Sten Log Cabin 2.95x2m

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Grace Carter
Nov 24, 2023
Good delivery, easy to assemble, looks great, quality seems really good.
Instructions could be slightly clearer for the floor and roof.
Mr. Drew Stark
Oct 24, 2023
I was delighted with the quality of my cabin. I got a hand from my friend and had it built in six and a half hours. Would recommend using Tuin
Mr. Stefan Wasilewski
Oct 12, 2023
So pleased with our purchase. We bought our log cabin after helping to build one for my in-laws, and seeing just how good a product it is. We built our cabin over two days including the floor installation. I highly recommend (if you are painting your cabin) giving it a base coat before building as it makes the following coats very easy to apply.
Ian Gerrard
May 10, 2023
My Sten log cabin arrived on time with the driver phoning me 30 minutes before he arrived. With the help of friends we had the cabin built in 8 hours using the instructions and videos from the TUIN site. The build quality is excellent. If you are thinking of buying a log cabin I would highly recommend TUIN
Robert Cutler
Mar 25, 2022
Well what an excellent cabin from ordering to being delivered a great experience .
I found the instruction booklet not very clear in some instances and although I spent many hours looking and re-looking at the build videos some things were not straight forward ie in one video they screw the roof boards on and in another they nail them ? maybe because I am old the grey matter wasn't working at full capacity !.
I was also short of two floor planks and had to finish off the flooring with offcuts not what I expected but still looks ok in the end.
The team replied to my emails promptly and on the whole were helpful, I would definitely recommend the TUIN products to family and friends and feedback from the photos of the build I have sent out have been glowing !
To sum up it is and also it isn't Easy to build a Cabin, if you are used to doing this then yes it is if not then there might be some head scratching but the end result when you stand back and look at what you have achieved is very satisfying .
Lee Skinner
Mar 10, 2022
Shed is sturdy and looks great. The instructions really helped and with the further videos and guidance, building the shed was a pleasure.
Paul Loades
Dec 2, 2021
This is my second cabin I've purchased and i am as impressed with how easy this cabin was to put together and the overall quality of the finish. Exceptional standard. I went with the roof tiles and they made the finish far superior to a normal felt roof. I never looked at another site for my second cabin as the quality and service can't be beaten. Even in the current climate and with the small delay caused by new EU regulations I was kept very well informed of the progress

Paul B Jenkins
Nov 18, 2021
Our Sten cabin was delivered on time and no items missing it went together perfectly and now it painted its brilliant, I'm a time served carpenter and this is the best product I've ever assembled.
Pallav Pandya
Oct 19, 2021
we received Tuin Sten Log Cabin which is excellent & easy to built.
Absolutely everything was provided to the right quality Standard. I will certainly recommend this.

very good product
Mr. Clive Smith
Sep 17, 2020
Best decision we made was ordering a Tuin cabin, everything happened as per schedule, delivery spot on, everything was in the package.
This was the first of 2 cabins we were purchasing from Tuin, we were 6 layers up on construction and my wife wanted to run in and order the second cabin!
It went up like Lego, we just kept building it, all the reviews we read said get the base right and there will be no issues and this was the case.
I will be posting a similar review on our second cabin soon, the back garden now looks awesome and we are the talk of the street!
Joshua Adams
Jul 13, 2020
I have built a few cabins From Tuin and was amazed with the price and build quality. It was time to buy one for myself. Ordering was easy and there was great communication from the office. I was kept informed every step of the way up until the cabin was delivered.

After delivery, the cabin was put up in 1 day. I would definitely recommend using Tuin and I would use this company again in the future.
Barrie Crewdson
Feb 27, 2020
Very good delivery. Very simple to assemble. Very please with the look of the cabin. Will strongly recommend the Product and the service from Tuin. Asked a question and they rang me back within the hour very good
Feb 24, 2020
Order was easy
Delivery with prior notice from Tuin and then driver
Palleted delivery upto garden gate
Then the weather changed, it seemed that I was never going to get my cabin built.
Eventually got a good Saturday
Went up in a day
Roof covering in a day , painted.
I couldn’t be happierThank you Tuin
I love my little cabin
Mr. David Saxby
Sep 21, 2018
A great customer experience and a great log cabin. Our neighbors had a log cabin from Tuin and recommended it to us. The customer service has been great. The log cabin is well made and easy to construct. We have used some of the spare wood to make shelves for the insides that match the log cabin. Would highly recommend and we’ll be ordering a second one soon
Mr. Wayne Kisby
Jun 29, 2018
Very impressed, great quality, very easy to assemble.
Would highly recommend.
Mrs. Vivian Laine
Jan 18, 2018
Absolutely love it. My partner took a couple of days to treat the timbers and a just over a week to erect the log cabin including putting on the roof shingles. All done just after Christmas!
Nov 10, 2017
I was originally looking for a 10x6 shed but then I came across the Tuin website and it didn’t take me too long to convince my wife to spend about 15% extra to get the Sten Log Cabin. For that 15% extra, compared to a traditional type shed you get approximately a 100% uplift in quality!

From point of order to delivery it was all simple. A couple of automated e-mails and a phone call about delivery was about all there was to it.

Delivery was on time almost to the minute (18:00) which was great. We live in small dead end lane but the driver had great skills and an amazing forklift and the cabin was delivered successfully.

Everything comes in a flat pack type style. It probably took me a good couple of hours to move everything round to the back of the house and also sort it all out. All of the pieces are packed for space saving efficiency as opposed to being grouped together. I would advise sorting them into groups. I didn’t immediately find the instructions but they were there in the middle of the pieces of wood so don’t panic if you can’t find them straight away!

The following morning I built the cabin. On my own it took me the best part of the day. The following day, I put the roof shingles on which took more than a morning but less than a day. If you like lego, you’ll love this!

I’m super happy with the finished product. The quality is great and I can tell it’s going to last.
Aug 21, 2017
After much searching for a suitable building to put husband's model railway in, we chose the Sten 28. We booked the week for delivery and he spent the time dismantling the old shed. He also agonised over whether to put it up himself (I am disabled so cannot help) or get a firm to do it from the list provided. After much thought, and looking at the videos and instructions on line, we decided that he could do it...and he is NOT a dedicated DIYer..just a middle aged man with a few tools. The day arrived for the delivery, by a lovely Dutch guy, and the most enormous lorry which entertained the neighbours! He placed the delivery on our drive and we started the following day. It took a couple of hours for husband to unwrap, and take round the house to the garden, the large number of pieces. We then spent quite a while identifying which bit was which. Unfortunately one large roof wall timber was broken, so I emailed Tuin, and got a reply that one would be sent out either that day or the next. He started work. It was actually quite easy to assemble, although if it had been any larger, another person would have been a good idea as the logs would have been very heavy. It didn't seem right to not nail anything together...but he followed the instructions and it slotted together. The part took 48 hours to arrive (he was stuck at this point as he couldn't go any further without it..and was the wrong bit...the right part, but from a different cabin which was much wider so wouldn't fit. Cue another email, and apologies plus a promise that the new bit would be on the over night courier...which it was. Mistakes can be made, but it is how a company resolves them that is important, and I cannot fault their customer service in any way. The instructions were sometimes a little confusing and I had to email them about the door frame not fitting over the upstand of the foundation beam...the instruction to remove this bit if necessary is not in the door instructions themselves....perhaps this should be made clearer as I have seen another review today that comments on this? Anyway, he had help with putting the roofboards up...that made it easier and quicker, and then he did the shingles himself. He was concerned about getting on the roof, but watched the video again where your fitters sit on it. Anyway, apart from putting on the treatment that we bought from you, it is about done...and is wonderful! We have had compliments from both neighbours and friends on its looks and quality of the materials...the window especially. So, we would definitely recommend Tuin, and we would buy from them again. It is possible for one person without much DIY experience to do this particular cabin, and for it to look good! I can only say what others say...follow the instructions to the letter, if you have any problems then email them and they will get back to you as soon as they can, and look at the videos.
Mr. Mark Cawley
Feb 17, 2017
I chose Tuin as I had read some bad reviews about another supplier and reviews on Tuin were good. I was not disappointed. Delivery was as told. The cabin is great. Support was great. I didn't build it but the chap that did was very impressed and said it was the best he had seen.
Mr. adrian evans
Feb 13, 2017
Very pleased with my Sten Cabin everything was delivered as promised and there were no shortages all in all a positive experience and I would certainly recommend Tuin to my friends and relatives 10/10
Mr. Darren Harper
Nov 14, 2016
Fantastic Log Cabin - easy to put together with only basic tools and skill. Looking forward to using it initially as a Santa's Grotto for the kids and then as a Craft room for the family.
Mike Jackson
Jul 17, 2016
Excellent service, everything arrived just as the website described. All pieces of the cabin where clearly labeled, instructions easy to follow. Order together really well. Measurements and dimension where accurate. The stem cabin is now painted and looks superb. Took me only one weeked to put together with some help from my daughter including the first coat of preservative.

Jonny Wiltshire
May 11, 2016
I was originally looking for a 10x6ish shed to use for wood turning as my wife wouldn't let me use our conservatory strangely enough. When I found the Sten log cabin and read through the reviews and blog it looked like a 30% increase in price compared to a shed for 100 times the quality - and I was right. Service was as expected from the other reviews - excellent. In hindsight I would have told the delivery lorry to come a different route to our house - its HUGE !. Bearing in mind woodworking is going to be a new hobby, I wasn't overly concerned about the construction and the videos on the website helped enormously and it was fairly straight forward. Admittedly it took longer than anticipated but that's because I was still aching from the weekend before building the concrete base, which incidentally was the only option as I have a really wet garden due to poor drainage. Its something to be proud of in the garden rather than a shed which would look awful in a couple of years. Friends and family have all commented how nice it looks, I wonder if Tuin do a referral bonus scheme ?! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company and the product. Theres a lot of wood left over from the packing which I'll be using to make shelves or whatever. We had fun working out what the slotted planks are for too - shelf fitting. The only minor negative point was the generic instructions which aren't specific to the actual cabin ordered but there are loads of diagrams to compensate for that. I would also suggest they add better instructions or tips on fitting the door hinges (with the door in place!) since I hadn't seen those fittings before and I was being a bit blonde by then.
Mr. john kerr
Feb 3, 2016
Quality was very good,construction was relatively straightforward,and the finish overall was excellent.Had to trim a couple of boards to fit,but otherwise very pleased with the cabin.
Mr. Ed Stacey
Nov 25, 2015
Buying and building this cabin was a good experience from start to finish. The site where I built it was very tight, so the dimensions had to be spot on - and they were. Delivery was as promised within a week of placing the order. I took great notice of the video 'how to build' instructions, and the build was not only straightforward, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it! If you played with Lego (or Meccano in my case) as a child, you will have no problems self building these cabins. A one person job in terms of weight and handling plus a few moments 'holding one end' from my wife to fix the 3 metre long facia boards and roof rafters. I preserved/stained each log as it was built, which seems sensible to me, and that was the only departure I made from the instructions. Excellent quality -and a very attractive end result. Absolutely no reservations in recommending Tuin and this product.
Mr. Michael Wilson
Sep 14, 2014
Sten 3x2m - Review Part 1.
This is my initial review having just taken delivery of the above cabin.
We were contacted in advance and advised of the delivery date but also given the opportunity to select days that would be suitable for us.
The cabin arrive on the programmed day and was dropped off in the requested location with out fuss. Living in a cul de sac the package was transported to the house on the fork lift truck the delivery lorry was unseen.
The package consisted of the cabin weather proofed in plastic and securely strapped to a pallet. The floor boards and bearers were also strapped together but a separate entity. The roof shingles were loose on top of the package.
The main cabin packaging was intact and I would have been happy to leave it out side safe in the knowledge it would be well protected from the weather but because of the location it had to be moved.
The following weekend we set about moving the main cabin into the garage where I intent to apply a protective finish prior to erection. The timber elements were very securely strapped to a pallet with metal bands. Having removed the protective plastic the cabin was revealed.
Two of us moved the various components to the new location which gave the opportunity to become familiar with the different parts and do an initial sort into back front roof etc. I am a keen wood worker and was very happy with the quality of the wood noting the lack of sticky resin and the dryness and general finish. Important to note that the window and door was shipped glazed and arrive in one piece undamaged which is a reflection of the good packaging and handling considering its long journey. With all the parts checked and accounted for I can say I am very impressed with the quality. The window unit is robust and the fitted hinges and catch work perfectly. Like wise the door and lift off hinges are also well constructed. Worth a note here most parts are screwed and not nailed to the door / window units. The roof shingles require careful handling and storage. Over all I am very happy with the product and would describe it as recommended. I look forward to erecting it in the near future when I will write part 2 of this review with photos.