Geir Log Garage 3.6m x 5.4m - 45mm Logs

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Paul Nicholas Watts
Jul 27, 2023
Update (5 yrs ago) on Geir garage with 2 extra large windows added. We use it as a gym and its as good if not better as purpose built home office / gym type buildings that would have cost 2+ as much. Planning restrictions did not allow us to site anything other than a garage. It went up easily enough - no issues and quite a lot of wood left over that got reused. We insulated the roof with celotex and used Coroline bitumen sheets as long lasting and better look than shingles. A few lessons - 1. we used the plastic foundation beams but should have waterproofed sealed them on to the concrete base as it leaked later. Solved this with the use of aluminum flashing inside and outside. 2. If you have time its best to paint each log before assembly but this is time consuming - however, it will prevent untreated wood being exposed when the logs expand (up to 4 cm). 3. Likewise, make sure any electrical conduits have enough movement for expansion and contraction - can be a lot more than you imagine. 4. We used the Turin paint (green) 2 coats - lasted 5 years so only just ok given the cost but replaced now with Finnish wood paint (undercoat and top) - even more expensive but should last 10 yrs. 5. If building it today I would have used an insulated floor (Celotex under the concrete base) as most heat it lost via the floor and roof.
Mar 22, 2023
Great product. Built and assembled myself. Passers by ask me where it was purchased from, they are impressed by quality. Tips - the instructions are not well written. Make sure you watch the on-line videos for fitting pre-formed base and roof tiles. A spare log is provided but there is no indication what this is for. It is used to for 4 logs between the windows. The kit provides 4 pre-cut logs (instructions list 4) 8 are required. I put battens along side barge boards for added strength.
Derek Clack
Jan 22, 2022
There were a few set backs, delayed delivery due to COVID and wood shortage and glass broken in pedestrian door on arrival, however this has been replaced and paid for by Tuin. It’s been a lot of work painting and treating it. We adapted ours slightly at the front garage door frame, as a design fault means if you put the base wooden frame all the way round the bottom, it creates a threshold to drive over, we cut ours out and created a lintel over the door frame to cover the 2 inches gap. We also had to move the garage door hinges 10ml for the doors to open and shut correctly. We fitted guttering to ours for water run off. Despite all of this extra work and set backs we are very happy with the end result, garage is very spacious and is good quality. But definitely took a lot longer than we thought it would.
Graham Edgar Boyles
Dec 9, 2021
An excellent product that is exactly as described in the blurb. Relatively easy to install, i did it alone in 3 days, not a problem but it would have been much easier with two people.
Very robust and solid, i replaced a large standard type shed with it and there is no comparison, many times better and more useable.
Richard Pearson
Mar 29, 2020
Where do I begin? Delivery lorry broke down somewhere north of York, and so the delivery could not be made on the arranged day. The driver kept us fully informed and working together we made sure that somebody was here to receive the package when it arrived. Everything was unloaded and placed on our drive without issue. Slight problem with damage to one of the foundation beams, but still had enough to continue with the build so did not report the damage.
This is the second building we’ve had from Tuin, so I assembled the same group of friends and family who built the first one. The instructions which came with the Geir garage were not very good to be hones and were certainly not as detailed as the instructions supplied with the Inge log cabin, but we pressed on and with the promise of free food and refreshments the build was completed in 1.5 days.
The floor was completed by two of us the following weekend.
I was not very happy with the garage door supports and lintel – the doors are very heavy and I did not like the lack of support for the doors from the floor. So widening the door aperture, I constructed a 75 * 75 “U” section in the door way and hung the doors from this. I allowed to expansion to the top from the bottom. So apart from the doors, build went as expected.
Will we be buying anything else from Tuin? Yes, the next project is to dismantle the Inge log cabin, and in it’s place erect the Leeds Log Cabin. Approximately the same size with a veranda. The Inge log cabin will be cut in half and used to build an annex onto the back of the Leeds cabin…
Leslie Kay
Mar 14, 2020
A very good quality log style garage. Fairly easy to assemble (I am a professional handyman though), and looks very impressive once constructed. Door handles require much too much precision to attach to doors. Door & window openings have much greater clearance between frame and surrounding wooden logs than needed. Precise instructions for particular model was not available, such small details make a lot of difference to ease of building. Overall a great building, I'm very pleased with the purchase and construction.
Nick Y
Feb 17, 2020
This is the third Tuin shed I have purchased and I cannot find a fault with either the sheds or the service.
The sheds are brilliant, go together easily and are really solid. There is no comparison between a Tuin shed and the normal shiplap board type which I have purchased in the past.
I would highly recommend Tuin both for their products, prices and service.
Mr. graham cogman
Jun 13, 2019
Overall very impressed. Timber quality seemed good and in spite of this being my first attempt, the build was straightforward. I was short of one pack of shingles, but a call to Tuin resulted in delivery next day. Just a couple of points. The shingles I ordered had six tabs and each tab was therefore too small to make the ridge. Tuin suggested stacking a double with a single on top. This did work, but they did not cover very well. I would recommend taking Tuin up on their offer to supply three tabbed shingles just for the ridge. The other issue is that the timber batten finishers supplied to fix guttering to, is too small. Even using mini guttering it's difficult to get any fall - a taller section would be a big help. I ran a circular saw along the bottom of the roof boards, set to cut vertically, and this allowed the gutter boards to sit straight - which looks much neater. Really pleased with my new garage, looks superb.
Mr. Christopher Watton
Apr 25, 2019
After much research on the internet the Geir single garage was chosen to be the new workshop. The whole process from the ordering, the delivery, the erecting and the quality of the finished product has been 5 star. I had a concrete base put down which was so important, it gave a proper, level floor on which to start construction which took 3 days to complete. Any questions or queries I had was dealt with in an efficient, friendly manner and I am delighted with my purchase. I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin and the Geir Log cabin Garage/workshop.
Mr. Colin Ingham
Apr 12, 2019
Good quality product, straightforward assembly.
but make sure base is level
delivery no problem.
good value for money.
Mr. Alex Clark
Nov 26, 2018
Fast efficient delivery. As discribed. Great product and customer support.
Mrs. Mandie Ranyard
Jul 26, 2018
Perfect cabin to replace my old workshop ,went up well ,all done a dusted in 9 hours ,many thanks
Mr. Charles Elson
Dec 27, 2017
This is the third building that we have purchased from Tuin 2 Summerhouses and a garage. Can't fault any of them the build quality so much better than anything else we have seen from anything in the same price bracket UK. Slight problem with latest delivery as driver did not call 1 hr beforehand but sorted with 1 call to Tuin (he waited 40 minutes until we could get back to receive delivery) super customer service. We were given a list of 2 approved fitters local to our area I called both 1 quoted double the other so do take the time to check. The fitters made an excellent job and worked through the cold and pouring rain. This was arranged by Phil from Bedford top marks for their service too. I am usually wary of making recommendations as they can sometimes come back to slap you in the face but no fears with Tuin would and do have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
paul watts
Oct 14, 2017
Ordering and delivery went very smoothly - arranged to meet the driver 1 mile from the drop off as the road was challenging for a large artic. I drove him on the route and we agreed to park up 1/2 mile from the drop off and use the very impressive fork lift for the final part. Driver was extremely professional and skilled and he managed to get the 6m long by 2m wide 1.2 ton package safely to its destination. I would guess he could manage virtually any location using the combination of truck and forklift. The package now sits awaiting completion of its base - a somewhat bigger challenge than planned given its on a hill side. (Base construction will probably cost as much as the garage and take a lot longer than the build..) Will update the review once construction is underway.
Janis Gray-Underhill
Oct 3, 2017
Really impressed with delivery, as we live in a small cul-de-sac where space is tight, but as promised garage arrived on the day.
The only part we can find fault with is that there were only four hinges (2 per door)
In the picture of the garage there are three hinges per door.
Also the shingles were wet when they arrived.
Mr. John Knight
Sep 25, 2017
As a near 70 year old man with a 65 year old wife I was aprehensive about undertaking such a construction project. I am pleased to report that it went together surprisingly easily although it got a bit tougher at roof level as I am not good with heights. The resulting structure is impressively robust and is universally admired by visitors.
Mr. Noel Stephenson
Jun 12, 2017
Very pleased. Delivered on time. Very well packed. Delivery driver was very helpful. Built it in 2 days with a little help. All went well. Very professional service from Tuin. I would highly recommend this Garage Log Cabin and Tuin.
Colin Kilbride
Jan 19, 2017
A fantastic product. Everything just slots together, it's solid and feels like a real quality product. The support and documentation means that the build is well within the abilities of the very average DIYer.
Really happy with my purchase.
brian wood
Nov 14, 2016
Excellent product. Essential to have a level base. Recommend felting the roof before nailing the shingles. To preserve the bottom half and full logs and the ring beam treat them before fitting .Undercoat used was sikkens rubbolprime plus colour grey 2 coats. Windows side door and double doors were stained light oak using sadolins.I have not treated the inside yet but will probably use a clear sealer/preservative. Have sent 60 pics of the job to Tuin so anyone can view i trust. Like to be able telephone a company in lieu of email and Tuin provide this old fashioned service .Would not have dealt with the company otherwise. Highly recommend.
Mr. Peter Maynard
May 1, 2016
Very pleased with my purchase. Delivery date was flexible prompt and without issue despite living down a single track lane. (Des the driver was a little concerned at first) Assembly was relatively easy, about 2 days in all, the recent weather did slow us down a little but looks very good. Just need to add power and a touch of colour.
Had a couple of queries and staff dealt with these within minutes even out of hours - Fab.
M William F Griffiths
Apr 5, 2016
Hello Tuin Team,

Here is our experience with the build, of which we are very proud to say that it went very well.
I'm seventy one years young and was helped by my wonderful wife (age withheld), using the Tuin instructions and recommended tools. We had prepared the base during our drive build using a contractor, that stage had not made a firm decision to take the kit from Tuin.
The kit arrived packed for all weathers and the delivery driver called first and assisted by placing the kit on my drive. It was a beast of a pack and we had to wait till I could schedule in the time to build being just before Easter.
The check on materials took most of the first day working on my own sorting to the build pattern.
We made a decision to paint each part as we built following the instructions. I am an engineer quite used to following instructions and watched the available video's on line. Tooling required is minimal and we had to think through handling the larger parts once the building grew, the Apex being most heavy but we managed, could have done with more muscle power or lifting gear. I put some safety prop's in place just in case of tilting and dropping; that gave us some security.
The roof was easy but time consuming, only had to trim minimal to fit, the shingles were hard on my knee's, but again, quite easy as I had watched the video twice. Door's fitted okay with adjustments made to the frame using the rubber mallet to get everything squared and in line. I then screwed the side door frame step to the foundation and put a bracket on each front door post into the foundation base.
In all of this we had very good service from the Tuin Team two minor issues one garage door got bent in the packing and the 3 off apex were not symmetrical (but all the same) I did not notice the offset and had to adjust the one. I would recommend you check these are all the same direction before lifting into place and trying to fit the purling. All in all a fantastic result we are well pleased with the result and would recommend Tuin Products based on this build. Thanks Tuin-Team. Bill & Sue Griffiths.
Mr. William F Griffiths
Feb 22, 2016
Excellent Service . Great instructions .
Mr. Nish Chirodian
Feb 13, 2016
Easy and quick to assemble, although initially the pile of timber was daunting. The quaility and fit of all the components has been very impressive. I spray treated it all prior to assembly, and my 14 year old Son and I were able to assemble the main structure in 2 evenings, using a prefabricated concrete base.
Everything fitted together perfectly. The only remaining tasks are the roof shingles, door hardware and painting.
I would estimate that 2 adults working together would be able to do the construction easily in 2 full days. One issue is that I have a scaffolding tower which is very useful for access to the roof, which would have been a bit more tricky with ladders alone.
Paul Burgess
Jan 7, 2016
This is my second review, the first being for the Torsten that I am using as an office which is excellent. I also purchased a Geir which was the second project undertaken.

The cabin was delivered on a pallet was in approximately 10 days from the date of order. The haulier was extremely accommodating and managed to get the pallet down a restricted width side access to the back of my garden, despite heavy rain and a slippery sloping surface.

The pallet was stored for some time before it was opened and the project started. There was an error with three of the logs being too short. However, I new from previous experience how quick Tuin's customer service was so emailed them with a photo of the offending logs and they arranged for replacements to be sent the same day with 24 hour delivery. One of the doors was damaged so they sent Wayne to my home to repair and insert several bolts in both doors to leave them in a stronger state.

The cabin is now finished and I am extremely happy with my choice and quality of the cabin and, particularly, with the choice of Tuin. A friend purchased a cabin (before I did) from an alternative supplier and the Tuin is clearly well ahead in quality.

A final and very important mention must be made about the level of service and general care shown by the Tuin staff. It is truly exemplary. I get the impression that Richard does not sleep! He is SO speedy with his responses to queries and requests for help, virtually any time day or night. Richard and his team clearly care about their customers and making sure they are happy. It's a real shame that certain telecommunication companies and utility providers can't provide half the level of service that TUIN UK do -if they did, they would clean up the market!
Ian Banton
Aug 22, 2015
The package was opened after being stored for 6 months and Garage fitted together perfectly. Easy to follow instructions but getting a flat level base is essential. I Will definately buy again from Tuin
Mr. Brian Pearce
Apr 28, 2015
A great product for those wanting a log cabin look but still want the option of a garage. Good quality wood and fittings. Excellent delivery service using a forklift to access the narrow side streets of London
Mr. Ian Banton
Feb 27, 2015
I ordered my Garage on New Years eve. I was surprised to receive an email back on New Years day from the team stating that channel island delivery was excluded but they could deliver to a port of my choice. I've not built the garage yet but if it's anything like the help and service I received I'm sure it will be great.
Mr. Matthew Foulger
Jan 24, 2015
Initial issue with delivery taking longer than expected and arrived minus the doors. However tuin rectified this and the quality of the product is great. Assembly very straight forward and looks great in the garden
Mr. Peter Hynes
Oct 3, 2014
The product is good and is great value for money.However the log garage turned up with no doors or frame as it was left on the vehicle.We did receive it the following day after we made the call to say it was not delivered.
Mr. Alan Cole
Aug 12, 2014
I am very happy with the garage and it went up a lot easier than I imagined it would. I was missing fixing kit with my delivery and contact UK department and they sent out missing kit and it arrived next morning before it was needed. excellent.