Ben Clockhouse 5.5m x 4.0m - 70mm Logs with Canopy

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John Bushnell
Feb 6, 2024
Well what can I say absolutely love my cabin my garden retreat been up a couple of years now a lot of entertaining and memories made Quality building.
Mick Chittenden
Jul 15, 2023
I have constructed a Ben Clockhouse and and am very pleased with the quality and finished product. I still have to install the clock tower and am at a complete loss on the process. There are no instructions, no preformatted installation features. I can find no tutorials or instructions on Tuin website. Any advice would be welcomed.
Mr. Ben Smoker
Jan 13, 2022
Well built and reasonable price. Very pleased with our purchase, looks superb
Mr. John Bushnell
Jan 8, 2022
I’m so pleased with my purchase of the Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin ordering at the beginning of the pandemic it was difficult to talk to anyone but did it all buy Email they sent me my invoice when it was ready to be dispatched which I payed through PayPal which was a bit worrying as I hadn’t talked to anyone but as promised the day it was due I received a phone call from the delivery driver to tell me what time he would be with me The guy in clogs got out of his huge artic and in no time the cabin was in my barn where it stayed for six months well I did the base Went overkill on the base but well worth it as the cabin flew up nothing missing super super pleased when I’ve finished the patio I will post some pictures
Felix Otto
Apr 15, 2020
Absolutely superb cabin. The quality and standard of finishing of the timber is very high, customer service dealt with all of my questions promptly and accurately, and the delivery driver was very friendly and helpful. The 70mm logs feel very sturdy and the cabin design looks even better in real life than in the pictures.
I think that I would have struggled with installation had I attempted to do it myself, despite all the parts fitting together well. I am very glad that I used the services of one of the fitters from the Tuin recommended list; Philip from Osorio cabin installations was a pleasure to work with - extremely efficient, knowedgable and polite, and definitely value for money.
Jul 22, 2017
Well, the first thing to say is that these comments are about a log cabin ... a Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin. So, whilst I can comment on customer service thus far - which has been very good indeed - right from the questions before order, placing the order (and, come on, which other company do you know refuses to take your money when you place an order...instead asks for it when the order is 'ready' to be completed.....), arranging for collection (I live on an Island) and really swift response to a question about the plans. You cannot fault this aspect of the service (in my case and in my view) and one would recommend this company many times just from this aspect alone but....... this is about a log cabin and not the service of a company.

So, I suggest the company changes the star rating straight away. I suggest there should be seven stars (much like the burj al arab hotel in Dubai!) to choose from. You cannot do justice to this with just five stars!

That's because this log cabin is no ordinary log cabin. Oh no. This is a log cabin of breathtaking quality the likes of rarely (if ever) seen in (I'm sad to say) British products. This is substantial timber - 70mm thick - free from major blemish or distortion (remarkable given wood is a natural product) as the start point for the material but just elevated to another level by the accuracy and detail of machining (surely computer aided cutting...?) which is an absolute and utter joy to construct. This is nothing like any shed/cabin I have ever seen in my life in a residential setting and is more akin to a building that is built to withstand the elements for many years to come - maybe even generations - preserving the people inside without any problem or trouble.! Possibly a tornado even.

I have returned to the cabin twice in the past hour (it's now two days since I started to build and have just light weight roofing timber boards and shingles to add) to just stare and admire the overall build and the joints.... I'm astonished that when you rub the lengths of timber there is nothing whatsoever on your hands... no dust. It's unheard of from just about any timber purchases you make (for example, grab hold of finished timber lengths in B&Q to see how much dust you get on your hands....) and joints that just fit, and when fitted, are accurate, tight, clean and precise are truly magnificent.
Doors and windows that are of the utmost quality, double glazed, with great furniture and windows, my goodness, that have fittings to open them two ways ....this is something else in terms of detail and quality.
I'm going to modify roofing to include a thicker insulation and retain the timber 'ceiling' look by boarding out on top and fixing shingles to that whilst fixing (28mm) flooring/roofing boards to the underside of the joists - instead of on top of them.
I havn't read too many reviews here but unless I am the luckiest person alive this product is one that is above and beyond any other similar a country mile.

I appreciated the many video tutorials online and that prompted me to spend over a day getting the foundation beams (I used heavier than those supplied for a number of reasons) absolutely level and square and I know that because of this attention to detail the build up was perfect and without any problems at all.

I would say, personally, that the whole cabin build is not difficult but it is at the outer edge of DIY skills. You also really need a small scaffold of about 6 feet high to be safe and easy when fitting the heavy and higher purlings.... I wouldn't personally risk doing this off a ladder and you cannot build this cabin alone without great difficulty. That's not a criticism at all ...just an observation from the experience of doing it and one that I would have expected when one sees the strength, sturdiness and quality of this cabin.

I have work to do to make the inside as we want and I am considering painting the outside with a Sage coloured paint (must be the favourite outdoor colour currently because the shelves of numbers of suppliers have all the colours bar Sage!

As for value for money this is as good a feature as the quality of the product. Finished, a cabin of this quality would likely cost in excess of £25,000 to complete (in my view) and I doubt that even the best carpenters around could produce a finish as good as this. I expect my finished costs (and that's with everything including transport, labour, foundations, extra roofing, insulation, electirs etc.) to be a fair way under half of that.

That sort of money for this sort of quality is a rare find truly is.

So, without enthusing even further over minute detail.... if you want a substantial log cabin, of the highest quality at a more than reasonable cost and are interested in the attention to detail, the build, the quality and the finished building ..... don't even bother looking elsewhere. Get one of these! Thanks to Tuin for this..
Mr. Simon McBain
Nov 30, 2015
The quality of this log cabin is superb and I cannot rate it highly enough. I built it myself without any problems (I am not a joiner) and it was a dream to go together. Although I built it up over evenings and weekends when I had spare time, I would say that you would expect approx. 30 - 40 hrs to build excluding the roof shingles and I did not include the clock housing part.
Mr whisson
Nov 8, 2015
We are so happy with our summer house . The quality is amazing And the service we received from Turin was very good It was delivered on time and we use one of their contractors to construct it Which they've done with minimal effort We will be so looking forward to using this in the summer or possibly even in the winter as he is so sturdy .