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Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m

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Mr. Stephen Lightfoot
Apr 6, 2020
Very pleased with our tuin Emma corner summerhouse, outstanding quality and quite
Easy to put together, would definitely recommend.
Richard Botwright
Apr 1, 2020
This product is very good, the service from the company was excellent and the driver could not be more helpful. I think the instructions could be better but all in all a very good log cabin.
Susan Caulton
Mar 31, 2020
Great cabin apart from some of the logs that are split damaged and the flooring coloured by being stored outside. I shall leave painting the inside until the colour has equalised a bit.
Mr. Andrew Kirk
Mar 25, 2020
Very pleased with finished cabin, exactly what I needed for home office/cozy place to sit of an evening. Service matched preconceptions from reading reviews and researching Tuin, which was excellent. Only slight difficulty was interpreting the instructions which caused slight uniqueness to my final build, but fixable with a bit of creative joinery..! I like the simplicity of the main build and principle of the cabin, and it looks like it will last for many years..Less than two weeks after landing as flat pack in drive I now have a fully functioning home office - fantastic, thank you Tuin.
Mr. Gareth Gibbs
Mar 2, 2020
I loved this cabin. Great quality, looks beautiful and I’m really happy overall. However, there is a but. Unfortunately the builder I used to erect it was a busy man and I’m not sure it was put up to exacting standards. As a result the door has blown off and smashed, needing to replaced by me at high cost, and the frame and replacement door constantly warp in the cold wet weather meaning every time I adjust it, it misaligned again so I can’t lock it. I am also noticing some significant damp damage inside over winter. I am hoping to damp proof over summer and hope next winter will be better. So in summary, I love it. But ensure you use a recommended builder to construct and try to ensure is damp proof at the end. Thanks
Matt Cornell
Feb 27, 2020
I'm in the construction industry and have been looking for a log cabin for months but struggled to find anything locally to meet my requirements, which was build quality, size and ultimately budget!!
Then a friend recommend Tuin...
They are first class from start to finish. They kept me regularly informed on my order and it was delivered on time and the driver was fantastic and very accommodating.
The build was very straightforward (instructions a bit vague, but the online help was second to none)
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family
Mr. John Terry
Jan 22, 2020
Excellent product, I required a garden office to free up a room indoors and this is perfect. the cabin was relatively easy to assemble and built it with the help of 2 neighbours over a very wet weekend. the instructions could have been a bit clearer when you reach the top layers approaching the roof, also extra pieces of timber that were not required made things a bit confusing.
As for advice having purchased the composite bearers make sure the concreate base is the same measurement as the base of the cabin mine was larger and water sat on the concrete and crept under the bearers so that the floor beams were sitting in water (it was extremely wet and rainy) this was overcome by tanking the inside prior to putting the wooden floor down. also if using shingles for the roof when constructing in the winter time I would advise sticking them down as the wind caught some and caused some damage as the sun is not hot enough or enough of it at this time of year to melt the bitumen strips and bond the roof together.
I would thoroughly recommend this product, good value for money, well built and friendly people on hand to answer questions.
Andrew Cole
Jan 20, 2020
Would highly recommend this summer house. Not been the best at building and putting things together but this was idiot proof. I've had it up a year now and absolutely love it. Really nice finish and I'm really surprised how warm it is inside in the winter months. Really happy I used this company and chose this product
Geoff Rodgers
Jan 20, 2020
From first contact to installation Tuin were great. Everything ran smoothly and we now have a beautiful Lodge in our garden. The guys who installed it worked tirelessly in the rain to get it done as quickly as they could. I felt really sorry for them (and our lack of tumble drier). Now for some cosy evenings watching the wild life and sharing a G&T
Mr. Joseph Hilton
Dec 12, 2019
Delivered well packaged. All parts correct with extra items to cover for mishaps.
The build instructions were not always easy to follow so process of elimination helped here. The roof construction with the shingles was the most challenging part as most of the videos did not show the four sided corner cabin roof. This design is much harder as all joints are angled.
However the overall finished result is fantastic. An excellent purchase.
Alan Lloyd
Dec 11, 2019
Excellent delivery arrangements. Construction is going well despite the weather, straight forward if you prepare carefully & don't try & rush. Quality materials, all round very impressive
Mr. Alan Gregor
Oct 14, 2019
Purchased the Emma log cabin, very impressed with the quality and the look of the finished build. Instructions were good and the online help videos covered the parts of the build I was uncertain about. Would definitely recommend this log cabin
Mr. Ian Small
Oct 7, 2019
We needed a building of some sort to house our hot tub in so that it was more usable throughout the year and so started a lot of research including visits to garden building suppliers to actually see what might be suitable. When we came across the Tuin website I could not believe the amount of information that it contained on literally every single aspect of building and maintaining a log cabin. We settled on the Emma Corner Log Cabin as this suited the available space we had and also needed for the hot tub to fit into etc. Price is always a top consideration and we even considered building our own bespoke building however when I actually researched the cost of materials I was almost up to the cost of the Emma Log Cabin from Tuin so it was an absolute 'no brainer' to go with Tuin. I decided to build my own base structure from wood and again the amount of information and advice on the website was incredible so the time from ordering to delivery was really well spent. Delivery day came and everything I add read on the website played out. The driver was great and in no time a nicely packaged 'Emma' kit was on my driveway. Construction was really easy to follow and I was able to complete this up to the top most 'logs' on my own. I did need help from a strong son of mine to get the pyramid roof sections up into place and fixed. The roof shingles went on really nicely and the Emma Log Cabin now has pride of place in our back garden ready for the hot tub to go into. We also did a lot of research into treatments for the building and again Tuin's website has all the info you could possibly need and some... It has taken us longer to fully treat and paint the cabin than it did to build it though some bad weather did get in the way at times. Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the Emma Corner Log Cabin. The parts are precision machined however, they are made of wood, which moves, and you will need a rubber mallet at times. Also, Richard on the website goes to a lot of pains to emphasise how critical it is that the base is absolutely level and square... trust me this is really important. We are really pleased with our purchase and have given it 5 stars, why 5? because I cannot find anything that would justify less. I would definitely recommend Tuin for your Log Cabin needs.
Mr. Timothy Broomhall
Sep 30, 2019
I purchased the Emma log cabin as I needed a work shop in the garden. I did loads of research before I I decided on the Emma. It looks fantastic in the right far corner of the garden.

The customer service provided by tuin was excellent from purchase to completion. delivery driver was excellent and put the neatly packed two pallets easily onto my front drive.

I did the build myself and when unpacking the pallet I was a little worried with the different lengths of the logs and the number of pieces that made up the cabin. The pieces were quickly sorted into the different lengths and matched against the inventory which comes with the instructions. everything was there. one of the double glaced windows was slightly cracked. but not damaged enough to stop the build..

Spend a little bit of money and make sure you have a good solid base to build it on. it is so important to ensure this is nice and level. The instructions are good but you will need to watch lots of tuin videos on YouTube. These are a great help. The free roof shingle and composite base were an excellent bonus.

The cabin went up very quickly. I recommend two people to build this. I did 80% myself and only really needed a friend to help lift and slot the windows in place. It took me two days but can easily be errected in one day with two people. It is very important to check the levels to ensure each log is as level as possible I checked every 3 completed layers.

The roof single makes the cabin look fantastic and was FREE and so easy to put on, watch plenty of videos. and if you have any issues tuins customer service team always reply quickly even out of hours.. My cracked window was replaced very quickly. I only had to send pics. Thanks to tuin I now have a fantastic work space in my garden which I could honestly say is the best 50th birthday present a man could ever have.
steve Robertson
Sep 26, 2019
Ordering was so easy the delivery driver was fantastic. The Emma was so easy to build it was up to roof level in 4 hours then another 2 to secure the roof and shingles. looks absolutely fantastic.
Would certainly recommend Tuin Log Cabins.
Sep 18, 2019
Great customer service and delivery. The log cabin assembly was straightforward with the cabin sides taking a day to assemble with the roof a further day. A spacious cabin that feels warm due to the thickness of the wood and the double glazing. We also purchased the floor T&G. This came with skirting so very easy to fit and make neat. Good value for money.
Matt Hilliar
Sep 14, 2019
EMMA CORNER LOG CABIN - Really pleased with item. Used approved subcontractor and went up easily and without any issues. Would definitely recommend. Price great too.
Brian Bell
Sep 14, 2019
The cabin was delivered by a very polite & efficient driver, onto my driveway.
It took me 2 weekends to assemble 95% of it on my own. I followed the instructions & used the video when I wasn't sure about something.
It is sturdy, waterproof, windproof and I'm very happy with it. Thank you.
Walter McGuicken
Sep 7, 2019
From us ordering, to the delivery, to our queries, the service and support we received was outstanding. Other companies could learn from Tuins customer service. The Emma was easily assembled, with clear
Instructions given. Would happily recommend the company and product to others.
Miss. beverley cook
Sep 5, 2019
I bought the Emma corner cabin and am so impressed with the quality and quality of service . The delivery driver was very helpful and experienced . The cabin quality is excellent and just what I wanted . The quality of the wood and finish is excellent and feels lovely and cosy as using as a year round office . The free upgrade to the green roof tiles really make it . I would recommend the whole package down to delivery ordering and service
Paul Hayward
Aug 26, 2019
Absolute delighted with the EMMA log Cabin, It looks amazing and of very good quality, The fitting crew and Philip were very professional and very hard working.

Besides from the exceptional price the service was brilliant from ordering to delivery.
Peter Walker
Aug 26, 2019
We are very pleased with the log cabin although it took considerably longer to assemble than anticipated. The walls went up in a day, but the roof, with shingles and insulation (50 mm thick celotex) took nearly a week, as did the floor, also with insulation. We put 3 coats of Embadecor stain on the outside and 2 coats on the inside (day per coat). All in all around 3 weeks for my wife and I. We did take our time to try and get everthing right. Some photos in the in instruction manual would have helped. The on-line guides and photos were helpful - it would also have been helpful if a template for squaring the door frame had been supplied. The support team at Tuin were very good and replied pretty much by return. I would thoroughly recommend Tuin as a company to deal with.
Mr. Adrian Ross
Aug 20, 2019
Very good quality and service delivery was prompt. Kept very well informed at each stage. Recommended installers were also excellent.
Pam Rumming
Aug 10, 2019
Very pleased with my cabin all the pieces fitted well with no problems and the instructions was very easy to follow. Two of us put it up in a day and put the shingle on the roof don’t be put off by all the bits because it looks a bit daunting when you first unpack it. I went for the 40ml which I think was a good idea.
Rev. Malcolm Groom
Aug 9, 2019
Excellent product delivered courteously, efficiently and on time. Once the parts were all checked, the cabin was straightforward to build with no real problems. (Having a well prepared base - solid, levelled and square was important!). The cabin was built in a day with the shingles and flooring fitted in another. The resulting structure is a great addition to our property. - Thank you!
Mr. Geoff Rodgers
Aug 7, 2019
Having moving into our new house together in January we decided a Summerhouse was needed.
After much research Tuin came out on top and Priorslea Lodge (Emma) was ordered. We paid for a base to be installed, and also for full fitting service.
In pouring rain the two fitters worked really hard (they even asked if we had a tumble drier - (we didn’t) to dry their sodden clothes.
The installation went really well, and now we have a lovely home from home at the bottom of the estate, overlooking the Manor House, (main house) with a herb garden (couple of pots), a walled garden (garage) allotment (veg patch) Lake (pond) and orchard (cherry tree). Well you have to think big.
I added a caravan style electrical socket, vinyl flooring, a beer fridge and a very versatile sofa/bed combination, whilst my partner made curtains.
Mrs. Kathleen Muirhead
Aug 5, 2019
We were delighted with the efficiency of staff. The delivery driver was excellent. The cabin arrived on time and everything was sent as per order. The quality of the wood, windows and doors was exceptional. The fact that all pieces were cut to the exact requirement was a great time saver and made erecting the cabin much easier. We have recommended this product to others.
Mr. meirion davies
Jul 20, 2019
Absolutely brilliant. I am usually a very cynical person and expected this to be a nightmare to build. It was so easy - Erected myself in a day and looks amazing. Happy to send pictures. painting it at the moment which is time consuming but it looks brilliant. really please, thanks Tuin
Mr. Shaun Virtue
Jul 19, 2019
I have just completely installed two Emma Corner log cabins and am thrilled with them. From easy ordering and delivery, to the quality product has been excellent. As a novice I have surprised myself with the great results and certainly would recommend Tuin cabins and service. You pay for what you get!!
Mr. David Perry
Jul 16, 2019
Excellent value product, installation quite easy, but I recommend 2 people to build, had a few queries during the build, but the out of hours email where quick to reply and advise
Mr. John Nicholson
Jul 9, 2019
I am really pleased with my finished log cabin. At age 74 and with very little woodworking experience I am delighted to have built this by myself and with relative ease . A small problem was soon resolved by email and I found the online tutorials very helpful.
My main problem was completing the cabin but not being able to fit the shingles before a week of rain. A few of the ceiling timbers warped in the damp however when sunny days returned all went back to normal. I invested in a heavy duty floor and I’m pleased I did.
A special thanks also to your excellent delivery driver who because my delivery was on a pallet managed to push it into my garage saving me a few hours of hard work.
Mr. Scott C
Jul 6, 2019
We decided to order from Tuin, not only due to the price, reviews etc but the time and effort that had been put into the guides and build tips on the website. 5 Star Experience from start to finish. Order process was simple and quick. The delivery process very streamlined (The shipping company will call you from the Netherlands so don't ignore the call thinking its a SPAM Caller! ). The Delivery driver was very helpful and arrived when expected. Once unpacked it was merely a case of getting on with the build which was straight forward. (The instructions are very clear) No damaged or missing pieces and plenty of spares for the floor, shingles etc. (As someone has noted in a prior review, the shingles used for the ridges do benefit from slightly longer Felt Nails, we used 20mm) Very happy indeed, Thanks!
Martin Thom
Jul 5, 2019
Bought the Emma Corner Cabin with additional floor and the composite plinths. The Cabin itself is very good quality & very easy to put up ( the wife and I did the basic walls and wooden roof panels in a day)
I opted to buy additional timber for Joists to allow me to insulate the floor – moving the door up the frame to handle the raised floor was a doddle. I also opted to insulate the roof so bought other timber for the bargeboards that was slightly wider. Had to get this from a timber supplies (rather than a diy store) due to the ~3.2m length required
Roof shingles were another day to fit, floor another day to lay – both easy enough though.
What I liked is the plethora of video clips to allow guidance on the differing aspects of building a cabin. I have to say getting the foundations right was indeed key (as they state) – I opted for a cement block border – just filled with earth (topped with a DPM)
The delivery although a little late due to roadworks – was great – the wee forklift they use got the delivery just where I needed
The additional timber parts supplied for packing the cabin have come in useful – and the remainders will undoubtedly untimely be fuel for the garden Chimera
Area’s for improvement (minor in the scheme of things) are
The window dressing batons are a wee bit rough and ready in comparison to the cabin itself
It would be nice for the second overhang timber (over the door) to be finished with a straight edge rather than a groove
That angle advice on cutting the mitre on the bargeboards was supplied – its 45 degrees to each other, but the barge boards slope inwards, making the cuts ‘interesting’
Never needed to contact Tuin again following delivery – but wouldn’t hesitate if required.
All said, I would definitely recommend and would use again without question.
Mr. Luke Hoban
Jul 1, 2019
My brother recommended Tuin to us we were not disappointed. From start to finish our experience was a very positive one. Placing our order was simple and queries were answered immediately. Telephone sales staff are all very knowledgeable about their products and the fitting process and were able to answer our questions. Delivery was prompt and came straight from the manufacturer in Holland. The driver was helpful and polite. My husband erected the Summerhouse and felt the instructions were very easy to understand. We are thrilled with our purchase. Thanks Tuin
Doug Muir
Jun 19, 2019
Very pleased with Emma log Cabin.
Delivery was timely and efficient.
Once you sort out all the different components, construction was straightforward, as forecast.
Finished product is high quality and looks great.
Overall very satisfied - fully met expectations.
One minor issue - the nails for attaching the roof shingles were very short. Mostly not a problem except around apex of roof where I used my own slightly longer ones as I was not convinced the shorter ones would hold.
L Webster
Jun 2, 2019
This is a really well made, solid and sturdy cabin that looks great with the red shingle roof. Still deciding whether to stain or paint and still have the floor to varnish but can't wait to use it.
Only slight flaw that prevented me giving it 5 stars is the doors; maybe something was meant to be there to stop the door with the handle rattling but there is a gap between the two doors so have bought sticky-backed draught excluder tape to try to fill it.
Mr. Nigel Hannam
May 28, 2019
Great quality and speedy response to questions. Very pleased with the end result and very comprehensive and useful information and articles on the web site. One flooring board was unusable as it appeared to have been used to practice drilling but luckily we didn’t need it - other than that very pleased thanks
Mrs. Karen Shearer
May 27, 2019
Loving our new log cabin- delighted with the quality and how straight forward it was to build in not much time. Our friends and family very impressed!!
Mr. Andrew Sawers
May 20, 2019
I cannot praise Tuin, the customer service team, delivery driver, recommended fitters or manufacturing enough.

From the very start of the process the website has so much information to help you make the decision of what cabin to go for.

Additional questions I spoke to customer service and emailed and they came back with clear and prompt answers.

The delivery driver was excellent and the product came well packaged and in top condition.

The recommended fitters were excellent value and even offered to fit the guttering for us which was a real help.

Finally the quality of the cabin at the price was excellent value which I could not better. The quality of the timber is also first which as I am a buyer for a Scandinavian timber importer you can understand I checked closely!

Well done Tuin. Would certainly recommend to others and use again......lets see now if the cabin can survive 2 small girls!!
Mr. Brian Pinner
May 8, 2019
Wow! Accurately machined precision kit.
Great fun to work with such amazing designed craftsmanship.
The thought that has gone into producing such a great flat packed kit is truly remarkable.
The flat base is the key.
We spent as long on the base as we did the assembly.
Mr. Phil Dunn
May 2, 2019
Purchased Emma Corner Cabin for an office and I must say I could not be happier. I’m a competent DIYer and my son is a joiner by trade and did most of the work, but I must say it can easily be built by a novice. Tuin constantly bang on about the base being level and following the instructions to a tee. They are 100% correct.
We unpacked the pallet and sorted the sections into piles and then started with the base and 1st level. We spent two hours levelling these pieces but it is worth it. We then built the rest in 3.5 hours. Just the roof shingles to do which we did the next day. Whilst you could probably “chuck” these on in no time, we spent 3 hours doing it, which again is worth it to achieve a good finish.
Completed the project with underfloor heating, screed floor, and a cheap cut of carpet and finally the electrics. An office that all at work are now well envious of.
Key things: lay it out in the numbered sections and label them, get the base 100% level, build in relatively no time, spend a decent amount of time putting the shingles on and have an office/ summer house that is fantastic value for money and really does look and feel that it will last for donkeys years.
Paul Miller
Apr 27, 2019
The whole process of purchase, delivery, construction and completion was refreshingly straightforward. Although the paper instructions that accompanied the delivery were not always clear, those online provided the necessary support. The quality and value of the product proved excellent: having looked at summerhouses of a similar specification on the market, we are confident that we made the right decision in purchasing the Tuin Emma. It fits perfectly into a corner of the garden where the windows and doors catch the sun all day. With electric sockets and lighting being fitted this week, we can now sit back and enjoy a garden room that we can use all year round.
David Callaghan
Apr 23, 2019
Very pleased with the build quality and materials.
Ample tacks, bolts and screws etc which was refreshing. After sales tech assistance was very good with additional information needed for interpretation of plans. The build sequence isometric plan showed the the window cut out timber on the wrong side which ended up not being noticed until I had reached the top timbers. This resulted in a phone call and dis assembly down to the window timber and re build (1 hour). The plan I was told to follow showed the end elevations from the same side(unusual). These were then given a number to one elevation and a letter to the other both of which had no correlation to any part of the plan. I used the plastic base unit also which I am so far very pleased with. Just the small hiccup with the plan layout. Apart from that I’m pleased with a very good product. Delivery was very helpful and on time, placed exactly were I had asked. Small tear in the package with wet plans and timber inside but not anything too terrible. I’ve since looked more closely at similar products at garden centres and find that this can’t be beat for quality or price.
Mr. Spencer Waller
Apr 19, 2019
After searching high and low online and finding a multitude of websites offering cabins and sheds. I finally chose the Tuin Emma Corner log cabin and I must say it was money well spent. You definitely get what you pay for in the shed/cabin world and this was worth every penny. Its a great size for a small garden. The quality is fantastic too and the thickness of the logs really helps insulate the building. My ONLY gripe (and this is my only reason for losing a star) was the severe lack of instructions for putting it together, I had extra issues too as the call centres knowledge appeared to be outdated and I ended up educating the call centre on what I had in front of me (it seems the factory had changed a few bits and forgot to update Tuin UK on the same). Anyway the call centre were as helpful as they could be and I eventually got it up. I would have lost only half a star for this but it wouldn't allow me to.
Philip Heather
Apr 15, 2019
We wanted a cabin for the corner of the garden and after looking at various options went for the emma log cabin. We are very pleased with the finished product and it really sets the garden off.
Found assembly easy if you follow instructions and all parts were included in the pack
Very pleased with quality compered with other cabins
Would recommend to anyone to buy this cabin
Mr. Jonluka Moore
Apr 11, 2019
Timber work is very good and the machining is top notch the thing I was disappointed with was the hinges. The doors are heavy and yet they only put 2 hinges on them. Before we could get door checks (not included) fitted, the wind caught them and split both doors. Glued them back up and re fitted them but don’t think they will last another heavy swing. The whole kit is very good and easy to assemble took me a day to get it up and water tight a week later all painted (only painted after work) and looking good. Little more expensive than others on the market but worth it for the build quality if only the hinges were more substantial.
Andrew Aylward
Apr 1, 2019
Good product. Looks great. Erected by myself which was a challenge. Really happy and enjoyed the project.
Mar 4, 2019
Steven Gillmore
Feb 4, 2019
Emma log cabin.
I'd recommend putting it together yourself, great fun.
Took 2 of us roughly 6 hours not including the free shingle on the roof, that was done over a few evenings after work. Read the instructions twice over before attempting to build then get stuck in, keep them to hand to refer to but once you get the knack it slots together very well.
Keep a mallet handy and use the buffer to whack them in place that you are provided.
5 star rating from delivery to ease of completion.
Mr. glyn stephens
Jan 31, 2019
The Emma Log cabin, what a brilliant buy. We were looking online for ages as log cabins and I actually got recommended Tuin by a customer's house, so I looked online and seen the various cabins. The Cabin is now up just have the floor left to put down. :) Could easily be erected in a week by 2 people even quicker if competent, this has been mine and my wife's project for her new business :)
Ewan Henderson
Jan 28, 2019
Very impressed with the service provided and the quality of the Emma log cabin that I purchased was excellent, would highly recommended
Mr. Jason Howlett
Jan 22, 2019
Really good quality cabin.
Delivery was well organised and I was informed all the way through.
The delivery driver was flexible and placed the shipment exactly where I wanted it.
I built it on my own and found it very straightforward (although I am 6 ft 3 which helps).
Very important to have a level foundation slab or base before you start.
The only tools I needed was a hand saw, large rubber mallet and hammer, plus a step ladder.
It feels like it will last for many years and it looks great too.
I went for black square shingles and Prussian Blue paint which looks very contemporary and swish and my wife loves it.
Mr. Matt Harmer
Jan 2, 2019
Excellent service throughout and excellent quality cabin. Very helpful and informative during both pre you and after sales.
Very pleased with the cabin. Great quality.
Andrew Bradley
Dec 16, 2018
Really pleased with the cabin. O°C outside and 19°C inside with 1.2kW heater, I did add insulation beneath the floor boards, but roof is standard.
The cabin went together well and looks very good.
I used profiled foundations, they took a bit of preparation, particularly as the raised bit needed removal at the door posts. During assembly, which went well, I needed to adjust the position of the sides of the cabin prior to assembly of the final side pieces that connect above the door. This was achieved by using a lever on the sides that stuck out beyond the foundations.
A compound mitre saw was very useful as the floor boards are not pre-cut to size.
Mrs. Chanel Olding
Nov 28, 2018
Decided that a log cabin would be a useful addition of space to the house, particularly for a home office.

Visited the Tuin's website and also visited their 'showroom' which is in the neighbouring county to see the physical product.

After much deliberation we chose the Emma corner log cabin 3m x 3m as we thought this would serve us well in the space we had allocated.

The ordering process was simplistic and straightforward. Must praise here the logistics company which Tuin use. Absolutely first class and so accommodating as we live in a challenging location.

The log cabin elements were well packaged and most importantly all there for our contractor to fit.

Our contractor was a locally based carpenter who by his own admission had not assembled a log cabin before. He is now a convert and indeed has recommended one of his friends to purchase one which he will fit!

We have applied coats of preserver to the outside which has enriched the wood with the next job being to paint it. Allow plenty of time is what I would say here!

Can't wait to actually move into my new home office and to enjoy working from home. Thank you Tuin for providing a fair priced and good quality product.
Nov 19, 2018
We received our Emma Summer House in perfect condition , delivery driver was on time ,friendly professional . We could not be more pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend Tuin from start to finish 10/10. We had no difficulty in building it ,lovely and solid, We have yet to paint it as I only have just decided on the colour ! We will be posting pictures as we go along. I cannot wait to feather my new nest with faux furs a wood burner type stove and much more ! Thank you :)
Mrs. Elaine Carnell
Oct 29, 2018
The delivery driver was helpful and efficient and even though we live in a dead ended cul-de-sac, he bought it right to our property with his forklift. After a bit of confusion over which logs were the starter logs, the build went well and my husband and I completed the cabin in two days.It is advisable to read the online instructions thoroughly and have them to hand to refer back to, throughout the build as the instuctions enclosed are very minimalistic. We used the wood protector from Tuin, it is easy to use and up to now working well. We used the video instructions when putting the shingles on and used extra bitumen under the ridge tiles and under the first line of tiles, nearest the gutting for extra waterproofing. We used a basic satin varnish inside on the walls and a Ronseal satin varnish for the floor. Our cabin is now ready for the finishing touches.
Overall very pleased with our cabin and the service that Tuin provided
Sylvia Sandwith
Oct 18, 2018
The Tuin Emma Corner house arrived when expected and was placed right on my drive, by a very courteous driver.
It was of a high standard and looks absolutely amazing at the end of my garden. I was put in touch with Philip, who sent two friendly professionals, who worked hard all day long assembling the Summer House. The black shingles add the finishing touch. I can highly recommend Tuin as a Company.
Mr. G Holmes
Oct 15, 2018
A friend told me that he had purchased a garden office from a Tuin and as I was also looking for extra office space then I should take a look at the website. When I looked I could not believe the range on offer . Being spoilt for choice obviously created a lot of questions which the customer services department were very happy to answer. Every enquiry was replied to informatively and hastily.

I finally settled on the Emma cabin, took the plunge and ordered . I have to say, from start to finish everything carried on with complete ease. I was kept informed of delivery and 10 days later one shrink wrapped package arrived on my driveway and less than 2 days after that was completely assembled and ready to move in.

My DIY skills leave a lot to be desired so I had decided to get a builder friend to assemble with myself assisting. To be fair, it was so simple that I soon realised that I could have saved myself a few quid by doing the lot myself, given that it would have taken a good while longer.

There was one snag with the door lock being broken, I contacted tuin customer services and once again they rose to the challenge and posted me a new lock which I was able to fit myself.

I now have a wonderful garden office of which I am very proud. It is a great addition to the garden as well as a lovely space to work from plus my wife is happy to have me from under her feet and get the spare room back.

Thanks again Tuin, I can’t stop raving about your products and service to anyone that will listen.
Oct 8, 2018
The Emma cabin was delivered on time, in good order and was fairly simple to erect. As with all products it pays to spend time identifying parts before starting to put it together but once this was done there were no major problems. The instructions should be read thoroughly before starting work.
anthony turnbull
Sep 22, 2018
We wanted a cabin for the corner of the garden and after looking at various options went for the emma log cabin. We are very pleased with the finished product and it really sets the garden off.
Sue Jones
Aug 12, 2018
The Tuin Cabin arrived on time and the service from start to finish including ordering and delivery was excellent and very professional.
My husband assembled and preserved and painted it in approx 1 week. The quality of the wood is beautiful. There were a few tricky bits fitting the doors as the frame ended up slightly out of square but he was able to rectify it. It is a beautiful log cabin summerhouse which we hope will get plenty of use over the coming years. I would recommend Tuin to anyone without hesitation.
Aug 7, 2018
I am really impressed with the quality of my Emma cabin. The wood is really good quality and the machining is precise meaning that it did fit together really easily. I've only got moderate DIY skills and I was daunted by the instructions. They seemed inadequate but once I understood how simple the construction was I have to say it was quite easy. The Tuin team were very helpful answering a couple of questions I had. It took a few days to put up but that includes painting which was very time consuming. I loved the whole process of building it and managed it all on my own. Highly recommended
Mr. Philip Rose
Aug 6, 2018
This is a really nice cabin and well made. I erected it myself over two days without any help. It is important to get the foundations flat and level and ensure the base is square. From then on it is easy. Really impressed with the quality of the log cabin and well above others I looked at. Highly recommend this manufacturer.
Jul 23, 2018
the whole process for purchasing went smoothly. Emma cabin arrived safe and intact. instructions could have been a little clearer but I'm a non trades man and managed to build the cabin in 2 days and a other day for the shingles. it looks fantastic. also bought the care free paint in grey. thus went on excellent and looks great.
anthony c harris
Jul 21, 2018
Hi Tuin,
Just to let you know what a great product you have with the 3m x 3m Emma corner cabin. It was delivery on the day specified and the driver called me saying he was half an hour away, first class service.
The videos you have are a huge help especially in giving you confidence on the putting the first layer down (Foundation Beams), and how to put the shingle on correctly. I’ve did most of the build by myself, just got my brother in-law to help me with the roof. In the process of finishing the first cost of wood protective, will put another two layers on as recommended. I didn’t buy a wooden floor, I’m going to put porcelain tiles which are for inside and outdoor use, I think it will just finish it off. I’m in not great rush to finish now I’ve started the protective costing. But the grand children are its going to be music /art room.
All you need to do is read want on the TUIN web site look at the videos take in the info. Take your time in choosing what you what from your log cabin and go for it.

Thank you Tuin
From a happy customer.
Mr. Peter Hill
Jul 15, 2018
The Cabin is first class. The quality far exceeded the quality mod a local supplier and I have to say was 1/5th of the price! The delivery was excellent and the quality of packing was superb.
The instructions were "ok" and I augmented these with Youtube videos on the door and the roof aspects - this made things much easier. I would say that the instructions could be improved - the door top is packed inside the bottom and this is not obvious from the instructions - the video cleared this up. Adding the video link to the construction manual would solve this.
I took advantage of the free shingles offer and I am so glad I did - first rate quality
Highly recommended product, delivery and pricing.
Really pleased.
Mrs. Ann English
May 24, 2018
I could not be happier with my new cabin/summerhouse! The purchase was easy with exceptional customer service throughout. The cabin is beautiful and of a very high standard. It has taken two days to build and one day to paint. Thank you Tuin for your beginning to end excellent service.

Ann English
Paul Ryan
May 17, 2018
Very pleased with the cabin. Some of the instructions took some decoding as they were rather ambiguous but the final results made it all worthwhile
Thomas Grainger
May 12, 2018
Excellent. I read the reviews before I ordered and they are pretty much accurate. The ordering was simple. Delivery was prompt, came when promised and left exactly where I asked the delivery driver to leave it. Quality of the log cabin is high and it is excellent value for money. Because of lack of time on my part I paid one of the recommended local installers to erect the cabin and they did that with great efficiency. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Tuin Emma cabin.
May 10, 2018
After completin concrete base del was made ,really goog packing easy delivery. Had Philip make up cabin.
Philip was reconditioned by Tuin.
The quality stands out have now started to paint.
I put a pine floor in myself.
The cabin looks great and l would recommend Tuin Emma with double glazing the same as l ordered
Thanks Tuin for a great priced cabin
Mr. Ray Peckham
May 3, 2018
Ordered Emma log cabin after lots of research online. Was definitely a wise decision as the product is excellent. Top quality timber, simple but efficient instructions(I built it myself in two days including roof shingles, which were a bonus by the way).
Even had some wood and shingle over so building a door canopy - another bonus!
Would have no hesitation in recommending this company - thank you
Mr. Anthony Tyson-Phillips
May 1, 2018
Over the moon with our new log cabin. Assembly was easy and the finished product is amazing. I only wish I could attach a picture. My wife and I built it over a couple of weekends. The engineering and packaging of the product is testament to the quality and finish. We opted for the 40mm timber and double glazing. Well worth the extra spend.
Keith Aspinall
Apr 30, 2018
bought an Emma cabin from start to finish a 1st class service. The quality is excellent & also customer service are so helpful ..... do not hesitate to buy as no better product on the market.
Mrs Karen Hughes
Apr 26, 2018
We researched our purchase and decided to buy from Tuin. We have been delighted with the help we have received and the quality of our purchase. Would recommend this company to friends without hesitation.
Tim Sebley
Mar 31, 2018
I was pleased to find the Tuin website which clearly showed what log cabins were available for my needs of an office with a view within the budget available . Unlike other competitors Tuin also provided clear technical detail as well as many other relevant and significant topics to ponder,with photos, when considering buying a log cabin. Having ordered an ‘Emma’ the sales team were helpful and informative. Delivery was excellent since the driver had to contend with ‘The Beast from the East’ and whilst road conditions were awful he managed,unfazed, to deliver the 800kgs load safely and exactly where I wanted it whilst I was unavoidably absent on the agreed day! The cabin is 90% complete despite the miserable rain and has gone up without any surprises and looks good. Once complete I will provide some pictures....The instructions,after study, were understandable but I can understand that some would prefer more words! I really think I have value for money from Tuin who are professionals in their market. I have before and since ordering the unit confirmed that I have the best deal possible. Really pleased with my cabin and so is my Welsh Springer spaniel.
Mr. Shaun Wright
Mar 23, 2018
Recently purchased the Emma summer house, so pleased with it, easy to fit, looks great, and excellent quality, so much so, our next door neighbours have ordered one too!
Susan Wainwright
Mar 9, 2018
I've just had the Emma log cabin installed today. Phillip and Wojciech travelled for 5 hours through the snow to get here and they worked so hard and so efficiently to construct my lovely summerhouse. I can't praise them enough, and the ordering and delivery was absolutely first class too. I'm hoping to paint my summerhouse tomorrow and I can't wait to furnish it and enjoy my new room.
Mr. Alan Dixon
Mar 6, 2018
The Emma cabin is an excellent product. The delivery service was very good and they kept me informed at all times. I thought the cabin was thoughtfully designed to enable the easiest possible build. I did make a few minor mistakes, so had to backtrack slightly during the build but eventually you understand the process it all becomes clear. The web advice pages are very good and I kept referring to them. I would definitely recommend this cabin to both my friends !

Rachel Forster
Feb 24, 2018
The build was fairly straight forward - even as an a average DIY enthusiast due to the comprehensive instructions and diagrams provided. The helpful hints on the web site also were also a good source of information. My brother is so impressed that he is now looking to buy a log cabin from Tuin!
Mr. G Tubb
Feb 21, 2018
Very happy - easy company to communicate with, and clarify details etc. Definitely know their stuff, no matter who you speak to. The cabin went up very easily, and overall is very solid and well cut. The roof panels, however, let the cabin down a bit - they are not all the same size, and 5 of the 8 panels were so bowed that we had to juggle them around to make it so they all bear at least minimally on joists. Ideally the panels would be made of a thicker grade of wood to try and reduce this bowing, and be more precisely cut so they fit together more accurately. As it is, we will have to get someone to go round the edges and rip them flush to each other, and come up with a way to close in the edges where the edging strips are not flush with the wall tops. Were we wanting to use this as an office or a 'snug', we would really have to work hard to seal this perimeter detail.
Jon Willis
Feb 14, 2018
This log cabin looks very smart in the corner. The only small negative comment I have is I found the build instructions slightly confusing as the cut piece of timber walling for the overhang over the doors is shown as fitting on the left hand side wall when actually it needs to be fitted on the right hand side wall.
Also personally I would have preferred a slightly deeper piece of timber around the edge in order to fit a gutter more easily, however with only a minor modification and some extra timber I achieved this and I think it looks better for it. I repeat these are very minor negative comments, I am very pleased with the log cabin it was simple to erect even single handed.
Mrs. Susanne Bradley
Jan 25, 2018
Really pleased with our Emma summerhouse!
We'd looked at the likes of ******* for summerhouses but for anywhere near the same quality, they wanted 3 or 4 times as much as Tuin.
The pallet came well wrapped, with all our extras on top. We got local guys to put decking down in our garden and also got them to build the summerhouse. They had a bit of a time getting used to the instructions but once things got underway, building was quick.
The summerhouse's 40mm timber walls, double glazed panels and shingles seem to combine to make the building nice and cosy. If it's sunny but cold outside, the black shingles seem to absorb the light and heat the inside nicely.
We just got our sofas delivered, so we'll be enjoying peaceful afternoons in the summerhouse very soon!
Aftersales - We had a problem with the door lock. Emailed Tuin and they had a new barrel and keys sent out straight away - excellent.
Overall experience was fantastic and would very much recommend Tuin for a log cabin.
Yvette Boonwaat
Jan 19, 2018
Excellent product and first class goods and service
Paul Landsborough
Jan 15, 2018
From start to finish the customer service was excellent. Cabin arrived when promised. Cabin very easy to erect. A lovely looking sturdy finished product
Mr. tom bell
Jan 3, 2018
perfect cabin
perfect delivery
easy build
perfect price
well worth it
Tony Craig
Nov 29, 2017
After researching what we were looking for we decided on the 3x3 Emma corner cabin . AlI can say is if you have the space outside this is the ideal outside room . From stat to finish we really enjoyed the build which we have done ourselves and we are not in the building trade but enjoy a good DIY challenge. The quality of the cabin and after sales are first class . I have had to contact the service desk a couple for times but no big issues . When it was delivered we found some damage parts but this was soon sorted and replacement part were with me 2 days later . After the shingles were finished which looks really cool , fitting out the inside was the best part . We now have a very cool outside space , we will use this during the winter and can’t wait for next summer. 100% product and service
Kenneth Murray
Nov 27, 2017
It came well packed on a single pallet. It was easy to identify the individual pieces. The instructions for construction were very easily followed. The actual assembly was very quick and the finished article isvfery pleasing and robust. We are looking forward to spending many happy hours in it.
Mrs Sarah Hilton
Oct 29, 2017
My husband and son took 2days to put the Emma cabin up.They had just one small problem and it took a couple of minutes to sort it out.I am looking forwards to using the cabin. It was certainly good value for money
Mrs. Lorraine Bruce
Oct 23, 2017
Ordering my log cabin was so easy.i phoned the Turin team first to make sure I was doing it right.i then placed my order and I was acknowledged right away with details of delivery week.plenty of updates and it arrived the week that was stated.the delivery man was at my house first thing in the morning which was great he was very nice and told us what everything was.i haven't got it build up yet due to getting base done as everybody on confident that it will b fine as all reviews are good.i will share it with you when it's finished Turin team are very helpful . Lorraine
Mr. Colin Green
Oct 20, 2017
Excellent service excellent product - the team recommended by Tuin - led by Richard were outstanding. Really pleased with purchase and quality of product and fitting.
David Fisher
Oct 12, 2017
Excellent product, delivered quickly. Looks superb and very good value for money
jj whitefield
Oct 9, 2017
The service from ordering to delivery is excellent. The product is of the highest quality and is exactly as advertised.
Mr. Michael Dibden
Oct 7, 2017
After ordering our Emma Log Cabin Delivery was prompt and the driver was very polite and helpful. Assembly of the cabin was very easy as everything fitted together very well and the construction is excellent. We had only one query which was answered by the uk team by return email the same day. Due to the inclement weather in our area we have felted the roof prior to fitting the shingles so as to keep it watertight. the only other job to do is to install the flooring, but overall very very impressed with the whole experience, well done Tuin.....
Mr. Simon Webb
Oct 5, 2017
Very happy with our log cabin.
Order process was very easy online. The team then gave some helpful advice over email on some extras we wanted.

Tuin were flexible on our delivery date given the holiday period and the fact delivery is free.

Very easy to put up. Only negative comment is the wooden strips for the windows are added on after, did not fit properly, were hard to paint and looked a bit naff. Having removed the summer house looks much better without.

Bring on the next summer.
Sep 29, 2017
I had the Emma log cabin delivered on the 11th September. The delivery driver parked his lorry on an adjacent road and then carried the goods on his forklift to my house. He left his package on the drive. It was smaller than I expected. Due to the fact that I was initially going to try and erect myself and then realised the weather was against me I made contact with a tuin nominated installer. Unfortunately he was not available until 23rd September so had to wait two weeks.
I covered the package with a Tarpaulin and waited. I was advised to remove the flooring parts and put in the garage.
Anyhow come the 23rd the installer Philip Osorio arrived driving all the way from Bedford to Sheffield. I would like to say that he and his colleague did an excellent job putting the hut up in remarkable time, probably because he had already done hundreds of them. I am certainly glad I asked them to do it, I would probably still be it doing now and certainly not to the same standard.
By the way, it looks great. Just waiting for the rain to stop so I can treat it.
Martyn Whittaker
Sep 25, 2017
Wow my whole Turin experience has been fantastic the order process easy delivery on time the driver so helpful absolutely spot on with accurate date and time the cabin and parts a dream to construct two of us less than a day the instruction need a little thinking about but with the online video so easy the quality of the materials fantastic I would recommend the company and product to anyone with out hesitation

Excellent without exception
Jason Wallis
Sep 5, 2017
Finally built - Looks amazing, with more room than expected, and fits our round Hot Tub in nicely!!
Mr. Richard MacDonald
Sep 3, 2017
Cabin delivered on time and everything exceptionally well packaged. Delivery driver could not have been more courteous or helpful.
Product quality excellent and cabin erected very speedily by people who Tuin gave details for. Absolutely delighted with finished product and would thoroughly recommend Tuin and this cabin 100%.
Dennis Brennan
Sep 1, 2017
We are very happy with our Emma Cabin.
It wasn't really that easy to construct. The instructions are not really that clear unless you are pretty DIY Savy. I would encourage you to seek trade help.
The base and roof are the most complicated bits to get right and if the base is not square, then the roof will be way out of line.
However when erected and preserved & painted it looks great and is a decent size.
We went for the additional internal floor and composite base and we are pleased with both. We also opted for the finial and brass ball finish, which several people have commented on, so these little touches do make a difference.
This type of cabin was approximately £1000 cheaper and a higher specification than what ******* were asking for a similar type cabin. ******* may have a better laid out shop and displays but they are expensive. I would encourage you to do what we did shop at ******* to seek the cabin you want then check Tuin for the similar cabin and save yourself a small fortune.