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Anne McLean
Apr 30, 2022
I absolutely love my cabin, can’t wait to start filling it with furniture. It is great quality. Would recommend it to anyone
Mr. Andrew West
Apr 21, 2022
Really surprised at the quality for the price paid. Once painted and any small knots filled the cabin looks as good as ones 5 times the price. The walls are very thick and strong and will be very sturdy. The cabin did take longer to erect than expected but I am very pleased with the purchase.
Mr. owen stafford
Apr 13, 2022
Very pleased with the cabin very good quality. Tips from me 7.5ltrs Sadolin Superdec (colour mixed to your choice) 3 coats. use rad roller 12 inch roller and 3" brush. Doors windows 1ltr Sadolin Extra & 1ltr Classic (stain colour of your choice) 2 coats of each. take your time on the build read the blogs as you go get the base dead flat DPM under concrete. DPC under cabin. DPM again tanked then 47mm by 47mm joists 50mm insulation between then 18mm OSB. Raise the door by 20mm at the base. 12mm clic flooring. insulate roof on top. Total sheets for build 6 x 50mm 1.2 x2.4 65mm clouts 75mm clouts for ridges. Use Stanley knife with carpet hook to cut i used three blades.
Mar 4, 2022
Love my Emma cabin , so easy to put up with a bit of knowledge, made from good quality materials and no leaks whatsoever superb addition to my garden .
B McDermott
Feb 14, 2022
A fantastic quality, easy (and fun!) to assemble cabin, backed up by an excellent Customer journey from start to finish. I am most definitely a very happy Customer!

After researching for what seemed like months, I finally settled on the "Emma" cabin to act as a home office and general getaway from the hustle and bustle of life with young children.

The process to buy was straightforward, and the communications from Tuin were regular and reassuring. Don't skimp on reading the guidance, it really is a wealth of knowledge to help with your build!

The delivery was great. Living in a typical housing estate, I did worry how they'd get a curtain sided lorry in, but low and behold, the cabin arrived on a forklift, driven by a very helpful and friendly driver.

The construction process itself is simple, quick and importantly, good fun, provided you've done your reading and have the right tools to hand. It may be daunting to see all the wood laid out, but once you've got the first log in place, it'll go up fast. Two of us managed to build the whole building, sans roof, in a day.

My only criticism is that the instructions included aren't sealed in plastic. I left my cabin package out on the drive for a few days and despite making sure there were no nicks/damages to the wrapping, they were still drenched when I removed them.

I'd read several complaints about the quality of the instructions, but I can't say I share that view. They provide clear parts numbers, technical diagrams showing each elevation, and some worded advice for the trickier parts. Overall, they were definitely a help, rather than hindrance.

The IKO roof shingles really take the visual appearance of the cabin up a level, too. I'll admit, I was nervous about fitting them, but watch the video tutorials and take your time, and the end result is amazing.

I'm still amazed by the finished product. It looks fantastic and is a genuinely usable space, which I've found comfortable even with frost on the ground outside. Many of the neighbours have commented on how nice the building looks, too.

If you're looking to buy a log cabin, you cannot go wrong with Tuin- the products and service are second to none!
Mr. Ron Wood
Feb 9, 2022
After looking at the quality and workmanship that my daughter purchased from tuin ,i am very pleased with my summerhouse, as my wife has an condition that stops her from staying in the sun ,it means she can still have the pleasure of sitting in the garden. so thanks for the excellent service you provide
Ron Wood Kent.
Patricia Pope
Feb 4, 2022
Purchased the Emma log cabin, waited a while but we'll worth it,delivery by a very nice and helpful chap, very well packed,went together like a dream, just took a few days by one man, very happy with it and looking forward to happy times in it.
Mr. Nicolette Shearer
Jan 25, 2022
Love our summer house, customer care excellent thank you
Mr. Gary Gooding
Jan 23, 2022
We bought the Emma corner cabin after reviewing the market in great detail. I had some difficulty assembling the cabin as the instructions were shocking. Often I was on you tube watching videos on how it went together, in particular the section above the double doors. It simply wasn’t a good fit.
In general the cabin is very good 45mm walks and double glazed.
The doors do not close correctly or squarely at the point where they come together. I will always have a gap to the outside at some point around the doors.
But overall I’m happy I did it and happy with what I intended to get as an outcome
Andrew Lathan
Jan 11, 2022
We purchased the Emma 3m x 3m cabin in the April and delivery was the first week of August which was accurate to the predicted date.
Along with the cabin we purchased the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment and also timber for the floor joists, we did not purchase the floor from Tuin but decided to buy the green floor boards from a local builders merchants.
To start we painted every piece of timber with 4 coats of the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment and allowed them to dry before we started building.
Assembling the cabin was pretty straight forward and i suppose slightly more difficult as we had painted first so the joints were sometimes a little tight, but it all went together relatively easily. Definitely make sure you have the base perfectly square as when you come to put the room on you will have trouble making it all fit snuggly.
We did have a few of the longer beams where there was a bit of a twist/warp but once put in place these beams were straightened out. We put 40mm insulation in the floor and also in the roof which i think has made a difference.
Reading through the various Tuin blogs was extremely informative and we have took extra care to ensure that no screws have been put through frames and everything has scope to expand/contract etc, so far so good!
We have seen some movement of the timbers on the inside where the tongue/groove gap has increased slightly, but nothing too severe.
Once the cabin was fully assembled we went around the outside and gave another coat of the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment to cover all the joints, corners and horizontal, and to make sure that no bare timber could be seen.
We have fitted out the inside with a composite floor and have stained the inside walls. We have built a bar with to tables along with an electric log effect fire, with a fridge too.
All in all it is working quite well for us, we are quite happy with the quality, the size is just right for our garden and we can fit 5 people and two dogs in quite snuggly, it holds the temperature well and doesn;t take long to get the cabin to a nice comfortable temperature with the electric fire.
We look forward to many cosy days and evenings in there and would definitely recommend this cabin.
cliff Bugg
Dec 6, 2021
The cabin was delivered a day earlier than planned but we were kept informed.
It was delivered exactly where we needed it . Not easy as we live in a very busy road.
Driver delivery man was excellent.

We had do ask for the instructions to be e mailed and we printed them off ourselves as they had been left out of the delivery.
They are easy to follow, it ok 1 man 3 days to erect as the night pulled in and that meant work stopped .
It all fits perfectly.
Roof tiles an easy fix.
Would recommend to anyone needing an office or a summer house in the garden.
Rob Thomson
Dec 3, 2021
Excellent service & product. Slight delay in delivery, but was kept informed at all times, and considering Covid / Brexit, I was delighted to see the wee forklift appear at all. Pretty straightforward build, make sure you use the instructions provided *with the cabin*, there are subtle (but important) differences between these & the set you can download from the Tuin website, and also the install vids on You Tube. Really pleased we opted for the 26mm flooring, it’s solid. Outside of cabin treated with 2 coats of Osmo 420 UV Protection Oil Extra, it’s expensive but the finish is lovely, and it retains the look of the untreated timber. Floor sanded down & sealed with Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish, again – pricey, but worth it. Sofa delivered a couple of weeks ago, starting to feel like a lovely wee space to spend time in.
Sue Lupton
Nov 28, 2021
I ordered my EMMA and adjoining shed annex based on recommendation from my brother in law - who was also kind enough to put it all together for me. I can only reiterate most of what is said in other reviews- I was really worried about access - I live in a small victorian terrace in a narrow road with limited parking and very enthusiastic traffic wardens . We were lucky delivery was on a bright and dry day - the driver simply parked the large truck on the adjoining dual carriage way and removed the pallets using the incredibly adapatable fork lift - he used it to raise the pallets above the parked cars on each side to deposit it in the clear space outside my front door - the whole process took about 20 mins. My team of helpers carried both pallet loads through the house, to the site, in under an hour. The actual building went well though on behalf of the workers I echo the call for a bit more detail on the instructions - the portico over the EMMA door was a real conundrum and took several attempts to complete. I was also told that previous purchases included lot numbers on specific planks etc which were not present on the EMMA and this also slowed them down a bit. Still its now built and painted and I am using it happily as a garden office - the quality is great and with the insulation in place I am finding it very cosy. The shed annex takes all my gardening equipment - I am only 5ft 3ins and exist in it happily but anyone taller would have problems! We found your website really helpful and loved looking over the photos and guides.
Simon Davis
Nov 3, 2021
We are really pleased with our Emma log cabin, which we purchased after a friend told of their positive experience with Tuin.
There was a slight hiccup around payment and the cabin ended up being delivered a day early (which we only found out on the day). That said, these minor issues were overcome and the staff were always friendly and helpful.
We had the cabin installed by a company recommended by Tuin, who were fantastic. I'm doing the floor myself which I have found straightforward. The cabin itself is exactly as I had hoped and expected and cannot fault this at all. Overall we are really pleased, and have already recommended Tuin to others!
Mr. Dominic Hawes
Oct 20, 2021
The Emma log cabin is absolutely amazing. Perfect size for our garden. Easy to assemble, fun to build and I had it up and complete within 2 days. Since then I have painted, added electric and now currently onto furnishing the interior to make it a bar. Would highly recommend. The whole process was fantastic, from ordering, to delivery, to building. A pleasure of a company to deal with.
Philip Roseveare
Oct 3, 2021
We could not be happier with our Emma cabin. The delivery was quick and the driver very helpful. It took me about four days to finish the cabin including the floor and shingles without to many problems. Having a good level base made everything simple. Since finishing the cabin is in constant use as an office, exercise space and mini cinema. Brilliant investment.
Philip Jones
Sep 26, 2021
Ordering was simple. Delivery time agreed and it arrived when stated. the delivery driver was very helpful and put the pallets exactly where we wanted them. Instructions for built clear and when together as planned. Now enjoying Emma and given that the extra thick walls are sound we look forward to using the building in the colder days! very, very please with everything and would recommend Tuin and EMMA!
Graham Smith
Aug 4, 2021
Ordering the Emma log cabin was easy and hassle free. The driver was fantastic parked his huge articulated lorry with trailer 2 miles away and used his forklift to bring the cabin down our narrow windy country lane. He also managed to park the cabin on our raised lawn which made it much easier when we opened the package for assembly. The cabin went together very well, and although the bulk of it is easy to work out and straightforward, the instructions could be more detailed. We are also quite a few timbers left over which don't appear to have any purpose as they are not in the inventory list. it seems a shame that the complaint most people have is poor instructions. Come on Tuin sort them out! Overall the cabin is of good quality and is competitively priced, so would definitely recommend but do not expect to purchase again as this is built to last. With decent wood preserver then a professional top coat this should survive the worst of British weather easily. I also purchased the storm kit as we live in an exposed area, unfortunately the instructions for these are also none existent. No mention of how tight the stays should be against the springs, plus with Emma you have 4 stays and 8 potential choices of position with no recommendations. Again, please sort out your instructions. Overall we are delighted with the cabin.
Alan Paul Griffiths
Jun 30, 2021
We ordered the Emma log cabin - delivery dates were confirmed and adhered too. Driver delivering was excellent.
Unpacking the huge pallet took me and a friend some time as I didn't want to muddle the stuff up .. also wanted to check off the parts.
I studied the plans prior to starting building and watched YouTube of building a cabin. The plans are basic and to be honest, the page with the roof(s) etc on, needed to be far bigger and clearer. We really struggled in trying to figure out with the triangular piece above the door way, which way up or when to fit it... the picture was so small and unclear .. it seems others upon checking had similar issues.
I did contact Tuin for advice about what I thought was a wrong part or missing, but no one got back to me, in the end I sussed my mistake or misunderstanding with the window woods.
About windows and doors, I did find the hinges adequate but not what I would say robust enough.
The cabin fitted together well - I made sure the base woods were square at the corners and level .. did see a YouTube where the guy missed out fitting the base woods and with Tuin assistance had to jack up the cabin to fit them.
It may have helped if parts were labelled ... as there is quite a lot of surplus packing wood which you are not sure if they part of the cabin or not (or at least mark as packing wood say with a red spray mark.)
Its definitely a 2 or more person job, we picked the hottest weekend so far and got burnt to crisp .. especially doing the roof with the shingle asphalt thingies.
Did seem to have a large surplus of 50mm nails for some reason.
Overall, we are well pleased with the service we had and the cabin and look forward to the summers and possibly winters usage of it.
Dawn Hubbuck
Jun 28, 2021
Had our Emma cabin/snug bar for just over a year now and cannot fault it. Joiner friend built it and husband treated and painted it. Insulated the floor and roof and have spent many enjoyable hours in the summer and winter months. Everyone who visits comments and loves it and I think you may have a slight influx of orders coming your way :)
Steve Evans
May 10, 2021
The cabin is absolutely fantastic. The delivery and the driver, 1st class. The problem is the instructions are very difficult to understand and the help that you are promised will be a few hours at most, took days. By the time they get back to you, you have sort of figured it out anyway . You are left with pieces of wood that look like they belong somewhere but can’t work out where. For the price you pay, you should get a far better customer service. Maybe a video call is the way forward. Overall I am happy with the cabin just disgusted with customer service side.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We apologise we did not get back to you quick enough. Like other companies we have struggled with staff shortages, home working, sickness etc during this pandemic.

We are though pleased you managed to complete your building and are happy with it.
Ian Pugsley
Apr 30, 2021
The delivery went really well and the driver was extremely accommodating. Once the instructions were read through the cabin went together relatively easily but definitely a 2 man job.
Really pleased with the product and quality.
Sean Cannon
Apr 5, 2021
Cabin arrived a day late due to issues with shipping but I was kept informed...a few pieces had slight damage and Tuin replaced these without a question on next day delivery...the cabin is very easy to put together albeit the instructions aren't brilliant but its quite self explanatory. Brilliant quality
Martin Smith
Mar 19, 2021
Cabin arrived a day late problems at the port, so I had to take another day off work, so 2days off with out pay . That aside the delivery and the driver was excellent. 1 off log has some damage other than that the quality looks impressive. I’ve stacked the cabin in my work shop/shed as per instructions ready to start the build, waiting for insulation boards for floor and roof. In no rush to erect the cabin , will review again once finished complete with sikkens wood treatments.
Gordon Woodend
Mar 15, 2021
Overall we are delighted with our Tuin Emma Corner Log Cabin. It is well-designed, very high quality, perfectly engineered, easy to assemble (with reasonably good instructions) and looks visually very attractive. When we have kitted it out it will be very comfortable and usable year round. The price was extremely competitive compared to others we were able to view. The website provided an immense amount of helpful information on installation, timber treatment, electrics, flooring, etc. We (my son-in-law, who has an oak framed timber building business, and me, a pensioner and very amateur DIYer) built the cabin and shingled the roof in two days. My wife and I have spent much, much, much longer applying several coats of Sadolin Classic to the outside and painting the inside. But the result is stunning. The only negative was the delivery - the driver phoned at 7pm on the scheduled day of delivery to advise that he had parked-up on an industrial estate two miles away from the village were we live. He wanted us to meet him at 7am the next day to guide him to our home. Well neither the 48 ton articulated lorry nor its fork-lift truck unit could have navigated the final 1.5 miles to our village !!!! Fortunately my son-in-law came to the rescue as he had transport that could do it, so the driver just offloaded the cabin package on to his trailer. Looking forward to enjoying our Tuin cabin.
Nigel Reid
Mar 14, 2021
We are extremely pleased with our Tuin Emma log cabin. The log cabin arrived on a fork lift and was placed on our driveway exactly where we wanted. We had prepared a slab base and construction of the cabin was fairly easy. All the parts were very well made and fitted together easily. The only problem we had was with the boards above the doors as it wasn't clear how they should fit but we did find a solution. The cabin is now complete and the exterior wood has been treated. We had a storm last night and the cabin interior is still dry and there was no damage. I would recommend following the guide on Tuin's website in particular concerning the damp proof course and membrane and wood treatment.
The cabin looks fabulous and we are now enjoying decorating and fitting out the interior. I would certainly recommend the Emma log cabin and Tuin themselves who have been very helpful.
Liz Williams
Mar 13, 2021
Absolutely amazing - really sturdy and just what I wanted . Great quality . I had looked at other cabins before settling on this one and the quality is best by far .
Mr. John Parry
Mar 11, 2021
I ordered my cabin in the middle of the Covid pandemic and just after Brexit had kicked in, fearing the worst on delivery time I was delighted when the delivery was made on time and direct from the Netherlands. The driver was very knowledgeable and he couldn't have been more helpful placing the log cabin package exactly where I wanted him to. I am still working on my base having been held up by poor weather in February so it has given me time to unpack the log cabin and check everything was included. I ordered the composite foundation beams, the optional 18mm floor and I took advantage of the free shingles that were on offer and I am delighted with the quality and quantity supplied. The quality of the log cabin parts are really good and I am now in the process of applying wood preservative to the roof components so that I won't get any mould growing up there in the future and I am also painting the door and window components with the Carefree product before I do the cabin build so that I can get it into all the nooks and crannies. I have decided to insulate the roof and the floor having sourced the Kingspan insulation boards locally. I am really pleased with the help on the Tuin website as I will need to modify the wood around the eaves to accommodate the extra depth of the insulation. I am looking forward to building the cabin shortly and I feel confident with the build having seen all the videos on the Tuin website.
Mr. Shaun Ward
Mar 10, 2021
What a pleasant change!! Order placed and a week for delivery selected. No money taken as promised until I had a confirmed delivery. The transport company booked in my delivery exactly as described, delivered it on the day requested and the driver was very helpful and polite. On checking the items for the log cabin all was in order and once the foundation beams were set the build was very straight forward. I only needed a second person for putting in the windows and putting up the roof supports, everything else I have completed on my own. The cabin was fully built in 2 days. I have insulated the roof before putting on the shingles again on my own and done over a weekend. I am very impressed wiyh the build quality and general ease of putting together. I would recommend a Tuin building to anyone thinking of putting a good quality cabin in there garden. Superb.
Mr. Lea Dean
Nov 25, 2020
we purchased the Emma as we wanted something that would be useable all year round. The delivery driver was excellent arriving almost to the minute that he advised. The shed took a little time to construct mostly on my own, although i had to borrow a chop saw for the hardwood base to ensure the angles were correct and straight. if these had been pre cut then i would have constructed in 1 full day (it took me two days on my own). the shed was as per the instructions although the videos threw me a bit as the doors and roof were different to those shown. the roof was actually easier than i thought. the shingles were a joy to put on as it was sunny. I have now painted the outside and sealed the hardwood beams to prevent any ingress of water and will put the floor in when we have had a sufficient rain to test!
overall i have been very impressed - so much so the shed makes my old wooden garage look bad - this will be the next Tuin purchase such is the high quality and ease. I would recommend this product to anyone!
Tim Dowding
Nov 16, 2020
I purchased the Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m. There were some good parts and some not so good. Firstly I was impressed with the delivery service. You will not see a more efficient delivery. Coming from Holland, bang on time and no fuss. The product itself was if mixed quality. The main logs were fine. Some fixtures are por quality. I had trouble with the doors and one window. They were slightly bowed despite me storing them correctly and applying the correct treatment. I chose the premium flooring but I felt the quality was not quite premium. Building the cabin. For two of you, double the average time people say it takes to construct and this does not include all the treatment. You want two coats of anti rot, two coats of UV protection and then two colour. That's six coats and adds a few days to the total construction time. During construction you need to think outside the box. I had issues with some fixtures, sent an email to support but didn't hear back at all, so I improvised. Customer support were very helpful and friendly initially before I ordered the cabin, but during construction they were not there to support me.
Overall I am pleased with the end result but you will have to go the extra mile yourself to get there. I would give this cabin 8/10, it seems nice and sturdy, just some of the fixtures let it down.
Colin Wharton
Nov 11, 2020
Excellent product.
One log member damaged in transit,quickly replaced by Tuin.
Very pleased with the finished cabin.
Ken Chitty
Nov 9, 2020
Our Emma corner log cabin is genuinely a wonderful addition to our garden. we bought the thicker wood version with double glazing , This was a great decision. I now use the cabin as an office I can very honestly highly recommend A Tuin Log cabin. The service throughout the whole process has been very good. Excellent value for money and a good quality product.
Keith Janes
Oct 21, 2020
Having looked at various corner log cabins and researched for quality and the best value I decide on the Emma from Tuin. I was originally going to employ someone to build but having read all the blogs and watched the videos decided to have a go myself.
Tuin were really easy to deal with. The cabin arrived on time and delivered by a very accommodating European. Once you have sorted all the parts into their various piles and read the instructions a few times it was really easy to build. I did it myself with a little help to get the roof sections in place. I do recommend you have a go as it’s really satisfying when your family and friends come round and you show them the pictures of how you achieved construction. The quality is outstanding and I did insulate the floor and roof which is really worth doing.
I have worked in retail for 30 years up to senior management level dealing with some global manufacturers. I know the importance of delivering a quality product on time with true customer engagement and making the feel valued. Many companies preach this but fail to deliver. Well done Tuin for delivering on your promises.
If you are looking for a garden building, by all means do your research and yes you may find a cheaper alternative but it will probably cost you more in time, quality and the finished look in the long run.
Brian Massie
Oct 19, 2020
Excellent quality log cabin for price. After I ordered the cabin it was delivered almost exactly on the date they said. The cabin was straightforward to assemble and there was surplus screws, nails and roof tiles supplied. Everyone who sees the cabin comments on its quality and looks.
I would certainly recommend Tuin products and would have no hesitation to buy again.
Just to share some information I finished my cabin with 2 coats of Sadolin quick drying undercoat followed by 2 coats of Sadolin clear satin.
Oct 19, 2020
So I ordered the Emma Summerhouse from Tuin after some months of looking online at various suppliers and decided to go with Tuin due to reasonable price and good reviews. I was very glad I did.
Ordered ... then got estimated delivery date. Came as expected and on time. Came on a few pallets. Built summerhouse on day one and went together reasonably well. Was definitely well mate. Although instructions are extremely bad and would recommend labelling all parts and putting together a better guide (like IKEA!) But I got there. So on day one I had summerhouse built. Day 2 and day 3 I done the roof. I used the free shingles supplied which are easy enough to lay. I decided to start roof with an underlay to make sure fully waterproof. I also bought some tubes of black tile adhesive which I stuck down the tiles at ridges with including nails. (Windy in my back garden!) Day 4 & 5 I moved onto painting house and I recommend using only good quality paint and will need at least 2-3 coats...this is quite time consuming but was happy with end result. I also painted inside of summerhouse. Day 6 I laid the flooring which is straight forward enough. The floor is 'floating floor' so I started with sealing the bottom outer edges of summerhouse, I then bought and fitted a damp proof layer to stop moisture.. I then fitted floor insulation and laid flooring and skirting. I finished off flooring by varnishing. Day 7 I fitted window and door locks and fittings. Complete. YASS! Very happy with end result. I built most of this myself...day 1 I got some help especially with roof panels but overall it can be done by yourself if u have reasonable level of diy skills
Mr. Craig Reynolds
Sep 25, 2020
My Emma Log cabin was not only easy to order but simple to self assemble. The driver who delivered was excellent , I was a little worried living on a new build he might struggle Fir space but he couldn’t have been more helpful. Whilst building the cabin I required some assistance , I used the out of hours service which completely helped me. The answer and assistance was instant. (An absolute god send) I was going to say you can buy that type of service, but clearly you can! If I ever need another cabin I’m contacting Tuin
Paul Hodgson
Aug 29, 2020
Really pleased with this summerhouse. Delivery was on time and assembly took two days with no previous experience.
Mr. John Dane
Jun 30, 2020
Great product and service! Couldnt be happier. Very impressed by the quality of materials and delivery service. Would recomend to anyone.

Mr. David Bower
Jun 24, 2020
We are now enjoying our new Emma cabin . Easy to follow instructions and a beautiful result which has rapidly become the focal point of our garden. Would love to share a picture !
Mrs. Brenda Jones
Jun 3, 2020
We purchased the Emma log cabin and so glad we did . We love it . It arrived on time with great communication from both Tuin and the Haulage company .
My hubby said it was straight forward to assemble and he did it over a weekend .
One of our window frames had slight damage but Tuin have ordered a replacement, the damaged one fitted whilst we wait .
Overall I am thrilled with our cabin and would recommend Tuin to anyone .
Janet West
Jun 1, 2020
Delivery as described on website and on time. Good quality wood, had to look at videos online to supplement instructions. Took 3 days to build main cabin between 2 of us. We ordered extra thickness wood floor which we stained and varnished, took a couple more days to finish floor including varnishing. Took hubby a couple of days to shingle roof, more than plenty of shingles provided so we have some spare if needed. Really pleased with quality of product and really happy with overall finish. We used stain for outside and whitewashed interior walls. We have had electrics installed , now have a tv fitted and corner furniture with table. It’s like another room in the garden, we have used every day since installation.
May 22, 2020
We are really pleased with our Emma corner cabin. The building is solid, the timber supplied seems of good quality and overall it looks great.
We are pleased that we opted for the hardwood drainage beam as it adds at bit extra to the presentation of the cabin.
The build process was relatively straight forward. It took about a week to construct, working mainly on my own with a little help from my wife. A couple of days for the log build, a day for the roof and a couple of days to put the shingles on. The floor took a further couple of days (Damp proof membrane, insulation, floor beams, boards and skirting). The cabin was finished off with 3 coats of Embalan paint, which whilst quite expensive is probably the best paint I have used. It covers very well and gives a great finish.
Customer service from Tuin has been excellent. Ordering, delivery and responding to the few queries that we had during construction has been very efficient and helpful.
All in all a very happy customer.
Apr 28, 2020
Decided to go with the Tuin Emma corner cabin after a way too heavy sales pitch from another major UK cabin provider that my family had used in the past for their own cabins. Also, the information provided on the Tuin website gave me the confidence I would get the support I would need if I ran in to any problems with the build. I certainly had plenty of questions for Tuin before delivery.

I opted to lay a concrete base prior to delivery which took about 2 days to dig out to 6 inches deep by 3m x 3m. For info, it took just under 2 800KG bags each of type 2 sub-base and all-in ballast, along with 5 bags of cement.

The build took a lot longer than anticipated. I had read on the Tuin website that a lot of people were building in 1-2 days. On my own there was little chance of that happening. It took approx 7 days in total to complete the build and shingle the roof.

Just a couple of points - the ISO plan included is a little misleading. The diagrams that show you the side elevations, showing you where to place the half height logs do not match the construction guide images (i.e the half log location is different in some of the images). I only worked this out as I got to the top wall logs. Can't see it being an issue though - I've just swapped the top logs over.

I was also missing 1 part, which thankfully wasn't a big issue as it was just a piece of trim that I can fit later. Tuin replaced this within a couple of days, so not a big issue.I also had two wall logs left over, which after checking with Philip at Tuin, seemed a little odd. They'll be used to make some shelves for the cabin eventually.

I'd recommend purchasing some longer felt nails as the ones provided didn't give me much confidence when fitting the ridge shingles. Again, no big issue as they are pretty cheap.

Finally, as much as there is a lot of very useful info on the Tuin website to help you with the build, i'd say the website structure for information on the specific cabin you buy is a little spread out, making it hard to find all the info you need specific to the cabin you are building. I'm still finding new info on the site that would have been useful to know at the start of the build, and believe me I have spent alot of time reading up on the build process after placing the order.

I will say Tuin have been an excellent company to deal with, coureteous and responsive. A real rarity these days. They even managed to continue to provide support and delivery in the middle of a world wide pandemic, which deserves recognition.

So all in all, very happy - and what better way to spend a global lockdown than building a cabin !
Mr. Nick O’Key
Apr 24, 2020
Have almost finished building our cabin - just skirting to fit and paint to apply.
I found the website to be a mine of useful information whilst we decided which model to choose. Ordering was straightforward, and a slight glitch with the payment was rectified immediately by Tuin (payment isn’t taken until week before delivery).
Everything went to plan, with texts and phone calls from hauliers and driver on the day of delivery (very polite).
Cabin was well packaged and I left it for a day before splitting open and starting the build.
We were blessed with some good weather for once during the build.
I was expecting dodgy instructions after having read other reviews and the ones supplied were a little scant to say the least.
Tip - spend as long as it takes to identify the parts and particularly the sides, as the elevation drawings are actually accurate, and these will help you when you get to the roof section. Took us ages to figure out the last couple of logs!
For some obscure reason, two sides are lettered and two are numbered, and I kept the plan showing which side was which to hand at all times, which helped.
To those who claim to have built this on their own - fair play - I needed assistance dropping the windows and door frame into place, and with the roof, but we managed ok.
Timings - website states two days - I would dispute this, and say more like a week, taking our time - 2 days to build, 2 days for roof and shingles (backbreaking), 2 days for floor (also backbreaking) and I put a dpm over the concrete base, and a membrane in roof.
Tip - make sure you start the roof at the back of cabin, so that the front pieces fit perfectly as you work your way round. We didn’t, and the last piece to fit was above the door, and took some adjustment and shaving to fit. I missed this tip in the instructions.
Tip - have two rechargeable drills to hand, one with a drill bit in, and one for the screwdriver tips - otherwise you will constantly be swapping them, like I was! You will need some of the star shaped bits as well as Phillips heads.
Shingles tip - they are a hell of a lot easier to cut on the reverse side of the shingle!
I’m using the battens provided for skirting to hide some gaps under the eaves.
I used some insulation panels in the floor as well.
Unfortunately the lockdown came and has prevented me from going out to buy some deeper skirting, and some paint for the cabin, so I have to wait for it to be delivered.
Overall we are really pleased with our efforts, and the cabin looks great. Sophie, Karen and Elizabeth were all really helpful, especially when I contacted them for some help with the build.
Seems a lot of money, but the quality of timber is generally good, and when you look at comparable models out there, they are really good value for money.
The screws for the window stays were really poor quality, shearing in two upon use, but easily swapped out.
I read some poor reviews of the floor packs - ours was fine, with only two unusable floor boards due to splits - I also had two left over after fitting.

PS Paint has now arrived. We have gone for a willow green wall and white door/window frame combination.
Another tip - if you go for the Georgian bars on the glass, paint them first before fitting! Our bars weren’t best quality and didn’t fit flush to glass.

I would thoroughly recommend Tuin Log Cabins
Mike Burgess
Apr 23, 2020
The whole process of selecting the product, delivery, construction has been painless. The materials and quality have been excellent, well packaged.
The support and detail available from the website is by far the best when compared to its competitors.
My only criticism was that the arrangement of construction above the double door was different in the kit than as indicated in the drawing supplied.
My wife and I both OAP's completed the construction in two days. Does take a further two days to apply sealer.
A first class product.
Mr. Stephen Lightfoot
Apr 6, 2020
Very pleased with our tuin Emma corner summerhouse, outstanding quality and quite
Easy to put together, would definitely recommend.
Richard Botwright
Apr 1, 2020
This product is very good, the service from the company was excellent and the driver could not be more helpful. I think the instructions could be better but all in all a very good log cabin.
Susan Caulton
Mar 31, 2020
Great cabin apart from some of the logs that are split damaged and the flooring coloured by being stored outside. I shall leave painting the inside until the colour has equalised a bit.
Mr. Andrew Kirk
Mar 25, 2020
Very pleased with finished cabin, exactly what I needed for home office/cozy place to sit of an evening. Service matched preconceptions from reading reviews and researching Tuin, which was excellent. Only slight difficulty was interpreting the instructions which caused slight uniqueness to my final build, but fixable with a bit of creative joinery..! I like the simplicity of the main build and principle of the cabin, and it looks like it will last for many years..Less than two weeks after landing as flat pack in drive I now have a fully functioning home office - fantastic, thank you Tuin.
Mr. Gareth Gibbs
Mar 2, 2020
I loved this cabin. Great quality, looks beautiful and I’m really happy overall. However, there is a but. Unfortunately the builder I used to erect it was a busy man and I’m not sure it was put up to exacting standards. As a result the door has blown off and smashed, needing to replaced by me at high cost, and the frame and replacement door constantly warp in the cold wet weather meaning every time I adjust it, it misaligned again so I can’t lock it. I am also noticing some significant damp damage inside over winter. I am hoping to damp proof over summer and hope next winter will be better. So in summary, I love it. But ensure you use a recommended builder to construct and try to ensure is damp proof at the end. Thanks
Matt Cornell
Feb 27, 2020
I'm in the construction industry and have been looking for a log cabin for months but struggled to find anything locally to meet my requirements, which was build quality, size and ultimately budget!!
Then a friend recommend Tuin...
They are first class from start to finish. They kept me regularly informed on my order and it was delivered on time and the driver was fantastic and very accommodating.
The build was very straightforward (instructions a bit vague, but the online help was second to none)
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family
Mr. John Terry
Jan 22, 2020
Excellent product, I required a garden office to free up a room indoors and this is perfect. the cabin was relatively easy to assemble and built it with the help of 2 neighbours over a very wet weekend. the instructions could have been a bit clearer when you reach the top layers approaching the roof, also extra pieces of timber that were not required made things a bit confusing.
As for advice having purchased the composite bearers make sure the concreate base is the same measurement as the base of the cabin mine was larger and water sat on the concrete and crept under the bearers so that the floor beams were sitting in water (it was extremely wet and rainy) this was overcome by tanking the inside prior to putting the wooden floor down. also if using shingles for the roof when constructing in the winter time I would advise sticking them down as the wind caught some and caused some damage as the sun is not hot enough or enough of it at this time of year to melt the bitumen strips and bond the roof together.
I would thoroughly recommend this product, good value for money, well built and friendly people on hand to answer questions.
Andrew Cole
Jan 20, 2020
Would highly recommend this summer house. Not been the best at building and putting things together but this was idiot proof. I've had it up a year now and absolutely love it. Really nice finish and I'm really surprised how warm it is inside in the winter months. Really happy I used this company and chose this product
Geoff Rodgers
Jan 20, 2020
From first contact to installation Tuin were great. Everything ran smoothly and we now have a beautiful Lodge in our garden. The guys who installed it worked tirelessly in the rain to get it done as quickly as they could. I felt really sorry for them (and our lack of tumble drier). Now for some cosy evenings watching the wild life and sharing a G&T
Mr. Joseph Hilton
Dec 12, 2019
Delivered well packaged. All parts correct with extra items to cover for mishaps.
The build instructions were not always easy to follow so process of elimination helped here. The roof construction with the shingles was the most challenging part as most of the videos did not show the four sided corner cabin roof. This design is much harder as all joints are angled.
However the overall finished result is fantastic. An excellent purchase.
Alan Lloyd
Dec 11, 2019
Excellent delivery arrangements. Construction is going well despite the weather, straight forward if you prepare carefully & don't try & rush. Quality materials, all round very impressive
Mr. Alan Gregor
Oct 14, 2019
Purchased the Emma log cabin, very impressed with the quality and the look of the finished build. Instructions were good and the online help videos covered the parts of the build I was uncertain about. Would definitely recommend this log cabin
Mr. Ian Small
Oct 7, 2019
We needed a building of some sort to house our hot tub in so that it was more usable throughout the year and so started a lot of research including visits to garden building suppliers to actually see what might be suitable. When we came across the Tuin website I could not believe the amount of information that it contained on literally every single aspect of building and maintaining a log cabin. We settled on the Emma Corner Log Cabin as this suited the available space we had and also needed for the hot tub to fit into etc. Price is always a top consideration and we even considered building our own bespoke building however when I actually researched the cost of materials I was almost up to the cost of the Emma Log Cabin from Tuin so it was an absolute 'no brainer' to go with Tuin. I decided to build my own base structure from wood and again the amount of information and advice on the website was incredible so the time from ordering to delivery was really well spent. Delivery day came and everything I add read on the website played out. The driver was great and in no time a nicely packaged 'Emma' kit was on my driveway. Construction was really easy to follow and I was able to complete this up to the top most 'logs' on my own. I did need help from a strong son of mine to get the pyramid roof sections up into place and fixed. The roof shingles went on really nicely and the Emma Log Cabin now has pride of place in our back garden ready for the hot tub to go into. We also did a lot of research into treatments for the building and again Tuin's website has all the info you could possibly need and some... It has taken us longer to fully treat and paint the cabin than it did to build it though some bad weather did get in the way at times. Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the Emma Corner Log Cabin. The parts are precision machined however, they are made of wood, which moves, and you will need a rubber mallet at times. Also, Richard on the website goes to a lot of pains to emphasise how critical it is that the base is absolutely level and square... trust me this is really important. We are really pleased with our purchase and have given it 5 stars, why 5? because I cannot find anything that would justify less. I would definitely recommend Tuin for your Log Cabin needs.
Mr. Timothy Broomhall
Sep 30, 2019
I purchased the Emma log cabin as I needed a work shop in the garden. I did loads of research before I I decided on the Emma. It looks fantastic in the right far corner of the garden.

The customer service provided by tuin was excellent from purchase to completion. delivery driver was excellent and put the neatly packed two pallets easily onto my front drive.

I did the build myself and when unpacking the pallet I was a little worried with the different lengths of the logs and the number of pieces that made up the cabin. The pieces were quickly sorted into the different lengths and matched against the inventory which comes with the instructions. everything was there. one of the double glaced windows was slightly cracked. but not damaged enough to stop the build..

Spend a little bit of money and make sure you have a good solid base to build it on. it is so important to ensure this is nice and level. The instructions are good but you will need to watch lots of tuin videos on YouTube. These are a great help. The free roof shingle and composite base were an excellent bonus.

The cabin went up very quickly. I recommend two people to build this. I did 80% myself and only really needed a friend to help lift and slot the windows in place. It took me two days but can easily be errected in one day with two people. It is very important to check the levels to ensure each log is as level as possible I checked every 3 completed layers.

The roof single makes the cabin look fantastic and was FREE and so easy to put on, watch plenty of videos. and if you have any issues tuins customer service team always reply quickly even out of hours.. My cracked window was replaced very quickly. I only had to send pics. Thanks to tuin I now have a fantastic work space in my garden which I could honestly say is the best 50th birthday present a man could ever have.
steve Robertson
Sep 26, 2019
Ordering was so easy the delivery driver was fantastic. The Emma was so easy to build it was up to roof level in 4 hours then another 2 to secure the roof and shingles. looks absolutely fantastic.
Would certainly recommend Tuin Log Cabins.
Sep 18, 2019
Great customer service and delivery. The log cabin assembly was straightforward with the cabin sides taking a day to assemble with the roof a further day. A spacious cabin that feels warm due to the thickness of the wood and the double glazing. We also purchased the floor T&G. This came with skirting so very easy to fit and make neat. Good value for money.
Matt Hilliar
Sep 14, 2019
EMMA CORNER LOG CABIN - Really pleased with item. Used approved subcontractor and went up easily and without any issues. Would definitely recommend. Price great too.
Brian Bell
Sep 14, 2019
The cabin was delivered by a very polite & efficient driver, onto my driveway.
It took me 2 weekends to assemble 95% of it on my own. I followed the instructions & used the video when I wasn't sure about something.
It is sturdy, waterproof, windproof and I'm very happy with it. Thank you.
Walter McGuicken
Sep 7, 2019
From us ordering, to the delivery, to our queries, the service and support we received was outstanding. Other companies could learn from Tuins customer service. The Emma was easily assembled, with clear
Instructions given. Would happily recommend the company and product to others.
Miss. beverley cook
Sep 5, 2019
I bought the Emma corner cabin and am so impressed with the quality and quality of service . The delivery driver was very helpful and experienced . The cabin quality is excellent and just what I wanted . The quality of the wood and finish is excellent and feels lovely and cosy as using as a year round office . The free upgrade to the green roof tiles really make it . I would recommend the whole package down to delivery ordering and service
Paul Hayward
Aug 26, 2019
Absolute delighted with the EMMA log Cabin, It looks amazing and of very good quality, The fitting crew and Philip were very professional and very hard working.

Besides from the exceptional price the service was brilliant from ordering to delivery.
Peter Walker
Aug 26, 2019
We are very pleased with the log cabin although it took considerably longer to assemble than anticipated. The walls went up in a day, but the roof, with shingles and insulation (50 mm thick celotex) took nearly a week, as did the floor, also with insulation. We put 3 coats of Embadecor stain on the outside and 2 coats on the inside (day per coat). All in all around 3 weeks for my wife and I. We did take our time to try and get everthing right. Some photos in the in instruction manual would have helped. The on-line guides and photos were helpful - it would also have been helpful if a template for squaring the door frame had been supplied. The support team at Tuin were very good and replied pretty much by return. I would thoroughly recommend Tuin as a company to deal with.
Mr. Adrian Ross
Aug 20, 2019
Very good quality and service delivery was prompt. Kept very well informed at each stage. Recommended installers were also excellent.
Pam Rumming
Aug 10, 2019
Very pleased with my cabin all the pieces fitted well with no problems and the instructions was very easy to follow. Two of us put it up in a day and put the shingle on the roof don’t be put off by all the bits because it looks a bit daunting when you first unpack it. I went for the 40ml which I think was a good idea.
Rev. Malcolm Groom
Aug 9, 2019
Excellent product delivered courteously, efficiently and on time. Once the parts were all checked, the cabin was straightforward to build with no real problems. (Having a well prepared base - solid, levelled and square was important!). The cabin was built in a day with the shingles and flooring fitted in another. The resulting structure is a great addition to our property. - Thank you!
Mr. Geoff Rodgers
Aug 7, 2019
Having moving into our new house together in January we decided a Summerhouse was needed.
After much research Tuin came out on top and Priorslea Lodge (Emma) was ordered. We paid for a base to be installed, and also for full fitting service.
In pouring rain the two fitters worked really hard (they even asked if we had a tumble drier - (we didn’t) to dry their sodden clothes.
The installation went really well, and now we have a lovely home from home at the bottom of the estate, overlooking the Manor House, (main house) with a herb garden (couple of pots), a walled garden (garage) allotment (veg patch) Lake (pond) and orchard (cherry tree). Well you have to think big.
I added a caravan style electrical socket, vinyl flooring, a beer fridge and a very versatile sofa/bed combination, whilst my partner made curtains.
Mrs. Kathleen Muirhead
Aug 5, 2019
We were delighted with the efficiency of staff. The delivery driver was excellent. The cabin arrived on time and everything was sent as per order. The quality of the wood, windows and doors was exceptional. The fact that all pieces were cut to the exact requirement was a great time saver and made erecting the cabin much easier. We have recommended this product to others.
Mr. meirion davies
Jul 20, 2019
Absolutely brilliant. I am usually a very cynical person and expected this to be a nightmare to build. It was so easy - Erected myself in a day and looks amazing. Happy to send pictures. painting it at the moment which is time consuming but it looks brilliant. really please, thanks Tuin
Mr. Shaun Virtue
Jul 19, 2019
I have just completely installed two Emma Corner log cabins and am thrilled with them. From easy ordering and delivery, to the quality product has been excellent. As a novice I have surprised myself with the great results and certainly would recommend Tuin cabins and service. You pay for what you get!!
Mr. David Perry
Jul 16, 2019
Excellent value product, installation quite easy, but I recommend 2 people to build, had a few queries during the build, but the out of hours email where quick to reply and advise
Mr. John Nicholson
Jul 9, 2019
I am really pleased with my finished log cabin. At age 74 and with very little woodworking experience I am delighted to have built this by myself and with relative ease . A small problem was soon resolved by email and I found the online tutorials very helpful.
My main problem was completing the cabin but not being able to fit the shingles before a week of rain. A few of the ceiling timbers warped in the damp however when sunny days returned all went back to normal. I invested in a heavy duty floor and I’m pleased I did.
A special thanks also to your excellent delivery driver who because my delivery was on a pallet managed to push it into my garage saving me a few hours of hard work.
Mr. Scott C
Jul 6, 2019
We decided to order from Tuin, not only due to the price, reviews etc but the time and effort that had been put into the guides and build tips on the website. 5 Star Experience from start to finish. Order process was simple and quick. The delivery process very streamlined (The shipping company will call you from the Netherlands so don't ignore the call thinking its a SPAM Caller! ). The Delivery driver was very helpful and arrived when expected. Once unpacked it was merely a case of getting on with the build which was straight forward. (The instructions are very clear) No damaged or missing pieces and plenty of spares for the floor, shingles etc. (As someone has noted in a prior review, the shingles used for the ridges do benefit from slightly longer Felt Nails, we used 20mm) Very happy indeed, Thanks!
Martin Thom
Jul 5, 2019
Bought the Emma Corner Cabin with additional floor and the composite plinths. The Cabin itself is very good quality & very easy to put up ( the wife and I did the basic walls and wooden roof panels in a day)
I opted to buy additional timber for Joists to allow me to insulate the floor – moving the door up the frame to handle the raised floor was a doddle. I also opted to insulate the roof so bought other timber for the bargeboards that was slightly wider. Had to get this from a timber supplies (rather than a diy store) due to the ~3.2m length required
Roof shingles were another day to fit, floor another day to lay – both easy enough though.
What I liked is the plethora of video clips to allow guidance on the differing aspects of building a cabin. I have to say getting the foundations right was indeed key (as they state) – I opted for a cement block border – just filled with earth (topped with a DPM)
The delivery although a little late due to roadworks – was great – the wee forklift they use got the delivery just where I needed
The additional timber parts supplied for packing the cabin have come in useful – and the remainders will undoubtedly untimely be fuel for the garden Chimera
Area’s for improvement (minor in the scheme of things) are
The window dressing batons are a wee bit rough and ready in comparison to the cabin itself
It would be nice for the second overhang timber (over the door) to be finished with a straight edge rather than a groove
That angle advice on cutting the mitre on the bargeboards was supplied – its 45 degrees to each other, but the barge boards slope inwards, making the cuts ‘interesting’
Never needed to contact Tuin again following delivery – but wouldn’t hesitate if required.
All said, I would definitely recommend and would use again without question.
Mr. Luke Hoban
Jul 1, 2019
My brother recommended Tuin to us we were not disappointed. From start to finish our experience was a very positive one. Placing our order was simple and queries were answered immediately. Telephone sales staff are all very knowledgeable about their products and the fitting process and were able to answer our questions. Delivery was prompt and came straight from the manufacturer in Holland. The driver was helpful and polite. My husband erected the Summerhouse and felt the instructions were very easy to understand. We are thrilled with our purchase. Thanks Tuin
Doug Muir
Jun 19, 2019
Very pleased with Emma log Cabin.
Delivery was timely and efficient.
Once you sort out all the different components, construction was straightforward, as forecast.
Finished product is high quality and looks great.
Overall very satisfied - fully met expectations.
One minor issue - the nails for attaching the roof shingles were very short. Mostly not a problem except around apex of roof where I used my own slightly longer ones as I was not convinced the shorter ones would hold.
L Webster
Jun 2, 2019
This is a really well made, solid and sturdy cabin that looks great with the red shingle roof. Still deciding whether to stain or paint and still have the floor to varnish but can't wait to use it.
Only slight flaw that prevented me giving it 5 stars is the doors; maybe something was meant to be there to stop the door with the handle rattling but there is a gap between the two doors so have bought sticky-backed draught excluder tape to try to fill it.
Mr. Nigel Hannam
May 28, 2019
Great quality and speedy response to questions. Very pleased with the end result and very comprehensive and useful information and articles on the web site. One flooring board was unusable as it appeared to have been used to practice drilling but luckily we didn’t need it - other than that very pleased thanks
Mrs. Karen Shearer
May 27, 2019
Loving our new log cabin- delighted with the quality and how straight forward it was to build in not much time. Our friends and family very impressed!!
Mr. Andrew Sawers
May 20, 2019
I cannot praise Tuin, the customer service team, delivery driver, recommended fitters or manufacturing enough.

From the very start of the process the website has so much information to help you make the decision of what cabin to go for.

Additional questions I spoke to customer service and emailed and they came back with clear and prompt answers.

The delivery driver was excellent and the product came well packaged and in top condition.

The recommended fitters were excellent value and even offered to fit the guttering for us which was a real help.

Finally the quality of the cabin at the price was excellent value which I could not better. The quality of the timber is also first which as I am a buyer for a Scandinavian timber importer you can understand I checked closely!

Well done Tuin. Would certainly recommend to others and use again......lets see now if the cabin can survive 2 small girls!!
Mr. Brian Pinner
May 8, 2019
Wow! Accurately machined precision kit.
Great fun to work with such amazing designed craftsmanship.
The thought that has gone into producing such a great flat packed kit is truly remarkable.
The flat base is the key.
We spent as long on the base as we did the assembly.
Mr. Phil Dunn
May 2, 2019
Purchased Emma Corner Cabin for an office and I must say I could not be happier. I’m a competent DIYer and my son is a joiner by trade and did most of the work, but I must say it can easily be built by a novice. Tuin constantly bang on about the base being level and following the instructions to a tee. They are 100% correct.
We unpacked the pallet and sorted the sections into piles and then started with the base and 1st level. We spent two hours levelling these pieces but it is worth it. We then built the rest in 3.5 hours. Just the roof shingles to do which we did the next day. Whilst you could probably “chuck” these on in no time, we spent 3 hours doing it, which again is worth it to achieve a good finish.
Completed the project with underfloor heating, screed floor, and a cheap cut of carpet and finally the electrics. An office that all at work are now well envious of.
Key things: lay it out in the numbered sections and label them, get the base 100% level, build in relatively no time, spend a decent amount of time putting the shingles on and have an office/ summer house that is fantastic value for money and really does look and feel that it will last for donkeys years.
Paul Miller
Apr 27, 2019
The whole process of purchase, delivery, construction and completion was refreshingly straightforward. Although the paper instructions that accompanied the delivery were not always clear, those online provided the necessary support. The quality and value of the product proved excellent: having looked at summerhouses of a similar specification on the market, we are confident that we made the right decision in purchasing the Tuin Emma. It fits perfectly into a corner of the garden where the windows and doors catch the sun all day. With electric sockets and lighting being fitted this week, we can now sit back and enjoy a garden room that we can use all year round.
David Callaghan
Apr 23, 2019
Very pleased with the build quality and materials.
Ample tacks, bolts and screws etc which was refreshing. After sales tech assistance was very good with additional information needed for interpretation of plans. The build sequence isometric plan showed the the window cut out timber on the wrong side which ended up not being noticed until I had reached the top timbers. This resulted in a phone call and dis assembly down to the window timber and re build (1 hour). The plan I was told to follow showed the end elevations from the same side(unusual). These were then given a number to one elevation and a letter to the other both of which had no correlation to any part of the plan. I used the plastic base unit also which I am so far very pleased with. Just the small hiccup with the plan layout. Apart from that I’m pleased with a very good product. Delivery was very helpful and on time, placed exactly were I had asked. Small tear in the package with wet plans and timber inside but not anything too terrible. I’ve since looked more closely at similar products at garden centres and find that this can’t be beat for quality or price.
Mr. Spencer Waller
Apr 19, 2019
After searching high and low online and finding a multitude of websites offering cabins and sheds. I finally chose the Tuin Emma Corner log cabin and I must say it was money well spent. You definitely get what you pay for in the shed/cabin world and this was worth every penny. Its a great size for a small garden. The quality is fantastic too and the thickness of the logs really helps insulate the building. My ONLY gripe (and this is my only reason for losing a star) was the severe lack of instructions for putting it together, I had extra issues too as the call centres knowledge appeared to be outdated and I ended up educating the call centre on what I had in front of me (it seems the factory had changed a few bits and forgot to update Tuin UK on the same). Anyway the call centre were as helpful as they could be and I eventually got it up. I would have lost only half a star for this but it wouldn't allow me to.
Philip Heather
Apr 15, 2019
We wanted a cabin for the corner of the garden and after looking at various options went for the emma log cabin. We are very pleased with the finished product and it really sets the garden off.
Found assembly easy if you follow instructions and all parts were included in the pack
Very pleased with quality compered with other cabins
Would recommend to anyone to buy this cabin
Mr. Jonluka Moore
Apr 11, 2019
Timber work is very good and the machining is top notch the thing I was disappointed with was the hinges. The doors are heavy and yet they only put 2 hinges on them. Before we could get door checks (not included) fitted, the wind caught them and split both doors. Glued them back up and re fitted them but don’t think they will last another heavy swing. The whole kit is very good and easy to assemble took me a day to get it up and water tight a week later all painted (only painted after work) and looking good. Little more expensive than others on the market but worth it for the build quality if only the hinges were more substantial.
Andrew Aylward
Apr 1, 2019
Good product. Looks great. Erected by myself which was a challenge. Really happy and enjoyed the project.
Mar 4, 2019
Steven Gillmore
Feb 4, 2019
Emma log cabin.
I'd recommend putting it together yourself, great fun.
Took 2 of us roughly 6 hours not including the free shingle on the roof, that was done over a few evenings after work. Read the instructions twice over before attempting to build then get stuck in, keep them to hand to refer to but once you get the knack it slots together very well.
Keep a mallet handy and use the buffer to whack them in place that you are provided.
5 star rating from delivery to ease of completion.
Mr. glyn stephens
Jan 31, 2019
The Emma Log cabin, what a brilliant buy. We were looking online for ages as log cabins and I actually got recommended Tuin by a customer's house, so I looked online and seen the various cabins. The Cabin is now up just have the floor left to put down. :) Could easily be erected in a week by 2 people even quicker if competent, this has been mine and my wife's project for her new business :)
Ewan Henderson
Jan 28, 2019
Very impressed with the service provided and the quality of the Emma log cabin that I purchased was excellent, would highly recommended
Mr. Jason Howlett
Jan 22, 2019
Really good quality cabin.
Delivery was well organised and I was informed all the way through.
The delivery driver was flexible and placed the shipment exactly where I wanted it.
I built it on my own and found it very straightforward (although I am 6 ft 3 which helps).
Very important to have a level foundation slab or base before you start.
The only tools I needed was a hand saw, large rubber mallet and hammer, plus a step ladder.
It feels like it will last for many years and it looks great too.
I went for black square shingles and Prussian Blue paint which looks very contemporary and swish and my wife loves it.
Mr. Matt Harmer
Jan 2, 2019
Excellent service throughout and excellent quality cabin. Very helpful and informative during both pre you and after sales.
Very pleased with the cabin. Great quality.
Andrew Bradley
Dec 16, 2018
Really pleased with the cabin. O°C outside and 19°C inside with 1.2kW heater, I did add insulation beneath the floor boards, but roof is standard.
The cabin went together well and looks very good.
I used profiled foundations, they took a bit of preparation, particularly as the raised bit needed removal at the door posts. During assembly, which went well, I needed to adjust the position of the sides of the cabin prior to assembly of the final side pieces that connect above the door. This was achieved by using a lever on the sides that stuck out beyond the foundations.
A compound mitre saw was very useful as the floor boards are not pre-cut to size.