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Hyper Modern Log Cabin 3.2x2.6m

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Sleek and stylish for a contemporary feel, the Hyper Modern Log Cabin measures 3.2 x 2.6m.

With 28mm wall logs and double doors, this model will fulfil all garden storage requirements. Supplied with EPDM roofing and adhesive.

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Sale prices and FREE roof shingles offer

Sleek and stylish for a contemporary feel, the Hyper Modern Log Cabin measures 3.20 x 2.60m. With 28mm wall logs and double doors, this model will fulfil all garden storage requirements.

The sleek lines make the flat roof Hyper Modern Log Cabin perfect for any contemporary garden. With all the functionality of a panelled building, the Hyper Modern is constructed using interlocking 28mm Spruce logs.

Ideal for storing outdoor furniture, toys, barbeques and much more, the outward opening double doors makes the moving of even large items a quick and simple task.

The roof does have a pitch to it for water drainage but the bargeboards conceal this making it appear to be straight. Supplied with EPDM and adhesive, a high quality and durable roofing material that will last for up to 20 years.

All timber used is slow grown spruce for a tight wood grain and the Dutch recognise that this creates a stable and durable garden building. The Dutch pride themselves in providing high quality log cabins and ensure all log cabins are free from mixtures of timber.

The Hypermodern Log Cabin features as standard:

  • 28mm interlocking wall logs
  • Conical tongue and groove for stability
  • Double door
  • Quality door fittings
  • Real glass
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Foundation Beams
  • Fixing kit and instruction manual
  • Wind and watertight connections
  • Minimum 16mm Tongue and Groove Roof Boards


  • Overall Dimensions: 3.20m x 2.60m
  • Building Footprint: 3.10m x 2.50m
  • Internal Dimensions: 3.04m x 2.44m
  • Height: 2.28m
  • Door Height (including frame): 1.95m
  • Overhang (at all sides): 150mm

Hyper Modern Log Cabin Optional Extras:

Note that quantities are approximate

  • Easy roof membrane
  • Storm kit
  • EPDM adhesive (2)
  • Air Vent (3)
  • Profiled foundation beams in pressure impregnated timber, hardwood or composite (4)
  • 18mm Wooden Floor (4 packs)
  • 26mm Heavy Duty Wooden Floor (5 packs)
  • Guttering 65mm

Optional Extras - Treatments

Please note, this cabin is supplied untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. They should be applied strictly to the manufacturer's recommendation. We also offer our own treatments:

  • Carefree treatment (7 2.5l tins)
  • Embadecor Stain (3 2.5l tins)
  • Embalan Paint (3 2.5l tins)
  • Impregnation Fluid (2 2.5l tins)

Quality check:

  • No Mixed timbers known as Spruce and Pine mix
  • Slow grown Spruce throughout
  • Wind and Watertight Log Connection
  • 10 year anti rot promise
  • 14% moisture content
  • Dutch Standards

Pent Roofing Options:

We offer three different types of roofing for the pent log cabins.

  • EPDM ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer ) Rubber roofing which is the best option, Supplied in a single sheet with no natural overlaps ( weak spots ), We supply two types of adhesive with the rubber roofing, A spray glue for the majority of the surface area and also a tube for a fill gun for around the edges. A good extra to consider with the EPDM are the metal modern roofing trims although you can achieve the same result with timber versions instead. EPDM has a lifespan of 20+ years
  • Easy Roofing ( High Performance Polyester Base ) which is the second best option to consider, These arrive in rolls that are 5x1m a piece in sufficant volume for this log cabin. The Easy roofing is supplied with a self-adhesive backing meaning no extra glue is required. This roofing option like the EPDM can be finished off nicely with metal or timber roofing trims. Easy roofing has a life span of 15+ years
  • Felt Roofing Kit, Standard rolls of roofing felt like what you will have seen on sheds in most UK gardens. supplied with clout nails and felt glue for the overlaps. This option has the shortest lifespan of 2 - 3 years and will need replacing over time.

Or you may prefer to use your own roofing option, Not a problem as you can select to purchase this cabin without any roofing atall at a reduced rate under the options tab above.

Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Working Days

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Pent Roofing Material Supplied as standard with high grade EPDM rubber roofing, This single sheet of rubber spans the entire roof with no overlaps. Other roofing options can also be chosen.
Spruce T&G Flooring Spruce T&G floor options are available with your log cabin in two different thicknesses, The floor kits come supplied with treated floor joists, skirtings for the edges and all the fixings required for installation.
Foundation Beams Foundation beams are used to separate the logs of the cabin from the base/hardstanding that it will sit on.
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Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, Log Cabins are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

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Log Thickness
28mm Logs
Overall Dimensions
3.20 x 2.60m
Internal Dimensions
3.04m x 2.44m
Minimum Base Size
3.10 x 2.50m
Log Cabin Height
Roof Type
Pent Roof
Double Door
Canopy or Porch
Window Type
Glass Type
Single Glazed
Multi Rooms
Size Group Width
4 Meters (13'1")
Size Group Depth
3 Meters (9'8")

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Customers review and walkthrough of the Hyper modern log cabin
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17 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mrs. Claire Fletcher
Mar 24, 2024
Extremely satisfied with purchase and service from start to finish. Online instructions were useful and well explained and the cabin was built very quickly and easily. We are very pleased with the end product and have already recommended Tuin to friends and relatives.
Mrs. Sylvia Hempel
Dec 15, 2023
I am pleased with the cabin, it is now in situ and when the rest of the refurbishment of the garden is finished I think it will blend in nicely. Ordering was easy it did arrive a day early, no builders on site but the delivery/driver was great and helpful.
I would recommend the cabin a neat size perfect for a variety of uses.
Mr. Graeme Stewart
Mar 9, 2022
Purchased Hyper Modern Log Cabin to create a play room for my granddaughters.
Tuin provided an excellent service from purchase to delivery. Updated regularly on delivery dates allowed me to plan effectively for receiving the cabin and construction.
Though not a joiner and with help of family friends building the cabin was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Thanks must also be given to the delivery driver who worked hard to drop of the materials on a busy road.
I would certainly recommend this cabin and the supplier Tuin
Mr. Craig Mcharrie
Nov 24, 2021
We are happy with our product but we do have some issues at the moment with it.Now that winter has arrived we have noticed the corners inside are turning black.We have tried sealing the corners but the problem still exists.We also have a problem with dampness where the glass on the doors are.These came already made up so I’d have thought they would have been properly sealed.We have put extra sealing on the outside so I’m hoping this will stop this.the cabin itself is sturdy and quite easy to assemble.
Tuin reply: Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback although we're sorry there are some issues around the glazing. This is something that has come up before.

The glass panes sadly cannot be sent pre-sealed to that degree. Not that we don't want to as the more we can do the better. However the problem comes during transport. Sometimes glass can arrive cracked/broken. If we were to seal the panes prior to arrival with silicone this can then make the broken units a nightmare to remove.

Also as the buildings are supplied un-treated, we don't like the idea of adding a thick bead of sealant over bare wood that you might want a different colour.

Silicone around the outside after you have treated should solve this problem, also consider air vents inside to help prevent the build of of moisture.

Please email us with some images if this doesn't work out.

Martin Augier
Oct 22, 2021
The kit arrived in a timely manner and very well packaged. It takes a while to understand the instructions but anyone with a modicum of skill should have no problems. It was relatively easy to assemble but took 2 of us 2 days. ( I day if I was doing it again ).
I am really impressed with the finished product and would highly recommend this company.
Also it is critical the wood is painted with appropriate paint immediately and the instructions on this point were very helpful and explicit.

I am 70 and I am sure this cabin will outlast me!

£2,370.46 Total incl. VAT

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