Kathy Shepherd Hut 2.4m x 5.0m - 19mm cladding

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Colin Ingham
Feb 4, 2024
I found the Tuin shepherds hut good value and well built. I feel the main supporting timbers should be tanalised which they are not..Tuin do not supply a traditional curved corrugated roof system but I did find a company who will make to order, they are Accord Steel cladding Ltd in the West Midlands. It makes all the difference.
Jayne Allen
Jul 31, 2022
The service we have received from the time of order to delivery has been excellent. They have been very quick to respond to any queries we have had and the delivery drivers were most helpful . We are still in the process of building our caravan, but all is going well and it looks to be a sturdy hut, which will complement the ethos of our campsite. I would recommend buying from Tuin to anyone.
Mr. Noel Hancock
Jul 4, 2021
Just got to say what an excellent product, had a couple of family weekends treating every piece with a a Barretine wood preservative before assembly , what a great way to work out what and where everything goes before you start assembly,
Paint and read the instructions makes it a light bulb moment when you build,,,,
i found everything to be very robust in manufacture and nothing left wanting, ever screw, bracket, door latch plate and 2 of every driver bit in the kit, just remember to switch your drill in to screwdriver mode and they will last the whole build,
Mr. Stephen Grover
Sep 2, 2020
I would not hesitate to buy another Tuin product. The neatly flat packed hut arrived via an excellent delivery service. Good instruction manual but take a while to familiarize yourself with each stage. Helps to organize and label parts before starting construction. Hut was fully erected over 2 bank holiday weekends ready for painting. Great quality product; extremely attractive in the garden. Well worth the money.
Mrs. Debbie Rothery
Jun 22, 2020
I chose this Shepherds hut/gypsy wagon as I had been looking quite a while for something like this. I am most certainly happy that I chose this model from Tuin. The service I received was excellent from ordering the product to the delivery man. Everything happened when it was said it would & the delivery man was really helpful getting it as close to where we needed it placing. The shepherds hut itself is fantastic. This was our lockdown project & it took us quite a while to get it built (just me & my husband). It is excellent quality & I really love this little retreat I have for myself. Just finishing off the painting as this year it is just going to be used as a summer house but next year will probably fit it all out properly. If you are thinking of buying a shepherds hut I would definitely recommend this one & the company.
Chris Prior-Willeard
May 9, 2020
The delivery process was excellent. Very helpful driver with very good equipment.

The kit was all there, but without labels it was essential to unload and organise carefully the different components before doing anything.

The instruction book is a nightmare - completely devoid of language and it relies heavily on accurate pictures. The addition of bullet-points and experienced guidelines would be greatly beneficial.

The use of the Torq screws is a problem. The threads quickly wear out and without an angle-grinder handy to sharpen the edges, this could be a problem.

The finished product is very impressive. The hut is a good size and works well.

My only niggle would have to be the use of roofing felt for the roof. Total disaster! I bought some curved roofing sheets which fit well and provide a weather-tight roof, which in our current winters is essential.

Overall, I am very happy. Very good product for the price.
Mr. Oliver Burton
Jan 10, 2020
I have to say, I'm impressed with the quality of the shepherds hut. The timber is good quality and fits together very well. Once I'd finally put it together (with a little help) it feels like a really sturdy garden building. The neighbours have already commented on it 'looking fab' which is always a bonus as we wanted something that fitted in with the area. It's definitely a talking point!

Our build was a little non-standard as I didn't take the wheels and sat it on the base pads. I capped off the bottom with OSB and insulated the floor as it'll be used as an office and at its full height (with wheels) may have been a bit intrusive for the neighbours.

The only improvements would be that I'd prefer the instructions to be a little more in depth, generally they do require you to read ahead and could do with a bit more information when you have to repeat an action. It would also be good if there were a few more torx 15 in the set as I think I got two and it seems to be the most used end.

I'm really looking forward to getting the electrics in and finishing it off, it'll have pride of place in our garden for years to come.
Mr. leslie Curwood
Sep 7, 2019
we have looked at tuin for ages decided shepherds hut best for daughters craft room in taunton. wow loads of planks and long painful process to treat algicide etc every piece twice . used 40 ltrs. we carefully constructed the chassis and timbers. on 4 concrete and stone 400mm slabs infilll tonne of plumslate on the full base.
loads of nailing for the floor and roof but looks amazing.
now green painted with lovely touchesof oak stain on frames etc
insulation. we used kingspan 25mm and obd board under the floor .
in the interior walls we used king span again ;
wiring 4 walllights and 4 double plugs rcd consumer unit fed vis armoured underground cable.
roof felted and superquilt alu.insulation with a full corrrugated steel and black plasticed roof kit .
great company ,Paul the boss so helpful direct sheet roofing. they make the profile and full kit delivered specifically for tuin huts .
I would like more comprehensive installation notes I am a retired technician engineer very practical but would like more dimensions printed on guide.
We would pay for pretreated kit from Tuin but did not seem to get this option either .
otherwise brilliant product great trusted company .Thanks Leslie J Curwood

Tuin reply: Thank you very much for your review. We are able to offer pre-treatment in both immersion and spray painted: https://www.tuin.co.uk/Immersion-of-Log-Cabins.html and https://www.tuin.co.uk/Spray-Coating-Timber.html should they be required.

We also offer additional install advice here: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/shepherd-hut-gypsy-wagon/ , and of course please always contact us if you need extra help, dimensions or hints and tips to make the install as easy as possible.
Ms. Susan Hoult
Aug 17, 2019
I chose Tuin because of the quality of the wood. I was concerned about delivery and installation as my house is not easily accessible but it all worked out fine. Am very pleased with it and planning insulation etc. Would recommend Tuin and Philip Osorio for installation.
Mr. John Spiller
Jun 10, 2019
From order to delivery through to construction has been exceptionally smooth. Even though my house is at the bottom of a slope, the delivery driver was excellent and managed to drop the two pallets outside my workshop. Although never having constructed something like this, I found the illustrated guidance easy to follow and never once got near to using the helpline. We are now fitting out the inside using celotex and cladding. We have put in electrics, including some outside led lighting to increase lighting to the garden. Although being aware of the size, when built, it is a substantial size and will create a descent living space. It was very satisfying when inserting the walls that they fitted exactly at the end of the flooring. Showing that the claim that the product is exact with little tolerance. Just keep everything square and flat. Massively pleased with the product, service and delivery.
Allen Ennew
May 8, 2019
I received the Shepherds hut in the time frame advised by Tuin.
The delivery man was very helpful and set the kit exactly where I wanted it.
I unpacked the parts into my garage checking them off against the list provided. They were all there and in good order, nothing damaged. The parts are well made and good quality timber has been used.
As my carpenter will not be available until mid March I have started to paint the outside, weather permitting(Max 80% humidity and 8 degrees celsius)
So far very pleased with the product.
I intend to write a further review once the hut is complete.
Russell Smart
Apr 3, 2019
We bought this Shepherds Hut to site in our field next to a small brook. The Hut arrived on a truck with its own forklift and delivered it to the site. The driver was very helpful. It was flat packed on a pallet and well wrapped. My son (16) and a local DIY man put it together and painted it over 5 stress free days in my son's school holidays. He now intends to kit it out as an off-grid tiny home. He loves it so much he wants to move out of our home! This has been a great project and we have already enjoyed having a drink in the late evening sun next to the brook. I'm thinking of moving out too...
Mr. Paul Shenton
Sep 14, 2017
Excellent quality timber, easy to put together.
Delivery was within 2 weeks of ordering.
I like the fact that its a basic shell that can be modified to suite your own needs. I've heavily modified mine. Highly recommended.
Mrs. Deborah Ryan
Jul 2, 2017
We ordered the Shepherds Hut on line. Pre-delivery service was excellent. We were kept informed all the way along as to delivery. Driver arrived @ 6.00pm on day of delivery and used a fork lift truck to bring the kit on to our drive. He was very willing to move some other builders' materials prior to setting down the hut in its kit form. Excellent service. Would recommend.
John Oldfield
Jun 14, 2017
The whole experience from delivery to completion of the build was an absolute pleasure. Access was my first worry, the delivery driver took everything in his stride without a hitch and placed the load exactly where I needed it, all done with a smile. Identification of all the components was quite easy with the aid of a tape measure. The construction phase took about a week in total, single handed and no time off work. It all went smoothly, most impressive point being the accuracy of the supplied timber. The only mistake I made was ordering some corrugated roofing material that wasn't pre-curved, my thinking being it would be flexible enough to bend to shape. Wrong! I used the supplied felt as a base layer then added another layer of quality green felt on top. I have now started the wiring, insulation and internal cladding. I will provide an update on completion. Thankyou Tuin for a good quality and good value product.
Mr. Paul Tunaley
Jun 6, 2017
Overall, the hut was good; packaged well and with no parts missing. Some of the tongue and grooved timber was slightly damaged but with careful construction this damage was hidden. Construction was relatively easy but the instruction booklet contained many errors including measurement errors. The Torx bits sent with the screws were not up to the job and the screws provided were not of very good quality. However, with a little imagination and a few extra tools and screws it all worked out well and the whole construction was completed by two people in 4 days.
Apr 24, 2017
Thank you Tuin! Excellent service and an excellent product (flat packed Shepherd's Hut). It is a dream den for our children, a wonderful extension and real focal point of our garden. It took 2 carpenters 4 days to assemble it it would've been quicker but we opted to have it insulated and also needed to upgrade roof felt. We had dithered for a long time about getting one but are so happy with the choice. Financially it is much more economical than an extension but gives the extra space with real flexibility. Many thanks.
Gillian clark
Mar 5, 2017
Excellent product. A couple of minor problems but these were very quickly sorted after a phone call. Delivery was perfect. Instructions on a few little points could have been better. Thrilled with the finished hut. Would certainly recommend both product and company
Mr. Ernest Craggs
Sep 15, 2016
The hut was delivered by a very competent driver right to our yard. It took a lot to sort out the many parts but it was worth it. Could do with better instructions and better quality roof felt.
I decided to paint the sections before assembly and there is a lot of hours in this task but makes for a better job.
I was building onto a subframe so didn't require wheels.
The final assembly takes quite a bit of time, especially the roof.
It was all worth the effort as it has turned out very well with insulation, electrics, and internal plywood panels.
I only made one mistake which isn't noticeable unless you know.
Really pleased with the final finish, it is being used as a craft studio by my wife. She's delighted with it.
I shall be installing a corrugated roof because where I live is very exposed and over winter we will see some storm force winds.
I have pictures of the inside and outside that will show what a nice job it is and will email to Tuin separately.
Good value for the product.
Not enough screws supplied where it shows screws to be used and I've used screws instead of nails.
Mr. Graham Drake
Sep 4, 2016
After spending some time choosing this product we were both delighted with the final product. The delivery driver was more than helpful and so were the guys in the office who helped our builder with a few initial questions. It is a top quality product and went together with few problems. We are now waiting for another order to arrive, Embadecor and Embalan timber treatment. It was well worth upgrading the roof material and we are looking forward many years of use.
glenn russell
Jun 28, 2016
chuffed with my shepherds hut .
service from order to delivery was excellent
Mrs. Caroline Cox
Jun 6, 2016
My dream of owning a shepherds hut has come true, I really didn't think I would find something so fabulous within my price range. It is a beautiful addition to my garden. My grandsons love playing in it and are looking forward to their first sleepover in it when we have finished the inside. A quality product, prompt delivery and a very satisfied customer!
Mr. matthew brown
May 26, 2016
My shepherds hut/gypsy wagon is fantastic. Instructions were clear, all part cut to size and there was no scrimping on nails, screws etc. It looks really good.
Mr. seb smith
May 11, 2016
Very pleased indeed with the hut - the most common question is to ask whether it is a kit or constructed as a one off by myself! Took several days to complete and I added corrugated sheets to the roof for extra durability but the construction was straightforward once I had laid everything out and labelled the parts. Would recommend.
Mr. Mark Roberts
Apr 1, 2016
Ordered a shepherds hut and was pleased with communications and delivery. Very pleased with end result although not quite as easy to assemble as I first thought. I had read a review that said it could be done in a lazy weekend! Instructions could be a little clearer but no real problems. All in all a really good product that everyone is pleased with and at a good price.
Mr. William Guymer
Sep 29, 2015
We adore the Shepherds Hut and our 'grown up' family are fighting over who can stay in it! The build was really enjoyable though some of the instructions are not clear or helpful. However the immediate response I received from the 'help site' was outstanding, the advice and suggestions were excellent and simplified the task wonderfully. These could be added to the instructions. Other than that the quality and finished product is excellent from delivery to completion.
Many thanks
Bill Guymer
Les Murray
Sep 27, 2015
Our order was handled very efficiently by Tuin and the delivery was excellent. The kit proved very comprehensive and all parts fitted as required. A degree of DIY skills is required to complete the kit and a equally comprehensive tool kit also proves useful. The finished hut is very attractive. Excellent value for money.
Mr. Sean Moore
Jul 26, 2015
Solid, well built and large. We are very happy with the finished product. Assembly was simple but would have been made easier if the timber was packaged in the order it was needed, or if each piece was marked, as many of the pieces are very similar in size or shape but have particular uses. Not a problem - if you take your time to sort the timbers into the right order. Overall, the hut is very impressive and good value for money.
eddie price
Jul 23, 2015
hi this is my second review I bought these gypsy wagon early 2014 , I should maybe point out the good points ...as tuin have been fair to put my other review on !
they are quick to assemble .anyone with minimum diy abilities can assemble in a "lazy weekend"
the amount of space is excellent and the pre forms arches look good.
a lot of people after insulating and fitting out have put these on ebay ..and some wrongfully give the impression that the TUIN hut is "their baby" !! selling in excess of £10.000
I equipped mine to a high standard including ,self heating hot water and flushing toilet and running water!
that's the beauty of these you can "have your cake and eat it "! blank canvas .....I further recommend if going for the upmarket look when insulating the ceiling fix as instructions ...then on outside use superquilt foil insulation , only 35 mm thick but equivalent to 150 mm rock wool . then either use corrugated curved sheets ..or bend thin plywood to form curve after lathing the superquilt ...then use eith the shingle from TUIN or felt with green mineral the stuff you put on garage roofs .....don't recommend the supplied felt ! ......oh by the way mine sold for £12,000 the lady was very happy with it !
eddie price
Jun 19, 2015
The wagon is ok . but the supplied steps are flimsy . the felt supplied for roof I personally would not use on a garden shed .. WATCH out the stub tube on the axle where wheels mount all bent and one snapped just pushing the wagon on concrete less than 10 metres this tubing could be made from solid rod for cost of a few pounds !!! I know tuin will say "its designed to stand on the legs " but like a static caravan one would expect what looks like wheels to at least hold together long enough to site the wagon ?!
Kate Ingram
May 20, 2015
The Tuin Shepherd's Hut is one of the best things I have ever done. I am sitting in it now on a sunny but windy evening and it is filled with light and very cosy. I just love it. If, like me, you have looked at and longed for one of the slightly more traditional huts on the market but balked at the cost, then go for this.... It is spacious, light and bright and just such a fantastic addition to a garden..it's elevated position can provide a perspective you never were able to imagine. Go on, do it, get one now. You won't be disappointed!
Miss. Julie Price
Mar 15, 2015
im very impressed with my shepherds huts, great contact and help with delivery. It arrived on time with efficient driver. The hut is made very accurately to the mm! All clean cut quality wood and well packaged. Once the chassis is made its extremely quick to erect. Instructions could be a little clearer but we've worked it out and I'm extremely happy with the results.
Miss. Julie Price
Mar 15, 2015
Great product and service. Office staff were helpful on the phone , the delivery guy was fast efficient and friendly. The product is to the mm with clean cut wood. I'm loving my two huts and at a super price , very impressed.
Mr. Matt Dobbin
Mar 4, 2015
The Shepherd's Hut has been a complete joy to build and own. Very simple to put together - I managed most of it single handed and I am only an amateur DIYer. They have thought of everything, and the quality is excellent. It gets loads of attention and has made the perfect home office - I recommend it wholeheartedly! Thank you Tuin.
Jan stevens
Jan 25, 2015
Very pleased with our shepherds hut.we found the instructions quite easy to follow.one problem we had was one piece of wood was damaged and English sizes are different but we got by .
Our project has raised a lot of interest locally and nationally as I have posted our progress pictures on facebook
Mr Edward Collins
Apr 29, 2014
I am extremely pleased with my purchase, it is solid, well made, and I would say very high quality. I thought the price was very good compared to others i have seen. Fitting was a lengthy process but I was assisted by phone and email by Tuin as some parts were confusing to me. The real hardwork will start now as I intend to line it and build furniture for it. Pictures will be sent when finished.
John presley
Mar 20, 2014
Have looked widely for shepherds huts. This looked exceptional and it has turned out that way. An excellent product representing very good value for money--- spacious,well built,impressive metal base and wheels, good design.
Outstanding customer service from Richard , Karen and the team. Any problems in constructing are dealt with immediately. Nothing is too much trouble. Very rare in today's climate!!!! 5 star rating
Mrs. Rachel Smith
Sep 21, 2013
The shepherds hut I feel is fantastic value for money. The overall purchasing experience was so easy and the customer service outstanding. Can't wait till it is completed. We are going to use it as an spare bedroom but its main purpose is as my sewing room.