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On the Daniel Corner Log Cabin product page, we like to give you the nitty gritties of the product in terms of dimensions, technical installation tips and the best feature of said product.

But, on this page we let our previous customers voice their opinion on the Daniel Log Cabin and let them show you their thoughts, ideas and pictures! We may also have our team input why they desire that particular product too, so here goes..

Daniel Corner Log Cabin

A five sided log cabin measuring 2.6m x 2.6m

The Daniel is designed to fit into any corner. Manufactured using 28mm interlocking wall logs and complete with single door and two opening windows. The Daniel is a customer favourite for a summerhouse. The Pyramid roof creates an integral porch to provide shelter over the entrance to the cabin.


With all of these features, you can really see why we love the Daniel and our customers agree too- with an average customer rating of five stars. Here are a few excerpts from some of the many Daniel Log Cabin Reviews:

“My recent purchase of the Daniel Log Cabin was the second log cabin I have purchased from Tuin. The cabin was generally very easy to erect, with the walls taking about half a day and the roof, which is a pyramid shape and a little more fiddly and time consuming, taking about a day. The quality of the cabin is of excellent quality and it looks really good.” -Mr. C Copeman 

“The quality is first class and every piece of wood fitted together like a glove. A rubber mallet is required to get a really tight fit.With the help of a friend we had it fully constructed up to roof level in a day. The following day the shingles were fitted. Everything was quality.” – Ron

“The log cabin summerhouse arrived in flat pack form exactly as promised and on time. The driver called in advance and we off loaded the pallet safely onto the drive. Construction was fun and quite fast with some help and it fits perfectly in the corner of our garden. Once it is painted, insulated and furnished my wife plans to use it as an office at home, especially in the summer.” Mr. P Westwood


The installation for the Daniel Log Cabin is a simple process, so long as you keep organised. You can find loads of information in order to be fully prepared for installing your Log Cabin on the Essential Installation Manual as well as plenty of other Log Cabin Fitting Tips throughout the blog, from our expert (practically), Richard.

Here is one of our favourite installation sets of images:

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And when installed and treated/painted… Its just a showstopper… Here are just a few of our favourite customer installs:

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We have also received a few videos, so you can experience the Daniel Log Cabin from all angles, simply click on one below to start watching:

Customer Pictures:

If you would like to see more photo’s from customers please click on the picture below – Note: This will take you to our customers photo gallery hosted by Google Photos. Pictures may show older models or customer own modifications.

Daniel Log Cabin Customer Gallery

An extremely popular Log Cabin, picked by customers and reviewed by customers. The 28mm log thickness is ideal for use of a summerhouse.

Daniel Corner Log Cabin

A five sided log cabin measuring 2.6m x 2.6m

For more details such as measurements and the breakdown of what comes within the self build kit, please look at the Daniel Log Cabin product page.

If the Daniel isnt quite right for your garden. You’ll probably find the solution in the Emma Log Cabin Feature.

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