Idonea Log Cabin 3.20 x 2.60m

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Feb 21, 2022
nice piece of kit, easy to install and very robust, i installed this in 3 days by myself, not bad for a 64 year old. this is my second purchase from Tuin.
Ian mcwhinney
Feb 1, 2022
Bought yet another cabin from tuin, all of them different, the only thing the same was quality and service, very pleased with this beautiful little cabin pit it together with my 10 year old daughters help/instructions!
Thanks again tuin for a excellent product and a very agreeable price
Sean Mcelroy
Feb 14, 2021
After searching through many, many summerhouse/log cabin providers and the full range they each provided, my partner and I were instantly drawn to the Tuin Idonea.
Having meticulously worked out a position and rotation for the said cabin, we set about preparing the ground, solid wooden base frame and 'below ground ' waterproofing.
Having ordered the cabin a month earlier, we waited eagerly for its delivery. As advertised, I recieved an email confirming delivery date, followed by a phone call from the delivery driver, exactly on time. The drop off point was ready for the wrapped cabin, which arrived intact and on time.
The next day we started the build. Everything was detailed as per the drawings/instructions and having set the foundation beams we began to assemble the walls of the cabin.
Having watched a video of the build, plus reading many tips (on the Tuin site) on constructing cabins, we found it all came together very nicely.
As I was working when the cabin arrived, the build was spread over 3 days, approximately 3 or 4 hours each day. Final jobs, roof tiles, adjustments to doors and windows, painting, were completed as the cabin settled. Electrical power (to add light and heat) completed a beautiful cabin build, that my partner and I will spend many happy days sitting in and talking to others about.
We definitely recommend this outstanding company to anyone thinking of any outdoor building.
Thanks Tuin

Regards Mr McElroy

Mr. Kevin Garrett
Aug 29, 2020
Overall my wife loves her craft cabin. There were a few niggles in the build especially the extra money we paid for the foundation beams . Not cut to size and a complete nightmare to fit.some of the panels were warped so there is a point at the front where it’s got a slight gap. Shutters bit naff and no closures with them. Door locks and window closures really good. Instructions good as well. Wouldn’t recommend to a complete novice but generally happy overall
Bryan Lane
Apr 1, 2019
After we were let down by a local shed & log cabin supplier, we needed to find an alternative company to provide the log cabin that we required to use as an outside storage room and shed. Having searched the internet on a well known search engine, we came across Tuin. The first thing I did was to discuss the issue that caused the dispute with our previous supplier to make sure Tuin’s Terms and conditions were fair and legal (after Trading Standards confirmed to me that our previous supplier’s Ts&Cs were actually illegal). The Tuin representative was more than happy to share their Ts&Cs with me even though at that point, I hadn’t placed an order. Having read through them, I found them to be refreshingly legal and fair. So first hurdle completed ! Then I wished to place an order for the Idonea log cabin but wondered how long I’d have to wait (our previous supplier made us wait ten weeks before we then got into the dispute over Ts&Cs). Well imagine my surprise when Tuin could deliver in a couple of weeks ! In the event that was a bit too early, so we settled on about four. I didn’t even have to pay any money upfront, in fact I didn’t have to pay until a week before delivery. Then our cabin was delivered by a very obliging haulage company, the driver delivered it exactly where I wanted it and sent me a photo (I was at work) to make sure I was happy. We had our cabin built by a local carpenter, Martin Ring in Eastbourne and the result is stunning. We are over the moon with the end result. Just a couple of minor points, Martin suggested it would have been helpful if the first layer of planks were positively identified as they spent quite a bit of time locating them and were a little worried even then when they started construction. The other minor point is that as supplied, there are no latches for the shutters so they kept blowing open. We fixed this by getting some sash window latches which do the job perfectly. So I can’t thank Tuin enough and highly recommend both them and the Idonea cabin.
OIB, Kent
Mar 2, 2018
Very pleased with the quality of the Tuin cabin we ordered. It went together well and looks like it will last a good while.

The delivery service was a big plus for us as we live up a private lane where a big truck wouldnt fit - but the on board fork lift had the cabin exactly where we needed it.

Only thing which wasnt perfect would be the screws they supply need a 6 pointed screwdriver rather than a standard Philipps type one. So we had to buy our own ones, but they werent very expensive.
william anderson
Sep 15, 2017
Not impressed!Engineered timber floor boards plus floor joists not in one length. Shutters very poorly made no means provided for fastening shut. Overall very disappointed with the quality of the machining
of timbers.
Lisa Holloway
May 11, 2017
I am so happy with my cabin the build quality is fantastic and I have waited until now when I have finally finished the outside after many hours of painting to get the look I wanted. The delivery service was excellent and it won't be long and my guinea pigs will be moving into their new home, the only delays we have had were due to the great British weather. I will forward pictures via your e-mail
Alan Rendle-Eames
Apr 2, 2017
I looked for some time at the different make Cabins available online, i chose Tuin after a friend purchased one. I have to say right from the day of order to delivery the customer service was excellent and very helpful.
The delivery was extremely organised and efficient. The cabin went together very easily with clear instructions available on the Net.
The quality of the manufactured wood parts is excellent, i am a toolmaker so appreciate precision parts.
I cant recommend Tuin enough, Thank you.
Steven Wiseman
Oct 19, 2016
This cabin, was delivered into my drive with no fuss, and was as easy to assemble as a IKEA wardrobe.
The Quality was exceptional, with only a couple of minor defects.
The free Shingle offer is another major plus.
The windows are glazed and fitted on study hinges.
The Door is very solid and has the lock housing, pre-drilled for installation.
The online support videos are brilliant.
The only slight problem I had was deciding how to finish the shingles, and there were a few confusing/conflicting options.
In the end a few You tube videos later and it was sorted.
I recommend fixing an underlay under the shingles, which was a cheap and easy option.
I love this cabin and recommend Tuin 100%.

Regards Steve
Mrs. lucy boland
Oct 8, 2016
Great product. We had previously had another cabin from another company and decided this time at our new house to go with Tuin because of the lower costs. We are thoroughly pleased with our choice as the quality is great and the price good.