Tane Log Cabin 4.8 x 3.5m

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Mr. Mark Mclean
Aug 13, 2021
Tane log cabin quality build from start to finish. Easily assembled but one word of caution is take your time when doing the roof as a bit thought is required. Quality cabin would recommend highly.
Mr. Keith Krause
May 27, 2020
We are a joinery company and had intended to manufacture a cabin for ourselves. Then I had the idea of going online to see what was available.

We bought this Tane log cabin. Even with the current Covid-19 troubles, it arrived exactly when they said it would.

We unpacked it and covered it in a very good quality wood preservative. This is really important. Why spend that much money and time building only to then skimp on a couple of hundred quids worth of wood preservative.

We created a very level and flat base, using paving slabs onto a properly prepared ground. The accuracy of the base will make your job of building the cabin so much easier.

Then we procrastinated over the instructions, whether to use additional screws, or a sealer. This is where knowledge actually holds you up. Honestly, just read the instructions in Tuin's booklet and follow them. Some of the timber had become twisted, as much as anything from when we put the preservative on it. How can a twisted peice of timber slot together like Tuin say it does. Well, I can assure you it does. We did end up following the instructions and it went up very quickly, very easily and very well. The nailing of the tongue and groove roof takes a while, so does the felt shingles. Reading the coverage per pack with the shingles it looked like we might not have enough, but in fact there was plenty, with plenty to spare.

This is a really good product at a really good price. Just follow the instructions to the letter.

This is only the second time ever that I have bothered to write a review, but I have been really impressed with this.
Mr. Jonathan Keenan
Jul 5, 2019
We chose Tane because we liked the look of the asymmetric roof and the size was just right. One consideration was the fact the maximum height would be further away from our neighbours border yet still add privacy to that area of garden. We are delighted with the finished cabin. The roofline looks great from the house and creates a lovely space inside. We also added a side door. Tip:
We insulated with 50mm rigid foil backed insulation on the roof and under the floor. The supplied facia board was tall enough but only just long enough due to the insulation. If I were building again I may invest in a slightly wider and longer board but this is marginal.
Recommendations to Tuin:
1)Make a 70mm log version as this would make a superb all year office and be really snug.
2)Have an option for the windows to be higher from floor level (or smaller) so that a desk will fit under and still be able to open.