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Anne Overy
Oct 8, 2021
Although there was a wait for the log cabin it was worth it, great quality wood and well made Windows and doors, I was kept up to date with everything and any questions I had were answered very quickly, I would certainly recommend this company and products
Stewart Bannerman
Mar 29, 2021
I can't speak more highly of my Sadie 40mm Log Cabin, that I have put in my back garden. It's a 5m x 3m (self) build which I completed in Oct.2020, which now houses my twin businesses - as a Sports Therapist / and bespoke Vinyl Record Cleaning. There's plenty of room for my Sports Therapy treatment couch/bed and equipment on one side, and at the opposite end, I have recycled kitchen units and work surface area for the record cleaning side of things.
When I first researched what I wanted to build, one of my main concerns was that we live in the West of Scotland, which is wet and windy a great deal of the time, and would the cabin be warm and cosy enough to treat my patients, say in the dead of winter. Well I can tell you that an hour of heat from a portable electric fan heater prior to a treatment appointment, warms the place up beautifully, and surprisingly maintains the heat for long after. In the late summer when we actually built the kit up, and then did the roof and floor insulations, and then the inside fit out, the bare inside of the cabin was the coolest place to be other than the main house. So I'm ever hopeful that when it comes to doing my treatments in the summer months it will be as equally cool and comfortable as it is now, fingers crossed?
In these strange times of this pandemic, I have also seen that a few of my neighbours have also erected out buildings in their gardens, and by all accounts and from seeing them myself, they are all inferior products and builds compared to the Tuin kit I have, plus are unlikely to be totally useable all the year round. They're either huts or sheds, they're not a cabin!
The information for building your own cabin is also fantastic, with great video and blog advice from the guys who actually put these up, plus there's loads of other advice for your own requirements, like what your going to build onto, or how your going to insulate and roof. Crickey! I'm a Sports Therapist, middle age (56 at time of build), reasonable fit I suppose/guess? If I can do it with the help of my nephew, you can too.
Mr. Douglas Wildman
Jan 4, 2021
Very pleased from start to finish with the cabin.
Good communication throughout. Was very straight forward to build with good instructions and well made parts.
Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another and will be recommended to anyone interested in a cabin for the garden
Mr. Paul Boulton
Nov 30, 2020
We purchased the Sadie log cabin worth every penny. On the day of delivery driver unloaded with in half hour on the drive no problem. Unpack it .put all parts in order ready for next day Brother in-law and I put it together in one day . These cabins are so well designed you can’t go wrong ordered epdm roofing went on a dream . now ordered Milan log cabin so impressed
Julie Wilson
Nov 13, 2020
Delighted with our Sadie Cabin, its been built about a month now, I am loving the Cabin so far and although not the best of weather for sitting out we have managed a few nights so far. lovely and cosy and delighted with how it looks with my new furniture etc all in, cant wait to get it decorated for Xmas. Ordered and fitted the storm kit as we live in the Highlands of Scotland, it seems a bit flimsy as just some threaded bar and spring which screws into top and lower logs but Im hoping it does the job its bought for as it does get rather windy here with us, I would have preferred the wooden option as shown on the webpage but couldnt see where to order them so going to see about getting some made locally to add on just for the extra piece of mind. Also not sure yet what I think of the Carefree treatment that is recommended, we have given four coats outside so far and two inside. we have done the outside with the light oak and inside with clear. it went on great but my only complaint is that when masking tape was removed it also took off the treatment right back to bare wood which I didnt expect as it is supposed to penetrate deep into the wood, its not cheap either so hoping it has done the job as expected.
Mr. Garry Slatter
Nov 2, 2020
Fantastic bit of kit bit slow at starting as the instructions where in Dutch also we asked for some guttering for our flat roof and we had to buy some more things so be aware of that but apart from that I’m talking to you from my 5 x 3 log cabin and I think they’re great
John McInally
Apr 9, 2020
Just like to say how pleased in general I am with this product.
From the beginning, delivery was excellent and I can confirm that living in a narrow road cul de sac is no barrier whatsoever.
Very easy to build, did it myself to roof level then helped by brother in law for roof and laying of roofing membrane. Two days total. On completion finished off in 2 coats of quality paint. Making the floor later was nearly a whole day two man job due to the cutting required. Electrical - 6 double sockets, 2 inside lights, 1 outside light took another day.
All in all well pleased, most of it is a "She Shed" for the missus for her crafting work, I have less than a 1/3 of it (which I partitioned with excess wood) in which I keep my fishing stuff, walking gear etc. Additionally I also managed to build a wood store with the excess from the pallet and flooring.
In summary good quality, excellent workmanship on all the delivered items and great delivery I couldn't be more pleased. John, Argyll.