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In February I had the opportunity to visit the garden of one of our many happy customers. Happy because he’s not only pleased he has one of our garden buildings, but he is thrilled to have two! One of them is this spectacular Nora Hexagonal Garden Summerhouse, the other I have featured in the “Home Garden Gym Shed Pod” where the customer and his family have converted one of your camping pods into a family garden gym.

Nestled beautifully in the corner of his garden, the hexagonal this unique and charming structure offers a perfect blend of rustic and modern design elements. Its hexagonal shape creates a sense of openness and spaciousness, while its log cabin construction provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere. And when it’s surrounded by a beautiful garden, it becomes the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nora Summerhouse Hexagonal log cabin storage from TUIN

Benefits of a Hexagonal Log Cabin Summerhouse

Here are some of the benefits of a hexagonal log cabin garden summerhouse:

  • Unique design: A hexagonal shape is not a common one for a garden summerhouse, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Its shape also provides more interior space than a square or rectangular structure of the same size.
  • Natural materials: Log cabin construction is known for its use of natural wood material, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It also blends in seamlessly with the surrounding garden.
  • Versatile: A hexagonal log cabin garden summerhouse can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, storage, art studio, or simply a place to relax and enjoy nature.
  • Easy to maintain: Log cabins are sturdy and require little maintenance, making them a practical and long-lasting investment.
  • Light & Airy: With its hexagonal shape, the natural sunlight lights up the summerhouse at different times of the day creating a comforting and warm environment. Also with its 3 angles of wind sources it can also let in some air during the hotter summer months.

Feature Video – Nora Hexagonal Corner Summer house Log Cabin

Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin Storage

The Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin has many uses. A summerhouse is the obvious one, however Dr Saeb-Parsy is using his as a garden storage room. Housing a number of bikes, camping equipment, sports gear, and even a home gymnastics high bar for his daughter!

With its 7.8m² internal space, the Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin is capable of storing a number of items in your garden in a convenient and stylish manner.

Dr Saeb-Parsy has utilized some floor standing bicycle racks to store his families bikes on.
A wall rack would also suffice. The 34mm thick wall logs are more than strong enough to bear the weight. It would also give you more floor space for other items.

Mounting shelving and storage options in log cabins must be done using expansion slats. Wall logs shouldn’t be screwed together in any way. This is to allow for the logs to naturally expand and contract throughout the year.

We have a guide on how to successfully mount shelves and other storage options using expansions slats in our Expansion / Contraction in Log Cabins blog.

Hexagonal Log Cabin – Build

With all of our cabins, the Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin is easy to construct & only requires basic tools and DIY knowledge. After constructing himself, he was glad he did. Dr Saeb-Parsy was surprised by the speed and ease of the build. With well drawn plans and drawings to help him, the Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin was soon off the ground.


A solid base is paramount in the longevity of any garden structure. Here the customer built an attractive timber base for his log cabin, following the contour of the Hexagonal shape footprint.

Base for Hexagonal Log Cabin


First things first is to lay the foundation beams which come with the cabin as standard. These lengths of timber are designed to sit between the first log and the base of your log cabin. They prevent the first log ever sitting in water. The starter/half logs are then laid on top of the foundation beams and screwed down.


Then it’s time for the fun part. The construction of the walls. Each log is simply slotted into place and malleted down to create a nice watertight seal between the logs (No Screwing necessary). Consulting the plans as you go, continue stacking up the walls logs. Once around 6 logs high either side of the windows and door openings now is a good time to slot the window and door frames into place. (again, no screwing!). He then continued to speedily build up the walls counting logs as he went until he was roof height.


The Roof rafters are then installed and secured into the centre ridge piece to form the roof structure. The prefabricated roof panels are then screwed into place ready for the roofing material.

Dr Saeb-Parsy chose our red straight shingles for the roof of his Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin. Although these shingles look amazing, they do take some time to lay, however, the extra time in my opinion is well worth it


Doors and fittings can now be installed. As well as the optional glazing bars to the door and windows to complete the cabin.

The Cabin is usually completed in 1 day from start to finish. However more time may be needed to complete the shingles and the ever-important treatment. And of course the more people helping out, the better.

The Garden Transformation

Hexagonal Shapes

To keep with the attractive hexagonal theme why not have a look at some of our other 6 sided products.

  • Wooden Hexagonal Sandpit with wooden lid. – Ideal for encouraging creative outdoor play, teach children how to make shapes in the sand and build sandcastles for their next beach trip.
  • The Hexagonal Tree Seat – Hexagonal tree seat made from tanalised Timber to ensure you enjoy this tree seat for years.  It has a diameter of 87cm internally and 185cm at the outside. The bench can also be used as two halfs to sit against walls with perhaps a planter.
  • Curved Lattice Gazebo – Perfect for the smaller garden, this attractive hexagonal gazebo is characterised by lattice detailing. Supplied as pictured, each gazebo features concave lattice panels around the top and convex side panels – available for five of the six sides.
  • Hexagonal Lattice gazebo
  • Hexagonal Tree Seat
  • Hexagonal Sandpit

Other uses of the Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin

  • Summerhouse: Of course, the attractive hexagonal design and style of the Nora Log Cabin makes for an excellent Summerhouse. With more than enough room for a couple of nice chairs and a table, it’s easy to picture yourself putting your feet up and relaxing in the Nora enjoying your garden view.
  • Home office: With the rise of remote work, a hexagonal log cabin garden can be used as a quiet and comfortable home office space.
  • Outdoor entertainment: A hexagonal log cabin garden can be transformed into an outdoor entertainment area for hosting gatherings, parties, and barbeques.
  • Yoga or meditation room: The peaceful and natural environment of a garden can make it an ideal place for yoga or meditation, and a hexagonal log cabin can provide a private and tranquil space for these activities.
  • Art studio: A hexagonal log cabin garden can also serve as an art studio, providing ample natural light and a serene setting for creative inspiration.
  • Playroom: With its unique shape and fun design, a hexagonal log cabin garden can be the perfect playroom for children, providing a safe and enclosed space for playtime. Why not pair it up with one of our hexagonal sandboxes!?

Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin used as a summerhouse
Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin Summerhouse

Pairing up with the Camping Tunnel Garden Gym

As mentioned previously, Dr Saeb-Parsy and his family built this fantastic garden gym pod using one of our camping tunnels.

The Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin is sitting proudly at the opposite end of their garden. Painted the same colours to match.

camping pod garden gym

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin Garden Summerhouse is a unique and charming addition to any garden. With its natural materials, versatile design, and easy maintenance, it’s a practical and beautiful investment that will provide years of enjoyment.

Whatever you chose to do with your Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin it will not let you down. Its attractive design and sturdy construction makes it perfect for any garden.

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