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Christopher Goodhall
Feb 17, 2023
I would recommend everyone buying a timber building to have this treatment!
You can see the difference from bare wood. And it is very reassuring to know that your timber building will be around for many years rot free.
Mr. Peter Thomson
Dec 1, 2022
Very happy we choose the Immersion treatment not only from a protection point of view but for asthetics as well. The silver treatment blends in really well with our Grey themed build
Brian Holland
Sep 23, 2020
Purchased this as a project to do, half is my Bar area and the other half is a Gym for my partner.
Well built cabin, easy to assemble, but could do with clearer instructions, still it has given very good serviced if protected with a good quality exterior paint should last well, would I buy again, YES most defiantly I am even considering an add on to my cabin !!
Ms. Debbie Ruddock
Aug 12, 2018
Impressed with the end result, none of the planks warped We chose the silver colour treatment and really pleased with how it looks. Hopefully this will add extra life to our cabin.
Ms. Angela Norris
Jun 18, 2018
So pleased we ordered the treatment, saved time painting on anti rot! Received a small pot to paint any cut edges (which were very few as the cabin is extremely well made and only needed a minimal amount of shaving one piece to ensure secure fit above the door frame! We picked the silver colour which is lovely, and I am torn about painting the inside, I may use clear treatment as the colour is perfect like driftwood. I painted the outside with weatherproof paint in a grey green colour, and the frames blue which went on lovely (the silver treatment seemed to enhance the colours) I painted the door yellow and needed three coats for solid colour. The addition of treatment was said to add on time to the planned date of delivery but I think we were lucky as it arrived a lot earlier than we thought, meaning we could build it listening to Glastonbury! Recommend the treatment totally! It looks great and deep into the wood! Thanks TUIN!
Mrs. biddy ross
May 25, 2018
The short wait while immersion treatment was carried out suited me fine. The person who assembled the cabin for me was impressed that all the parts had been treated thoroughly.
Sep 28, 2017
I paid the extra to have my Jami cabin treated, my reasoning was paying out a fair chunk of money for the cabin why not pay a little extra and hopefully extend the life of the cabin. I have only had the cabin a month so I cannot comment on its effectiveness, it does give the wood a slight tint of colour, in my case green but as it needs to be stained for weather proofing this really didn't matter.
Mr. Scott Wickens
Jul 20, 2017
The treatment seemed good, but I think may have distorted some of the wood, so made it quite difficult, in places, to slot the wood together.
Arthur Disbury
Jan 3, 2017
Excellent service to treat the cabin and it arrived over a fortnight early which was a bonus as there is only about 5 hours usable daylight at this time of the year.
Pat Flanagan
Feb 29, 2016
Got Marit Log Cabin Gazebo 4.0 x 4.0m in brown, came out a nice light brown.
We are very happy with the colour. There was only a choice of green or brown when I ordered, now there is also a sliver grey.
I thought the colour would have penetrated deeper into the wood, on pieces of roof boards that were cut it was just on the surface.
But I guess that is all that is needed to protect against rot.
I also ordered extra to touch up cut ends but there was two small bottles included for touch up.
Mrs. Sue Ind
May 7, 2015
ordered colour green but it does not take away colour of wood so pleased with that.
Mr. Kevin Charlesworth
Mar 14, 2015
good product