Ballyragget Log Cabin 5.95m x 8.0m

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Robin Cattermole
Jul 23, 2022
UK buyer here.

This cabin is an amazing space. We will fit-out as a garden/games room. Pool table in one half and lounge / kitchenette in the other. We are also planning to install our own build stud-wall for a small toilet. It will be self-contained living space.

The build experience of the cabin has been good and fun. Well supported by Tuin with the occasional questions I had during the build.

We pre-treated every plank 4 coats on all surfaces - I had to import CFP myself as Tuin were not stocking 'clear' at the time of order and the guys there were very helpful. Assembled without planks sticking and the main build was fun.

Few things to keep in mind:-
> The design we were supplied has horrible threaded rods, top-to-bottom in the walls, in all 4 corners, the 2 mid-points in the wall and hanging down through the middle-gable! THEY'RE AWFUL! I think/hope the design has been changed since.
> The middle gable is relatively low - should be at least 1 plank higher. My son is 6' 4" and now the floor is fitted, he has to stoop. I'm 6' 2" and feel as though I want to - it gives just about 6' clearance after you've fitted the floor. 2 threaded rods hanging 4" lower - they got cut off quickly after a month of the timbers settling.
> The cabin is well over 30m2, which means in the UK you need building consent (not planning permission). It's still run as permitted development but the extra hurdles we've had to jump through has cost us time and money. Tuin gave good support but, for instance, you'll need to send your rainwater to an approved location (soak away / pond etc) - you can't just send to open ground. You'll need Tuin to share the structural calculations for the cabin. Your foundations need to be approved by building control, with calculations etc. Had i done more research (than the months I did before we bought this one - I did do considerable research but I'm DIY not a builder/expert) I would have bought 2 cabins both under 30m2 to achieve more useable space but without the extra Building Control faff.
> Compared to the high quality of the cabin timber, the flooring is shockingly poor. The had to sort them into "good, just lay", "poor, lay on the good side" and "oh my, I can only use 1 end of that plank". A mixture of sap oozing/knocks/scuffs/broken tongues/divots/holes where wood knots used to be etc. You name it, we've found it! I do believe it's because we ordered "off-season" and the floor was "included" - if not and it's the general quality, if I were doing this again I would be getting my floor from a flooring company. I know and appreciate "it's a natural product" but mechanical damage is not "natural".
> The free shingles must've been submerged in water before arriving at our property. Drenched! We stored in a big shed we had and they were still drenched 2 months later when we fitted. We had to lay individually on roof, on a hot day, to dry each one before we could "fit dry".
Mr. Richard Lockwood
Jul 9, 2022
Our log cabin arrived on the 19/3/2020 I was impressed with the delivery company E. & S.J walpole the driver was great he drop off the cabin exactly where I wanted it droped off I didn't get his name but he was a good old Norfolk boy and on the lorry it said (diddy) I would like to thank the delivery company and tuin for a great service and will post pictures when the cabin is up