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Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m

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Nov 2, 2023
Log cabin arrived yesterday and so did this review so how can I review it while it is still in its pack sitting on my drive?
The pack was well wrapped against the weather and was delivered as stated and driver was helpful and phoned to give one hours notice. Full marks for delivery.
Basil Bailey
Oct 29, 2023
Excellent final product.
Instructions could be better
Waited in for one day and cabin not delivered and no message on the day-suggest they have a penalty system for the delivery company
Mr. Ian Cutler
Sep 5, 2023
Having looked around locally for a garden summer house we decided on the Daniel Corner Cabin from Tuin and we are very happy with that choice. From ordering to completion of the project it has been plain sailing, mainly due to the research done on the Tuin website prior to starting. The driver was very accommodating with our requests on delivery and everything went like clockwork thereafter. We are delighted with the finished product.
Mrs. Linda Howe
Aug 10, 2023
Good quality product at a reasonable price. We had the optional floor and were really pleased to have a carpenter friend to fit it! Finished Summer House is totally storm proof and surprisingly spacious
Warwick Dean Botwright
Aug 5, 2023
Very impressed with the quality of the product. Delivery was very easy, very well packed.

Build instructions took me a short while to understand, but then became very clear and building was easy, and enjoyable. You will need a rubber mallet, and a second person, especially for the roof assembly, and of course some high steps or long ladders for the roofing.

Recommend watching the roof felting video, this was very good and felting the roof was one of my favourite parts of the job.

My least favourite was wood staining the whole thing!!!

In the instructions, I didn't see the inside window ledges listed anywhere, and also read that there would be devices supplied to help tap the wood down, which I was merrily using the ledges to do until I saw in a youtube video someone attaching them as ledges!!

Absolutely love the way the cabin looks in the garden, have just finished building, so now need to furnish, power and then enjoy!
Mr. Robert Beasley
Jun 1, 2023
Our cabin pack was delivered around mid-day as promised and placed where we wanted it by a very helpful driver on the front drive without any hitch.
The walls were assembled with no problems, but my stepson and I found a few problems with the planking of the pyramid roof. Firstly, we made the mistake of aligning the lower edge of the first planks with the ends of the roof rafters, rather than setting them with an overhang to allow for the thickness of the facia boards that would be fitted later. The consequence of this mistake was that we had to carry out quite a lot of trimming of the planks to length as we progressed up the roof. This we felt could have been avoided if the instruction had stated this. Secondly, I found the slope of the roof too steep to stand on in order to fit the upper planks and (as the cabin name implies) since the chosen site was close to a corner of the garden, access using a straight ladder was not always possible. In the end, I resorted to using a home made length of short roof ladder, suspended by a strop from a temporary bolt screwed into the octagonal roof apex.
The final problems were, how to fit the triangular roof infill panel over the doorway and no instruction as to what two short lengths of L section wood were. I later found they were the window cills, but not before I had used them to support the roof infill panel. Again, better instructions would have helped.
Having made these relatively minor points, we are very pleased with the quality and appearance of the cabin. I just have the four sloping ridges to tile and the fitting of the door furniture before we cut the ribbon for the official opening. I’ll endeavour to send a photo of the finished cabin/opening event.
Mark Podgers
Apr 24, 2023
Good price, good advice and happy with end product and service.
Anne-Marie Sims
Mar 11, 2023
It’s taken a while to write this review as I wanted to write it once the cabin was completed! We’re so pleased with how it has turned out. It’s our little haven down the bottom of our garden.
Mr. Karl steward Premier gardens
Feb 6, 2023
We purchased the daniel corner log cabin. From the order placement to the site erecting everything was excellent, great communication from delivery driver, well packed, nothing damaged, all as promised, and a quality cabin for what we consider a fair price compared to many like for like products. We are professional landscapers and highly recommend this company and their products, we continue to try and sell their products which offer great quality and very good value for money in today’s world. Highly recommend!
Mr. Paul Ainsworth
Jan 28, 2023
A beautiful-looking really solid summer house, with exceptionally well machined 28mm wall logs that assemble perfectly. It does require good DIY skills and a bit of improvisation to complete the build successfully, particularly when fitting the roof shingles which is best done from a 2-metre work platform. The door is not reversible and is hinged on the right, viewed from outside, and unlike the main structure the optional 18mm floor is of poor quality.
To make the roof shingles watertight and secure does require bitumen sealant and a cap for the apex; these are optional extras and not supplied as standard. The summer house also needs a good timber preservative to be applied, as none of the main structure is pre-treated.
Mrs. Christine Bajgar
Jan 6, 2023
Really pleased with Daniel corner log cabin. excellent communication with regard to delivery which was on time. Delivery man couldn't do enough to place package in a suitable place of choice.
The cabin itself is very sturdy, and looks wonderful in my small garden. Can't praise you enough for the way the Oder was dealt with and all the videos and advice on your site.
Mr. David Scobie
Jan 3, 2023
first class service and first class product. Cabin arrived on the day and time as per Tuin phone call. The build was easier than expected and was built in under two days. looks fantastic once the roof shingles were fitted. I would not hesitate in recommending the Daniel Cabin to anyone.
Mr. Robert Forbes
Nov 24, 2022
I bought Daniel last month and planned a 2 day build. Unfortunately it came with a few drawings in a booklet, but no real build instructions. So needed to add some thinking time, but was okay once the base was down.
As it is untreated, I decided to treat the roof prior to fitting, so this prolonged the build time, which was my own decision. The roof took 2.5 days to complete due to the amount of measuring and cutting of the shingle roof. I reckon I was up and down the ladder, about 400 times to ensure a perfect fit. I also misjudged the amount of clout nails needed and needed more than the 800 supplied.
Overall I am very happy with the purchase, delivery time, and the Company. I would purchase again from them,
Mrs. Julia Warren
Sep 17, 2022
Form order to delivery was very efficient and quick. Have not yet erected the cabin but have checked and all the pieces are there. I had two Tuin log cabins at my previous address and was so impressed decided to buy one for my new home/garden.
Chris Fawcett
Jul 31, 2022
Very pleased with the product BUT the installation instructions leave a lot to be desired. The manual supplied with the kit is pretty useless. I ended up reading a lot of stuff on the website, only some of which was relevant, and watching various videos - not easy to do from the bottom of the garden.
PLEASE develop a comprehensive step by step guide. If this had been available I would have left a 5 star review.

Chris Fawcett

Mr. robert frost
May 18, 2022
Helpful, pleasant delivery driver, placed the package by my rear gate. The well machined sections of my corner cabin locked together without issue. I chose to fit my own flooring which I completed after construction with insulation. An excellent product which I have no hesitation in recommending.
Raymond Lewin
May 10, 2022
This cabin is just wonderful .
First thing the delivery company were 1st class , nothing was too much trouble , and the delivery went off well , could not bring the lorry up our road , but used a electric truck that he took from the back of his lorry .
Fortunately the carpenter had installed a similar model to one of our neighbours and was familiar as to how too install , but even then he found a few odd things that he was able to correct .He said that good installation information would have been very welcome .
It is up and running now and already varnished , and looks super .
He did install as an extra a waterproof sheeting under the shingles and under the floor which adds a further protection which I was very pleased about . Our neighbours have already said how good it looks against a similar style , but there is no comparison when you compare the quality .
The saying goes you get what you paid for , so true .
We had a small problem with the window sills , but after a phone call it was sorted out immediately.
Very pleased would certainly buy again , but do be very careful who you get to install it , it could cost you a lot off lost sleep , and if you are doing it yourself good luck .
John Rushmer
Feb 5, 2022
We purchased a Daniel Corner Summer house and we were not disappointed. The parts fitted together well and the instructions were simple to follow. Took us a little over 2 days to complete + an extra day for the roof tiles. Beautiful Addition to our garden.
Miss. Karen Irving
Dec 30, 2021
Absolutely love my summerhouse. Excellent service from Tuin from order to delivery and communication was first class. Quality of summerhouse is amazing and very easy to construct. Would recommend.
Mr. David Russell
Dec 29, 2021
Excellent product. After reading reviews saying don't be fazed by all of the parts and pieces, I was worried when I unpacked it! However after watching the Tuin videos and looking over the plans it only took a couple of easy days to build. The delivery was on schedule and the driver was great. It was very well packaged with zero damage. I’ve been very impressed with the cabin in all aspects. Windows, roof, floor and sides are all solid and of high quality. Just finishing the floor and it’s ready for use. Top product and I’ve been impressed with the company. Would recommend to any average DIYer.
Carolyn Clifton
Dec 16, 2021
I love my log cabin! It arrived early on a wet Monday morning! The delivery man was so cheerful and professional, he certainly made my day. It was well wrapped up and was left on my drive! My builder assembled the walls quite quickly, the roof was more difficult. He needed to watch a YouTube video on the assembling of the roof as the instructions not very detailed! I have decided to have it painted a subtle shade of green. It looks so good in my small garden. After putting pictures on Facebook I received so many lovely comments. I would definitely recommend this company and this product to my friends!
Mr. Gerry Boobis
Dec 13, 2021
Delivery of cabin was pretty decent. Instructions were good, if not perfect. The idea of building yourself, as suggested by Tuin was well worth it and very satisfying. The only real issue I had related to which side down (or up) to put the shingles as there was no direction. Pity as that would have helped make the build even better.
Tuin reply: Very pleased it went so well and couldn't agree more about it being super satisfying to install one of these things yourself, great sense of achievement in my eyes

The shingles can be daunting at first but with the video we have found that once you get going they soon become a lot clearer
Mr. Aaron Meakin
Dec 11, 2021
Happy with the kit I received. The cabin has been built for 6 months now and is perfect for my home office. Instructions maybe could have been a little better, but I got there in the end. Great value for money and communication around delivery
Mr. Andy Smith
Nov 28, 2021
From ordering my Daniel corner log cabin to taking delivery their is little to say other than it was totally trouble free!
Communications wether by e mail or phone were first class.
Any technical questions were answered in easy to understand replies .
We had a slight issue with the base assembly but after that the build up was very easy.
Added to this the product is of good value and the quality is excellent.
Barry Fitzgerald
Nov 3, 2021
Good communication and customer service .Cabin is of good quality and as described .it took 2 people 2 days to build .
Delivery came on time and forklift driver dropped it to my front door on the drive .It cane very well wrapped on a pallet and it's not recommended to leave your pallet of untreated wood outside .However I left my pallet of bits outside for 6 months and was shocked to find not one single piece of wood had warped or deteriorated .Impressed!
I ordered my cabin during lockdown and understand that there were extra costs due to Brexit and the Pandemic but Tuin did not pass this extra cost onto me.
Thankyou Tuin !
Peter Jeffery
Oct 30, 2021
Good Engineered Timber, nails and screws only used for the Roof and Floor. I am really pleased with my Log Cabin Summer House
Mr. James Stewart
Oct 29, 2021
So, overall, we’re very pleased with our Tuin Daniel log cabin.

The Tuin service and communication was excellent with prompt replies received to all enquiries.

Delivery was delayed a little bit due to Covid and supply chain issues, but it was only by a week or two over the expected delivery date.

Personally, I believe that with a little more work, the instructions could be a lot clearer for self builds (as we did).

None of the parts were labelled, which in itself was not a huge issue, but some of the parts were very similar to each other and left/right handed, which meant that additional time had to be taken to ensure you had the correct handed piece.

That was mostly just an issue at the base, but I reckon I spent at least 90 minutes ensuring that I had the correct part below where the door would be as the bottom and top parts are pretty much identical, but handed.

Having these easily identifiable would have saved me a lot of time and some anxiety.

The build itself was actually very straightforward once I had the base established, the parts literally slot together.

I watched the videos on the Tuin website (more than once) and they were very helpful.

The roof assembly was also pretty easy with me on the structure and my good lady passing the parts up to me.

I was a little apprehensive about doing the felt shingles, however, again, after watching the videos a couple of times, I found it pretty straightforward.

All told, it was quite enjoyable building it and of course, great satisfaction from doing it yourself.
Martin Edwards
May 1, 2021
Absolutely fantastic product that went together so well. They website was so informative, anyone with reasonable DIY skills can build this product.
Every stage was covered and the facts about the wood moving and settling was absolutely correct. When I fitted the doors and window and I could still move them, I thought they are never going stay fixed, but the wood expanded and settled and they are now solid.
I have managed to convince two friends to buy from Tuin now and the detail and honesty in the website sealed the deal.
I would definitely buy from Tuin again.
Martin Edwards
angus macdonald
Mar 18, 2021
The delivery was on time within 5min of the agreed tine. The driver was very helpful.
The summer house went together very easily and looks good ,the only negative thing was the pre-assembled window and door units had poor glazing fit ,in that no silicone sealant was used to seal the glass with the frame. So when it rains (in Scotland it rains a lot ,horizontal rain wind etc) we get water leaking through the windows.
Even with this small problem I wood not hesitate in recommending TUIN for summerhouses, it was so easy to put together , it was like building with wooden "LEGO", child's play.
Jonathan Morgan
Jan 5, 2021
My Daniel Cabin arrived on time and delivery was totally painless. It went up without any issues whatsoever. This is my second Tuin log cabin and the quality is just excellent. Outstanding value for money in my view.
Mr. Chris Scott
Nov 22, 2020
Was so surprised with this product, well produced, sturdy and looks exactly as it did on the web site.
Fairly easy to assemble too. The quality of the wood and the cuts of each piece is 100%.
Roger Spittles
Aug 18, 2020
We ordered our cabin at the beginning of lockdown and fully expected to have to wait quite a while for delivery. To our surprise Tuin responded almost immediately with our order confirmation and a 2 week delivery date. During this time we had a few questions about the base, which we wanted to construct in advance of the delivery and the Tuin team were very quick to reply with answers to our questions.
We live in a very rural location and after explaining this to the delivery company, the driver very kindly agreed to transport our cabin from the nearest major road, along almost 2 miles of a single track lane using his forklift truck. The kit was delivered on time and as agreed to our front garden.
Construction took us just over 4 days and by the end of the first day the walls, doors and windows were up. The longest and most awkward part of the build, was constructing the roof and laying the shingles, but this was mainly because we had limited access to three sides.
We finished our cabin by painting the outside blue with contrasting windows and doors and then reversing the colour scheme on the inside.
The kit was extremely well packed and contained all the correct components which are well engineered. Everything slotted together easily and the finished item is a quality cabin that will provide us with years of service. We received excellent service from the Tuin Team and would not hesitate to recommend the company to someone considering buying a timber building.
Mr. Jeremy Steward
Jul 2, 2020
Have just purchased the Daniel Corner Log Cabin as a den for my Grandchildren. The quality was superb with 24mm thick side walls. We went for the thicker floor which does give you excellent support with no flexing. We caused our own problems trying to erect the cabin amongst trees - access was limited which caused issues when trying to use ladders etc. End result though was superb. We've maintained the natural colour by just treating the wood with a clear lacquer (Barritine). In terms of customer service - Tuin was excellent, answering any queries we had straight away - my only (and very minor comment) having never erected one of these before you have to stagger the sides to ensure good mechanical lock and support. It was not that clear on the instructions. Would I buy from Tuin again - most definitely yes.
Mrs. Donata Wilmott
May 28, 2020
Excellent service from Tuin from start to finish, especially during this period dealing with the coronavirus. The delivery driver very friendly and helpful. The build was straightforward and we found the Tuin videos particularly helpful. We are extremely happy with our summerhouse which sits perfectly in the corner of our garden. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. John Murray
Apr 28, 2020
I have had my Daniel corner summer house delivery but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus our landscapers had to cancel the work schedule. So for the time been we have to weight for a new date to have our garden landscape, I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for a summerhouse to suite our needs and was very happy to find your site . Will gladly contact you when our work has been completed . Your JK MURRAY.
Mrs. Gail Coad
Feb 22, 2020
We are very happy with our new Daniel log cabin.
The delivery arrived when agreed and was placed Where we requested it on our driveway.
The cabin was unwrapped and sorted into the same size pieces.
Once the composite base was put down, we were ready to start the build.
We did find the literature a bit hap hazard but once we sorted the first logs and got them together the rest went up really quickly.
The doors and windows all slot in which makes everything very sturdy.
The roof also went up very quickly.
The longest part of the build was putting on the free roof shingles as this was very time consuming.
We would definitely recommend Tuin as they are a great company to deal with.
Overall very pleased with our purchase.
Derek Fleming
Feb 17, 2020
Good quality building, easy to assemble with easy to read instructions. I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin.
Mr. Peter Vanson
Feb 6, 2020
Delivery went without a hitch,the weather was dry so we moved the packages under cover until we could get started. Two of us (father and son) were the builders and we used the instructions, diagrams and videos continually throughout the build. Once the foundation beams were waterproofed and laid out level the cabin went together very smoothly. Doors and windows gave us no problems and by the end of the first day we were ready to put the roof on. Building the roof was straightforward using a folding ladder and working from the inside and again was helped by the video. We had opted for free shingles and received straight red ones. These took a couple of days to install,again using the folding ladder with a platform on it. It was capped off using the offcuts from the first rows of shingles. It was tested this weekend by the weather and proved well waterproof.the floor was completed today with just the skirtings to go on. It has been a very satisfying project and to see the finished cabin lit by the evening sun more than justifies our choice of the Daniel version.
We can’t wait to get in there and do some relaxing
Alan Sherwood
Jan 19, 2020
Really pleased with my cabin. Gave it one coat of paint before building and then only took 3 days to put together.
Mr. Peter Vanson
Sep 26, 2019
Great log cabin, my wife loves it. Good delivery and packaging. Reasonably easy to build, two of us took three days. It loses a star because there are no printed instructions. We referred to the diagrams and youtube constantly throughout the build but without access to the internet it would have been more difficult. Now it’s built I can stand and admire it for ages !!
Mr. J Bending
Aug 19, 2019
I'm very pleased with the Daniel corner log cabin. The delivery was straightforward and placed exactly where required. Construction of the base and walls was fairly straightforward and was completed within half a day. The roof however, is a different matter. All but one of the roof boards had to be cut to size. At first I was very worried as I thought that as I was removing length on the first section, I would probably need to add to the lengths on the last section(s). I was concerned that the cabin wasn't truly square. As it turned out, I was still removing about 4cms on the last section. Given that there are I think, 96 roof boards, this is a lot of climbing up and down the ladder to measure, saw, sometimes re-measure then saw again before fitting.
The shingles look great but again, are very time consuming. The pitch of the roof is steep - 30 degrees, so it is easy to slip back down on the loose surface whilst fitting.
All of the floor boards need to be sawn to size.
Having read many reviews before purchase, I decided as many have done, to use Sadolin Superdec treatment. It looks great but does require three coats. Again, very time consuming.
After some heavy rainfall, one of the widows leaked about a quarter of a pint of water around the beading and into the cabin which was disappointing. Hopefully now cured with some clear silicone sealant.
The cabin is a great feature in the garden and gives some additional focus. Neighbours have made positive comments about how nice it looks.
Luckily, I already had a compound mitre saw otherwise sawing the bearers and the boards would have been even more tiresome than they were. I wouldn't construct another cabin without one.
The instructions aren't great and some parts aren't listed; sills for example. Have a selection of screws to complete some tasks. Plenty of nails were provided though.
This is a project that shouldn't be rushed. Time and patience are required but the end result is worth it.
I have previously constructed a much larger but more straightforward log cabin from a competitor. Their customer service was dire in the extreme. I'm very pleased say that my few queries to Tuin were answered promptly and professionally.

Mr. viv taylor
Aug 18, 2019
So pleased with the tuin Daniel log cabin, took a while to get my head around the instructions and to put together but the finished project was worth it. Good quality and I would recommend tuin log cabins. Many thanks
Mr. John Holsman
Aug 16, 2019
My log cabin was delivered at the stated time on the stated day by a cheerful man who had trundled it on his forklift about 800 yards as I live at the end of a long cul-de-sac, he happily lifted the pallet on to my front garden about 4 feet higher than the roadway. Business done off he went, delivery was about two weeks after placing the order as stated on the website. My wife and I carried the cabin plank by plank to,the back garden, where every thing was stacked in order of build, the door frame and door were a little heavy for my wife to manage with me, so I knocked the hinge pins out and separated the door from the frame to make it easier to handle. During this process I scored the delivery sheet to record anything missing, all there!!
The base had been laid previously, the composite plinth was cut with my chop saw to match the first timbers, after that it was a very easy to build the walls door and windows, about four or five hours, my grandson, he's 11 helped fitting the shorter and more complicated bits round the door and windows, once he had the general idea he had no problem, it's that easy. You should be careful L shaped planks below and above the door, they look the same except for the tongue and grooving, get it wrong you could be in trouble as once the joints are put together it is really difficult to,dismantle them. This done the outside walls got the first coat of preservative paint, that took longer than building the walls. Tarpaulin over the top, pallet bits were useful to support the tarp. Until another adult was available, took three of us to screw the rafters to the central boss and lift the whole skeleton into position. The roof boards are a bit oversize, suggest you put the lowest course on first and let them over sail the ends of the rafters, the rest should fit without any cutting. The shingles, I have overlapped the hips to make a more watertight joint,if you do this you may need some slightly longer clouts to nail the hip shingles down.
My next door neighbour came in the other day, he's a builder/ carpenter, he was really impressed by the quality of timber, workmanship and price.
I've stained it in light oak, that's a bit light but another coat, two so far, will probably tone down.
All in all so far faultless.
Great buy
Mr. Peter Taschimowitz
May 17, 2019
Delivery was amazing! The Daniel summerhouse comes in almost 200 pieces (not counting the roof planks) - so there is a lot to sort out before you can begin. I am sure that you can put up this summerhouse in a day - if you know what you are doing. I took two days because I'd never tackled one before. However, you have to add to this the time to put on the wood preserver and another day to fit the (free) shingles on the roof. Add to this the British weather and the project can last a week or two.
However, it is good fun. Some of the logs had minor splits and resin seeping out, but it wasn't a problem. The logs go together quite easily and I didn't need to persuade too many with the rubber mallet. I put down a level concrete base so by the time I came to the roof it all fitted as it should.
A small problem I had was that once built it bucketed down with rain and I had two leaks where the logs interlock in the corners. However, this seems to have sealed itself up and I shall now give it several coats of paint to fully seal it. I am going to use Zinsser Allcoat which has rave reviews.
The door was also a bit sticky but it is really easy to adjust.
So far I have not fitted the the floor as I want to give it a gloss finish and I want to make sure all the work inside is complete first - such as painting, electrics etc.
Overall, this summerhouse costs twice as much as a 'standard' one (which it replaces) - but I am more than happy with the purchase. I would certainly buy from Tuin again if I needed another.
D Worthington
May 12, 2019
A great summer house and a great service. The summer house was delivered when stated (well a day early, but the delivery driver checked with us first to make sure that was acceptable). It arrived on one pallet complete with all parts and accessories. As regards erecting the summer house, this was fairly straight forward seeing as the instructions weren't the clearest, but we managed by using these together with information found on Tuin's website. Once erected it was everything we wanted and more. Cannot say more than that really.
Mr. Clive Nicklin
Apr 8, 2019
After extensive research we chose a Tuin Daniel corner log cabin and we're delighted that we did. The order process was clear and detailed. The delivery was as described and very professional. We booked an approved fitter from the Tuin website. They arrived at the agreed time and worked hard all day to build our beautiful new log cabin which is now a quality feature of our garden. Highly recommended!
Mrs Robinson
Dec 27, 2018
Exceptional quality product, very easy process from ordering to delivery. Updates received on delivery times through the day via driver communication, thank Walpole transport for your efficient team and thank you Tuin for a fantastic product.
Mr. Philip Harrison
Oct 10, 2018
The whole experience from purchase to completion has been exceptional. I ordered the unit was given a firm delivery date confirmed on the day of delivery by a courtesy call from the driver. It arrived on time around midday. By early evening my son and a friend had it erected on the prepared base, roof on and weather proof. That easy! What a delight it is to spend time in it. Worth every penny paid. Thank you Tuin for a great experience with your company
Mr. Norman Coutts
Oct 5, 2018
I chose Tuin and the Daniel corner summerhouse after extensive research. I am delighted with the final result. All stages of the purchase went well. Delivery to our Aberdeen address went like clockwork. The driver did a great job and made it clear his priority was to leave the customer content. The packaging was superb and everything arrived undamaged. We decided to have a slab base laid professionally, but thereafter to build the cabin ourselves. The instructions were a challenge at first, but they do have all the information needed for success. We went slowly and carefully and all went perfectly. The roof was a challenge because of the height and pitch - and my fear of falling, but we found ways of working around it. A tower of some sort would have helped. We are absolutely delighted with the final build and are happy to recommend Tuin without reservation.
Mr. arthur drinkwater
Oct 2, 2018
Very pleased with purchase from start to finish, prompt delivery and very good after sales service responding to my queries. The components are accurately manufactured and went together flawlessly and very quickly, although there is more work in the roof than I had anticipated. In particular, access should not be underestimated. The roof timbers are easily accessed from inside, but the roof boarding and shingles become difficult to get to towards the centre, even though I hired a tower and I'm not exactly short!
I have a few suggestions to speed up installation as follows:-
1) Tuin to offer foundation beams as a set with angles cut to size as an option at additional cost. I used the plastic ones and although I had no trouble it is time consuming whereas they could be made exactly to fit at the factory.
2) Ditto for facias. These angles are tricky to cut accurately. I used trial and error for the first one and set up the saw for the remainder.
3) ditto timber foundation frame. Again a standard frame to suit a particular log cabin could be offered as a cost option.
To conclude we are more than happy with the finished product and have no hesitation in recommending Tuin.
Mrs. Deborah Murphy
Sep 20, 2018
What a lovely summerhouse. Quality excellent style excellent. e
Everyone loved it asking where I bought it.

Easy to put together followed instructions on u tube much easier then paper details
Love it
Miss. Sarah Cutting
Sep 4, 2018
My friend introduced me to Tuin who had previously purchased 2 summerhouses and was very delighted with the products as well as the excellent friendly service from not only the office staff but from the lovely gentleman who delivered mine and my friends log cabins,, I have recently added to my order and the young lady on the phone was very helpful, nothing is too much trouble from the complete team at Tuin,, value for money in comparison to other companies,, Tuin is the company to use and I've already recommended them to many people,, thankyou again team Tuin
Felicity Hudson
Jul 23, 2018
Beautifuly made, the high roof gives the Danial the impression of a larger log cabin. You know where all your money went when you feel the quality of this building. I’m currently using mine as a craft room and you will be amazed just how much you can fit in.
Mr. David Muschamp
Jul 15, 2018
Delivered when promised and the driver was helpful and good humoured. The walls were easy to erect as we did have a very level base. The roof was more difficult but we got the beams up with the help of friends and the wooden roof planks had to be individually measured and some cut to size. Shingles needed a long ladder, we didn’t realise it was quite so high also a temperature of 30 degrees was unusual for Scotland!
We are delighted with the finished cabin and it will get plenty of use. It is like having an extra room.
Jul 9, 2018
Although you and a friend can erect the cabin I used John Heard a Tuin recommended installer and they did a superb job . I haven’t got a huge garden but the Daniel cabin doesn’t overpower the garden yet there is plenty of room for a settee and small table . The woodwork is finished to a high standard , the ordering system is flawless, the staff are very helpful and the delivery from Holland went very smoothly. The company and product are highly recommended.
Robert Stevenson
Jun 26, 2018
Purchased this corner cabin based on price only and reviews from the Tuin site and have not been disappointed. The quality is excellent . I used the recommended joiner for my area Ian Grant and he had the cabin assembled in two days with no issues.I would recommend him 100%. Delivery was agreed on a specific date and a call made one hour
before arrival .I have no issue recommending Tuin
David Dewar
Jun 8, 2018
Just as I thought, a brilliant purchase. That's three Tuin log cabins in our row of six houses. They all are different and all look great. Built it all myself and I'm a retired farm worker. Got a help putting the last of the shingles on the point of the roof. All in all I am very pleased with the cabin and the very helpful team at Tuin. Ps great delivery driver too.
Mr. Derek Davis
May 29, 2018
Our cabin was delivered on time. Everything was neatly packed and easy to follow instructions. Beautiful - well done Tuin.
May 25, 2018
Ms. E Ward
May 16, 2018
We are delighted with our log cabin! It was put up by myself, my partner and best mate, and we got it as far as roof beams in one day. It was not only easy, it was actually rather fun, a bit like Lego for grown ups. As long as you lay out all of the bits at the start and make sure you can see how it goes together, it's quite self-explanatory. None of us are builders or carpenters (though we are all engineering types, which may have helped!). The only bit that confused me was quickly explained by Tuin customer service, who pointed me towards a couple of helpful videos.
The cabin is now complete and the roof is on, and it has had many compliments already.
I would recommend it 100%. Looks great, excellent quality and great service from Tuin and the delivery company too.
May 4, 2018
Great service, very helpful with enquiries and the whole process was stress free. On time with a very helpful driver, delivered right in front of our garage. Product is excellent value for money and looks brilliant when out together. Lots of compliments from friends & neighbors. I would highly recommend Tuin. Many thanks.
Kevin Baines
Apr 21, 2018
Having looked through a myriad of possible suppliers my wife really fancied Tuin as the supplier based on the fantastic reviews it had garnered, and to be fair it has certainly earned them.
We ordered it about 10 weeks ago but didn’t want it delivered until some half decent weather had arrived, but in the meantime did our homework as regards to all the information that Tuin and past customers provide which is quite considerable, plus any questions we had a phone call to Tuins help desk was promptly answered or they ring you back pronto and solve the issue, I did ask a lot of questions LOL!
I can honestly state I’ve never encountered such a helpful company in my life!!!
So a BIG thanks to Becky, Karen, Elizabeth, Andrew and not forgetting Ben as they were all a pleasure to speak to and deal with.
The delivery was on time and the driver was friendly and helpful in placing the pallet in the most awkward spot.
The build itself was pretty straight forward but we had decided to give the long logs a double coat of sandolin base coat and top coat as these where close to the wall making them inaccessible when the cabin was complete.
They do strongly advise a strong level base and we appreciated that fact as the cabin was always within tolerance the higher it went.
The walls took half a day, and the roof structure a couple of hours and that’s working on my own and I’m all on 63 and a PC engineer not a carpenter which speaks volumes for the ease of the build.
I did employ a roofer to help with the roof boards and he fitted the tiles on as I didn’t feel competent enough to secure the tiles and that was money well spent.
The end result we feel is much better than our expectations and the quality of timber supplied will outlast me.
If Carlsberg did log cabins they’d be called Tuin!!!
Couple of tips.
1. A level base is paramount.
2. Speak to the help desk they have been there and done it and really put you at ease.
3. Do your homework as the better you know the product the easier it gets, i.e. Once you get the base sorted it flies up.
4. Always use a reputable “paint” to give your cabin that added protection. Don’t skimp!
5. Enjoy the build as it really can be fun, if hard work if you’re my age and the last time you picked up a mallet was woodwork class.
6. It’s really helpful if you have a wife who will help lug it all around the back of the house and doesn’t mind staining it.
7. Did I mention the level base is PARAMOUNT.

David Alger
Apr 8, 2018
A fantastic product which surpasses my expectations. Even down to the delivery which although delayed by horrendous weather managed to complete during heavy snowfall. I would certainly recommend.
tony sharpe
Feb 26, 2018
Much easier and far more exciting to build than I imagined. I watched all the videos at least 3 times and followed the written instructions and surprise, surprise it all fitted and worked. Obviously it's all cut by computer controlled machines somewhere in Holland which is why it is of great quality and works so well.

All my friends think I'm a diy genius but in fact it is the design and manufacture which is the skill not mine.
Anthony stocks
Feb 26, 2018
My Daniel log cabin was delivered on time and Yuin driver was brilliant it looks great and never spent this much time in my garden it is envied by all thanks tuin
Feb 12, 2018
A late review as we’ve been busy preparing for, assembling and finishing our cabin, a couple of months all in all, but with the seasons vagaries that’s not bad.

Delivery:on time, efficient, with friendly obliging driver. Information on the minimum width of the driveway for delivery and offloading from the fork lift would have been helpful as he couldn’t access the garage (which had been made ready to receive the pallet) as the access drive was too narrow. Everything had to be unpacked and moved by hand after the driver had gone.

Preparation: temperature and space against us, the process of applying 2 coats of wood preserver, before even considering assembly, seemed to take forever

Building instructions: rather minimal but just about sufficient. No instruction on assembly of synthetic moulded foundation beams, which would have helped. if we had a second cabin to construct it would have been simple with hindsight and experience. Fitting the pyramid roof, could have been more comprehensive as could the fitting of roof shingles (for which the U Tube was invaluable but much more difficult than shown as not only was our weather very cold so the shingles were stiff and impenetrable for the tacks, but we were working from platforms, whereas the demo was done on floor level).With only a mobile internet connection this meant frequent visits to family members to use their broadband!

End result: Looks great, and are we happy? Yes
Jan Caldwell
Jan 17, 2018
We are really pleased with our corner cabin. Delivery was ahead of time and the approved fitter did an excellent job of putting it together. All our friends were very impressed.
Mr. Richard Sanders
Dec 3, 2017
From delivery to construction I found the whole experience to be excellent. I have had electricity installed and the shed has been painted in Seagrass (Cuprinol) . I am delighted. It is a most excellent product.
Mr. Colin Copeman
Nov 27, 2017
My recent purchase of the Daniel Log Cabin was the second log cabin I have purchased from Tuin. The service was excellent from the purchase of the log cabin through to delivery. The cabin was generally very easy to erect, with the walls taking about half a day and the roof, which is a pyramid shape and a little more fiddly and time consuming, taking about a day. The quality of the cabin is of excellent quality and it looks really good.
I am completely satisfied with the service and product and highly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Eric Fowkes
Nov 25, 2017
I was very pleased with the service I received. The cabin is of excellent quality and I did not find any difficulty in erecting it. Only needed help in fitting the door. I have received favourable comments from people who have seen it,Fitting the shingles took the longest time. Incidentally I am seventy-six years old.
Mr John Mills
Nov 10, 2017
Our experience of purchasing the Daniel Corner Log Cabin started very positively with it being delivered by an astonishingly accomplished lorry driver who used the amazingly agile fork lift truck to place it in our front drive. I had enlisted the help of a carpenter friend (his name is 'Daniel') to help me construct the cabin on a prepared base. I originally thought this would take a few days, but after measuring and laying the foundation logs at 8:30am on a Sunday morning, by lunch time, we were up to roof level with the doors and windows slotting in like a dream! We kept off the wine during lunch and by 4:30pm the whole cabin had been completely built! The only need for a bit of sawing was for the last section of the tongue & groove roof.

It was too dark to continue with the shingles so it was a week later they went on and the floor fitted. It now takes pride of place in our garden and we have already put our garden furniture in it so that we can relax with a glass or two, looking out over our garden! Our grandson loves it too and wants to have a picnic in it every time he visits! Great product, great service!
Mr. Gary Donovan
Nov 6, 2017
We were looking to purchase a summerhouse to replace one that we had that rotted away. We decided to purchase the Daniel corner log cabin as this was the best one that suited our needs. This was after painstakingly searching the net for a suitable product. Ease of ordering from the site was very easy and delivery was in 4 wks. The product was delivered on 18/7 to our driveway and erected over the next week. It took a little longer to put up due to the very bad weather we had at that time. It was very easy to put up with the pyramid roof being the most difficult as to the location of the cabin as we were putting it in the corner but it worked out very nicely. With the addition of 18mm wood flooring and Shingle roof set the cabin which has also been fiited with electrics looks absolutely stunning painted in 2 tone colours with artificial grass all around. We purchased gym equipement and now we have a perfectly good space to keep fit. Well done to TUIN, the cabin is well made and we hope to have many years of use.
Oct 23, 2017
Really, really pleased with the whole process. That is from ordering it to its construction.When it arrived on a pallet it was quite daunting but after checking everything was there the construction was relatively easy. The quality is first class and every piece of wood fitted together like a glove. A rubber mallet is required to get a really tight fit.With the help of a friend we had it fully constructed up to roof level in a day. The following day the shingles were fitted. Everything was quality. The next morning was taken up by fitting the floor. Again this was relatively straight forward. Tuin give you the correct amount of everything so you are not hunting around for a missing length of wood. Started to paint it and got a really nice finish. Wood is smooth and is eay to use either a small roller or a brush.So much better than the shed I had purchased many years previously from a nationwide home inprovement depot. Yes it is more expensive but it actually enhances the look of the garden. Well done Tuin on having a product that is first class. I have had so many positive comments about it.
Mr. David Munday
Oct 15, 2017
One of the best services I've received In a long time, from start to finish you are kept informed as to the delivery right down to a time! it's great value for money and good quality and that's hard to find these days, instructions and building are very straight forward but if at any stage you get stuck there are numerous online videos to help you out,
I managed to construct mine and finish in two days and that was on my own, it's recommended two do it but as the sun was out my helper prefered the pub.
Mr. kenneth Jackson
Oct 12, 2017
Your service was excellent from ordering to delivery. The customer service you provide was exemplary . We are delighted with our log cabin a great addition to our garden.

Many thanks

Georgina jackson
Mr. Paul Westwood
Oct 8, 2017
The log cabin summerhouse arrived in flat pack form exactly as promised and on time. The driver called in advance and we off loaded the pallet safely onto the drive. Construction was fun and quite fast with some help and it fits perfectly in the corner of our garden. Once it is painted, insulated and furnished my wife plans to use it as an office at home, especially in the summer. "Lucky devil" Many thanks for prompt service and delivery from overseas. Paul Westwood, UK
Mr. Ivor James
Oct 7, 2017
I am delighted with my recently purchased Daniel log cabin. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and value for money. Customer service by Tuin was excellent. My only gripe is with the carriers and the truck driver blocked our neighbours drive for 20 minutes while unloading. He could have reversed to clear the drive but refused.
Mr. Gary Cameron
Sep 29, 2017
I was really impressed with both the service from Tuin and the quality of my new Log Cabin. The communication from Tuin was great and the price of this cabin in the sale was excellent. The cabin itself is fantastic. Its a great size and the quality of the product and its packaging was excellent. I have had so many admirers since the cabin has been up and have happily referred them to the Tuin website. I also used one of the recommended installers Iag Grant, from Scotland, who was fantastic. He did a first class job and was worth every penny of his fee.
I will come back to Tuin for any future needs as my initial experience has been a great one. Thank you Tuin for supplying a first class product.
Mr. alan macdonald
Sep 20, 2017
Excellent product that took just over a day to assemble by amateurs. The only thing that infuriated me was the flooring which you supply as a general package for any cabin, it took longer to lay than building the cabin! Why can't you supply a package ready cut for the particular cabin?
Tuin reply: Hello Mr Macdonald,

We appreciate your review. We supply the floors as a pack to make it as economical as possible. We can also make these to your exact requirements to make installation as easy as possible but there are additional costs. We also offer installation services and can also recommend self employed installers.
Mr. steven foster
Aug 20, 2017
Well, the Daniel Corner Cabin arrived pretty early in the day which was great as I wanted to make a start on it.
The pleasant and friendly driver had it unloaded and on my drive within minutes, then the fun began. I like a little DIY now and again but this cabin would have gone up a lot faster and easier if I had some help, the walls / door / windows and roof frame was all completed on day one and was pretty easy. But climbing up and down my wobbly ladders on day two over 100 times to retrieve roof boards and shingles was no fun at all.
After it was built I gave it a lick of paint and have now furnished it and absolutely love it.
Overall I am pleased with how sturdy it is and how fantastic it looks.
I would certainly recommend one to friends :)
Michael Bradley
Aug 18, 2017
Beautiful log cabin, very high quality. Fast delivery time and very helpful delivery driver. Would highly recommend this cabin, perfect in every way.
Mr. William Twiss
Aug 9, 2017
The log-cabin is amazing value and quality. It is very spacious and Tardis-like inside, seeming bigger than it's actual size. Very sturdy and robust. The customer service was excellent too.
David B
Jul 31, 2017
Service was every bit as good as all the reviews I read online. A very well run company but feel family friendly and easy to deal with.

Mr DIY I’m not but I built my cabin and what a sense of achievement! It’s cosy, watertight and the new party room. Well done and great quality. DB
Terry richards
Jul 13, 2017
The cabin arrived in good order well packaged and protected. The delivery driver couldn't have been more helpful.
Construction of the cabin is almost complete, with just the shingles left to fit. It will have taken me 4 days to erect, but I am doing it on my own. I have not encountered any problems with the build helped in no small part by following the advice from the Tuin website and ensuring that the base was 100% level in all directions. Whilst the pictorial instructions were simple to follow, the lack of a narrative made it necessary to make a number of assumptions with regard to use and positioning of the screw and nail fixings. However as the build proceeded it became fairly obvious where to screw and nail and as importantly, where not to. The materials quality is excellent and the cabin really does look as good as shown on the website. Obviously you get what you pay for. In this case a quality product at a very competitive price. Well done Tuin. Many thanks.
Geraldine Craig-Pilott
Jul 1, 2017
After a lot of research we took the plunge and ordered the Daniel log cabin. From ordering to delivery it couldn't have been easier. Everyone was very helpful, we had to wait a week longer for the manufacture of the 27mm flooring. They kept us informed all the way along, it was so worth it! It took us two full days to put up, all thats needed it to paint/seal it! Great company right across the board the quality is superb!
Mr. David Thompson
Jun 27, 2017
Log cabin arrived on time packaged very well and undamaged. Driver was very polite and helpful.instructions were ok but could do with a little bit more information for the start of the build, after that it was very easy to complete, free shingles just finished off a fantastic product. top tip for future buyers, its worth spending the extra cash to get a quality preservative i used sadolin and it goes on very well.
Adrian Fawlk
Jun 24, 2017
From the review of available product on the website to the ordering and delivery, it was auser friendly positive experience. We live on a restricted road, but the delivery driver was really helpful, and made any stress go away quickly. The parts are well packed like a Jenga puzzle on the pallet - so I would reccomend reading the parts in order of use within the instructions really well, and re-ordering the stack of parts so that you are not serching too much when you start the build. I laid a really level concrete base - and this made the installation process a lot easier (if the base is level, then everything else follows). I ordered the composite drainage beams - well worth it to guarentee no chance of rot in the future. I treated each component as I installed it - it was a mess on, but it ensured that the tongue and grooves were sealed. I firend helped me, and it took two (enjoyable) days to build it.
I would reccomend getting some visqueen to temporarily cover the roof boards just in case you dont have time to fit the shingle roof tiles on te second day. Everyone I have shown my cabin to is going to visit the Tuin site and buy something. I couldnt be happier.
Great company
Great value
Great quality
Well worth five stars
Well done Tuin!!
Chris Jones
Jun 13, 2017
Great delivery. On time with a very helpful driver. Product is excellent value for money and looks brilliant when out together. I would highly recommend this company. Many thanks.
Mr. Ian Millership
May 31, 2017
The Daniel log cabin I purchased was very well made easy to install and the team at tuin were very helpful when inquiring about a purchase. The delivery driver was good and dropped the cabin off on one pallet no problems. Me and my wife are delighted with the finished article and wouldn't hesistate to recommend the cabins to anyone who was thinking of buying one thanks to all at Tuin. Ian and Naomi M.
colin Webster
May 20, 2017
This cabin is just what we wanted. from start to finish the whole experience was good. The delivery guy was extremely helpful (and when they say its a large vehicle its very big). The cabin is of good quality, assembly of the cabin was easy with two people, the roof took a bit more time and you need to know what you’re doing. Mind you the weather didn’t help with one storm after another to hamper the assembly, but we got there and it now sits proudly in our garden. Richard’s blog was very helpful with valuable tips needed to get the job finished. All in all very happy with our Daniel log cabin.
Mr. chris thomas
Apr 27, 2017
This is the best shed I've ever owned.
I bought this to replace an old standard shed. It's become a feature and as my friends followed me building it on facebook, a great source of amusement too.
It's too good for an ordinary shed :-)
For the cost difference between a regular shed and the Daniel - don't waste your money on an ordinary shed - build the Daniel and have the best shed in the street :-)
Mrs Beryl Young
Apr 23, 2017
Very robust attractive cabin. Much admired. Easy to build with two men, like Lego. Roof with shingles a little more complicated but worth the effort lovely window boxes and quality natural varnish.
Mr. peter hollis
Mar 31, 2017
I don't usually take time out to review things but breaking with the norm I am writing to say how impressed I have been. Delivery was on time and helpful. The product is surprisingly good. I am an average 55 year old bloke with reasonable DIY experience and I put this together myself over 3 short days. It was all there and all fitted.
The instructions are not great but are workable and even the nails were supplied. Compared to the average Wickes or screwfix product, this is significantly better and the quality was better than I had expected.
Mrs. Anna Bryan
Feb 14, 2017
Absolutely delighted with this product. Took some hard but enjoyable work putting it together and it went together perfectly. Glad I had someone helping me that knew a bit about wood work and had the necessary tools. Getting to the top of the roof to put on the felt tiles was quite interesting but we managed in the end. Delivery was great and everything was there. Most impressive was the service. Plenty of info on line and if you e mailed someone always got back to you. Thank you Tuin...have already recommended you to my friends.
Mrs. Sara Norton
Jan 8, 2017
We are really pleased with this cabin. It's used as a gym for my husband and he has plenty of space for his bike and weights bench. The height gives a real sense of space. I'm so pleased we chose this over a shed! It took a couple of weekends to install and the roof tiles were time consuming but it's worth it! Delivery was excellent too. I've just had bespoke window boxes made so it looks really cute. Would highly recommend.
Mr. Paschal Carey
Nov 28, 2016
Excellent product very pleased with my summer house good quality materials, lovely free shingles that actually matched the stone work in the garden, instructions could have been better concerning the roof and really a two man job but it's up and looks great. Excellent delivery kept informed of day and delivery times, the delivery driver was so helpful as we live on a main road and couldn't hand around he helped us enormously a big thank you. Also ordered additional items to complete the look and these were sent P&P free within a few days
Mrs. Penny Lock
Nov 28, 2016
Absolutely love it. The weather was against us & the temperature for painting but the thought given to everything is evident. It takes 3 days for a professional to finish including the shingles though. Email's get answered very quickly - great.
Mark Ingham
Oct 19, 2016
Absolutely delighted with my Daniel corner cabin .
Great build quality and so so easy to assemble.
This will be stood for many yrs to come.
Excellent Tuin .
Oct 13, 2016
I bought this daniel log cabin for my twin boys (age 11) for them to have a place to chill out with their friends. I am very impressed with how sturdy the cabin is and good quality. It was easy to put up, if your good at DIY and there's 2 of you you can put it together yourself. I had 1 issue while putting it together but rang Tuin and they was so helpful and it was resolved quickly. The cabin has been a great investment to our household. It's fully kitted out with electrics, TV, sofa, fridge and X Box. My boys love it.
Lee gibson
Oct 13, 2016
This brilliant product was delivered a few days ago and erected's so spacious and even better than I had imagined.
The customer service was excellent as was the installer recommended by the company. I couldn't be more delighted