A little extra …. Log Cabin shed and annexe

So you’ve bought your log cabin.  It’s looking lovely sat in your garden.  It started so well, so well cared for.  The furniture you had chosen, the lovely rug on a varnished floor.  Pictures and curtains mounted.  A wonderful haven for the garden.


It starts …. things start moving in;  The barbecue is trundled in keeping it safe for the winter, the patio furniture is crammed against one wall.  The new bike you bought?  What to do with the old one?  Pop it in the log cabin until you have time to dispose of it?  And so it goes on, your pride and joy is gradually filled up and suddenly it dawns on you; it’s turned into a shed!

Sheds, urghhh, horrible ugly things, and generally cheap, do you really want one making your garden unsightly when compared to your magnificent Log Cabin?  Fear not!  We have the solution!

Try this brilliant idea, an extension for any make of log cabin:

Shed extension for any log cabin

A shed for any make of log cabin

These cracking Log Cabin sheds are sold not only with our range of cabins but bought by many customers with the problems above, they simply need more space.  This extension shed module sits to the side of any log cabin and give you much-needed storage.

Available in 22mm or 45mm thick wall logs with a single, solid lockable door.  Perfect for clearing away all your garden stuff without cluttering up for pride and joy

  1. 28mm Log Cabin Storage Shed
  2. 45mm Log Cabin Storage Shed