Skeg Log Cabin 7.2m x 3.4m

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Sep 22, 2023
While writing this review the cabin is currently priced at £4082…. absolute bargain compared to the £5600 I paid in March this year.
I went for the Skeg as it has a decent size interior 4m x 3m and a decent size covered seating area 2.8m x 3m with the sliding doors taking up none of the space inside or outside.
Delivery on 20th March 2023 was excellent. On a very wet day, the driver put it up in my garden with a superb piece of machinery making the job very easy.
The build was easy went very well, with just a friend and me completing the structure in four days, that included adding 50mm insulation boards and a layer of roofing felt.
I’m completely satisfied with the cabin now that its finished, almost finished…. I’ve got to build something on the open end as the rain can blow in making sitting out or leaving furniture out not a good idea. I requested if Tuin could include a wall, this was possible with an extra payment of over £1000 + vat.
For now, I’m using plastic sheeting but will build something more permanent that lets the light in.

Overall, we love the cabin. The space inside is massive and allows for plenty of ideas…today it’s a bar but could be a gym or home office in a couple of years. Great cabin, love it.
Mr. Dave Lambert
Oct 11, 2022
Great service and great product. Very pleased with speed of delivery and ease of construction. Excellent quality.
Sep 15, 2022
Fantastic service, delivery and product. I watched the video on assembly of a log cabin, a few times before attempting the build. Had the help of family over a couple of weekends and it was done. Added insulation over the rood boards, before adding the shingles. Used for two years now as a pub-shed and only wished I had done it before. Doors can be a bit sticky but nothing to moan about.
Mark Pinches
Sep 8, 2022
Quality service all the way through from order to delivery
Shane morris
Jun 20, 2022
What a great piece of kit all went together nicely, shame a few pieces were not coded but straightforward once you get all laid out. Everything fit s as should, post was a little tricky, doors needed a little adjustment but really happy with it. Customer service great always helpful don’t buy from anywhere else.
Tim Callaby
May 9, 2022
We brought our Skeg log cabin, after considering many of the options on the Tuin web-site. Our decision making included a visit to their showroom in Norwich. Whilst limited for space, there was enough on display to help us choose. We were particularly impressed with the help and advice on offer, without being over pushy. Ordering via the website was easy and good communication over the delivery. The delivery driver was really helpful and placed the cabin pack exactly where we wanted it. Assembly of the main cabin was relatively easy, with good instructions. We went for the composite foundation beams that were not the straightest, so a bit of a struggle to line up, but ok when you build up the walls to add weight to hold them in position. We decided to add insulation to the floor and roof, the latter being a bit of a challenge with changing weather. We were short of shingles for the roof, however on contacting Tuin they sent extra with minimal fuss. Painting the cabin took a few weeks. We went for good quality paint and varnish as suggested and this is worth it to protect the investment. Had some issues with doors and windows sticking due to the extra layer of paint, so had to rework to sort. Part way through, our garden flooded. No harm to the cabin, but we subsequently added channel drainage around the Cabin, which helped to sort what we wanted to do with the roof drainage. Final job was to put in the floor. We went with the 27mm option. Whilst there was some discolouration in the boards, but we were able to overcome and it looks really good when varnished. Overall, we really enjoyed the process. Whilst taking longer to fully build, paint, etc (most of the summer), we are really pleased with the outcome. We were extremely impressed by the service offered by Tuin in pretty much all respects. Really liked the honest and key advice via the website, combined with excellent customer service. We have happily referred other people to Tuin, including my Mum and Dad, who also brought a Cabin and then engaged us to help build theirs !! We rarely write reviews in this world of constant customer surveys, but based on our experience with Tuin, we are more than happy to share our very positive experience of them.
(Happy to supply photos to support this review)
Rafal Karaszewski
Apr 20, 2022
Perfect service from start to finish. Cabin quality is superb. Assembly instructions are very clear. Cabin itself is very spacius. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Mrs. Sarah Davies
Feb 7, 2022
We ordered our Skeg cabin way back in April 2021 during lockdown. The cabin arrived in October and we eventually built it in January!!!!
The quality of this product is outstanding. The build took our two friends roughly two weekends from start to finish.
Any inquiries we had Tuin answered promptly.
We would highly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Robert Philp
Nov 20, 2021
My skeg cabin, it did arrive a week later than arranged, but well worth the wait. Takes a while to sort out the parts and check every thing is there . When sorting the parts it pays to list them .
Then check out the drawing and off you go. In all it took myself and my good lady about 4 days from start to finish. I’m well pleased with it.
Mr. Luke Riddington
Dec 29, 2020
The Skeg arrived, as arranged, and delivered expertly onto our drive.
It took longer to erect as the weather was against us, it took some days to do the roof as we insulated it with 50 mm boards and a layer of 9mm ply.
We have used six 2.5 litre of quality paint and may need some more, don't skimp on cheap paint!
Overall we have enjoyed the challenge of doing it ourselves and look forward to spending time in our new room.
Thanks to Tuin for the informative website, very useful.
jamie Wesley
Dec 17, 2020
5 star may not be enough...

Skeg Log cabin - delivered during the UK lockdown, ontime and even with a very helpful dutch driver !

I do a lot of building, general DIY etc and let em tell you this is a fantastic product. Instructions are a bit bare but with the video links anyone can put one of these up.

Quality of the items is brilliant - highly recommend
Chris Parker
Jul 29, 2020
Really love this cabin it has a unique design and the sliding door are a great feature although we’ve found them a little stiff and knock when you open/close them. Overall though it a lovely looking cabin which gives you the best of both worlds an good sized internal area and an equally nice open area. I recommend getting 3 skylights to line up with the windows - these have been a god-send to keep the room light/bright.