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Mr. alan fisher
Mar 19, 2024
Absolutely great service ,haven't installed yet but pleased with prompt and timely delivery ,will let you know if it goes up as well .
Mr. Allan Compton
Mar 10, 2024
Quick and efficient delivery
Happy with quality of product
Mr. Duncan Fraser
Aug 3, 2023
I had been looking for a sizeable open-sided gazebo for a while and always seemed to return to the Tuin site. A good range of options with good-looking timber. I bought the Superior Gazebo to sit on my existing decking at the foot of my garden. It arrived well packed and the timbers were sound, with plenty of hardware. It took some time to measure the placement and squaring of the feet for the uprights - long work well worth the effort! I even had to lift, repair and add in additional support for the deck joists. All square and perpendicular!!
The timbers are pre-cut but not always to length - be aware that you will have to trim and fiddle a bit, but there are spare lengths so you won't go short. Fixing the ridge beam was a pain and needs some thought. On that note, the instructions indicated a height of 2.9m but the online details were 3.2 m - causing a level of confusion to confirm all the fixings were correctly placed. They were and the height is 3.2m - not as stated in the paper instructions. The angles to the kingpin are pre-set but not always correct - be ready to fiddle a bit. The over-hangs of the rafters were not even so I had to trim the 4 corner supports - easy enough.
The roofing does require thought and planning. I was working in a confined space and should have thought about the order of surfaces to roof - and whether to fix the shingles as I went along. I suggest that I should have built up the 2 ends and the back roof first (from the inside) putting on the shingles a s I went; leaving the front roof to build last, from the inside, from the top down. I have used a range of ladders and none of them really worked - I have had to employ a roofer to finish things off. The shingles are glass-fibre which is great for weather-proofing but really slippery, so working on the roof is tricky.
All in all, this is a beautiful structure; good timber; properly designed and it went together well. I now have a roofed deck - 6x4m - and it looks great. Not the cheapest available, but very good value for money and that's what counts for me.
robert woodhouse
Apr 19, 2023
The delivery service was very good they dropped the pallet off 40 meters down the drive rather than beside the entrance gate.

We had a slight issue with the roof trusses; the middle trusses appeared to have the bottom edges cut at a wrong angle. Also my joiner thought the number of trusses to be less than required; they would support the roof but maybe not a man on the roof to finalise the fitting of shingles. We had wood of the correct size so we added 4 more roof trusses and 8 1/2 trusses on the corners.

Your help desk liked the additions it matches more like your square Gazebo which we had built earlier this year. The extra cost of the wood was only £30.

Both Gazebos are excellent and very good value; all visitors have been impressed. Each took about 4 days to build a joiner and my assistance.
Mr. Craig Ayling
Apr 5, 2023
Very good service prompt delivery.very good product it looks great in my garden. Could do with some more instructions for self builders but did manage using internet
Mar 17, 2023
This is Avery good product, well made and thought out. Construction is straightforward as long as you get the legs square and plumb, I didn’t buy the adjustable feet and in retrospect I should have as it would have been much quicker. The instructions are fairly useless as the print was coming of the paper so you need to take care before deciding which piece goes where.
The sales staff are very helpful and the chap that delivers is an absolute star!, extremely helpful, so all in all, a very good experience and if I needed another, I would not hesitate to use this company again.
Graham Cook
Jan 16, 2023
A refreshing pleasure to find a professional, reliable company providing excellent quality products. The support has been amazing throughout the transaction, delivery was excellent and the driver very accommodating managing to place the pallet exactly where required. The Gazebo is accurate and with basic DIY skills, not difficult to assemble. The online instruction is very helpful especially the comments about using common sense and just remember it’s just a timber construction. The shingles are easily laid but allow at least a full day if working alone. Very happy with the result, a beautiful building and excellent value.
Georgina Lamb
Jul 27, 2022
Very happy with our gazebo, went together really well and the shingles set the roof off nicely. Found the on line videos really helpful when putting it together, defiyqill recommend you. Thanks once again
Raj Bhaker
Jun 27, 2022
Very impressed from start to finish with both the purchase and the product. I took advantage of the free shingle offer and bought the post support brackets which did make the whole vertical post installation much easier. I especially found the Tuin blog and the installation videos very helpful despite the simplified instructions (which I didn’t have a problem with). Some of the installation tips are very useful. And as a side note the informal tone of the blog is great!
The shingles really finished it off nicely and makes it look real smart. I’ve had so many compliments and have even recommended Tuin to a number of friends (hope I get a recommend a friend bonus!)
I got it erected in time for the sunshine during lockdown and so it has been well used. Definitely one of my best garden purchases and actually very good value for money.
Lastly I had a couple of broken roof boards which Tuin were very responsive and replaced promptly.
Obviously I’m very happy.
Valerie Donaldson
Jun 25, 2022
Hi just delighted with my gazebo which is truly superior as was the service from start to finish including first class delivery, cant wait for my large hexagonal gazebo to complement it .Thank you Team Tuin Mrs Valerie Donaldson
David Hayfield
Apr 18, 2022
We purchased 2 timber Gazebos from Tuin.

I have to say the product is first class, extremely sturdy and both gazebos look amazing in our beer garden here in Whitehills.

I would highly recommend this product, great value too.
Mar 13, 2022
I spent a lot of time deciding which company to buy my gazebo from and decided on Tuin based on the support and blogs I had read through, I was not disappointed and I am not only very happy with the product, the parts I was unsure about assembling where actually quite easy when I referred back to the blog, so my experience overall was very happy, completed the job without any problems . Only got one piece in the wrong place but that was easily rectified. Thanks for all the help without having to call you. Will recommend to anyone who is considering buying. My trade is electrical not carpentry so if I can do it anyone can. Many Thanks
Oct 2, 2021
Fantastic gazebo. We changed the legs for 6” square ones (bought elsewhere) as we felt the ones it came with looked a bit skinny, and didn’t seem to be in keeping with the size of the gazebo….It now looks amazing! Putting it up is quite tricky (the roof is the difficult bit) but follow the blog instructions, which are excellent, and make sure you have a few people to hand and it’s all achievable. Very pleased with the finished product. We didn’t have any dodgy pieces of wood, they all fitted well and had very little adjustments to make. If we’d had the option to choose chunkier legs from Tuin we would have done - it would get 5 stars!
Tuin reply: Very pleased to hear it all went so well and as you have found theres no harm in making your own enhancements, The legs supplied with in the kit however are 12cm2 which are ample for the structure in question

Please be sure to enjoy it, with thanks, TUIN
Kim Cook
Sep 27, 2021
This was our second gazebo from Tuin having moved house so we wanted to build aother as we used it so much
The gazebo is very straight forward to build, it took a day with 2 people, the key is to get the main beams level then the rest is very easy
The roof tiles take the longest to put on but they do look amazing
We added guttering all around and cladding to the 2 sides so that we could put a bar in the end
The quality is excellent and the gazebo looks really smart. Tuin were far cheaper than anywhere else and we were quoted £6000 for exactly the same size to be built from scratch so having one with all the pieces cut ready was a no brainer really
The delivery came when they said it would and was unloaded to our drive on a pallett which we just unwrapped and carried the individual pieces to our garden
Definately recommend sorting all the sections out and laying the roof boards out before you build it as there is a lot of wood and similar pieces so best to get it all planned out first
Love Tuin's products, would highly recommend
Roy Powell
Jul 29, 2021
Excellent product. Trouble free delivery at time agreed. Helpful driver. Easy assembly. I managed to erect the complete frame on my own. Just had to get the help of a younger man to put on the roof boards and tiles. Very pleased with the end result.
Mr. Norman Elliott
Mar 22, 2021
I am very impressed with my Tuin Superior Gazebo. The delivery time was as scheduled and the build following the YouTube videos was excellent. The accuracy of the cutting of all the components was very good only had to modify 2 lengths of the roof timbers. Overall the gazebo looks stunning in our garden. My only slight negative comment is that the main uprights after 4 weeks are starting to crack and open up. I will monitor this over the coming weeks.
David Fowler
Dec 11, 2020
Tha gazebo came bang on delivery time and was placed exactly where i wanted it. Errecting it was very easy and did most of the work myself. Quality and fit was bang on and for just over £1500 was a bargin !. I am more than happy with both the gazebo and customer service. Few tips on building the roof...double up on nails and use felt adhesive
Although this is not a must i live in a windy area and didnt want to take a chance. I have added guttering, electric and heaters etc to complete the project. Cant wait for spring to enjoy it !!!
Oct 20, 2020
I spent a bit of time looking for a good quality wooden gazebo and decided on this one after reading the reviews. Me and my husband managed to put the gazebo together on our own with the help of the online videos. We are extremely impressed with the quality and it looks great with the felt tile roof. We would definitely recommend it.
Steve Power
Jul 18, 2020
This is not a cheap gazebo and if you are not diy enthusiast I would not recommend you install it yourself but if your are the following I would recommend . Small tower scaffold Level and line and most important impact driver
This is the second I have put up first one in our sons It really is a brilliant piece of kit everything fits and as long as your post holders and beams are in straight and level it’s a rewarding thing to put up.
We ordered are own post holders we found like others that the ones supplied are not the best .
Order from your local timber merchants a lot cheaper and tighter fit
T Auld
Jul 16, 2020
Despite the challenges of keeping the business going throughout this COVID crisis, customer service from TUIN was good and I was eventually able to place an order. Delivery was at the time I expected and the driver charming and very helpful.

The Gazebo itself is excellent and I am really pleased with it. It was straightforward to erect, although the top of the roof was tricky. The timber was dry, clean and smooth and I only had to cut a very few roof slats to fit.

This is a lovely item and I'm really pleased with it.
Mr G
Jul 6, 2020
Gazebo was delivered as planned but as an incomplete order. Specifically the Post Holders were missing and also the T&G Cladding. Therefore, construction of the Gazebo couldn't even begin without the Post Holders.

A call to TUIN, when i finally got through to talk to someone, and the Post Holders were delivered next day, which was good, but the Post Holders are very very cheap and you are probably better sourcing these elsewhere.

It is now a month later and the T&G Cladding has still not materialised, so the Gazebo sits unfinished.

I have emailed and left several phone messages (you can never get through) but no response from TUIN. The level of customer service at this company is terrible and cannot be recommended.

This is a shame because the Gazebo looks generally ok in its partially finished state. I would rate the quality of the Gazebo at 4 stars, Post Holders 2 stars because they are Galvanised. Customer service is only a 1 star at best... because its shocking...

Makes an Overall Average Star Rating of 2.3 sadly
Tuin reply: We agree, our level of service during this pandemic has not been to our usual standards. We are indeed struggling but we are doing our best with limited staff and the restrictions upon us all.

The T&G cladding will be with you shortly.

We hope you will enjoy your building for years to come and we apologise we are not up to our usual high standards. Unfortunately these are not usual times for us.
Jean friend
May 12, 2020
Very happy with my order from you , it was a hassle free straight forward order and delivery was on time! I love our gazebo we spend so much more time in our garden sitting under it! We have put a rattan corner sofa set underneath and a lazy spa , we absolutely love it thankyou so much we will deffo recommend you to others! I have also left you a review on trust pilot. Many thanks jean
Gary Pullen
Aug 2, 2019
Gazebo arrived on time and was placed onto the drive. Myself and farther in law started to erect the gazebo and found it a bit tricky but it was completed in 3 days and now is the perfect addition to our garden. We have added some lights and finishing touches. I will be purchasing more from Tuin in the future.
Mr. Jay Shaw
Jun 3, 2019
Love my Gazebo and look forward to it extending the summer in our garden
Mrs Barbara Bullock
May 10, 2019
I was just browsing the web when I spotted this gazebo and the measurements exactly matched our walled patio built about 20 years ago! The uprights fit within the inner an outer walls, neatly at each corner. Couldn't have been a better fit if it had been designed for us.
The man who delivered it was very helpful and put the pallet where we asked him so it would not interfere with us using the drive.
My husband and I have erected it ourselves, following Richards instructions copied from the web-site. It took us about two weeks to do it (and we are both 68), but it was during the really hot weather and we could only work when it had cooled down, in the evenings.
Had to cut a couple of the planks to fit, and there was sufficient spare to allow us to add additional cross pieces under ridge to suspend our lights from.
We had hoped to finish the roof today, but it's raining so we're having a rest.
Next time it rains I'm looking forward to sitting outside under my lovely new gazebo.
David Negrette
May 6, 2019
Love this gazebo it is a perfect accompaniment for our deck and has become a favourite place to enjoy the garden for our family and friends. Service and speed of delivery was great and the product is of a very high quality. Thank you
Kristina Francis
May 6, 2019
Really happy with the final result. A very sturdy and quality product. Took a a bit longer than the 2/3 days that were suggested but was worth it.
Mrs. Sarah Wixey
Apr 29, 2019
We ordered a Superior Gazebo to house a hot tub and swinging chair. The Tuin website is amazing - so many buildings to choose from we were spolied for choice. Our delivery driver was fantastic - we live up a very narrow lane and the artic was never going to get up so we arranged to meet him in a layby on the main road where he transferred the pallet onto our trailer. Even this was a feat of some magnitude but he managed it perfectly and in good humour. As per the instructions (both written and from the advice columns on the site) we laid everything out - it is essentially a giant jigsaw. We had already done all the groundwork as we live on a sloping site which is exposed so this building had to be well anchored with some serious blockwork underneath. Putting it together was a challenge but my husband is handy at that kind of thing and I'm very good at passing him things and holding onto bits!! The shingling was a challenge especially in windy conditions and we came up short even though we had been very careful but Tuin very kindly arranged for some extra shingles to be sent out so we could finish the ridges. The gazebo does indeed look superior - we are delighted with it and wouldn't hesitate to use Tuin again and have already recommended the company to friends and family.
Mr. William Findlay
Apr 20, 2019
Very impressed with the overall service
Gazebo was of a good quality and after thinking it through the assembly was a fairly straight forward job for 2 . Applying the shingles was pretty straight forward but time consuming.
Overall first class value

Nick Palmer
Apr 8, 2019
Very Pleased with my new Gazebo.
Great service, arrived when they said it would.
Looks great in the garden couldn't be happier.
Mr. Tim Johnson
Mar 23, 2019
Received the Turn Superior Gazebo last summer. I have to say everything was really good from Tuin. Ordering and communication was top notch. Delivered on time by a very helpful driver and well packaged. Checked off the parts and all complete. A lot of the assembly was done on my own, but definitely need 2 people for the roof. For the uprights I did buy raised brackets from a certain river named internet site as the Tuin versions are quite expensive. There is plenty of extra Wood, and I did add an additional roof brace. Once finished looks great, and the gazebo is really sturdy. One point for improvement is the instructions provided. They were only useful as a parts list. That being said the online help videos are fantastic. Overall extremely pleased with the final building and would recommend to anyone.
Mr. Keith Bailey
Dec 28, 2018
Product was delivered on time and packaged well everything was present nothing missing even down to the last screw product is of good quality wood very pleased with my purchase only small criticism is instructions/pictures could have been larger
Mr. mark sanderson
Sep 19, 2018
Very pleased both with the article and the service provided.
The instructions for the roof were a little sparse, but overall we got it assembled over a day.
It took 3 people approx 10hrs to build
frank Gillespie
Aug 30, 2018
amazing value easy build quality structure- very admired -so much so my friend is calling today to order one himself !
Mr. Alexander Grant
Jun 13, 2018
After reading all the positive reviews I decided to go with the pine version of this gazebo as it is to be painted.
The delivery was excellent and the gazebo fits together well enough despite the lack of any real instructions and the online vids are really not great.
The problem I have had is with the overall quality of the gazebo. The wood on the legs was very rough, almost as bad as rough sawn timber in parts and all of the other constituent parts suffered from the same finish to more or less the same extent. I had to end up sanding most of the surfaces to get a reasonable finish, this took a very long time.
All other kits of this kind I have used have been planed smooth ready to paint, but not this one.
The kit also arrived soaking wet and I mean very wet in fact after unpacking and standing the wood in an airy barn it took over three weeks to dry out before I could use it.
All in all it fits together but I'm disappointed in the quality of the kit and the lots of extra work it took to get it to a acceptable standard. Perhaps I just got a bad one as this is the first time I have used this company.
malcolm wigman
Apr 11, 2018
I purchased two Gazebos ,both delivered expertly by a driver who could not have been more helpful, John and his team of installers arrived on time and now I am the envy of my neighbours, great products and top class service, I will recommend TUIN to all my friends.
Mr. Dean Edwards
Mar 18, 2018
Since ordering the Superior Gazebo I have been impressed with the delivery being quick and efficient the driver even took the time to position the load in area that best suited us. The quality of the gazebo supplied is very good for a natural product.
Its true that the instructions are basic but the online Videos and Blogs more than make up for this and once I had viewed these and followed the tips and instructions the build wend smoothly.The hole build from start to finish took around 40hrs only needing two of us for around 3hrs of this time.
The finished product looks great and has created an amazing outdoor sheltered space.
I am very impressed with the product and will be looking at Tuin for any other future external projects.
I would recommend to anyone.
Mr. Toby White
Sep 4, 2017
A really good kit. Delivered in good time and easy to assemble if you have 2 people and a little DIY experience. Happily recommend.
Richard Hamill
Apr 22, 2017
The gazebo came on a huge pallet, delivered to any convenient place by a very helpful driver with a forklift. All the pieces had to be unpacked and laid out in the correct order- the instructions that came with it were very poor, but there is a good run through of the construction online. However, the construction was not easy, and there was plenty of adjustments necessary. it took 2 (inexperienced!) men 6 days to complete, but the result was very satisfying. All the wood was in good condition, and well finished. All the extras worked well as long as you made sure the correct bits were ordered. On the whole, a good product that I would recommend.
Mr. Stephen Fox
Feb 23, 2017
I have rated this a 4 stars, only because I never give the top rating, sorry guys. In essence the service from Order to delivery was exemplary. Even the delivery organisation phoned me to discuss the access and location.

I decided to build this myself and so far all the wood is built I only the have the Felt to put on now. There was 1 faulty piece an "F" on the Plan. tI was a crack through a knot in the wood and went right the width of the strut so long it rendered the piece unusable. Rather than calling and waiting for Tuin to replace it, which I am sure they would have, so no criticism here, I decided to go to the local Builders merchant and make replacement for £12, as I was in full flow and needed to complete the Roofing slats that day while I had the extra help from my son. In essence then, it took just 1.5 days to build excluding the roofing felt.

The instructions were .. OK.. for the structure but could have been clearer for the roofing slats, the Videos online are very helpful, thanks guys!

Now it's up.. it is rock solid, looks like a quality structure, nice, and if I can do it.. anyone can.

Thanks Tuin - I would recommend this to anyone else.
vince m
Nov 30, 2016
excellent service, I ordered this gazebo as Tuin had been recommended to me the ordering was very easy and the staff and delivery driver extremely friendly
Ms. Sara Stevens
Nov 26, 2016
We love our gazebo great company fabulous product. See for yourself as we have made a video of the finished product many thanks
Simon Wasden
Sep 23, 2016
I arranged for a family member to come round to the house to receive the delivery which was confirmed over the phone for Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I got home from work Wednesday and the gazebo pallet was on the drive. Luckily my son was home from college to answer the door! The gazebo components were unpacked and moved to the rear of the house ready for the weekend.
I decided to assemble the gazebo myself, and armed with the instructions, and a family member, began the construction.
To cut a long story short, the instruction manual was a little basic and when cross referenced with the internet photos showed conflicting methods of erection. Even though; using a bit of common sense and some borrowed muscle, we were able to successfully build the structure. My one gripe would be that if this product had been pre-drilled it would have been a lot easier to fit.
The free shingles look great and the imposing structure now has pride of place at the bottom of the garden. All in all this gazebo has been well worth the price and effort now it is complete.
Mike Pim-Keirle
Sep 22, 2016
I have been absolutely delighted with the material, quality of manufacture, after sales service and price of this product. The materials used are more substantial than those used by any of the others manufacturers I considered, all of whom were also more expensive! Down posts in particular at 112mm square are very impressive. All the wood was well and accurately machined and generally of good quality. On the rare occasions when I encountered a piece that did show some slight damage I was delighted to find that Tuin had provided no less than 12 spare roof boards, so I was able to cut a new one. I was concerned at the large splits apparent in one of the down posts originally supplied, but this was replaced without question in a timely and efficient manner with no cost to myself. Similarly, I was disappointed with the post holders supplied but these also were taken back at my request and a full refund given. No charges were made for their collection and return. I found the on-line blog posts/help line excellent and on the rare occasions when I needed any further assistance this was provided very quickly indeed.
Amandeep Samra
Aug 27, 2016
Very friendly fast service. Amazing gazebo
Dave dimmock
Aug 19, 2016
Excellent quality easy to erect delivered when said it would be delivered and value for money
Aug 5, 2016
Delivery great ease of build great recommend to anybody
Aug 3, 2016
Good quality you get what you pay for would recommend to anybody ease to erect
Heather Matharu
Jun 30, 2016
The gazebo was a very good price and wad delivered within 14 days as it states.
Now... when the gazebo arrived the screws were not the lengths that were supposed to be in the pack and the instructions were NOT clear. There were no cuts in the wood and just felt shoddy although now it's up looks beautiful. Not solid but beautiful. We've had lots of comments and are happy with the end result
Mr. Ian Parrott
Jun 17, 2016
Easy to discuss and order the gazebo. Delivered on the date requested. Took three of us 3-days to erect which was quicker than I thought. Looks good and a solid product.
Mr. Chris Embling
May 29, 2016
Superb quality would recommend it strongly
Mr. Adrian Goldthorpe
May 21, 2016
Probably one of the best online shopping experiences
You are not just dealing with a web address, you have a physical bricks and mortar site that you can see
I had the most minor of problems and called on Sunday, I got the ought to a help desk that pointed me in the right direction and my problem was dealt with.
I have ordered a couple of smaller bits since, same good service
A great company to deal with
Also shown the catalogue to a few friend, who were impressed and I am sure will find something they need
Adrian P Goldthorpe
Mr. Andrew McCall
Apr 16, 2016
Very pleased with the Gazebo. Delivery was perfect. Would recommend this company
Mr. Steven Massam
Mar 2, 2016
I am very pleased with the quality of the Gazebo it looks great in the garden and we can not wait to use it this summer. The service from the office staff and the delivery were both excellent and our friends have now ordered one themselves.
Mrs. Tracy Goldstraw
Oct 4, 2015
I recently purchased the superior gazebo for my husbands 50th birthday , the delivery driver was excellent , the Gazebo was excellent quality & God price point of the product was very good compared to other retailers , I found the Tuin telephone helpline to be brilliant we needed advise on the roof tiles & they replied straightaway sending us a link to watch. I would highly recommend this company the product & aftersales excellent
Mr. Glen Wilford
May 18, 2015
The gazebo was delivered the day before our agreed day, luckily I was at home. Have not put it up yet but it looks to be a strong and sturdy structure. Will re- submit a review with pictures once it's complete
Richard Johnson
May 6, 2015
The order process was simple and easy, the delivery guy was brilliant and had negotiated our tight drive before we knew he was there. The gazebo is well made and relatively simple to install. I personally don't like screwing diagonally through beams as a first fix and bought some standard bracketry from the usual DIY superstore- maybe this could be added...? I was also not keen on simply nailing the cross supports and pre drilled and countersunk screws to make a far better job. Personal preferences aside the product is well designed, well made, the service is first rate across the board and I even had a great time playing at being Bob the Builder. Recommend!
Bill Mackenzie
Apr 27, 2015
I would like to pass on a big thank you to Richard and all of the Tuin team for the fantastic service and customer care provided before and after my purchase of a Tuin Superior Gazebo. The wood for the Gazebo is of a very high standard and the construction of the Gazebo was very straight forward, as was the fitting of the felt shingle tiles. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Gazebo and importantly would highly recommend purchasing it through the Tuin team.
Feb 1, 2015
We are not quite ready to erect the gazebo yet but the service we've had so far is excellent. All looks good so far.
David Hack
Dec 20, 2014
Purchased Gazebo Superior August 2014, delivered within 10 days together with felt shingle option. The whole effect when completed being very pleasing. The posts and timber supplied of good quality
Mrs. Susan Hose
May 27, 2013
Good Price. Delivery very fast - excellent. I used a builder to construct - it definitely needs 2 very strong people to construct. Now it's up I am pleased with the result. I am glad I chose the shingle roof finish.