is supplied with barge boards but using these “cold” against the purlins does not give a great finish and gutter boards were used to create a much neater finish ( see finished and painted building )

Guttering was fixed using spare logs to ensure that water drains away from the building in a soak away.

Subsequently electrics were fitted as well as a free standing work bench and shelving.

Painting: The building was finished in Steel Blue and Off White wood treatment from Cetabever ( AkzoNobel ). It is a high quality wood stain and the off white combination with the logs resulted (unintended) in a great rustic look. Ensure you have plenty of wood stain supply as the wood ( even when impregnated ) absorbs the paint extensively. ( painting took 2 days; 2 coats )

Completed adapted carport Ever

Completed adapted carport Ever


Finished product: The overall building work was completed in the Spring and with the addition of a rattan corner seating arrangement the area has been in full use from early Spring till mid November. Even when raining the covered area provides great shelter and still provides a fantastic area for simply relaxing and entertaining. Of course the shed has its own function and the overall the Ever has now been renamed to the “Man Palace”

Thank you Mr KVDL for taking the time to send us a review and for the pictures. Other customers find this really useful and it gives people the confidence to install themselves and in your case to carry out adaptations of our log cabin.

Other customer experiences, builds and ideas can be enjoyed here: Pictorial Tuin Reviews