Large Timber Gazebo – “Excellent”

Look up the word “excellent” in a thesaurus and you will find many relatable words. Magnificent, outstanding, superb, exceptional, marvellous, wonderful, sublime, eminent and supreme ect. All of which sum up perfectly this “excellent” modern timber gazebo.

It really is “excellent” by name and “excellent” by nature.

Measuring a whopping 5.92m x 3.40m, the excellent gazebo really pulls out all the stops when it comes to grand garden rooms!

The gazebo’s burly, pressure treated structure featuring a pent roof is more than strong enough to withstand almost anything the british weather can throw at it. This allows you and your guests to enjoy it’s many benefits.

Outdoor dining at its finest

Al fresco dining, with this garden gazebo you’re able to enjoy an outdoor dining experience whenever the mood/occasion calls for it.

With such a large footprint there’s more than enough space to entertain your friends and family. Perhaps for a BBQ, birthday celebration, anniversary or simply just a catch-up, this gazebo is more than accommodating.

Love outdoor dining? There’s plenty of room for our beautifully crafted Round Picnic Benches or even our double length Picnic Table Superior. You can entertain numerous guests in style. Or stay with the modern theme with a selection Grandea Teak Chairs, including wicker back rests and matching cushion.

Timber Gazebo Additions

Additional add-ons such as the See Through Wall, which can roll up and down, is ideal for a suns or wind screen for when the occasion calls for it.
Customers have also chose from our extensive range of timber to create walls which can further enhance this multifunctional outdoor space.

Excellent Modern Gazebo
Get all the family around the table with the Excellent Modern Gazebo – Measuring at 5.92m in length, you can host your alfresco experience for everyone, while gaining the envy of the neighbours. This Gazebo had been modified with See Through Walls for an extra level of privacy and sun shading.

Also take advantage of one (or more) of our Garden Building Heaters suspended from the ceiling to keep the chill off. The Gas Pyramid Patio Heater would also be a welcomed addition, with its stunning aesthetics and small footprint, it would become a stunning focal point in this gazebo

Other uses for this timber gazebo

BBQ Shelter

WIth its great stature, comes great possibilities. One of which is this BBQ shelter and dining area as pictured below. Fantastic for entertaining your friends, and family or maybe even a neighbour or two come rain or shine. Coupled with a touch of solar lighting, you can really create a cosy, homely atmosphere for when night falls.

Hot tub shelter

Spending time outdoors has been scientifically proven to improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure. Relaxing in a hot tub (especially a matching wooden hot tub) also has its own benefits, from pain relief to improved sleep. Therefore why not reap the rewards of both worlds and have an outdoor wooden hot tub. Ideally situate it in the excellent modern timber gazebo.

This video from one of our customers perfectly demonstrates how this idea can be exploited.
They have also made use of our range of fencing as side panels to further the practicality of their gazebo. It also adds a designated seating area.

Garden Bar / Pub Garden

The modern gazebos‘ size and versatility can be well utilised for any garden bar ideas you may have, offering both space and practicality to convert this shelter into the ultimate entertainment environment for your guests. The long, tall walls provide the ideal framework to transform the area into somewhere you can store and serve drinks, perhaps even incorporate a section for a dance floor with disco ball? The space is so adaptable you can get as creative and imaginative as you wish.

Seating Ideas

Pair this gazebo up with some of our outdoor seating products are you’re onto something really special. Our Timber Love Seats alongside the similar Miami Adirondack Chair make practical, elegant additions to your new garden space.

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