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Our Building Materials blog category. Explore the foundational elements that lay the groundwork for you log cabin or garden building.

Topics such as the types of timber used in log cabins as well as other complementary components for your garden.

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Eco-friendly Wood Fuel Pellets

Ben G-WMar 7, 20234 min read
Wood Pellets uk, these are a Sustainable, Efficient, and Cost-Effective heating solution. Available for UK Home Delivery.
Types of Timber in your Log Cabin

Types of Timber in your Log Cabin

May 22, 20216 min read
Cuts you could possibly apply to a log

Log Cuts in Log Cabins

Jun 5, 20207 min read
Pressure Treated Garden Timber

Pressure Treated Garden Timber

Feb 14, 20156 min read
log cabin flooring

Log Cabin Floor as an Option

Oct 6, 20137 min read