Hyper Modern Log Cabin 3.2x2.6m

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Mrs. Sylvia Hempel
Dec 15, 2023
I am pleased with the cabin, it is now in situ and when the rest of the refurbishment of the garden is finished I think it will blend in nicely. Ordering was easy it did arrive a day early, no builders on site but the delivery/driver was great and helpful.
I would recommend the cabin a neat size perfect for a variety of uses.
Mr. Graeme Stewart
Mar 9, 2022
Purchased Hyper Modern Log Cabin to create a play room for my granddaughters.
Tuin provided an excellent service from purchase to delivery. Updated regularly on delivery dates allowed me to plan effectively for receiving the cabin and construction.
Though not a joiner and with help of family friends building the cabin was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Thanks must also be given to the delivery driver who worked hard to drop of the materials on a busy road.
I would certainly recommend this cabin and the supplier Tuin
Mr. Craig Mcharrie
Nov 24, 2021
We are happy with our product but we do have some issues at the moment with it.Now that winter has arrived we have noticed the corners inside are turning black.We have tried sealing the corners but the problem still exists.We also have a problem with dampness where the glass on the doors are.These came already made up so I’d have thought they would have been properly sealed.We have put extra sealing on the outside so I’m hoping this will stop this.the cabin itself is sturdy and quite easy to assemble.
Tuin reply: Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback although we're sorry there are some issues around the glazing. This is something that has come up before.

The glass panes sadly cannot be sent pre-sealed to that degree. Not that we don't want to as the more we can do the better. However the problem comes during transport. Sometimes glass can arrive cracked/broken. If we were to seal the panes prior to arrival with silicone this can then make the broken units a nightmare to remove.

Also as the buildings are supplied un-treated, we don't like the idea of adding a thick bead of sealant over bare wood that you might want a different colour.

Silicone around the outside after you have treated should solve this problem, also consider air vents inside to help prevent the build of of moisture.

Please email us with some images if this doesn't work out.

Martin Augier
Oct 22, 2021
The kit arrived in a timely manner and very well packaged. It takes a while to understand the instructions but anyone with a modicum of skill should have no problems. It was relatively easy to assemble but took 2 of us 2 days. ( I day if I was doing it again ).
I am really impressed with the finished product and would highly recommend this company.
Also it is critical the wood is painted with appropriate paint immediately and the instructions on this point were very helpful and explicit.

I am 70 and I am sure this cabin will outlast me!
Mr. Richard Burt
Jan 22, 2021
I wanted to purchase a good quality garden shed for use as a workshop. This soon changed to a log cabin after reviewing the quality of products on line. And the Tuin products appeared to be leagues ahead of other manufacturers both in terms of quality and customer feedback.
I settled on the Hyper Modern Log Cabin and ordered online which was a very simple process. Shortly after placing the order the sales department,ent contacted me to confirm the details and offered to clarify any questions or issues I may have had. Purchasing was a hassle free and a remarkably enjoyable process. A delivery date was agreed and, on schedule, a large Tuin lorry arrived. The driver was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and proud of the Tuin products. The forklift truck made delivery. The descriptions on the Tuin website about the delivery process is accurate. The pallet was well packed and no items were damaged. Unpacking and identifying the inventory looks daunting but is remarkably easy. Identifying they common items and storing them in relevant piles prior to build saves a lot of time and head scratching.
A good level base is important and I prepared a solid concrete based several weeks before cabin delivery. I highly recommend the composite, profiled foundations keep the wooden logs out of any damp. All the logs were accurately profiled with no warping or significant splits. As such assembly took 1-2 days including an initial coat of preservative.
I did order the tongue and groove flooring but did not use it. Instead I purchased interlocking PVC workshop tiles which site directly on the concrete base.
The EPDM roofing is easy to lay once you manhandle the roll onto the roof and lay it out.
Overall - an excellent cabin and I would have no hesitation to purchase from Tuin again.
Elizabeth Biegun-Laroy
May 4, 2020
Very good product. Met all the expectations. Was delivered on time. It was easy to assemble. The website is very helpful in choosing the right product and all optional elements. The cabin looks very smart and functional. Highly recommended!
Mr. Samuel Young
Jan 4, 2020
Great service from the moment of contact, quick response to any questions, regarding sizes, delivery and payment.Only disappointing that cabins can’t be painted at source, think would be beneficial on long run.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we are sorry if it is not clear but we do offer both immersion treatment and pre-painting for all our timber products. We will try to make this clearer as an option for future customers. https://www.tuin.co.uk/Spray-Coating-Timber.html and https://www.tuin.co.uk/Immersion-of-Log-Cabins.html
Oct 9, 2019
Excellent service delivered at the time specified.
Product is as described and extremely happy with the finished result. Will most certainly use again and will recommend to our friends and family
Derrick Pearson
Apr 13, 2018
Service from ordering to deliver was proffesionally managed and any questions answered quickly.Erection of the unit has taken half a day and looks excellent.
Mr. giles todd
Aug 30, 2017
This log cabin is amazing, Great value for money and very easy to assemble. It is a very clean and modern design. The whole process from purchasing to assembly has been faultless.
Mr. David Southam
Nov 13, 2016
Very good quality and easy to assemble apart from the pent roof which could do with better instructions.
Mrs. Christine Britton
Jun 12, 2016
I am so pleased with my Log Cabin its solid definitely worth what I paid and when delivered was professional how they used truck to lift off into my garden
I would definitely recommend this Company and without doubt use them again
C Skerritt
Nov 8, 2015
We are really pleased with our cabin, the quality and finish is really high and it was easier to build than I was expecting. After doing a lot of research on the web, I think it is really good value too. Really pleased I could get 28mm logs for my budget. I only wish I had the space and budget for the Oval Office. I love that design.

I really appreciate the honesty on your website, the blogs and all the additional information. When I phoned up to discuss which of the optional foundation beams I should order, I really appreciated the honest advice of I didn’t need to buy the upgrade as I was building straight onto a wooden frame. Such honestly from a company is rare these days. The whole experience has been really great. It was delivered when indicated and even though a roll of felt was missing, you responded to my emails in the evening and shipped the missing roll the next day. Cant really ask for any more.

My family and friends think it looks really great and I have already recommended Tuin to several people.
Mrs. linda evans
May 27, 2015
Very pleased with this cabin. Was a little surprised to find it in so many pieces but very good quality when put together. The only thing I would add is I would have liked the option of a better quality roof felt.
Mrs. Nicola Thorogood
Nov 15, 2014
The value for money was incredible, very well manufactured. Very easy to assemble and excellent quality wood. I would recommend using a nail gun for the floor.
Tim Nicholls
Oct 27, 2014
When I started looking for a log cabin to use as a small workshop to house my CNC woodworking router and associated computer equipment, I trawled through page after page on numerous websites, soon realising that I was looking at exactly the same cabins on each one. There seems to be a couple of manufacturers that dominate the UK market and if they don't sell what you need at the price you want to pay, you're into bespoke garden building territory and the cost goes up in a big way.

Then I found Tuin :-)

My little cabin is relatively small and simple, but the quality is superb. I've helped a few friends build their cabins in the past and I could see the difference in quality as soon as I unwrapped the logs. Clear, straight timber with minimal knots, properly planed and expertly packaged. Everything went together as it should and I went from a pile of logs to watertight cabin in under 8 hours. That was working on my own in the hot sun.

I've waited a few months to post a review as I wanted to see how things settled when the weather changed and the autumn rain came. The answer: no problem at all :-)

Still watertight, the doors are still aligned perfectly, no gaps have appeared and all it takes is a 400w halogen heater to take the internal temperature from 9 to 18 degrees in under an hour. With the heater off, the temperature stays pleasant for at least 6 hours with no further heating.

My cabin cost me £1000 less than the nearest equivalent available from another manufacturer and I got a better product too!