Christmas Log Cabin Deliveries

With Christmas quickly approaching, we have to announce a delay in our large item deliveries- This includes our Log Cabins, Gazebos, Verandas.. All of the buildings that we offer.

Because of this, the earliest delivery week we offer is now week three – the week commencing on the 13th of January 2020.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. However, we do hope you have a great holiday!

Yorick Garden Office Log Cabin

FREE Composite Foundation Beams

Hi everyone!

Update: As of the 30th September, this offer has ended.

I come with some good news – To celebrate the summer months we are offering FREE Composite Foundation Beams with most Log Cabin orders made within this month.

Our Composite Profiled Foundation Beams are suitable for all of our Log Cabins. Made from recycled plastic – These will never rot.

The Offer:

Foundation beams are essential for any log cabin to ensure untreated wood is not placed directly onto the ground. Whilst all Tuin log cabins are supplied with pressure treated foundation beams as standard, these beams include a ‘profile’ to allow water to drain away from the base of any building.

Free Composite Foundation Beam Options

How can you get these foundation beams for free? Simply select the FREE option under “Foundations” in the options tab for your chosen cabin.


Our Composite Foundation Beams will need to be cut to size upon installation and installed end to end. The log cabin base will need to be made slightly larger than the footprint of the cabin when these are used. Besides that extra step, the foundation beams will be installed in a similar manner to the other types of foundation beams. More information can be found on our Foundation Beams Installation Guide.

To Note:

Our image of our foundation beams present them as a rich dark brown – The product you receive may have a colour variation from slightly lighter to almost black.

As much as we would love to make this offer apply to our full range of Log Cabins – Some of our kits already come with their own integrated foundation system which means these would not be compatible. This applies more so for our 70mm Log Cabin range.

This offer is eligible for most Log Cabin orders made. Pair this offer with our FREE roof shingle offer to get the best savings.

Tuin 2019 Catalogue Feature

Hello everyone! So as you may be aware- It’s coming up to the season where we start making the finishing touches to our new catalogue! When these are all completed we will work hard to put the products on our website for you to browse and order. However, in the meantime I have created this snippet showcase of some of the products we are excited about for the upcoming year.

If you did want to have a sneaky peak our Tuin 2019 Catalogue is available to read online whilst the physical copies are in print. Please note that your device will need Adobe Flash to open the online brochure.

Now, let me show you the products that I am most looking forward to:

Garden Furniture:

We’re always thinking of ways to improve our Garden Furniture, from comfort to the prevention of mould growing from damp cushions. This is why we have expanded our aluminum framed range and implemented a powerful combination of Textilene fabric with Quickdry foam cushions.

Textilene is a PVC coated woven polyester, formulated to withstand the most severe weather conditions as well as wear and tear for many years of outdoor use- all with minimal maintenance needed! Quickdry foam has been specifically designed for outdoor use, unlike normal foam, Quickdry foam drains water quickly allowing cushions to dry faster and prevent mould growth.


Colorado Springs Garden Lounge

Clean in design, the Colorado Springs set is split up into separate modules. Allowing you to do a ‘Pick ‘N Mix’ selection and build your own custom lounge set. Paired with Textilene material and Quickdry cushions, you can sit in the sun with comfort – Along with the metal butler trays on some modules, so you don’t have to worry about if your drink will topple over.


Montgomery Garden Dining Set

Dine in the sun with the Montgomery dining set featuring six chairs made from aluminum framing along with a 2m long table to fit all the dishes. You can relax knowing that your Montgomery lounge set won’t stay wet for hours, even days.

Fermont Balcony Furniture Set

Have you been dreaming of one of our Love Seats but don’t have the space for the whole width? A simple yet elegant furniture set, the Fermont may be the solution. The simplicity gives this garden furniture set a striking appeal, ideal under a veranda or on your balcony to make star gazing more comfortable.

We’re also taking a trip down memory lane and giving you 90s vibes with this Teak lounge set, the Riverside

Riverside Teak Garden Lounge Set

Quirky in design, the Riverside set is split up into separate modules. Allowing you to do a ‘Pick ‘N Mix’ selection and build your own custom lounge set. Made from the very appealing Teak timber to ensure a long lasting lounge set for years of use in your garden.


We also have some new additions to our Garden Fencing range – The most notable ones are made out of Larch timber, which is always stunning in colour and durability.

Klagenfurt Garden Fence

Modern in design, but effective – The Klagenfurt garden fence features 28 smoothly planed boards in each fence panel. Creating this smooth but busy looking fence panel, perfect for keeping your garden to yourself and blocking the outside world out.

Log Cabins:

Compared to our 2018 Catalogue Feature – There aren’t as many Log Cabins added to the range, but we have continued to expand our selection to help you find the perfect Log Cabin for your garden. However, meet the new additions to our 40mm and 70mm Log Cabin ranges:

Tane Log Cabin

Featuring an asymmetrical apex roof – The Tane Log Cabin provides customers the best compromise between price and heat capacity, being made from 40mm logs and double glazed windows. Paired with some insulation in the floor and roof, you will have the perfect start to your own, quirky summerhouse.

Ennis Log Cabin

Made from 70mm thick logs, the Ennis Log Cabin is an ideal cabin for overnight accomodation, or the ideal base for your home business. Measuring at 5.3m x 5.4m, the Ennis is made up of four internal rooms to allow the essentials to have it’s own designated space.

Letterkenny Log Cabin

Do you want a Log Cabin that’s filled with natural lighting? Then the Letterkenny Log Cabin may be just what you’re looking for. With a total of ten tempered double glazed windows around the front and back of the cabin, as well as the doors featuring glass fronts – It’ll be safe to say that when paired with the right location, natural light will brighten up all four rooms of this Cabin. Perfect for lakeside accommodation, or an office that overlooks the countryside!

Shepherds Huts:

That’s not all guys, to finish this post off I’d also like to show you one of our new additions to our Shepherd’s Hut range:

Gypsy Wagon XL

Gypsy Wagon XL

With the same classic design as our Shepherds Hut – Gypsy Wagon model, the Gypsy Wagon XL has a total with of 8.2m! Perfect for those who love to transform their Shepherd Huts into overnight accommodation. The Gypsy Wagon XL is also compatible with our Shepherds Hut Accessories, allowing you to add internal partitions, extra access and more.

And this is just a few of our new products for 2019 – Personally I’m the most excited about the new additions to our Shepherd’s Hut range, as well as the way our customers transform them! What are you looking forward to the most from this new catalogue?

Of course I can’t spoil everything for you, but if you just can’t wait any longer to find out you can read through our Tuin 2019 Online Catalogue.

We hope that 2019 will bring us new and returning customers to surprise and delight with again and again!

Prices of Log Cabins

Prices!  It’s that time of year I don’t enjoy (2013).  Price changes, spreadsheets in front of me.  Working through all the necessary changes.  An arduous task and one that takes me at least a week or two to complete.

This weekend I have been solidly working on the log cabins and all the various and extensive options.  I’ve been trawling across countless competitors and I think I’ve got it right.  The only place to be perfectly right was to head the prices down, and that’s what I’ve done.  The recession strikes again, yes I’ve got our margins to think about but it’s tough times and time to be ultra competitive!

So, what’s happened?  Well, huge price cuts across all the log cabins that’s what!

Here’s my personal highlights:

Daniel log cabin - ever popular!

Daniel log cabin – ever popular!

The Daniel log cabin, an ever popular building is now down to £1228.25, over £200 off!

The Ulrik log cabin

The Ulrik log cabin

I had to double check this one, I must have made a mistake, but no, here it is, The Ulrik log cabin now with £1000 off!  I must have made a mistake last year and priced it a little too high, I wondered why we hadn’t sold any …. ooopsie

Henning Log Cabin, a very adaptable and spacious log cabin

Henning Log Cabin, a very adaptable and spacious log cabin

This is one of my personal favourites, where my daughter goes to ride they have one.  It’s a lovely building, this picture doesn’t do it justice.  Now priced with over £500 off from what it was yesterday.

I may have made some mistakes and I’ll have to go through it all just to make sure, if i have it will become apparent when someone buys one, of course then it’ll be too late and I’ll have to honour it.

If you’re in the market for a log cabin, have a good look through the ranges, maybe even take advantage if you spot a mistake.  As always, if there isn’t a building you really like why not ask us to make one for you.

Now to start on the remaining 1000 products in the catalogue:  I know how to have fun!

Friday specials 06

A change around for this weeks special offers.  We hope those who wanted them made full advantage of our offers for last week.  This weeks offers are a slight change of theme.

First up is this lovely Gazebo.  This is known as the Tourist Gazebo and is extremely popular with our retailers.  It measures a very convenient 3.40 x 3.40m square and comes complete with felt shingles.  Optional ground anchors are available as is a metal finial.

The Tourist gazebo currently on special offer. Save 20% ff the normal retail price

The Tourist gazebo currently on special offer. Save 20% ff the normal retail price

Next in this weeks sale is one of the products we mentioned in our twitter posts which received a lot of attention.  This is the Hardwood Deluxe Tree Seat  it measures 2.20m in diameter and can accommodate a tree trunk up to a 1.10m diameter.  It comes complete with cushions and is made from Teak, a stunning tree seat and currently with 20% off the normal price.

Hardwood Teak tree seat with 20% off the normal retail price for this week.

Hardwood Teak tree seat with 20% off the normal retail price for this week.

The final offer for the week is one of our lovely garden arches.  This model is made from tanalised timber for years of rot free use.  It measures 2.90 x 0.60 x 2.50cm and features two planters and a garden bench in between them.  A lovely feature for any garden.

Trellis arbour with a garden bench flanked by two planters. Great value with 20% off.

Trellis arbour with a garden bench flanked by two planters. Great value with 20% off.

Like always, these offers finish on Friday (8th February) at 9am.  Don’t miss out!

Facebook ….

Well, we’ve finally done it.  With the updates to the website, all spangly and with pretty things on it.  Technology abound, blog, and all sorts of clever things we took the plunge and created a page on Facebook.  You can see it here, we have to ask ourselves:  “is it done right?”  It looks right but having little experience in this we do hope so.

Next came the shop, we’d seen a gizmo and it’s not bad, a bit of a headache to carry out but it’s there, all our products sitting on Facebook … Yay!

Tuin’s Facebook Page

Tuin’s Facebook Shop

Of course, now, we have to get people to visit it, do people really visit such pages?



Redesign of the Tuin Website

We’ve been working hard of late on a completely new build of our website. Products are still being added and updated and this will continue for some while. We’ve enabled e-commerce on the site which previously was not available due to customers not finding our full ranges in one place.

Our retailers are spread evenly across the UK and can help you offering expert advice and service. Try our new “Retailer Locator” at the top of the page.

New features on our website include:
Complete re-design
Retailer Locator
Wordpress Blog
E-commerce integration
Newsletter subscription
Brochure which can be viewed online.

Lots more features and products coming soon as well as regular blog posts regarding our products and services.