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Chris Sutherland
Jun 11, 2022
After a good few hours of searching for a cabin that would suit the space we had available and to provide enough space for gym equipment, we settled for the Maria Log Cabin with the additional side annexe. We had already decided on Tuin as a supplier as my parents purchased one a couple of years ago and it's a great cabin.
I must also thank Tuin for helping us along the way in deciding, as their customer service was second to none with answering my questions regarding dimensions etc and even quoting me for a bespoke cabin.

Back to the cabin itself.

Tuin have a comprehensive 'how to guide' and along with fellow customer reviews building the cabin is relatively straight forward for the DIY folks out there. I would strongly recommend giving this a read over a couple of times before the cabin arrives as it does help.

Due to using this as a gym, I choose a concrete base as the foundation. Again followed Tuins/customer tips and a few YouTube videos later and the base worked out pretty well. I laid the concrete base about 4 weeks before the cabin arrived to ensure the base was relatively strong prior to building.

Delivery of the cabin itself was on time and the driver placed the pallets where I wanted which was a huge help.

We choose the profiled foundation beams which help with water run off and in my opinion look a bit better than the standard beams. To be honest cutting these and squaring the base was probably the most time consuming part of the build.

After speaking with Tuin I choose not to fix the foundation beams to the base as I am confident the weight of the cabin itself is enough. We have had a few windy days up here in Scotland and there has been no movement what so ever.

The build of the cabin is very straight forward. I laid all the wood etc out prior to the build in their sizes which made it quicker as I wasn't searching for pieces during the build.

It took me about 12 hours to get the cabin from base up to the roof with boards fitted.

The roof came with the EPDM and this was easy to fit. It took about 2 hours in total to fit.

I used some 4"X2" around the perimeter of the roof and cut an angle on it to give a dish effect for water run off. For the roofing I found that laying out sheet then folding in half, gluing, placing back then folding the other half and repeating was easiest for me as I was on my own for the build. I did have to buy a couple of extra spray adhesive from the local DIY shop but probably used more than required. The EPDM is brilliant and I've had no issues with it. The side Annexe came with free shingles and again no issues but was more time consuming than the EPDM.

After reading loads of reviews on paint we coated the cabin in Sadolin Superdec (3 coats). We ended up coating once built but were still able to get to all areas with taking a few trims etc off.

Inside the cabin, I purchased some rubber flooring due to it currently being used for a gym and installed a Yale security system. I also fitted ventilation to help with air flow etc.

I did have a slight issue of water ingress into the cabin itself. This was coming from the foundation beams and getting through the 45 degree cuts. However, I used some sealant (sikaflex UV) and this sorted the issue. I would recommend leaving the cabin for a few days if you are putting down flooring just to check for leaks etc.

Overall, would recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a cabin as the quality, customer service and helpful 'how to guide' was second to none.

I would have added pictures but unsure how to add ...
D Gatewood
Jan 12, 2022
Received our Maria log kit on a cold December day as promised and as we have a very steep long drive fully expected it to be left at street level.
The delivery driver, bless him, actually made attempts to deliver at site level but alas it wasn't going to happen due to lack of traction on the steep incline.
With help from a neighbour together the two of us carried each item of the kit some 100 yards up the steep drive for storage in my garage til spring, an inventory was taken as well, all parts accounted for.
Come the new year and spring the build started, I segregated all items into seperate stacks in the garage for easy access and transfer out the rear door to a previously constructed concrete base.
With no prior experience or help I followed the instructions, did the measurements, squaring up and damp course, stacked logs to a level to where my daughter had to assist, we then stood the window and door frames in place and logs up to roof level before calling it a day.
Next day saw me on the roof installing the t&g boards
then the roll on self sticking roof which can be a bit tricky for the novice mainly because of the downright stickyness of the stuff!
Basically this 78 year old with no prior experience completed it in two days, easy peasy!

Ms. Sally-Mae Joseph
Oct 25, 2021
From start to finish I was impressed. Ordering online after conversation by phone and confirmation telephone call after me peace of mind. The cabin arrived on time arranged and the driver was efficient in getting it off the huge lorry and forklifted into and down my road. My two builders worked out how to build without too much trouble. I paid extra for roof and floor insulation and have given it two coats of protective paint. I have a brilliant art studio now and love it - thank you Tuin.
John Wheeler
Oct 9, 2021
Delivery was as expected
Ring beam base was made from concrete blocks and screwed down scaffold planks...all levelled beforehand.
The packaged was opened at 9.30 and the cabin complete by 1400hrs.
Everything fitted as expected.
The floor was fitted later.
Was built as extra space for my 5 grandchildren ...they are now the coolest and most popular kids on the block.
Dave Barnes
Aug 2, 2021
We looked at a number of places before choosing Tuin after a positive recommendation from a friend. We weren't disappointed, the quality of the product was obvious from the off.
It was delivered on the back of a large truck, the driver parked it at the end of the street and skilfully put it in our back garden using his 3 wheeled forklift. Some very good driving there!

We hired some local joiners to build the cabin and it all went pretty smoothly. They built a wooden frame (we're on a slope) and insulated under the floor. The cabin sits on top and feels solid. It all went together surprisingly quickly once they had the first layer down and it was all but complete by the end of day one.
We've had a few serious downpours over the last few weeks and it's all perfectly watertight.

The wood for the cabin itself was of obvious high quality.

We bought the wooden floor too and it matches the cabin walls well. Same for the roof, though a few of the lengths had got mouldy. However, it wasn't bad and it wiped off with a few applications of water and a cloth.

The doors and windows fit well and seem to be waterproof. We've not added the cross bars to the windows, we much prefer the look with the large windows.

We bought the EPDM roofing and it looks great and seems to be perfectly waterproof so far. It went on top of the insulation pretty easily too and looks perfectly flat. We forgot about the guttering, but bought it from a local merchant and added that ourselves.

The joiners were very impressed with the overall quality and said that it made it much easier to put up than the previous ones they had done.

We've just painted it, added electricity and furniture, now we're fully ready to go...
Mrs. Heather McAdam
Mar 4, 2021
Fantastic cabin. Put up by 3 complete amateurs. It is the talk of the neighbourhood.

We love it and it is better than we could ever have thought.
Feb 17, 2021
We are very happy with our log cabin. Looks perfect in our garden.
The delivery man was very helpful. Rang us that day to let us know what time he was arriving.
Mr. Richard Anderson
Jun 13, 2020
We took a long time to decide on where to get our log cabin from, however after reading all the reviews for Tuin we made the choice to order the Maria Log Cabin.
It was delivered on time as promised and with all the relevant instructions enclosed.
The actual construction of the log cabin was pretty straightforward once I had sorted the foundation beams and from there on it was like building a giant Lego house! Even my daughter joined in to help build it.
Once fully erected we could see how good the wood is as it is vey stable and even without paint looked amazing!
The only issue I have had is that a few of the logs were warped, so it is pulling the shape out a little, however I am dealing with this through the excellent customer service side of Tuin.

On the whole we would thoroughly recommend Tuin for their designs, ease of construction and customer service plus value for money.
Mr. nicholas pulham
Apr 7, 2020
Great cabin excellent service , found install to be very straight forward if you have reasonable diy skills, built in about 2days, still got plenty to do to finish, good size. would happily recommend tuin.