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Mr. Stuart Nagle
Oct 28, 2023
Firstly, great service from Turin, and great delivery of my cabin too… Generally a good experience, not having erected a cabin like this before. If I have one issue, it was the roof purlins, and joining them together. I found the dowels a little on the large size, so it was impossible to join the two parts of each without first shaving these down a little, and totally impossible if you tried to join them insitu in position in the top of the structure…the only way was to do so before placing them. Also, I noted that it was easy to mix-up the smallest log parts that assemble the centre roof section to the walls…they were not marked with part numbers, and so it was some time of trial and error to get them the right way around, as there were no clear indications in drawings or pictures! Perhaps Tuin could correct this issue.
Also, I spent some time using Tuins recommendations on marking out the roof for the shingles, ensuring that chalk lines were made and also a gauge-rod to ensure the shingles were properly positioned and spaced. It can as a bit of a shock therefore to discover that I was having to use off-cuts on the final section of the roof centre line…!! The only thing I can assume is you need to work out also, to leave the absolute minimum overhang at each end of the roof… lastly, I found the window catches to be poor quality, and replaced these with decent quality window locks. Other things I found included the need to ensure you use sealants to seal up the ends and sides where the timber logs join, as this is a prime route for water ingress when it rains…!! Personally, if I was to do this again, I would like to use a sealant where the first logs go on the base, and in all joins on all the layers of logs as they are erected, and perhaps even a final ‘corking’ applied to the joints externally after painting with your choice of protection…and around the windows/doors too… overall, for the price, I am pleased with the cabin, but it certainly requires some pre-thought and work to get right…
Marianne Holt
Aug 26, 2022
Super study cabin, delighted with the quality and ease to put up. It looks really smart and as it can be seen from the road we've had lots of compliments on it.
Apr 7, 2022
good quality build. Instructions are ok but as long as you read up on them & use the helpful videos advice on the website it’s fairly straight forward even without much DIY experience. Would recommend & purchase again through tuin.
Philip Robinson
Mar 26, 2022
The Rick shed I purchased is everything that I hoped, the quality is good and assembly was very straight forward.
I did not understand the reference in the instructions saying "torch the shingles" but overall the instructions were good. I can recommend this product whole heartedly, and if the occasion arose I would buy another product from Tuin. If you are looking for a cabin don't hestate to buy one of this companies products.
Jul 20, 2021
This log cabin is fantastic. The precision at which the logs are cut is quite amazing, I've never come across anything like it. It is a bit nerve wracking working with the logs because you know if you damage one you're screwed, you can't nip to a DIY shop and get a replacement! Fortunately the quality of the wood is second to none but you are relieved when you've knocked the last one into place! After building the walls, and slotting the windows and doors in place it's time for the tongue & groove roofboards, which although fine aren't the same quality wood as the main cabin, Lots of knots missing, bowed boards etc. The shingles though are fantastic aswell. Also the door handle and window keeps are very basic but for £30 I replaced them all with much better quality ones. Overall a great cabin very slightly let down by the quality of the extras, however I'm nit-picking and as a whole is still worth 5/5

The delivery went very smoothly and all to plan, the only thing that caught me out was the amount of space you need to do a project like this. Ideally you need at least double empty space aswell as the footprint of the cabin to work with, to get your logs in order etc

Another word of advice....track the price of the cabin for a good few months and try to buy in Autumn/winter if you can, because the prices fluctuate drastically, and we're not talking by peanuts. I ordered mine in March and by the time it arrived at the end of May it had steady increased by £2,233!

Take your time (especially leveling the base) and you'll have a great time building this cabin.

Oh and the smell of the fresh wood when you first open it after delivery is incredible!
Mrs. Denise Windle
May 15, 2021
Really impressed with our log cabin and Tuin as a company. We were kept up to date with delivery times which, despite COVID and brexit, our log cabin arrived the week it was expected. The delivery driver was so skilled. He called me half an hour before he arrived in the most enormous lorry. We have a very narrow, long drive which he manoeuvred skilfully - this was impressive to watch. The whole delivery took less than 10 minutes with no complaints about our unusually narrow access. The driver checked all items were present before leaving. My husband and son spent the best part of 2 days erecting this, my husband guided by the useful tips and videos on the website. The longest bit was getting the base level so everything slots together nicely after that. Great bit of kit, fab company to deal with, looking forward to buying a gazebo from them next. Thank you Tuin.
Christopher Hollamby
Apr 21, 2021
Excellent shed great service and the delivery was very good this was our second shed we have bought from Tuin and each one has been of great quality, I was recommended to Tuin and have not been disappointed they are a great company.
Nicola Burke
Mar 6, 2021
Dear Team Tuin, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU with the service I received when ordering my Rick Cabin. Although Covid delayed the original delivery plans, contact required was made and it just meant I had to be patient.
From the email offering the expected delivery date it couldn’t have gone smoother!
The Dutch delivery guy was so professional and helpful, I had contacted them as you suggested as we live in the outskirts of a village so thought we may have narrow road issues, but he managed it all with ease.
The product is EXCEPTIONAL quality and exactly what you told me I would be getting for my money. The price blew others more local out of the window. The information and videos you post are AMAZING I was project managing and feel I could now offer instructions in my sleep
Rachel E Taylor
Jun 11, 2020
Very pleased with the whole experience. Customer service was great, price was good, delivery was easy. The materials are of a good quality. Installation was easier than expected. And I love my new cabin!
hans van Nierop
Mar 4, 2020
Excellent product and service!

I ordered the Rick cabin on 1st January and the cabin was delivered within 3 weeks. The delivery was fantastic, the driver called 30 mins before, and parked 1/4 mile away, bringing the package on the Moffat truck (our street can be tight access due to parked cars) which coped easily

Once the foundation beams were laid and squared, the cabin was up to roof level within 4.5 hours, with 2 of us taking our time. By the end of the following day, the roof was boarded.

All the logs were individually numbered so assembly was nice and easy

Total build time was probably around a week as we insulated the roof and floor with 50mm Celotex and added a plywood layer on the roof. I would strongly recommend insulating it if you are using it year round (mine is an office) as it makes a huge difference

My only (minor) comments would be that the security of the doors and windows is not brilliant if you are using as more than a garden room. However, a few extra locks on the windows and bolts on the door soon sorted it.

Overall I am very pleased with the structure, its excellent quality , and for the money, nothing else came close

Thanks Tuin!
Mr. Steven Gardner
Jan 6, 2020
Great quality and was easy to erect and the finished cabin looks fantastic.

Delivery of the kit was as promised (even for the highlands of Scotland!) and the pleasant delivery driver was happy to leave it exactly where we wanted.

Highly recommended.
Neil Elphick
Dec 9, 2019
Hello I do not normally right reviews but will make an exception here. The cabin we brought was great quality. I have been a builder for 30 years so have some experience but this cabin surprised me I put the whole cabin up except the shingles with my wife in a day. I still can not believe how well made it is for the price everything fitted perfectly. I would recommend Tuin to anyone and will use them again in the future.
Mr. Barry Hill
Dec 6, 2019
The product is high quality and a great size. service from tuin is second to none, had a few questions before hand and they were answered in minutes then after putting finishing touches on cabin I could not locate 1 little screw for the door lock, messaged tuin yesterday and a new 1 came to me this morning.

Great product and even better service.
Thanks again tuin
Lorraine Davidson
Nov 22, 2019
I can 100% recommend this log cabin, my husband put it together in one day he said the quality of the wood is outstanding, compared to others on the market this is by far the best out there, and such a reasonable price, the roof is stunning, we paid extra for the floor and that to was so worth it, it looks amazing we are so very pleased, it’s a must buy
Robert White
Nov 7, 2019
We were worried about the delivery but it went very well by a very friendly and helpful driver. The build of the Rick cabin took two days for me [a 77 year old] and my grandson. No problems apart from some of the roof tiles tearing which left us short on the final ridge tiles so be careful when handling them.
All seems good just need to lay our own wooden floor.
Mr. timothy munslow
Oct 5, 2019
What makes a retirement project? Fantastic value for money Tuin Log cabin. 40mm,dble glaze,free shingles and composite beams. Delivered by Mark in packaging exactly as stated by Roge. Mainly a one man {old} job little help by good friend and other half.
Diary of a leisurely build = deliver on tues, unpack and walk to back garden wed, build to roof beams thurs, fit roof boards on fri , then sat & sun 50 mm insulation and shingles. Mon to fri paint around the rain! final touches 28 mm floor fitted with insulation and electrics from house upgraded.
Who says retirement isn't fun.
Tuin Met vriendelijke groet
Mr. Tony Cornwall
Oct 3, 2019
Fantastic value for money,went together very easy,built over a weekend single handed...delivery is spot on! so happy with this company that this is the 2nd (much larger) cabin we have purchased.Would highly recommend,we done lots of searches for log cabins and this company is the best value,structure,thickness and windows/doors + FREE shingles,would certainly recommend the poly composite base.
Mrs Alison Black
Jul 28, 2019
We are delighted with the log cabin it was easy to order with good communication from Tuin great delivery from Holland well packaged. EASY to put together and looks great. Highly recommend.
Mr. Kenneth Mccormick
Jan 25, 2019
I researched thoroughly before making a decision about this Log cabin and spoke to a friend who had recently received one so I was already on the track of anticipation for quality and performance.
What I found was a complete instruction path for what to expect and how to do in micro detail in some cases with informative video's and photo's. I was impressed by the delivery and the complete "can do attitude" when speaking to the company.
A top quality company and product with a top quality attitude.
Mr. Paul Griffiths
Jan 21, 2019
An excellent service from start to finish. The delivery was seamless and construction resulted in a high quality cabin which will last for years. I have recommended Tuin to all my work colleagues. If I had more space in the garden I would build another one!
Gerard Kennedy
Aug 28, 2018
I took delivery of my Rick Cabin last Autumn. I intended it to be a woodworking workshop that I could use all year round.
I had an area already flagged with a smaller shed and greenhouse that my son and I moved to a different part of the garden. We then laid more concrete flags over a hardcore base.
I decided to build my own strong floor and base using 4" X 8" tantalised berms around the perimeter, with 2"x6" joists set at 400mm centres across the width. I laid 50mm king span panels onto batons within the joists, silver taped up all the joints and laid 22mm chipboard t&g panels throughout.
I also laid 50mm king span onto the roof, covered it with 18mm osb, a breathable membrane and then the supplied shingles. I laid 2x3 batons inbetween the king span panels for extra strength.
It took me a day to assemble the cabin on my own and another three days to do the floor and roof.
I put in two led batons which are more than adequate, I also fit some plastic guttering and down pipe.
I have a small heater for the winter months, but this tends to get turned off rather quickly as the cabin is so cosy with all the insulation.
There was quite a bit if shrinkage this summer with the heat and lack of rain, however, this has now resolved itself. The side with the windows has bowed outwards a little, but again I know I can sort this out without too much effort.

Overall I am delighted with my cabin/workshop and the service I received from Tuin. We are presently looking at buying a further small cabin/summerhouse for a different part of our garden and would not even bother looking elsewhere.
Luc Pineau
Apr 22, 2018
What I wanted was a hobby room. Turin was reccomended to me by some friends . I hadn't considered a log cabin ,but reading the Tuin website made my mind up.
The delivery was so quick and easy and efficient .Straight off the trailer and in the drive in less than 15 minutes.
Assembly was so easy. The door frame supplied was slightly different from the drawings but we soon sorted that.
I insulated the roof as reccomended by Tuin ,Celotex on top. Worked out brilliantly.
The timber is great quality. The building looks luxurious and provides a great space to work in.
Better than I ever expected. Well done Tuin!
mario marrone
Mar 10, 2018
main structure very easy to assemble, was unable to fit door frame as doorhead and threshold sent was incorrect. built rest ok. cabin has had a good test recently as the snow did not enter, so far am very pleased.
chris roworth
Feb 19, 2018
Easy to assemble a great product recommended to many people
Mr. wayne povey
Sep 20, 2017
Very happy with my purchase of the Rick log cabin. The delivery was earlier than expected and the delivery driver was very competent and helpful despite access issues to our property.
Once I had organised the various parts into different piles the assembly was straight forward and easy for any competent diyer.
There were a couple of roof fascia boards supports missing but the customer support is superb and were willing to reimburse my sourcing the timber required.
My only very slight criticism is the windows and door panes will let water drops in in face of a heavy storm which we suffer living by the coast in the south west of England. This was easily overcome by a bead of silicon around the external egdes and no further leaks since.
The roof shingles are a reasonably difficult undertaking and require a good understanding of setting out, measuring and the use of chalk lines is a must to achieve that top finish.
As our cabin has a pitched roof I strongly advise fitting guttering which is simple to do.
We are extremely happy with the finished job and would have no hesitation in purchasing another log cabin from Tuin or recommending them to our friends and family.
Mr. Roger Turner
Jun 20, 2017
Very pleased with the Rick log cabin well packaged and easy to erect like the support blog states it is very important to have a level square base to work from once you have that it makes the job very easy.