Ollie 70mm Log Cabin 7.31 x 4.98m

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Miss. Sarah Adcock
Oct 14, 2020
This review is a long time coming. We bought our Ollie Cabin in December and built it ourselves. It was hard work but, it was worth every second and every penny.
It was delivered and the brilliant driver managed to get the cabin from his truck all the way to the entrance to our small woodland in the midst of a ten hectare plot.
We just spent the whole of lockdown (and beyond as we work in hospitality) in our log cabin in our woods and its perfect. So cool in the sun and turning out to be
very snug as the cold nights are coming in.
The only drawback came when we received the wrong instructions but, after unpacking the pieces it was easy enough to put them into order though they were heavy
so took some time but, once this was sorted we were away and built it in from foundation to getting the roof shingles on in 7 weeks in DECEMBER. Light wasn't on our
side and we were still working so, we considered this to be good going.
The assembly was easy enough once our carpenter father in law had helped us with the base and foundation beams. Hard graft but, that's just because all the parts
were so heavy and robust. It's a beauty, and just want to thank all at Tuin for making such a beautiful cabin for us and making our 2020 a million times better than
it would have been otherwise