Yorick Garden Office 5.0m x 3.8m - 45mm Logs

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Paul Cregg
Nov 30, 2023
Excellent product and great company to do business with. The company is very DIY friendly. I assembled the Yorick myself and to be honest I'm no DIY expert. If you can put up a shelf level then I think you have what is needed to assemble you own Yorick. I did get someone to lay the concrete base as I'm an old git and did not fancy that job. Also I got electrics done professionally. Yorick has been up 2 or 3 years now, gets used regularly, has no issues to report and looks great. If you do the odd DIY job at home you will be able to assemble one of Tuin kits just take a little time and study the instructions and videos on YouTube. Only thing I would consider maybe doing differently is think about having the timbers dipped by Tuin before delivery. Each timber should be coated in a wood preserve before assembly and I did that by hand that was a long and tedious job, but worth it.
Mr. Lee Smith
May 15, 2023
Very happy with the product and service.
I was kept well informed of the delivery arrangements, the delivery itself was difficult for the driver, but he soldiered on and placed the pallet successfully.
The kit was complete and well labelled, and instructions were clear and helpful, although I’ve put several cabins together before.
Finally the quality is excellent - I had a sloping site to work with so a few challenges and I’m no professional, but it went together very well.
I had a few queries with the roof which were answered promptly by Tuin. A couple of handles broke, but we’re replaced very quickly.
I’m still working on the front step / decking so won’t send any photos yet.
To summarise, excellent service, quality, and value for money. No hesitation in using again and recommending.
Well done.
Mr. Kevin Lilley
Jan 23, 2023
Excellent product and very stylish. Easy to construct, but well worth the time studying the installation material both written and via YouTube video.
Mrs. Vivien O\'Donnell
Jun 1, 2022
Was a bit worried about the delivery arriving, but no need, everything went like clockwork. Yorick cabin getting installed and looks absolute quality. Will write a further review in 6 months time.
Andrew Haigh
May 21, 2022
Excellent product !was actually thinking of self build but price increases and quality of timber were shooting through the roof ,so opted for Yorick cabin after extensive research! delivery team spot on, driver brilliant.erected cabin on my own and have to say lifting a 5m log above your head in the middle and locating into position was pretty impressive , precision machining .the hardest part was treating it so maybe look at getting it already done .to find fault is tough the only thing maybe and I'm been picky is the door and window furniture could be a little better quality!Already recommended to several friends.
David Alderson
Mar 20, 2022
Spent a year deciding. Was very pleased with the purchase, delivery, and quality of materials. Value was good, support excellent - and all incredibly efficient. Very please with it and all the advice received.
Catherine Wallace
Jan 27, 2022
Really pleased with our cabin, feels really solid and it was relatively easy to assemble with 2 people. I'm going to use as a home office space and excited to get in there once the electics have been completed. Only error we made was on the measurement of the base, as we built a wood frame, which is slightly large as the external size goes to the corners which pretrude beyond the timber shell, but our fault for not reading properly, but here as a note for others to watch out for.
Mr. Stuart Farrell
Dec 29, 2021
After looking into various companies the overwhelming positive reviews for Tuin sold it to me. I ordered the Yorick in January and requested a April delivery. Through out the process the customer service was first class and quick to answer any queries. Delivered the first week in April, the delivery driver was excellent also and had to use the forklift as the wagon could not get near our property, he was great and delivered to the drive. The build was very easy and took me and my dad around 2-3 days (my advice would be to watch the online video of it being built as this helped) I upgraded to a right rubber roof that makes a real difference and is easy to install. The overall quality of the cabin is amazing and I can not recommend this company enough
Mr Richard Mellis
Oct 25, 2021
Absolutely delighted with our Yorick log cabin which now sits perfectly on an area of the garden we weren’t previously able to use. As a space the cabin has exceeded expectations and works brilliantly as a calm refuge away from the family house and WFH as well as a terrific social venue. You can’t question the design or the quality of the product. Had some concerns about the ‘flat’ roof but even in recent ‘biblical’ rain our cabin remained bone dry inside. Had coveted one of these for some years and delighted that the reality is better than I could have hoped.
May 5, 2020
The communication and support was excellent. Build quality was great. Very happy.
Mr. David Skipper
Apr 14, 2020
We had been looking for a garden room for over a year and spent hours on research and visiting numerous garden centres and had countless discussions with friends and family over what to buy. We finally plumbed for the Yorick and we are absolutely delighted with it. It did look rather daunting on arrival but once we read and re read the instructions it was extremely quick and easy to construct. With help from my son in law it took 2 full weekends to finish and make watertight... still have the decking and laminate flooring to place but that won't take too long. Great quality, great value and great service. 5 stars all round
May 5, 2019
We purchased the Yorick log cabin in early April and within a couple of weeks had it delivered to our address.

We now had it built at the back garden and we are very pleased with the whole process from start to finish - Tuin, the delivery company and the builders (Philip Osorio and his team) - were all great.

We would highly recommend!
Mr. Peter Walters
Apr 15, 2019
Having spent many hours researching and viewing various Garden Offices I finally decided on the Yorick as it gave me the space required at a very reasonable price. The recommended installation team were most helpful answering any questions I had in a most polite manner. The quality of the product is of the highest quality and due to its design very quick to build. I will certainly recommend Tuin to friends and family.
Mr. David Glover
Nov 23, 2018
Amazing service from start to finish.

The build was much easier than I could have imagined.

Thank you Tuin
Phil Loftus
Oct 14, 2018
Having visited the offices in Norwich I found the staff very helpful and it cemented my decision to purchase. The delivery of the kit was excellent and it came protected against the elements which was a benefit due to some poor weather before my installer was able to commence. I chose one of Tuin's independent installers due to the requirement for a base and additional features and they too were excellent. I've just moved in after woodstaining and painting inside and I'm looking forward to getting many hours of use.
Mr. David Byrne
May 5, 2018
First class product with first class support and when I ordered additional items they arrived just as stated. This has been a very positive experience and would highly recommend Tuin as a company of choice. The Yorick log cabin looks outstanding.
Mr. Michael Wiffen
Mar 31, 2018
Firstly I ordered the Yorick over the Website without any discussions with the team at Tuin, however the delivery date was provided within the time frame as per website advice, I have read lots of the reviews regarding Tuin and the delivery process as this was a major factor in my decision along with the quality of the product which to be honest has never really been questioned on the reviews.
I received a phone call at work from the delivery driver who said he was about 30 minutes away, the road leading up to my street and area is not the largest so I arranged to meet the lorry driver at the nearest main road about half mile away, this was no problem to the lorry driver, he even jumped in my car to go for a reccy of the road to my house.
I'll get down there no problem was his answer, I have lived there 15 years and have never seen an articulated lorry pass down this street, sure enough he got to within 100 yards of my house which then enabled him to use the forklift machine (which was not behaving itself) to drop the cabin outside my house.
The driver was a pleasure to deal with and could quite easily have made a fuss.
I built the cabin in the next break in the weather which happed to be a lovely day, after a good hour of unpacking and placing I noticed my logs were not numbered, the instructions as most have said are rubbish, there is a picture of the complete cabin which I used to build the cabin, the whole main structure without the T&G roof was up in 5 hours on my own, the roof another half day & facia which I did need assistance with due to the length, this was the hardest part as there are no heights or information as to what height this is set at, the only issue I can see is the gap required above the windows for expansion is over 40/50mm, seems strange when you have double glazed windows then 50mm gap with only facia stopping the wind? i assume soft insulation material could be packed in.

Overall quite an enjoyable experience except the rain installing the roof.
One point that I would say is very important, the base must be 100% level as best possible, you will have issues with gaps above the windows if not believe me.
I have just started the process of painting with the clear protected paint which is very expensive @ £400 and looks quite a bit of work to do the 3 coats.
Overall Tuin have delivered the cabin & paint when they said, the cabin is very well made and the delivery driver as said before was excellent.
Mr Skidmore
Jan 11, 2018
The Yorick cabin is a light airy building with large toughened glass panoramic windows. It wasn't until they were delivered that I realised they were toughened glass which was a real bonus because this was not stated on the website. I purchased the building with the 28mm annex which fits perfectly on the side. To higher the roof on the annex an additional layer of logs was installed. This enabled someone who is 5' 9" to have ample head clearance inside the annex. The cabin was built on a wooden frame with the decking area slightly lower in addition a damp proof membrane was put down between the logs and the frame. The quality of the cabin is excllenent. I chose to have the wooden flooring which was sanded and treated with manns flooring oil from wood finishes direct. The decking was treated with Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil, natural. It looks amazing. A lot of time was spent treating and painting the cabin. The logs and frame and decking were treated with Ronseal wood preserver spray. In addition the frame was also treated with creosote numerous times. The cabin logs were then treated with Sadolin Superdec which I would highly recommend, the finish is excellent and it is supposed to last 8 years, it is also flexible to cope with expansion and contraction of logs. The interior logs were treated with Protek wood stain and protector a clear acrylic flexible top coat. This is also excellent and looks and feels very natural, it gives the logs a waxy feel. I cannot underestimate the time it takes to do the job properly and the cost of quality paint and wood treatment. The cost of the wood treatment and paint was in excess of £500 with numerous coats applied to properly seal the wood. All rough edges on logs doors and windows were sanded to get the finish I wanted. 50mm insulation was added to both floor and ceiling which really does make the building suitable for year round use. Additional metal storm were braces were installed although I would point out that the cabin does come with wooden storm braces which also wasn't clear on the website and was a pleasant surprise, although the thick corner ones are rather ugly and I substituted these with the metal storm braces which are more aesthetically pleasing.

The cabin is a beautiful building and has far exceeded expectations. The large windows act as heaters when the sun shines on the building. Even in winter the sun warms the building up on a good day, I was impressed by the power of solar heat through them. The canopy is another big plus point on this building. In the summer when the sun is higher in the sky it provides more shading inside the building to help reduce heat build up from the large windows, while in the winter when the sun is lower it provides less shading and therefore more heat in the building. As far as I can see the Yorrick cabin has more glass than most of the other cabins built by Tuin so therefore benefits more from solar heat than other buildings if located in a suitable location. Another advantage of this cabin in terms of warmth is the fact that it has a 2.5 meter high planning friendly roof which means it is easier to heat the building since there is less internal area to heat up.

I intend to use the annex as a shower room with toilet and sink. The cabin has a bar area with integrated sink. All electrics have been installed to cater for expansion and contraction with slack left in cable and also the omission of trunking which can split when logs expand.

To date the cabin has been up a year and there has been no splitting of logs which I believe is due to them being properly sealed, which I thoroughly recommend.

I changed the window stays on mine to match the chrome finish of the other fittings, this was a minor cost.

I have noticed some installations have put the opening windows to the front of the building rather than the side. I would not recommend this because the ventilation is much better when the windows can both open from the sides and also it looks better having the bigger windows at the front of the cabin.

Lastly I would say that the cabin is located in an exposed sunny position overlooking a valley. It has been subject to numerous storms and 80mph winds. With storm braces fitted there has been no problem at all coping with the elements.

I would highly recommend the cabin, but do it justice and have it properly installed, set it off on with appropriate flagging or decking, (I prefer the decking) and treat and paint it properly. I have seen some really good ones and others that are the same building but look nothing special.
Mrs. Susan de Trafford
Aug 25, 2017
The pack arrived and was all there and proved to be simple to put together. The quality of the timber was good and after a day we had built the cabin walls. Currently.finoshong off the cabin and all is going well.
Tim Leonard
Jun 11, 2017
Excellent Product and Excellent service from Tuin.
From delivery through to the build the whole process has been faultless. The delivery driver turned up exactly when he said he would and was extremely helpful, setting the pallet down where I requested without question. The pallet comes securely packed and properly sealed. The build was relatively easy with the whole construction (apart from the EDPM roofing material) only taking two of us a day. The hardest part of the whole process was carrying all of the wood 60m from the front of the house to the end if the garden, luckily I called in a couple of willing friends and we had it done in a few hours. The EDPM took another half a day to get laid out on the roof and properly glued. This is a minimum of a two person job as the rubber is extremely heavy and quite difficult to move around once on the roof. As mentioned in other reviews on the website, the instructions are not great, however as long as you can use a tape measure and have taken the time to watch the blog videos they won't cause you a problem. Only things left to do are treat the wood (I have opted to use Sadolin in Gossamer Blue) and lay the floor (still waiting for my delivery of 40mm Celotex). In summary, this is a excellent product for the money and I would highly recommend both the Yorick cabin and Tuin as a company without hesitation.
Mr. Lee Clarke
Apr 20, 2017
Excellent product and staff very very helpful from start to finish
Sean McGuire
Apr 11, 2017
I recently took delivery of my new summer house, I was away on business when the delivery was scheduled and left it to my contractor to work with Tuin to ensure safe delivery on site. Everything has gone well, the construction was made easy by the logical lay out of the packs, I am lucky in that I have a large space which helped me during the construction. I am now looking forward to some better weather to enjoy the summer house.
Mar 1, 2017
The hardest part was either moving the bits of wood to the bottom of the garden, or making the base.

I managed to build most of it on my own, I had some help putting in the windows. However a reasonably fit adult should be able to complete this build in a weekend.

the instructions supplied are somewhat terse, so do read the more than excellent general guide on the Tuin web.

The build quality is fantastic, and given the correct persuasion hammer will fit together easily. (I used a thor brand maul with rawhide nose, and some spare 2x4)

Its already survived 70 MPH wind and gales without any damage. Its very well thought out simple to build shed.
Mr. Jeremy Parker
Nov 17, 2016
Would recommend. Excellent advice on wooden base prior to order - thanks Richard - it's good to use the material available on the web site to learn. Delivery worked well being dropped off when & where I wanted. Once unpacked, this takes a considerable time, the plans were easy to follow step by step. A couple of questions I had during the build were answered, via e-mail, quickly and thoroughly, with some additional fasteners supplied. EDPM went on well and feels very durable, so would recommend this for the roof. Recommended paint calculation at 20 sq me per 2.5L tin is about right. Overall very pleased with the cabin. Thanks
J Baker
Oct 3, 2016
The Yorrick Cabin is extremely well manufactured and easy to assemble. As the Tuin team say, take your time and follow the instructions and it goes up in no time.
The way the Tuin Team communicate is exceptionally good and their intent and actions are very much customer focused. This was evidenced when I experienced a couple of snags, and all were handled promptly and professionally.
I have recommended them to many interested friends and do recommend them if you are considering buying from them – high quality products and fantastic service.

Assembly time for me was as follows (I’m an average DIYer and had a friend help, who is more practical)–
- 2days – main structure, tongue and groove roof
- 1 day – fitting roof and floor insulation*, EPDM and the doors/ handles and locks
- 1 day – fitting damp proof membrane/ sheet and internal flooring tongue and groove

In addition to the standard Yorrick cabin kit, I also ordered (from Tuin) the tanalised profiled foundation beams, 18mm floor kit (it comes with every thing you need), the EPDM roof kit (includes adhesive, but I recommend an extra 500ml tin of contact adhesive too – this is more belt and braces, but comes in handy finishing the edges and drainage outlet), flat roof drainage outlet.

*I chose to insulate both the floor and roof, which added at least a day to the build. If you’re interested, I sourced this from local builders merchants, but to save the hassle I advise talking to the Tuin team to see whether they can supply.
Roof – 40mm Celotex or equivalent + battens + OSB board.
Floor 40mm Celotex or equivalent + battens + damp-proof membrane/ sheet

I’ve also treated my cabin with Sikkens HLS Plus woodstain (1x base coat) then 'Sikkens Filter 7 Plus as the topcoat (2x). Sikkens is not cheap, but lasts for a long time, is designed specifically for wooden cabins and has a large selection of colours. Be warned though, that with the 3 coats required, it takes a long time, as there is lots of on the underside of the roof and fascias, which takes time. Plan for 2.5 – 3 long days.

In summary, the Yorrick cabin is exceptionally well engineered, to a very high standard and the design makes for a real feature and talking point. Every friend and visitor we’ve had, including one in high-end property development is highly impressed by the quality and finish. Tuin are also a great company to do business with.
Mr. David Sutherland
Jun 23, 2016
We took delivery just before the long bank holiday weekend. We hoped to be able to build it over that three day period.
It was quite daunting to see how much wood there was, but once we got it unpacked and sorted out it seemed to make more sense.
I was glad I had read all the hints and tips on the website and also watched some of the videos. They helped enormously. They meant that I had a big rubber mallet which was the one tool we used most of all.

Myself, my wife and my two young daughters (11 and 13) treated this as a family project and after three busy but fun days we'd built it.
Over the next few weekends we've painted it, added a floor, insulation and the roof covering.

The neighbours have all commented on how nice it looks and we're very happy with it so far. Overall I think we've made a very good buy and we are all looking forward to using it long into the future.
Alex Nicholson
Jun 19, 2016
The delivery driver was fantastic, very helpful. It sounds obvious but the load is pretty substantial so you need somewhere set aside to put pallet and then unload all the pieces.

Essential to have a solid level base. The instructions were rather vague and could be more precise. Once worked out the construction was straightforward. However, we made a mistake with the door height and still can't work out where we went wrong. It was fine before we installed floor but once that was in the door opening was too low. So we had to cut a section away and raise door frame.

Not enough cans of glue to stick roof membrane - 2 mores cans required. Also not enough nails for floor.

We painted the garden office once constructed. Advice would be to paint the wooden roof facia before installation as tricky to do this once up.

All in all very pleased with the office. It is of high quality and friends and family have been very impressed with it.

Mrs. Mandy Richardson
May 2, 2016
This has made such a difference to my business. It was quick to assemble and has provided a warm, watertight, beautiful working space. We love it.
Mr. geoffrey haley
Apr 10, 2016
Absolutely delighted with the Yorick garden office, the build quality is excellent and many thanks to the Tuin team for a great backup service.
Mr. Alan Barclay
Apr 4, 2016
Decided to buy from Tuin as the advice blogs suited my knowledge.
Buying process for Yorick was unusual as Visa seemed to have failed so I nearly bought 2 cabins! But Karen sorted it out the next day for me.
Delivery ran smoothly.
Good advise on Richard's blog to ensure base was level and square.
Started build 1.00pm. All shell and roof beams in place by 6.30pm. The advise from Richard and Karen answering my email queries was excellent- do they never stop work replies late evening and early morning.
Could not believe how easy the build was. Numbered logs makes it a doddle.
Following day put on roof tongue and groove but this took longer than expected and rain came in so could not put on insulation boards or EPDM. Need dry day. Was hoping to do floor the next day but as the roof leaks at moment so cannot do floor.
All in all happy with purchase. Build is no problem for DIY.
Dan Britten
Mar 6, 2016
This company have been amazing. A1 customer service from start to finish. Thrilled with the cabin, thanks. We had a broken window in transit and Tuin arranged for a replacement to be ordered and fitted immediately. There is always someone on hand to help if required. This is in stark contrast to reviews I have read on other cabin manufacturers so I am very pleased I went with Tuin in the end. The only negative for me on this cabin is that I have to stoop to get in at 6 feet 2 inches whereas other company`s designs have managed to get a higher height at entry level. Thanks to Ben, Richard and Philip the cabin builder for a fantastic service. Dan.
John Ruane
Feb 14, 2016
My Yorick cabin was delivered on time. The packaging was excellent.
It is now erected and we are more than happy with the quality.
We had the floor and roof insulated and I would recommend this to anyone, it really does expand our living space and provides a beautiful garden room.
Ruin recommended a cabin fitter ( John Heard ) who was also excellent.

I spent hours researching log cabin suppliers and thankfully I chose Tuin, my cabin project has been a great experience.
mr gentle
Jan 14, 2016
The Yorick is a stylish and high quality cabin. We have been very impressed with the build quality. The double glazed windows and doors are also first class. All issues were sorted out very well with Tuin. I would recommend the Yorick
Jul 15, 2015
Really pleased with this log cabin. Went up over 3 days, but that included almost a day fitting the roof & roof insulation. Was a pleasure to build. Staff very helpful. Highly recommended.
Mr David W Wood
Jun 17, 2015
Fantastic building. Flew up and looks great. Now the envy of friends and neighbours. Very helpful staff
Hugo Antunes
May 16, 2015
Excellent Cabin, really easy to assemble, I built it over two days on my own and throughly enjoyed the experience its just like lego. Its extremely sturdy and very warm with currently just floor insulation and the envy of the neighbourhood. With its large roof it fills up a water butt quickly too! a great bonus for the plants. All in over very happy with it.
Mr. Martin Burville
Apr 13, 2015
Ordering the cabin was extremely easy and I found the people I dealt with to be very helpful. I chose the Yorick because it appeared to be of good quality, good to look at and it gave me the space I needed. I was regularly kept informed by the company as to the date of delivery and was impressed by the driver who had to negotiate the Moffett a quarter of a mile down narrow roads to get to my house, twice, and never once complained.
The cabin arrived well wrapped and apparently in good condition. When I unwrapped all the parts to get ready to build I was surprised at how solid and well made everything appeared to be. I was fortunate to have the help of a family member who works as a carpenter for a garden company which sells cabins and, with me acting as his labourer, we had the main part of the building up in less than a day. The pieces went together very easily and all were a good, tight fit. The roof and rubber covering took almost a second day to complete and the floor another day, though that was because the cabin was standing on a slope and the underfloor took a great deal of work to get it level. My working partner was impressed with both the ease with which the cabin went together and the quality of the parts. He told me that it was the best cabin he'd seen and far better quality than those sold by his employer. There's no denying it was hard work, especially as the logs are very thick and quite heavy but it was well worth the effort and in the days since it was built I have had three people ask me for details.
Dick Drain
Mar 26, 2015
I would like to let you know how my experience of purchasing with Tuin has gone.
I found your site on line and after having conversations with your team decided on a Yorick garden room to use as a pool garden room for our outside swimming pool.
I ordered and was delighted to receive the delivered room within two weeks after which I organised for the base to be laid.
Last week , Philip and his colleagues , one of your recommended erection teams arrived to put it up.
The weather was cold, wet and very windy but this did not deter them and they did a great job all day in rotten weather in the best of spirits .I could not recommend them enough for their attention to detail and professionalism.
I am am very impressed with the quality of your product and the sales and service of every body that I have spoken with during the process .
I now look forward to many years of happy use and I will send you a picture of the finished room when painted.Thanks again .
Mr. Paul Suffield
Mar 20, 2015
The log cabin has transformed our garden. We are so pleased with the design and quality of the materials. It was simple to install and took just 1 day as all the wood slotted together with ease. It is a solid building that looks stylish :-)
The delivery was on time with great communication.
Mr. Mike Simmonds
Feb 26, 2015
The ordering process for the cabin was smooth and the additional information I requested carefully explained. The delivery was on schedule and the package complete. Although assembly instructions were not entirely clear, we were able with guidance from the TUIN team to erect it using normal skills. All components were pre-machined and finished and the parts all fitted. It is exactly what it was advertised to be and I have been told that the small damages identified on delivery will be corrected.
Good value and highly recommended.
Mr. Robert Pye
Feb 20, 2015
Could not have been easier.

Product was delivered in quick time, the delivery driver put the pallets exactly where I wanted them and was very helpful.

The product was very easy to build using both the plans and installation manual received via email from Tuin.

My wife and I put it up in one wekeend (all day Saturday and all day Sunday) which was also very surprising.

Altogether very pleased and now looking forward to enjoying the new space!
Jack Ponting
Dec 21, 2014
I have yet to install my cabin as it has just arrived, I am planning to put this up over the Christmas period but I just wanted to say what a great company Tuin have been so far, I would recommend anyone thinking of buying a cabin to get one here, top rate service so far. I have been pinging Richard with lots of questions regarding the cabin as I plan on using it as cinema and what to ensure its insulated correctly and also sound proof. You can tell Richard and the team care about the products and are very keen to help. I will of course ping over some pics when I have built the cabin but just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone.
Mr. Robert Russell
Dec 16, 2014
Excellent value and delivered on time and very efficiently. Still have to put it up!!
Mrs. Jill Tenney
Oct 30, 2014
Really good service as our Yorick log cabin arrived earlier than expected. The cabin is excellent quality and very substantial. It fitted together easily and our teenage daughter even enjoyed helping! My only negative is we weren't sure which way round the door tread was supposed to go and there were no instructions stating whether the arrows should face to the left or right. Consquently we managed to put it the wrong way round and ended up with holes in the tread. Other than that we're extremely happy with the cabin. Would definitely buy Tuin products again.