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Easy Roofing Membrane

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Mr. Stuart Shutt
Sep 15, 2018
The roofing membrane is easy to work with provided that you ensure accurate alignment as you start as you won't get a second chance to peel it off and try again. I did have a problem with the local birds who took a shine to the silver surface and took to pecking holes through it. Consequently I had to purchase a second set to overlay the first as I could not identify the hole that had been pecked which was causing a persistent small but irritating drip. The overlay stuck to the first later very well and presumably my roof will now last for 50 years! One last note would be to only use the membrane in warm weather. The instructions mention that the temperature needs to be above 10 degrees but I would say this is an absolute minimum and would suggest you will get better adhesion if you apply the membrane with the temperature nearer 20 degrees.
Mrs. Silvia Olenahan
Sep 21, 2017
Easy Roofing Membrane is a very cost effective roof covering and is relatively easy to fit as I had no previous experience with this sort of job. We would recommend good preparation and 2 people fitting it as it is very sticky. As we have only recently fitted it we cannot comment on how it will perform.
Les Murray
Aug 10, 2017
A very good product. As long as you take time to apply and are methodical, it gives a very good result.