Payment for your Order

We are very highly committed to your security and we do not EVER want to see your credit card details.

We also DO NOT take payment at the point of order. This is taken when we arrange delivery with you.

If you place your order online this goes through our extremely secure server using the latest security protocols which of course is PCI-DSS compliant. If you order online your payment is pre-authorised but no money is taken until we arrange delivery with you. This may show as a pending amount on your bank statement but we will not capture the amount until we are ready to deliver.

If you pay through the website our staff do not see the card details and these are not stored by us. The pre authorised amount can be amended to a lower amount by us only. If the total cost of the order is to increase, we cannot amend this to a higher amount. In this circumstance the full pre authorisation amount will be voided and a secure payment link will be sent to you pay by.

If you place an order by phone or email or the ‘Invoice Payment’ option in the checkout, or,  if for any reason your online payment failed we will send you an invoice via email. We do not want or ask for your credit card details to ensure your complete security.

For invoice payment we use Paypal Professional to handle all payments. Payments can be made with your existing Paypal account or paid without any account.

The process is as follows:

You will receive an email from us as below


You will receive an email from us with a payment link. Please click on the “View and Pay Invoice” button.

This will show the due date of the invoice, in the case of log cabins, gazebos, garages, veranda’s and all our large buildings you do not have to pay this until a delivery week is arranged with you.

Invoice Detail

On clicking your email link you will have this screen in your browser.

The ‘invoice’ will show the amount payable, please check this against your order documents. You can then click the “Pay Now” button at the top of the page.



After clicking the pay invoice button this screen will appear, there are two links; use top one if you wish to use a Paypal account or the bottom one if you do not wish to use an account.

If you do not want to log into Paypal to use their system you can click the second button below it to pay with your Credit or Debit Card.



If you use the second link this screen will show and you can make your payment securely without ever having to pass your details over to us.

In this screen you can then enter your details securely. This will give you peace of mind that no one has your card details.


Following your payment you will receive an email confirming the payment, this is your receipt of payment for your order.

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Log Cabins and Garden timber have a myriad of intricacies , I love to give away the secrets, there are a lot!

I enjoy using this blog to expose them so you know what you are buying. I love to know I am causing a few problems in the industry as it can be on occasions less than honest.

I actively encourage everyone to install their own buildings. So many times I would fit and the company I was working for would charge loads for my time, only then to be faced with the embarrassment when the customer says 'I could have done that' and YES you can without paying hundreds of Pounds!

I have over 19 years experience within the garden timber industry. I have particular expertise in garden buildings including the manufacture, design and installation from sheds to log cabins and all the way up to timber framed houses.

In my time I have been involved with virtually every manufacturer and supplier of garden buildings. I have also installed pretty much every make of Garden Building there is from ALL suppliers and manufacturers.

Prior to my career change I was a Watch Commander in the Fire Service with particular expertise in chemical incidents, training, technical design / technology / IT /Procedures / ISO Systems and road traffic accidents. I retired due to a nasty injury after 20 years service.

During my time in the Fire Service, on my days off, I was a self employed fitter for any type of garden building, I worked with most of the well known companies as a subcontractor.

I now work with Tuin | Tuindeco in the UK, supporting and advising on the vast range of products. I keep an eye out for help requests when we a supposed to be closed and can usually get back to you out of hours via email only (wife and children permitting on my days off).

In my private life I consult as an independent expert assessor for companies or private individuals when a dispute is present over their structure which results in producing an impartial report and assessment for whoever requires it. This is often higher valued than a structural engineers report born from my credentials, experience and widely recognised as an 'Expert' in the field.

I am a freelance writer for numerous companies, publications and blogs as well as an independent expert and fault finder for parts of the Industry and consumers with a particular emphasis on timber structures, both framed and of an interlocking design such as log cabins.

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