Asmund Corner Log Cabin 3.0m x 3.0m - 28mm Logs

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Mr. Thomas Mcdonald
Apr 17, 2024
This has been one of the best I've ever owned right from ordering through to delivery by your Dutch driver cracking bloke very professional right the way through to putting it together over the moon with it and my sons are now ordering as well great product well done
Richard Vasey
Mar 7, 2024
Excellent product, excellent service, excellent company.
Nothing much more to add.
Easy ordering process
Excellent communication before delivery
Delivery & driver spot on
Easy assembly & simple
(Instructions could be slightly more detailed)
Highly recommend product & company
Mr. Paul Wetherill
Mar 4, 2024
Fantastic product excellent quality the delivery was as they said and even called a week prior to delivery to confirm all times and dates I will be buying again and was recommended ruin by a friend who said the same it is a wow factor to the garden
Mr. Chris McCarthy
Feb 14, 2024
Excellent customer service from order to delivery. After the usual amount of fastidious research, I settled on a Tuin corner cabin as the best value for money offering on the market. The reviews spoke highly of the co. and the products and have been borne out by both the level of service received and the cabin now taking pride of place in our garden. We managed to get it up in a day and whilst I won't be sad to see the back of the shingles, it was relatively straightforward to construct and looks as if it has been made to last. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the co. or the corner cabins!
Mr. Jon Bennett
Feb 12, 2024
We are really pleased with the Asmund summerhouse. The shingles are a real feature - it makes the cabin look more expensive than it was, and adds a touch of character.
The quality of the hinges and door furniture is better than I expected, and everything seems very solid and well made.
Julie Boreham
Feb 5, 2024
The corner log cabin looks amazing now it is built but building it as an amateur is not as easy as the videos would have you believe. There were a number of issues. Cutting the foundation hardwood for the door opening is not shown anywhere and the angles are not 45 degrees. If it was not for the fact my son is an engineer and had specialist cutting equipment we would have struggled. Followed all instructions and all angles correct to roof level. First problem, pre-drilled bolt holes for roof beams, larger than bolts, so beam turning, had to be packed. Final roof panel did not fit, and he tried in all positions. Actually had to take apart and reduce a few slats, which he was capable of doing. Next trauma the shingles. You need an expert for this. Only video is for straight roof, not 4 panels which is not the same. My son taught himself and it was a labour of love and the shingles do look great, worth the trouble. Last issues are the windows & doors. Despite every log being level, checked them all, the Windows are not shutting, the frame doesn't seem square. Hung the doors, not level and pre-fitted hinges are not actually same height, will have to move. All this said, painted 3 coats with recommended Sadolin paint and it looks amazing!
K & T Monk
Jan 19, 2024
Your delivery driver was an integral part of this whole process going well. A very busy road with the added trouble of temporary traffic lights did not faze him. Our cabin was delivered to the back of our house within easy reach of the the build site with no hassle. The build itself is going well, one day saw us at the top of the wall height. Read all the instructions, put all pieces in piles per their size and number them (good job to involve kids) and watch out for the pesky packing pieces in the bottom of the windows - we missed one and had to backtrack a little to remove. Cabin is looking great and we are delighted with the construction and quality so far.
Miss. Natalie Kelly
Jan 16, 2024
Took a while to understand instructions as not clear on the base pieces of wood to use .Once we worked it out it easy came together .
Mr. Justin Dean
Jan 13, 2024
Great value and so easy to assemble very happy with it, looks great
Ruth Suter
Jan 6, 2024
Just wonderful, i may just move in there!
Mrs. Alison Simpson
Dec 28, 2023
Superb quality, prompt and hassle free delivery. Courtesy call with delivery date. Cant wait to start enjoying the benefits of this product
Nicholas Ramsay
Dec 12, 2023
This was our second log cabin this year from Tuin. As with the first we were very impressed with the overall quality of the cabin and service we received. Delivery was managed very professionally and when expected and the driver very skilled. The cabin took a day to erect and another couple of days to complete the fitting the shingles on the roof. Very impressed with the engineering and it was very easy to put up. One or 2 of the lengths were a little bowed but could be brought back in line fairly easily. The instructions provided are a little basic particularly around fitting the shingles but if you take your time you will get there. Looks great in the garden and would recommend this to friends.
Mr. kenneth dow
Dec 10, 2023
Everything from ordering to delivery was first did take me about 3 days to put it up also the roof but it looks great down the bottom of the garden
bob wootton
Nov 29, 2023
Although there was a delay in the delivery this was soon sorted by Tuin and helped me to arrange the construction of the log cabin.
In chosing the 28mm 300+300 this was found to be veryeasy to construct taking two people two days to construct to make water proof. I made the georgion window pannels removeable on hinges for easy window cleaning. Now painted up in two blue,s and white window bars it looks very professional and aam pleased with this procuct.
Mrs. Caroline Moore
Nov 25, 2023
Great summer house and fantastic delivery service. Instructions for construction aren't the best but any competent DIYer should have no issues. Great product looks fantastic
Mr. Mike Evans
Sep 29, 2023
Brilliant delivery service,summerhouse was easy to build love the way the windows slot in excellent quality ,looks great .
Mr. Stephen Graham
Sep 22, 2023
All told a pretty decent experience. Ordering okay and delivery went as planned. Would have helped to have instructions outside the sealed pack so I could digest ahead of building. One plank was badly warped which eventually meant removing 5 rows and rebuilding as it wouldn’t straighten when tried over several days. Would be better if windows had matching fillets in the slots to pull whole cabin tight, else a warp at that level becomes a showstopper. Only other issue was instructions not very good, and the parts list doesn’t at first seem to match what is supplied. Eventually deduced that some parts are now pre-assembled but documentation not updated to match. Still a good purchase though.
Kered Lofthouse
Jul 14, 2023
As a novice DIYer, the arrival of the summer house on a pallet suddenly brought home that this is not a small shed and is going to take a bit of time to erect. Hunting for the instructions it was evident that it’s going to take longer than I thought. So what follows is a brief set of events to describe how I got the building up and useable:

Base : The paper instructions are pretty useless particularly as there are two angles around the door that have to be cater for. There is a youtube video of a similar exercise to set up the base but it does not show how to deal with the awkward angles. Eventually after 7 hours of head scratching and sawing I compromised but was pleased with the outcome at this stage.
Walls, Door and Windows: Again the instructions are pretty weak but again Youtube provided some guidance on what to do and everything went up very quickly. Unfortunately, I didn’t release that in the window frames there are some packing bits of wood which I did not remove so I had to take down part of the walls to release the window frames so I could remove the offending items. Its worth saying here that the manufactures ought to go to IKEA and by one of their flat packs to see how instructions should be laid out including coding each piece and showing where it fits in the overall building.
For some reason I has two planks of wood over – can only assume they were spares.
Also there was a bit of a problem fitting the final planks where the porch fits – in the end I had to remove some wood from the porch section using a saw so that the planks could slot into place.
It’s also worth noting that at this stage I have not used any screws or nails as per some of the online advice that is available.

Roof: The proofing boards went on pretty quickly but it is imperative that they are lined up otherwise you end up with gaps. The biggest problem for me was that I don’t like heights and at this point I solicited help from a friend to lay the shingles.

Floor : Expect a lot of sawing to get the boards laid. A friend who used to lay boards for saunas gave a top tip to improve the visual effect and that is to hide the nails in the tongue bit of the tongue and groove and used one of the big screws as a punch to protect the would when hammering the nails in– brilliant
Finally: To erect the building and apply three coats of paint took about a week. I seem to have been left with lots of nails and screws but overall I am really impressed with the quality of the end product and it really enhances the garden.
The real test is that if you move house again would you buy another of these summer houses if you had the space? – my answer would be a resounding “YES”.
Mrs. carol geall
Apr 30, 2023
thank you my log cabin is wonderful, easy to erect my husband& grandson completed in 2 days.glad I choose roof shingles what a difference the look makes. hoping the weather stops fine now so we can make use of some quality time in my new summer home.
best regards carol
David Kendall
Apr 25, 2023
Tuin is a real pleasure to do business with! The service they provide is superb throughout right from placing an order to incredibly prompt follow up advice whether to do with reserving delivery, advising on wood treatments through to construction and more! Had a 6 or more star rating been available, I'd happily have awarded it! If you are considering buying a log cabin purchase it from Tuin. This company has customer service off to a fine art!
Happy buyer.
Apr 1, 2023
Delivery : I was a little bit worried about delivery down our narrow road once I read that TUIN use a very large articulated Lorry to deliver their products, I did not need to worry ! the happy chappy very smiley young Dutch driver parked at the top of our road, whipped open the side curtains of his lorry, whipped a forklift truck of the back of the lorry and drove down the road with our Asmund Cabin, what an amazing forklift which could even go sideways and he placed the delivery exactly where I wanted it on my drive way, very good and no problems at all.

Note: Check carefully for damage as I found some when unpacking and it looked to be caused by fork lift truck forks, possibly in the factory as my delivery driver was very good, also as mentioned on the website you can repair or hide small bits of damage so no real issue here.

I agree with some other reviews that the instructions are poor ! the first thing I did was to photocopy the drawings I needed into single sided as double sided is no good when your outside putting the cabin together, I then like another reviewer pinned my drawings onto a cork board which I was lucky to have at home, each time I went to do some assembly I just took my drawing board/instructions down the garden and put them on a bench so they were easy to read.

ISOMETRIC must stay isometric! on one view you are effectively looking from the right-hand side at the parts you need and then for some crazy reason you jump inside the cabin for the view to the left ?? in my opinion it is wrong to view from inside the cabin on a drawing, stick to isometric for all views.
On one of the main drawings you show the assembled cabin at the top with doors facing down (Toward reader)and the first item for instruction labelled item (1) you have turned/rotated the picture showing the door opening to the left by 45 degrees? and then the next picture the doors are back to facing down again, all views apart from item (1) have the door openings facing downwards, why change one picture to something different from the other, why rotate it? it does not help at all and I can only think this is a junior drafts person making a mistake.

In general I found the instructions were not informative and not easy to follow and quite lacking in basic steps of what to put where and when, IKEA instructions may be a bit tedious at times but they work, I found it was my engineering background that got me though some of the drawings and assembly , the planning advice guide was useless and did not even relate to my product in the back of the book.

Points to mention: YES, buy the tantalised profiled foundation boards it’s a no brainer.

Yes, put DPM under the boards.

Watch out if you decided to use screws to attach your window slats/Georgian effect bits as you will need to use short screws to avoid breaking the glass panel, I came close but did not break the glass, good to use screws as you can remove the window slats to clean windows a couple of times a year.(Not so easy if you use nails !

As advised measure, level and check many times when you start out as accuracy at the start gives success when you reach the top.

Relax as the website says, you can start the build and do it in stages as the weather will not mess with this material.

IF you are not that confident or skilled with diy perhaps just ask a friend who is to assist you building your cabin, for example some parts require mitered joints to finish and I found this easy with my chop saw but not everyone has this type of saw or skill.

Let’s get to the real positive stuff! this is an amazing product of very high quality for the money, I have finished assembly and only have the felt shingles to go (Waiting for warmer weather) and the floor inside but the Summer House looks superb and just has a great quality about it.

I loved that the doors and windows were delivered pre-assembled and the adjustable hinges worked well and the shoot bolts already built into the left-hand door is again a nice touch, and I also like the stainless-steel foot plate on the threshold piece.

We did a lot of research on summer houses and sheds and cabins and there is nothing out there of this quality for the price, I also built mine pretty much single handed, I only needed some help (Another pair of hands) assembling the roof structure.

To mention again I am very please with the assembled cabin and I think the shingles when finished will enhance the look and complete our Summer House, I definitely recommend using TUIN if you are after a high quality Garden building.
Janet Long
Feb 16, 2023
Excellent service excellent quality, easy to erect, very helpful all the way. Was a bit disappointed just after purchasing my beautiful log cabin it was reduced, wish now I had have waited. Nevertheless, good communication and was professionally dropped off at my property!
Mr. shaun biggs
Jan 31, 2023
very happy with product quality wood
brilliant customer service .
Mrs. Lynn Wightman
Jan 18, 2023
I couldn’t recommend this company more
Ordering was so easy, the company kept in touch every step of the way and were very knowledgeable with any queries
Delivery was as arranged, we love our cabin
Mrs. Claire Robinson
Jan 10, 2023
So far very pleased although not yet fully assembled! Delivered on time. All dealings with Tuin have been very efficient. Website particularly excellent - lots of very useful advice and info regarding assembly of the product eg: base construction (we chose wooden) Thank you.
Mr. Simon Barrett
Dec 14, 2022
The cabin was delivered accurately to the time which had been allocated to me and the driver was friendly and helpful. The cabin was packed securely with no damaged pieces.

Overall the quality of the cabin appears very good. There were a few bowed logs and some knot holes but this should be expected. Once the base sill and first logs are in place the others go up quickly. The roof sections are the trickiest pieces to get lined up correctly. The tiling is straight forward but will require you to get on the roof to fit the central tiles.

The instructions for the cabin build were poor. The step by step picture guide supplied is not actually for the specific cabin and shows the left and right hand walls constructed around the opposite way to the elevation plans, very confusing - needs improving. Some of the online videos and guides make things clearer however they take a bit of finding and its also hard to see/follow a video when your working outside.

Customer Service:
Tuin's customer service was really good, friendly and quick to reply to any queries.
Mr. john
Oct 18, 2022
Excellent delivery and product well made and good value for money
Mr. ian Petherbridge
Oct 5, 2022
A good quality summer house- very pleased with the purchase, delivery and customer service in purchasing. It goes up really easily just need to take your time and not rush. I did mine on my own but really needs an extra pair of hands for the roof. I used a central support when putting the shingles on for extra stabilty - im not the lightest and they really improve the look. Not stopped using it especially when the family are over. Just sourcing a log burner so we can use it during the winter. Lots of really useful advice on the website which gives you confidence if its a diy project.
Glen Martin
Aug 17, 2022
I purchased the Asmund Log Cabin, it's a really well made and solid structure. Yes there are cheaper products on the market but you get what you pay for and we are really pleased with it. There is loads of information on the Tuin website and for a basic DIYer like myself I found the videos really helpful. I did struggle to get the roof to fit exact but that was probably down to my inexperience. Generally the plans are good but some bits are quite difficult to understand. All in all its a fantastic product from a fantastic company
Mr. Phillip Butler
Mar 23, 2022
Really impressed with the communication. Delivery was approx 2 weeks later than initially proposed, but plenty of notice was given and it actually arrived much sooner that expected. Delivery was faultless. The driver contacted me on the morning and put it exactly where i wanted it.

The kit was easy to sort out and assembly wasn't too bad. I'm a total novice and the instructions aren't great, but i stuck them individual pages to the wall and once you get started with the first few pieces its a easy. Probably best if you get someone to help you as the roof is a bit fiddly. The roof shingles went on perfectly after using the YouTube video.

All in all the whole kit is perfect and I'm really happy with it
Colin Greaves
Mar 15, 2022
The end product is great.Delivery was superb driver very helpful.Building it wasnt really a problem untill you get to the triangle section above the door this was a nightmare to fit and the instructions arent the greatest.I feel this is a problem for alot of people.
I think clearer instruction would be a advantage.
But overall im delighted with the result and for what you pay its fantastic
Mr. stuart smith
Dec 7, 2021
More than happy with this product arrived as stated, well packed and reasonably easy to assemble, but take your time.
Yes you can get cheaper versions but its worth pay that extra for quality which you clearly receive in this product and which will hopefully be enjoyed and last for years to come.
Mr. Michael Banham
Dec 3, 2021
Communication was very good, delivery was spot on and delivered to where i asked.
Managed to do the build on my own over a few days.
Excellent product with loads of videos online to watch and instructions could have been a little more informative at times.
Mr. dave sisson
Nov 23, 2021
Product arrived as specified and well packed.
Assembly was straightforward apart from roof where markings were unhelpful.A couple of boards had a twist but were still manageable,only one plank had any kind of split.
Like the door hinge adjustments feature.
Plenty of roof shingles supplied which were of good quality.
Made my own storm braces just to help keep future shape.
Applied sadolin natural to the exterior on facing panels and bitumin paint on hidden sides to help with weatherproofing.
Overall very happy with product to press.
Leslie Barrow
Nov 22, 2021
A brilliant product, exactly as described on line. The wood is excellent material, no problems with the erection of the building. Plans were very explicit. Whilst one person could erect the cabin, it was easier with 2 people, especially for putting the roof on. I would highly recommend this product/company.
Mr. Ian Kimber
Oct 29, 2021
Looked for a cabin/summerhouse for many months, looking at several companies. After seeing reviews on Tuin decided to purchase 3 x 3m Asmund and very glad we did.

Was worried about being able to put it up ok but with my sons help it was up and roof tiles added in 3 days. You do need to look at videos (we found the time lapse video very useful) along with instructions but was reasonably straightforward.

Have painted with Sadolin paint (3 coats) to protect and am just about to put down the floor.

Great to do the work build with my son and we are all very pleased with the end result. Happy to recommend.

Thank you team TUIN!!
Mr. Michael Walters
Mar 31, 2021
The Asmund log cabin was purchased and arrived just outside the delivery window. The delivery was excellent, the unit was unloaded from the lorry without any problems. It arrived as described on the web site. Only slight issue was the foundation pieces supplied were not as per ordered but this was resolved via email correspondence. The build went well and I assembled this on my own within 1 week. The plans and details supplied are quite basic and certainly having some experience in assembly/construction helps. We are more than satisfied with the quality of the unit and it sits well in the plot chosen in the bottom corner of the garden. The video support is excellent and I did refer to theses on several occasions. All in all very satisfied. The only negative is the slow response to email enquiries as nobody answers the telephone. The website requests email contact but this is very inadequate as it can take 4 days for a response which is not satisfactory, for example when I reported the incorrect foundation strips. I was waiting to commence the build but had to wait for an email response and whilst the correct ones were offered I then had to send another email asking anticipated delivery and thus had another wait. In the end I just used what had been sent which was a bit frustrating. I would recommend either answer the telephone or respond to emails within 24 hours! I did not require technical support but would have been very frustrated if the support took this long. Had the support have been more efficient I would have given 5 stars but unfortunately this was disappointing.
Mr. chris lunt
Mar 25, 2021
Looks stunning, i had a carpenter build it it took 2 days, i did paint the pieces for the side up against the fence first. Its warm when the sun shines through the glass. It looks very smart and solid in the corner of our garden, now for some sunny days and nights to enjoy. Well worth the money
Sue & Bob Laverick
Mar 6, 2021
During the first few months of 2020 we had 2 log cabins, an Asmund and a Trev delivered, the delivery driver, on both occasions, went above and beyond to effect the delivery. We are really pleased with both cabins and given the difficulties of being in Lockdown1 of the Covid 19 pandemic Tuin's support was great.
Laura Wilson
Jan 6, 2021
I ordered the Asmund during lockdown a slight delay on delivery of 3 weeks arrived at the end of Sept. I chose this cabin instead of Ingrid due to the 2.5 m pitch which I felt wouldn’t be a obvious in my garden. The cabin was built by an experienced joiner and it honestly is the most amazing cabin I have ever seen. The quality, the finish and the over all look is totally amazing. This was bought as a chill out area for my 9 year who will get use of this for years to come with her friends. As the cabin is so amazing I wish I had kept it for myself. I went with the treated foundations and the spruce wooded floor as I wanted the wooden cabin style, and felt that that little extra spent on the floor finished the cabin off. I insulated the floor and varnished the inside with clear cabin treatment (external varnish used for the outside but only used 1 coat) which is barely noticeable but it protects from spills and the floor was varnished with toughened floor varnish as I want this cabin to last. The exterior was varnished with the clear cabin treatment this was given 3 coats and it enhanced the grain of the cabin whilst it still maintains the natural look. I finished off the cabin with the roof finial and brass ball and this gave it the finishing touch.
Honestly this is the most amazing cabin for the price paid although I would have actually paid double since I have seen the quality. I also have to praise the customer service of Tuin during the lockdown as they were inundated with orders but answered all my questions as I was a complete novice in buying this cabin and honestly I didn’t have a clue.
I then finished the cabin off with electricity and had armoured cable fed into the cabin so my daughter has lights and also use of a heated oil radiator. The cabin is fully functioning with lights, heating, furniture, TV and most importantly for her WIFI.

Do not hesitate in ordering this cabin you will not be disappointed.
Allan Hughes
Oct 19, 2020
After buying a great decking kit in lockdown all delivered in a really safe manner we decided to buy the asmund 3 x 3 corner log cabin which was reduced and with free shingles so we went ahead and bought it to sit on the decking again brilliant delivery and once parts were laid out the summer house was up to roof height on day one by 2.30 to hot to continue after that roof went on day 2, shingles fitted day 3 all done by 2pm just myself my wife and daughter who came on day 2,3. Absolutely brilliant love it spend all our time out there now,highly recommend this product.
Z Dillon
Sep 15, 2020
Brilliant customer service, delivery date as advised. Cabin is strong, easy to put together, there are videos online should you need some help. Gorgeous cabin that I’m sure will last for many years to come. Thank you
Terry Stringer
May 24, 2020
Ordered the log cabin as a Summer house after looking for months at Summer houses all over the web. Even went to see this one while on holiday in Norfolk, was impressed by the quality. Did not want to spend so much but after looking at cheaper ones decided to go for quality. It arrived on the back of a 40' artic, unloaded by forklift straight onto driveway. The driver checked every thing was there and not damaged. Putting it together was easy and a lot of fun, just don't rush, watch videos, read instructions. Looks great so glad we went for quality over cost.
Mrs Mary Pucknell
May 13, 2020
The customer service was excellent and the delivery efficient.
The cabin was erected without much trouble and the structure is sound and aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a full review as completion has been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic preventing us obtaining base materials at present.
Our only complaints to date are that the door lock is 'back to front' so will not close automatically when pushed into place and some of the wood on the door surround is 'rough' creating dips in the structure. Otherwise it is good.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. Regarding the door lock, please take hold of the lock plunger with some pliers, pull out, rotate and let it go. The lock will now be the correct way. We are sorry it was sent incorrectly.
Paul Hardwick
Apr 14, 2020
Very pleased with the quality of the product and the service & support from Tuin.
Advise to use their online information & YouTube instructions which really helped a first-timer like me build with confidence and a good outcome.
Mrs. Sandra Hall
Apr 3, 2020
Having researched the best Summerhouse for our garden we came back to Tuin because they offered a great deal of information which we found very helpful when constructing the building. The quality of build and materials are excellent. My wife and I are in our early seventies and spent three days putting the Summerhouse up in February 2020 in hurricane winds of 65 mph plus. So if we can do it anyone can but make sure you follow the Tuin instructions and don’t rush. We had never used roof shingles before but found them straightforward to use and the Tuin supplied dome completed the job.
Michael Lawler
Jan 10, 2020
Wasn't sure about making this purchase as the price beat every other place I visited but I was genuinely blown away by the quality of the house. Instructions were extremely accurate and very easy to follow. With just the two of us we managed to build the house and put on the shingles in just one day. Delivery driver was also very professional and courteous. Will certainly buy from Tuin again.
Mr. Michael Knowles
Sep 21, 2019
Excellent product, take your time to read and check the information and be methodical and you shouldn't have any problems putting up the shed.
Ms. Carol Main
Aug 29, 2019
Absolutely thrilled with the quality of the Asmund cabin and it looks wonderful in my garden. I did a lot of research before I finally chose to go with Tuin. The reviews helped enormously and I was impressed by the level of information and how to guides on the web site.
The service, advice and delivery were poetry in motion and everything went so smoothly. If you’re looking for a quality product and great customer service, Tuin is a clear winner.
Kath Huby
Jul 5, 2019
Absolutely delighted with the product. We Review the help and guidance and found it easy to assemble
Keith Porter
Jul 3, 2019
We spent a lot of time looking online, and phoning various suppliers of log cabins before making our choice. We chose Tuin because of the helpful and knowledgeable staff, the choice and information on the website (tutorials) and the great price.

We found the right supplier. Delivery was made on the agreed date, the timbers were all fully protected and packaged. All sections were within the package and all required fixings too.

We have just finished installing our log cabin and are very pleased. the standard of timber is excellent. It took a little while to assemble but that was because we wanted to apply a protective coating to 2 sides that would be difficult to get to afterwards. Other than that it was straightforward.

Thanks Tuin
Mrs. Jackie Rowland
May 7, 2019
Really pleased with my log cabin,my sons worked together & had it up in a day. My eldest son had bought one from tuin last year,which is why I did the same, would definitely recommend. Arrived exactly when they said it would.
Mr. Ian Wilkinson
Oct 14, 2018
Having already ordered and built the STIG cabin in our own back garden earlier in 2018, my in laws were so taken with it they asked me to build one for them.

The STIG was too large for their space, but the Asmund was ideal - we ordered one additional window to give them views of the garden to three of the four cabin sides.

They also had a ready made base which made the job so easy (the site of an old garage - which had been removed - but left a really good & flat concrete base - an ideal size for the Asmund).

The delivery came on the promised date, and after unpacking/checking and stacking the contents I was ready to start the build the next day.

We used the optional composite foundation beams (which are great and have a far longer life than any timber beams). In less than one and a half days I had all sides up to roof level and had cut and installed the additional window. Another two days to roof it and fit the shingles - then just the Carefree Protect to apply in 2 coats.

I now just have to install the floor for them - but should have the whole thing done in the coming week.

These are great products and if you take the time to watch the various installation videos and study the construction & roofing methods they are easy enough to do.

Mr. Paul Mcdowell
Oct 13, 2018
If only every delivery could be as swift....simply perfect!

A strange way to start a review but that set the tone for the following 2 days, 0715 I took receipt of the Asmund Corner Cabin and that’s when I had a little panic and felt overwhelmed by the amount of wood now sat before me. With the words “have fun building your cabin” screaming through my head I took a deep breath and set to work, I took all the advice from the website and tried to digest as much of the instructions as possible. I started, well the wife started treating and painting the outside of each panel and we left this to dry with a total of 3 coats. I started the build first thing Saturday morning and it wasn’t long before any doubts vanished, the wood was and is top quality cut to absolute precision which allowed me to crack on very very quickly until I got to the lvery last plank where I utilised the out of office help (sceptical....sorry) within minutes I had Philip on the phone helping me rectify my issue, I didn’t have one just an oversight in my part. Come the evening I was putting the roof on ready for the felt. Sunday I began putting the shingle on the roof followed by the flooring, come Sunday I had completed the build, I had a bit of help in lifting up the roof but generally a very easy build that left me so satisfied, not only by how quickly and easy (once I found my groove) but the sheer quality of everything, simply brilliant and worth every penny, I take my hat of to you all, quality in every sense.

Thank you
Morley Prowse
Jun 3, 2018
Many years ago I was advised to do a job for someone else before doing it for oneself. The instructions for assembly were adequate as far as they went. assembling the double door frame proved to be a problem due to the angled door posts, it might be wiser to assemble this in situ, pity this can not be done before delivery Consequently, my doors do not well as I would like. However. I have a summer house that looks perfect when viewed across the garden. In all fairness, I did all the work by myself, it really is a job for at least two people. But when all is said and done I am very pleased with the finished product.
Mr. Jim Diamond
Jun 1, 2018
Absolutely thrilled with both product and service. Had various requests from neighbours and friends about the company and product which l was more than pleased to pass on to them. Definitely recommended.
Mr. Peter Dickinson
May 28, 2018
Arrived as scheduled and delivered with care. Excellent quality and easy to put together as it is so well made. I watched several of the available videos to ensure I was doing it right. Now its almost complete and a really solid summerhouse which should last for years. All my neighbours have complimented me on its good looks. Recommended without hesitation.
Mr. Clive Illingworth
May 23, 2018
We researched the idea of a log cabin for the garden to enable the use of the hot tub all year round, we narrowed it down to Tuin and another, after reading the reviews we opted for Tuin. The web site information was great clear and concise, the staff that I have spoken to were very informative, polite and pleasant, they were able to answer my questions. I was contacted for the delivery and informed that it would be early morning, on Monday which is what was requested, the pallet arrive at 0745 am with no hassle or fuss.
The pallet items were separated into the different pieces and piles, ready for the cabin build to start.
The quality of the wood and the joints were of a very high quality which meant, the cabin was easy to put together and build, the roof shingles were easy to place and fasten in place. Once completed they look great and give the log cabin a quality look.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin Log cabins to anyone, High quality, Quality components and a fantastic look.
Mrs. A Pullar
May 17, 2018
Lovely summer house, easy to assemble, great price and it looks amazing in our garden. Thank you Tuin.
Mrs. Rosie Royce
May 17, 2018
Love love love our summer house. Tips! Check door metal at bottom is right way round as only one door has catch. Ensure your door hangs and fits before putting roof on and watch the videos!!
Dr. Roisin Coll
Feb 26, 2018
I absolutely love this. It is great quality and my joiner and coworker built it in a day. It looks beautiful and is more spacious than I thought. The delivery man was fantastic. Very friendly, knowledgeable about the product and offered some advice. Much appreciated. Overall. I LOVE this summerhouse.
Mr. Rob Mottershead
Feb 4, 2018
Delivered on time and exactly as described. Driver very helpful in getting the pack into the right position. Although I used my hard landscape Gardner’s to construct the cabin I cdiscussed it with them and they found it relatively easy to erect . The only bit that needed some thinking about was the roof as it’s essential to line up all the roof panels carefully before final construction. They were very complimentary about its quality for its cost compared with many others they have erected from different manufacturers. I gave the cabin two coats of wood preserver immediately after build and installed a decking floor and electrics and it now looks a real solid and well finished building we are looking forward to using in the summer
Dave Johnson
Jan 22, 2018
I purchased an Asmund log cabin as a replacement for a summer house that recently fell apart, and I am delighted.
The delivery driver was very helpful in getting the pallet up my steep drive to exactly where I needed it. The plans are very basic with the odd mistake (for my cabin) but the on-line videos make it a straight forward job putting it all together. I decided to treat each piece of wood with preservative before assembly, so it has taken a few days to put it up..
Overall extremely pleased with my purchase and delivery ..
Alexander Stuart
Dec 12, 2017
First class product, easily erected by myself in one day. Shingles took another day as did the pine floor. Over all an excellent kit to install.
Mrs. Jacqueline Sherwood
Dec 2, 2017
We are very happy with our Summer house. It looks very smart painted French Grey.
The installer you recommended was excellent, clean, punctual . Overall, your product is excellent quality and the price was unbeatable. Thank you.
Phil Sanderson
Nov 22, 2017
Very pleased. It was relativily easy to put up - I did it on my own in a day and a half. All the wood was good (one minor warp which straightened out under load, I also had one piece I had to cut). Shingles took a lot longer to put up than I anticipated (3 days) - they look nice though. Delivery was easy - the the lorry was one of the biggest I have ever seen.
Mr. Steve Dunn
Nov 8, 2017
Our dealings with Tuin were excellent from start to finish. Enquiries were responded to immediately as were any subsequent questions. The product arrived on time and more than met our expectations. We had the cabin put up by one of your recommended installers and are delighted with the result. Would recommend the company and the product without hesitation.
Ben Dwyer
Oct 11, 2017
A good solid product but there were a few problems. 1. Bolts for the roof were missing. 2. Nails for the floor were already rusting so I used my own. 3. All the roof panels needed recutting because the long edges weren't straight. 4. Only provided with four bearers and needed to use off cuts for the fifth side. All that aside, I'm very happy with the finished result and glad I put it up myself to my own high standards.
Matthew ward
Oct 7, 2017
Found the service excellent from start to finish,even when I had some roof bolts missing ,this was sorted in a fast and efficient manner.the quality of the product was extremely good and am very pleased indeed.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
Mr. David Smith
Sep 11, 2017
Superb from start to finish! We live in a narrow lane but the delivery driver was brilliant. The cabin was so well packed - I wouldn't have believed it was possible to include ready glazed doors and windows without finding at least one pane broken on arrival. The quality of the timber was excellent as was the precisian of the machining. The construction went without any problems; I thought the roof might be difficult but it slotted together without a hitch. I am more than pleased with the resulting cabin which is far superior to any others that I have viewed and is fantastic value for the money.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the Asmund to any one.
john wickham
Sep 11, 2017
we looked every where for a log cabin, so glad we chose tuin, from start to finish it has been so easy, warren and co fitted it on a windy and showery day, they did get wet a few times, but they carried on done a fab job, so pleased.
Aug 20, 2017
I found Tuin Ltd very helpful over the phone. Before I placed my order I had so many questions to ask and they were professional and helped answer them all.
The delivery man must of been the nicest lorry driver we have ever met!
The whole process was smooth and would highly recommend them to anyone.
My husband is planning on building the log cabin this weekend so we will post a picture when it's complete.
Thanks again
Mr. Carl McDermott
Aug 13, 2017
All I have to say is WHAT AN AWESOME BIT OF KIT. You will not be disappointed, everything is manufactured to the highest quality. It is a bit daunting when you see all the parts, but once you start it all goes together really quickly. It took me just over a day to build and half a day to put the shingles on the roof.
An absolute pleasure to build.
One final comment is to watch a couple of videos on YouTube first on log cabin builds.
Ian Clarke
Aug 7, 2017
I purchased the Asmund 28mm log cabin and Annexe in the Spring and am delighted with both. The construction of each is fairly straight forward - time spent identifying and laying out parts is time well spent. The instructions relating to the door and frame could be clearer; fortunately the Tuin team were only a call/ email away! The assembly of the roof timbers is not a one-man job. I have two strapping teenage boys who were able to assist. Time spent carefully measuring and dry-fitting the shingles pays off and resulted in a uniform look, topped of a brass finial. The appearance was completed by the addition of guttering. I also installed floors in both. The annexe is a very useful bike store. The Tuin team were helpful throughout the entire purchasing/ construction process. They re-hung the annexe door so that the hinges were on the right; the web site assumes you want hinges on the left - beware! I thoroughly recommend both Tuin and their products.
Aug 7, 2017
Placing the order was smooth and hassle free. The Tuin website was extremely helpful. Delivery was on time, the driver delivered onto the drive (using a forklift loaded on the lorry) . The quality of the log cabin is superb and excellent value. I would highly recommend Tuin. I doubt this quality and value can be matched elsewhere.
Lesley Mckenzie
Aug 7, 2017
Amazing quality, searched high and low, others way too expensive, this cabin ticked all the boxes, staff were friendly, and extremely helpful,would recommend Tuin to anybody looking for quality professional log cabins.
Mr. Jim Diamond
Jul 11, 2017
Completely thrilled with both product and delivery. Had various inquiries about the company from friends and neighbours which I highly recommended.
Mrs. Cheryl Clafton
Jul 4, 2017
This log cabin is very spacious and looks good. It took two days for my builder and his assistant to erect.
Good pleasant communications from the company concerning delivery.
Rev. Steve Sankey
Jul 4, 2017
Good product. Be careful to follow Tuin's diagram as the one supplied from the manufacturer has a different arrangement of logs. It looked as if I was a piece missing, but going back to Tuin's drawing put me right. However it did mean dismantling and almost starting again. Likewise with the centre piece for the roof, make sure the orientation of the cap is correct with the flat surface inside the cabin not sticking up on top. Tuin support were very good and responded very quickly.
Mr. Andrew Robinson
Jun 30, 2017
Excellent service from start to finish. Delivered in week requested. Instructions can be a little vague but after watching on line videos build was complete in two days. Free shingles look great and really finish it off. Would highly recommend this product and service received.
Jun 27, 2017
This Cabin looks very good, took just under 4 days to complete with the roof shingles, the written & photo instructions could be a bit better...just go to the tips and video clips on the Tuin web site if in doubt. Overall Very pleased
Peter Horton
Jun 20, 2017
Recently purchased Corner log cabin and excellent service received throughout whole process. Delivery driver extremely helpful in squeezing pack up steep driveway. Straightforward assembly completed in a day. Very sturdy and definitely worth paying extra for 28mm boards. Very happy with cabin which is now talk of the village!
Lyn Lodge
Jun 17, 2017
Very impressed with this company. From the ordering by phone, very helpful . A week later had an email to say , our order was ready. We paid. Few days later we had another call confirming time & date. The delivery guy was exactly on time. The pallet was delivered. We put the cabin together in a day, easy instructions to follow. Can't. Find fault with anything. We love our cabin.
Mr. Neil Butler
May 4, 2017
The cabin was delivered on time and unloaded onto my drive. All of the parts look a little daunting at first but once checked off against the inventory the actual construction was quite straightforward. We treated all of the wood before construction as the cabin was going into a corner of my garden and hence 2 sides would be impossible to reach once erected. This was the most time consuming part of the exercise really and once actual building was commenced the progress was rapid. I am not a talented DIY-er but I had very little problem with the construction and am very pleased with the result. I would recommend the cabin to anyone.
Mr. clive stokes
Apr 7, 2017
we are very happy with our corner cabin from TUIN, delivery spot on and very helpful driver.1 person put it up in 2 days,no issue with construction.After looking at various other makers and costs and the finished cabin we made the right choice.
Mr. Rob Gittins
Feb 18, 2017
We are absolutely chuffed with our purchase, it is a real quality product which has added an extra dimension to our garden. It's worthwhile getting an expert to put it together
Mr. Paul White
Feb 6, 2017
We have created what feels like a second home in our garden. This beautiful cabin has slotted into place like it was meant to be there. It is of very good quality and easy to assemble, my partner and I managed to complete it together. The shingles on the roof were a little more tricky and so a work mate was brought in to help! We are more than happy with our second home that now also holds a Hot Tub.
Ken Mills
Jan 23, 2017
Really pleased with my recent purchase of Asmund corner log cabin. From ordering to erection by your recommended fitter (Warren ) everything was completed to an excellent standard and the log cabin appears to be of high quality and great value. I would like to send you a photo of completed cabin and therefore please advise how ?? Many thanks Tuin
Mr. Roger Keepin
Jan 3, 2017
We purchased the Asmund 3mx3m log cabin.
As they said no money would be taken from us untill a delivery date was confirmed, true to form a delivery date was set and kept to.The driver was fantastic phoning ahead stating i will be with you in 25 minutes.
A pallet of 650 kilos of flat pack log cabin placed on my driveway totally wraped with no damage spot on.
Next unpacked and laid everthing out in the garage
this made things a lot easy.
We purchased the composit base rail, a good buy,
laid that down than constructed the logs upto roof level on my own, with the help of my son erected the roof beams (it needs 2 people for this) and roof boards.
The black roof shingles are great and looks fantastic finally we laid floor boards to finish off.
The engineering side of the logs,windows,doors and roof is spot on, all fitted as they should with no problems.
Many thanks to Tuin for a beautiful looking log cabin Roger & Margaret in the UK.
Mr. Clifford Hier
Dec 17, 2016
I searched for sometime, in local sawmills, garden centres and the internet, before deciding on Tuin. Thier specification, and more importantly the advice on the website made me opt for them. The build itself was completed in two days by myself and wife. One day for the walls and one day for the roof. As long as you follow the instructions! Overall a great kit, excellent value for money and an easy company to deal with.
Ms. Anne Douglas
Dec 17, 2016
The service was exceptional from payment details, changed delivery dates and a very helpful drop off. The product was well protected and having done a lot of research, excellent value for money. A big thank you!
Mr. Ken Richman
Dec 16, 2016
This is a really good product. If I needed a second log cabin I would definitely buy another one like it. The thing about buying a second one is that it would be so much easier to erect, now that I’ve had the excruciatingly miserable experience of putting up the first one.

Just because they are pretty easy to build, once you know how, is no excuse for not really bothering to provide any instructions. Well, there were some instructions, they were in with the cabin and as it had been in the rain for a few days, they were soaking wet and fell apart. I was quickly on the phone to Tuin customer support and to be fair, they emailed me a duplicate set to print out. But these vague and next to useless bits of paper bore little resemblance to the cabin we had actually purchased, being mostly generic advice with pictures of different log cabins, plus some schematics annotated in Dutch. There is also a link to the website with more generic advice and generic videos so we spent quite a lot of time in the garden with a laptop watching videos of people assembling bits of different log cabins none of which matched ours – strange because the Asmund is apparently one of the most popular in the range.

In desperation at times, we searched YouTube and found more videos uploaded by customers showing off their own handiwork; it seems there is some sort of sport undertaken by a certain type of handyman or woman who takes a pride in being able to assemble complex wooden structures without any help at all, and then brag about it on YouTube – doubtless the same people who won’t ask for directions when lost in an unfamiliar city. I bet they don’t video themselves assembling a Billy bookcase because that’s easy. It has to be a challenge and yes – it is!

We did try phoning for help and did get through more than once, and Tuin were helpful by telling us stuff that plainly should have been written down and sent along with the cabin. Tuin recommend emailing for support, but they don’t always reply and of course you don’t know how long it will take to get a reply, which is depressing when you’re standing freezing in the garden staring at a hundred bits of wood and you need an answer NOW because it’s getting dark and your fitter wants to go home.

Now I am not expecting instructions at the IKEA level of mind-numbing dumbness. (Maybe something closer to Airfix – in the old days when they used words as well as pictures.) But I would like to open the package, lay out the parts (would be nice if they were labelled in some way) and be told what to do, in order, and specific to the model I have purchased. It would be helpful to be told when I need two people to assist, for instance. I should not have to figure out what orange painted stripes on roofing panels mean – I get it ‘now’ – I’ve done it – next time will be so much easier.

I advise anyone considering purchasing one of these, firstly to read everything on the website and watch all of the videos. If it all makes perfect sense to you, go ahead and buy one. If you feel you are starting to lose the will to live, I guess you could book the fitting service – but that would be a shame because, as I’ve said, these cabins are not that difficult to build, once you’ve done it.
Mr. Alan Woolford
Dec 10, 2016
Excellent product and customer service. Thank you.
Mr. David Beadle
Nov 13, 2016
Great product , very pleased with end result. Now I've painted it it looks fabulous.
Only criticism is the instructions are pretty bad, almost non existent ! A lot of room for improvement there.
Everything else, service etc very good !
Mr. M Higgins
Nov 7, 2016
I was looking for a nice corner log cabin summer house and I hadn't hear of Tuin but whilst I was looking at others it came up. All the reviews for the Asmund summer house as well as all the others were five star so I thought this was a company worth trying. I wasn't disappointed really good product, took my father in law and I 1 day to erect and another day to fit the shingle roof. Whenever we encountered a query a quick look at the video and query was sorted. Another day to put the floor bearers down and lay the floor and job done. It's November so the days are short otherwise it would have been quicker. I'd definitely recommend this product and company to anyone, couldn't fault the whole experience. Many thanks to the team at Tuin.
Alan Carter
Oct 31, 2016
We love our cabin best thing we ever purchased from a great company.
Alan carter
French gp winner Le Mans 1983
Author of light in the darkness
A must read
Mr. Keith Martland
Oct 17, 2016
I'm really impressed with my recent purchase of an Asmund Log Cabin. Delivery was a week earlier than originally forecast and arrived at the time discussed on the phone.
Extremely well packaged with zero damage.
The paper copy of the installation guide is complemented by on-line information including useful videos. The majority of the assembly can be carried out by one individual with help being needed for installation of the door frame and roof. A couple of the logs were a little warped but this didn't present any difficulty with the assembly.
The free roof shingles are of a very high quality and really finish the job off well.
Based on the quality and value for money, I would thoroughly recommend this product.
Malc Bruce
Sep 25, 2016
Very pleased with our log cabin,delivered on time by very help full and friendly driver.daunted by so many parts but after watching assembly instructions on line we had no problems with the build,it took longer to paint than it did to is now in pride of place in our garden.excellent value for money, thank you tuin
Mr. Nigel Brook
Sep 17, 2016
After an extensive search for log cabins online, it came to my attention that there was nothing out there to compare with what Tuin were offering in regards to quality, price and during and aftercare. I'm so glad I made that choice.
The help I received prior to ordering was an insight into the service I was hoping for, dealt with in a quick, courteous and efficient manner.
The cabin itself was delivered on schedule, tightly wrapped from the elements and was soon off loaded from the pallet and stored flat in my garage until build day.
I decided to preserve the wood prior to build, a lengthy process but worth it. After studying the very informative plans I set to work. I'm reasonably handy at DIY and it went up without a hiccup, apart from wondering where the 2 extra lengths I had leftover went! ( I read later that they are often added incase any are damaged, what a brilliant idea).
Everything fit perfectly, 1 or 2 slightly bent lengths but they were added to the bottom and have since straightened with the weight. The roof shingles are a must, they finish it off perfectly and collect heat which transfers into the cabin. I insulated my floor before fitting and it's toasty warm with the slightest bit of sunshine. 2 coats of sadolin superdec inside and out have finished the job and we're in it nearly every night! I even made a coffee table out of the leftover bits. We look forward to many happy years with our cabin.
Gareth Jurd
Sep 4, 2016
Just completed building my Asmund cabin. I took my time and had no problems at all. No missing or broken parts. This product is top quality as was the delivery and the service I had from Tuin. I did take a great deal of care over the laying of the concrete base before the build and I think this made the whole process much more smooth. Gareth Jurd