Moa Log Garage 6.0m x 5.0m - 45mm Logs

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Aug 15, 2022
Went together well. Don’t be daunted by number of parts. Build completed in two days by myself. Couple of head scratching moments with the drawings provided. But nothing some logic couldn’t figure out.
William Router
Apr 4, 2022
Quite simply superb - yet again! This is the second building we have bought from Tuin and once again we are greatly pleased with the quality and simplicity of construction. It’s like Lego for grown ups!
Richard Eltham
Feb 18, 2022
Approaching 2 years now with my cabin and it is amazing. Right from when I did my first research and contacted Tuin, through the build and out of hours service they are second to none! The quality is first class and the difference it has made to working from home is amazing.
I use the Moa as a workshop and office, plus I then later added the 45mm annex as a garden equipment shed. All of the forums and videos are so helpful.
It only took me 2 days to build the main structure and Tuin have all my photos if anyone wants to ask them to see.
I have since reccomended to many friends who have purchased and some i've helped build as well. If you are an avid DIY'er you won't have a problem building a Tuin cabin.
Lastly, the prices are the best you'll get for the quality, well you can actually pay double for less quality from others! Oh and the dutch delivery drivers are really helpful, nice chaps.
Mr. David Honey
Mar 30, 2020
What a great product and amazing to see it go up in less than a day by Philip one of there approved installers. I am really pleased with the quality of the garage and the Tuin team. I did have an issue with the double doors although all my enquires were dealt with promptly and they remained helpful until resolved satisfactorily. I would definitely recommend them, give them a try.
Mar 10, 2020

After a sudden sale of a house I owned, my motorcycle collection needs to be moved within a few months, sufficient to house at least 10 bikes and some additional storage into a space slightly larger than I had.
Options of containers and other makers products were non runners mainly because of aesthetics.An emergency tin shed similar to those sold by Tuin proves its unsuitability for anything of worth.
and at 8x6 a nightmare of components and minor cuts.

Tuin soon came up on the radar, because of the completeness of the build of the cabins and the knowledge bank, an obvious winner.
Especially Richards free flowing words.
Now Im known to be tight old git with money, I do recognize quality, normally the two dont mix. As Tuin had discounted some £2000 the pounds outweighed the pennies.
The whole process of initial information, ordering, site info and delivery were incredible, friendly and honest and more to the point accurate in what was said and done, its a shame that Tuin cant influence or correct other sales teams, and powers tat be.

The cabin has arrived mid February wet cold and not to inviting, my builder having done the concrete base days earlier which proved accurate in levels.

The first thing to greet you is sheer mass of timber also the compactness of the contents, My luck was that the info pack was at the top.This is a slightly daunting A4 plastic folder, the drawings are much smaller than the A4 with no text other than part ID numbers and sizes, these drawings need to be much larger to fill the paper and might benefit from combining to a laminated A1 sheet that can be fastened close to the assembly site. Details of log number changes are partially hidden and need enlarging.
I found that some of the smaller timbers were either unidentified or in the case of the gables amalgamated into single items, Some items were omitted from the contents probably due to that, the contents included a full length board not identified as to purpose but on the contents sheet. Probably spare timer as only one joint had been cut. Marked as 000.
As the weather was poor I removed the items, sorted into like piles taking fittings, doors and windows inside, make sure that you work out the timber pile into a build order and replace them under the original wrapping which forms a brilliant cover easily weighted.
Using the additional (Uk) supplied base logs I used upvc facia board, used outer surface down cut to slightly wider than the width of the base logs, say 60mm. This forms a waterproof membrane 10 mm approx thick and by leaving the edge in place forms a upstand internal lip of about 35mm to catch later timber treatment making it flow under the base log and stopping any timber sitting in water.

Use well spaced screws on inner raised edge to secure in place, this helps to keep the timbers straight before final screwing. Do not screw from underneath as the screws will corrode. I have used this on other builds with no wood rot, the plastic is soft and will adapt to small bumps and imperfections in the concrete.
Other than the additional base log/upvc laying out, work began last Wednesday and today Monday all but the roof boards are on, help being restricted to the roof gables and trusses about 1hr, the rest on my own, say about 10hrs total so far (age 68 gsoh), over 3 working days interrupted by weather.

Even my wife who is a devout anti biker and our neighbough who was convinced of my closed wallet and knack of not buying the ideal have posted on the dreaded antisocial media sites saying how much they admire the Tuin Moa.

The wood has not needed anything more than gentle persuasion, and sit without trimming and have been perfect in jointing, so far free of anything more than a few 5mm gaps between the timbers. There own weight is resolving this issue and are closing well. Incredible timber engineering. I have no doubts regarding the roof boards and remaining trim.

Big 32 oz rubber mallets, I bought two from fleebay, one black and one white, no visual marking from either but on one the head detached due to internal separation, take care as the propelled head would have caused severe pain or damage, the seller kindly replacing it. Use a wood block to spread the load of impacts.

Building is logical and intuitive for most of the build up to the eaves, Some close scrutiny needed due to numbers and size of the drawings,dont get the boards wrongly placed I imagine very difficult to separate.

The sheer simplicity accuracy and design have to be appreciated, so far no saw needed and all joints spot on. Some understanding of the effects of weather on the smaller timbers explains the uneven door and window apertures, which seem to be self correcting, the timber treatment will be vital in this area.

If I was to criticize on a part of the build it would be the door lock being a single mortise, this needs to be some multi fingure locking which should prevent warping and increase
Mr. Robert Sproat
Aug 30, 2018
Brilliant cabin , excellent delivery driver . A superb product . A few twisted and bent boards and about 500 nails short but nothing to write home about . Building straight forward with few hitches . All in all extremely satisfactory. Congratulations .
Ian Saunders
Jun 23, 2018
The Moa garage/shed was delivered Tuesday 5th June. It was sheduled for delivery on Monday 4th June but was delayed due to traffic problems. The delivery driver, "Diddy" phoned on Monday to advise us of the delay and turned up at 7.30am on Tuesday as promised. He delivered the package exactly where we requested in spite of some local obstructions and did so with a very cheerful countenance. All in all, a very good delivery service. Well done "Diddy".
My local Joiner Sam Hannah and his pal were initially taken aback when they first saw the size of the flatpack garage. But they soon recovered and had the main structure up by close of play. The second day saw the roof boards on and the roof partially shingled, the third day finished off the roof and day 4 was hanging the doors and tidying up in spite of the stormy conditions with 50/60 mph gusts of wind and driving rain. As this was the first time putting up such a structure the guy's did very well. The next one they do will be much faster I'm sure! They both commented that once they understood the design it was very easy to put the components together. There were no broken or missing parts and I now have a garage/workshop that many passers by have commented very favourable on with a few others now thinking seriously about doing something similar. This weekend will see the structure preserved as I have invited the family to a painting party!
Harvey Greensmith
Apr 11, 2018
All pre-delivery communications were very good. Bit of damage to cargo when unpackaged, but nothing some sandpaper, glue and a clamp couldn't put right.
Put together entire building unassisted, though did have to de-construct the gables in order to do so, over an Easter bank holiday.
Very pleased with the end result - though a lot of staining/painting now required.
Pedestrian door frame instructions a bit vague (need to flush threshold to rear, which doesn't look as though the door will fit, but allows for the draft-excluders.
Only real gripe is that whilst instructions do state that one or two screws needed here or there, nails for the roof and shingles were supplied, and yet I had to twice take a trip down the merchants to pick up nearly 4kg of 2" roundwire and 20mm felt clouts
Pete Bicheno
Mar 5, 2018
This is a great looking building that we really like. It is spacious and having insulated under the floor is also warm and dry. It is going to make a great workshop and store.

The build itself is daunting when you first look at it but after sorting out all the parts and making sure you have the slightly different ones separated it goes ahead quickly. It took 8 of us a day to assemble (a Scottish winter day so short on daylight) and a day to lay a floor and fix the shingles. The hardest part was lifting up and fitting the gables and getting the purlins in place. Check that the building is square at the top before you do this as it might need a nudge. We found the purlins to be too tight and after a coupe of breaks I eased them with a chisel. Only a smidgen but it saved the rest from problems. The broken parts glued back on ok using polyurethane glue.

The shingles took longer to fix than expected and as it was cold the shingle glue didn't go as far as we had hoped. I'll have to go back later and add a bit where needed. But again not a disaster.

Lucky we did get the roof completed though as two days later we had over a foot of snow. The Moa is dry inside and warm compared to outside. We think it looks great and should give many years of good service. Many years ago I worked as a joiner so I recognise quality in wooden buildings. I put enough together then. The quality is good, the size is good, the appearance is good, the service is good. And your driver is a real star. Thank you.

Dec 2, 2017
Bought the Moa for storing my classic car and also for the wife's gardening equipment and can honestly say from start to finish Tuin have been a pleasure to deal with from the start where I asked for delivery to be brought forward 3 weeks which was not a problem for them .
The building itself is a very straight forward afair to assemble, the most difficult was the roof only because I suffer with a bad back .
Overall I would highly recommend Tuin as a company and their product is really well made .
Thank you Tuin it's been a pleasure

Christine Lothian
Nov 13, 2017
Although overall happy with the cabin there were a few issues. While fitting the roof purlins two of these split which will require repair. The single door facing was fitted to the frame at an angle which resulted in being unable to fit the door hardware until this was refitted correctly. Although having purchased guttering along with the cabin the appropriate thickness of barge board was not supplied to accommodate the guttering brackets resulting in purchasing additional wood locally. Not enough nails were provided to fit the roof boards. The customer service was excellent with good communication and the delivery driver was friendly and pleasant. I would happily buy another product from Tuin.
Mr. Antony Barker
Aug 30, 2017
I bought the Moa Garage (after much research) and was not disappointed. Ordering and delivery was stress free, on time (in the middle of the two hour slot) and delivered exactly where I asked. Assembly was easy once you have read the instructions, and with surprisingly few tools required. I had to contact Tuin by email once or twice just for advice, who always responded quickly and were very helpful. The website is also a great source for help and advice. Everything in my delivery was as it should be, all parts went together well with not one bit missing, or extra!
Now it is built, I am so happy with the result, people comment on how good it looks all the time. As projects go, I have really enjoyed building this. I cannot say anymore really, apart from how easy to deal with Tuin were throughout. One very happy customer!
Andrew Streets
Apr 11, 2016
Went together really well. Watching the installation videos on the Tuin site was very helpful. It really looks the part now it is up.
Mr. Kevin Smith
Nov 25, 2015
Excellent product, even postie commented on how good it looks! and backed up by an A1 customer service, nothing is too much trouble and missing or damaged parts replaced without question. I've already recommended to other people
Mr. Jonathan Morgan
Feb 4, 2015
I am delighted with my Moa garage/workshop. The quality of materials is excellent and went together in just over a day with my wife helping out for some of the higher logs and room beams. All joints fitted perfectly. The service I received was excellent - including the delivery .

I will be buying another Thin log cabin for my back garden in the summer!