5 Valentines Day Gifts for your Garden

Valentines Day at Tuin

The often forgotten holiday of Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Named after the 3rd Century Roman saint of the same name, it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate the love for your significant other. It may seem redundant to some, or even overtly gushy, but many relationships flourish with the advent of this romantic occasion. For those considering something nice for your garden-bound partner, or a loving addition to your Log Cabin garden space, we’ve collated some of our top Valentine’s Day gifts for you to choose from:

Get Your Love Seat On

Valentines Day Love Seat

First up, we have the most fitting choice for a loving couple. The Adirondack Love Seat Paris (bit of a mouthful, we know) is a pretty addition to your patio and garden seating area. This design style comes from the architecture of the Adirondack mountains in New York state, and we can really picture this cosy seating for your garden.

These laid back chairs are perfect for relaxation with your significant other. You can also use the pressure treated timber shelves and table to do some al fresco dining. We also offer individual Miami Adirondack Chairs for more free-moving seating.

Now… no fighting over which seat is yours!

For Your Green-Fingered Partner

Valentines Day Potting Bench

If your partner is fond of horticulture, they may benefit from a boost to their productivity. In that case, we recommend the sturdy Potting Bench. This pressure treated wood build comes with a steep zinc potting tray to help refill potted plants of many sizes. Additionally, this makes for a good work station for a pre-existing greenhouse or utility cabin. Your partner will love this handy build to keep on top of garden projects this year.

We just so happen to feature one of these Potting Benches on our Tuin Showcase, in the gardening-themed Kennet Log Cabin.

This Valentines gift is also a perfect place to pot those roses that you definitely remembered to buy, right?

Pergolas Of Passion

Valentines Day Pergola Flower Box

Next, continuing with the horticulture theme, this Pergola Flower Box Set makes an excellent new centerpiece for you and your partner’s flourishing garden. With the right planting, this tanalised build can really stand out in any garden space.

It is certainly a pricier choice of Valentines Day gift for your partner, so why not also check our full range of Garden Planters available.

Kiss Under The Curved Arch

Valentines Day Arch

Another centerpiece that also makes for an excellent Valentines Day gift idea is our Curved Garden Arch! A picturesque entrance to any garden space, this structure boasts easy self-assembly and impressive height. You can even set up crawling plants on the sides, creating even more natural integration. You and your partner will love the romantic vibes emanating from this gift.

We offer several unique designs of Garden Arches available if you are looking for something different for your partner.

Let Your Tree and Love Blossom

Valentines Day Tree Seat

Last, but certainly not least, we have another romantic centerpiece in the form of our impressive Tree Seat. A tanalised timber seating area with unique space for a planted tree to grow and flourish. Similarly, a lot of couples like to give plants as gifts, symbolising their relationship and growth together. So why not treat yourselves to a garden feature to really let that symbol of love shine this Valentine’s Day!

Of course, it would be careless not to mention the many people who don’t celebrate with a significant other and are happy with enjoying life by themselves. In that case, it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself to anyone of these gifts, or something else from our range of Garden Furniture and Pergolas.

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