Philip Log Cabin 3.5m x 2.5m - 40mm Logs

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Mr. David Solomon
Feb 21, 2023
Have just finished building this cabin we are very pleased with it. I am reasonably good at DIY, but this went up in a week including fitting insulation to roof and floor. It is for an art room; my wife has always wanted to have one. I also fancied having a go at building one. I’m 69 so no spring chicken, but installed it all by myself apart from help to drop windows in.
I would highly recommend Tuin. Delivery was also really good, very helpful driver put just where I wanted it. Take your time building and you will not go wrong.
Mark White
Feb 9, 2023
A great sized, solid cabin. I am really pleased with the service and quality of the product overall. Delivery was perfect and once I got going the build was relatively straight forward. I built the cabin on my own and it took around 3 days to complete (without treatment). I found the website blogs really helpful throughout the process and would fully recommend the Tuin Philip Log cabin.
Mr. Anthony Atkinson
Nov 30, 2022
A really nice sized summerhouse that went together easily (but I have put one up before). short logs near the window and door edge on the front face can make getting the window and door in a little bit of a challenge but one that can be overcome. The quality is really good overall and the service was first rate. The driver delivering the cabin was very helpful.
Mr. Patrick Ryan
Aug 6, 2022
Very pleased with the cabin. The quality is better than I expected. Delivery was exactly as promised.
Dealing with Tuin could'nt have been better.
Janet Fleming
Jul 23, 2022
Purchased the Philip Log Cabin last year, my husband & a friend built it themselves , which according to him was like building a lego structure as the parts fitted so well.
We got a concrete base built before we constructed it , but can say it is a lovely little building
May 24, 2022
I love my cabin - I bought it in summer 2021 so I'm nearly a year in and it looks great. My father in law and I built it over a couple of days; the instructions were easy and if anything it was a struggle against our own nature to overcomplicate things. The driver who delivered it was really nice and navigated our small cul-de-sac with ease with his forklift.

My only regret (and this is no criticism of the cabin) is that I didn't have more time to dedicate to it, working full time at home with a very busy two year old. The consequence of that was that I had to ask for favours from family to help treat the cabin and, a year later, there are still only two coats on the exterior and one wall is starting to show its age from the sunlight. So the lesson is to make sure you can dedicate enough time to really focus on building it precisely and treating it thoroughly too.

Internally it still looks amazing and I have electrics in, furniture is coming next week so it's becoming very homely.

Where I have needed support with the build I found both the email correspondence and the out of hours email service really helpful.

If you're curious about how much treatment to buy for the cabin, I bought four tins of the clear protect and with one coat left to do I'm expecting some to be left over (great if it needs to be touched up later on). It's not cheap but I can vouch for its effectiveness at repelling rainwater.
Mr. Paul Robson
May 9, 2022
I'm delighted with my Philip log cabin - it arrived extremely well packed on a waterproof pallet, every part was there and in good condition when I unpacked into the rough layout on the floor (highly recommended to speed construction). Myself and a friend built it in on my concrete base in a day, with the roof tiles taking another half day. I have a spare pack of roof shingles and of floor boards left over so the supplies are generous. The wood quality and precision cuts are superb - everything fitted beautifully first time!
Mar 8, 2022
I bought the Philip lodge to work from home we have transformed it into a beauty room.
Rebecca Clayton-Harding
Feb 2, 2022
We could not be happier with our lovely log cabin! It looks beautiful, feels solid and permanent and is a haven of tranquility even though it is about 6 or 7 meters from our house.
We live on a hill and our garden has a distinct slope to it, but by ensuring the base was perfectly level, the build itself was straightforward and the result is stunning. Four coats of the recommended treatment mean that through the torrential rain we have had since completing the build in December, the cabin has remained snug and dry. I am pretty certain that our guests over Christmas would have fought to be the ones to stay in it, had they not been such a polite bunch. Thank you Tuin for what is basically an extension that is not joined to the house - we love it.
Andrew Batten
Jan 9, 2022
Purchased the summer house just before lock down 2020 delivery was a little late but happy to wait. The delivery itself was very well done, the driver was excellent.
My husband and son constructed it within a day, following instructions was easy to build
We spent the next 48hrs painting both the inside and outside of the summer house results are excellent
The summerhouse is roomy, bright, well worth the money our family and friends all love
Highly recommended looking forwarded to many years of use
Mrs Debbie Niblett
Nov 29, 2021
Spent hours looking for the perfect log cabin and found it with Tuin. The instructions were easy to follow and it took two afternoons to build which is a lot less that we allowed for. It has a real quality feel and look about it and it's worth paying slightly extra for this.
Jonathan Crisp
Nov 24, 2021
The Philip Log Cabin arrived in mid-August. We'd done of all of preparation work as soon as delivery was confirmed (7 days ahead of delivery). The product was well-packaged and expertly delivered.
Along with help from my wife and adult son and daughter the construction (including insulation and additional lean-to) was completed in a couple of days. Electrics, painting and other finishing touches took another week. I'm now happily using it as a home office, sharing it with either my son or daughter. An infrared heater installed on the ceiling that, along with the insulation, means that is comfortable to use even with the falling temperatures.

Tuin kept in touch in the period between order and delivery (which at 12 weeks was months shorter than anyone else).

The log cabin is really well made, easy to install and fantastic value for money.
Paul McQueen
Nov 5, 2021
I am very pleased with my Philip log cabin. It arrived within 4 weeks of ordering and the delivery driver was really helpful. Putting it together was largely self intuitive and I was thankful for both Youtube and Tuin's extensive website information. Any mistakes were mine it took me a week on my own to put it together. Someone DIY savvy could probably do it quicker. Now I have the electricity connected it is proving to be a great workshop cum studio. All in all a great experience with Tuin and I would happily recommend them.
Mr John Kenneth Hendy
Oct 27, 2021
I had it delivered in march2021 it took a week to assemble ,the instructions were very easy to follow I can see problems occurring if your base is not level.
Love it the warmth it retains is fantastic I have gone with a beach hut theme dut to not being able to get away this summer on holiday.
I have a video but don;t know how to download it to tuin.
Fantastic product would buy again in an instance.
Bob Blandamer
Oct 16, 2021
Very little to say except that we are totally happy with our summer house from TUIN. The timber is good quality, assembly was easy, and the overall finish is great. Customer service and delivery could not be faulted. The only minor issue is the quality of the french doors hinges - they are struggling to cope with the weight of the double glazed doors. Highly recommend this company.
Pat Elliott
Sep 2, 2021
I love my Philip log cabin. It's a light filled haven. I use mine for my creative pursuits, and for daydreaming! Ordering through the website was easy, customer service was excellent. Yes by email, but rapid replies. The cabin went up like a dream on the concrete base. The concrete was laid by a local builder, ensuring it would be level!
Two people, two days in total to be up and watertight. Flooring, painting etc being done at a more leisurely pace, because I'm retired.
I'd easily recommend the Philip to any other creative.
Mrs. Elizabeth Glazier
Aug 8, 2021
Faultless and excellent service from order to delivery and the company was a pleasure to deal with. I am absolutely delighted with the Philip cabin. It’s perfect - from the quality of the structure to the design which floods the interior with light. I insulated the floor and plan to do the roof so I can use it all year round. My dog, cat and I have hardly been out of it since it was erected 3 weeks ago! Would highly recommend it.
Stephen Joel
Jul 28, 2021
Sorry this is a rather belated review of our Tuin Philip log cabin. The cabin was delivered as promised on time in February of 2020. For the money paid for the cabin, it is an excellent product and is ideal for our requirement. I used one of the Tuin recommended installers,
Angela Hallam
Dec 27, 2020
Extremely satisfied with a Philip log cabin. Delivery was extremely good no problems putting it up.I would recommend Tuin to all my friends
Mr. Noel Godfrey
Nov 25, 2020
I decided to get the Philip Log Cabin to use as a Gym during the Covid lockdown - the project has been a resounding success. Tuin managed to provide EXACTLY what I wanted when I wanted it. The quality and value of the product is excellent, as is the customer service. I found the on line information, videos excellent and made erecting the cabin much easier. When I had occasion to speak to the staff, they were always polite, understanding and helpful.
I have been using the gym for a few weeks now and loving it ..... I would highly recommend Tuin if you are looking for a Log Cabin, I would also commend the Tuin Staff for their excellent customer service ... thank you.. much appreciated.
John Nicholas
Aug 27, 2020
Everything about the service from Tuin was excellent. Delivery as they said, really helpful website, very helpful on the phone etc... We love our Philip log cabin. It only took three days to erect including fitting roof. Really straight forward, we didn't have any problems, just followed the instructions. The quality of the product is excellent and very good value for money when you compare to some of the very flimsy products on offer for the same price. We are going to enjoy our log cabin for a long time. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. Peter Mitchell
Aug 2, 2020
After much research we choose a TUIN product, the Phillip log cabin which was a size and type which met our particular requirements. The HQ flooring, Total Protect and air vents were also purchased, grey, straight shingles were provided free of charge. The various blogs, videos and customer reviews on the TUIN website were extremely informative. I would endorse the advice to “do it yourself” and also to ensure the base is perfectly level and sufficient in all regards for the weight of the cabin. The property is a new build and the location of the log cabin at the bottom of the garden is on ground which had been ‘made-up’, I had the civil contractors to provide a 150mm concrete pad with re-bar, on top of 450mm of compressed hardcore with a DPM. I then built the log cabin myself with a little help from my wife. Assembly was straightforward, no missing or defective parts at all. Instructions were straightforward and followed carefully. The exterior received 3 coats of Total Protect, it seems a very good product. I feel the shingles look far superior to a felt alternative. The HQ flooring adds to the impressive appearance. Telephone and email support before purchase and throughout duration installation was first class and questions were answered very promptly. I have no hesitation in recommending TUIN log cabin products for their good value, excellent quality and outstanding support and information. I would also recommend building it yourself, it was a pleasure.
Mr. John Munday
Jul 9, 2020
After spending some time looking around to what was on offer regarding garden rooms I came across Tuin.
I took the plunge and ordered it online and it was not long before I had notification it was going to be delivered. My situation was that we live down a long narrow lane and I knew that delivery was going to be an issue but was also confident we could sort it on the day. The day arrived for delivery and we were now in an interesting situation in that lockdown down had begun and we were getting used to the idea of social distancing. The large artic lorry arrived from Holland and had to park on the main road and the poor driver and a difficult task unloading due to a badly stacked load of decking on top of my pallet.
He eventually was able to remove my package and was able to get it about 50m from my house all that remained then was for us to move it and I did not appreciated how much wood there would be, it took us a good few hours loading the back of our car a bit at a time. I was savvy enough to put the wood into sensible piles so we could see what we had.
I was disappointed to find that none of the pieces were coded i.e. a sticker with a number on identifying the bits would have been useful so my first few hours the next day was marking/identifying everything which in the end was not too much trouble.
Then it was time to start building, the bit I was really looking forward to. I chose the composite foundation beam but was surprised at how floppy they were but they worked and they were laid square and level on a base that was previously built.
From reading the description of the cabin prior to its purchase and the feature that attracted me was the fact that its made up of manageable pieces of wood that can be handle by a reasonable able man ( I'm 69 and still have my own teeth). I was not disappointed by this feature and was able to construct with ease and I was also lucky to have lovely weather to build it in. The cabin went up quite easy there was the odd piece that was a bit warped or twisted but it all slotted in and settled into position. Boarding the roof was straightforward enough but the shingles needed a bit of thought as the Tuin instructions did not match those that came with the shingles but it was all fine in the end and it looks fab.
So to summarise dealing with Tuin was a good experience me choosing them was the right decision certainty considering my location because if we were dealing with large panels it would have been and horrendous task. Therefore Tuin (wooded lego) has a lot of advantages. I now have a wonderful cabin which we can enjoy I would guess for a good part of the year. the walls are made of good thick well constructed wood and doors and windows are double glazed there are not many that offer that.
Rachel Stewart
Jun 22, 2020
Love, love, love my Philip Log Cabin! From ordering to delivery your company and staff have been easy to work with - great communications all round. The cabin itself was very easy to build and we had absolutely everything that we should have done - no missing parts or confusion over what bit goes where! Really nice quality wood and the free shingles were lovely (thank you for these). I love being in the cabin (it's my work space as a hypnotherapist and life coach) and my clients all comment on how lovely it is too - a nice peaceful and calm space. We've had lots of comments from people passing too - and have already passed your company details on to a few interested locals!
Jun 18, 2020
I cannot thank tuin enough for their service. From my first order to delivery tuin kept me fully informed. They were courteous on the phone, delivery was excellent and the cabin was placed exactly where we wanted it to make construction as easy as possible. I cant recommend tuin any higher and would not have any problems recommending them to family and friends. Thanks for a great service, a great product and for me a great studio which I love painting in.
Mr. nick berrow
May 21, 2020
We were worried about the delivery being delayed due to this dreaded Virus we are all living with, but no. It arrived I think 2 weeks later on exactly the day we were advised when we placed the order. The driver from I think Holland, telephoned about 1/2 before he arrived and unloaded with a forklift and dropped it exactly where we wanted. We watched the video and other informative info, all found on the web site, and it went together without any issues. We took the trouble of staining each piece on all sides before assembly, being Furloughed I had the time and I'm sure it will last for years. What can I say other than I am very pleased!
Mr. Richard Farran
Apr 21, 2020
After much consideration we went with the Tuin Phillips log cabin rather than a similar cabin from a local supplier for 2 reasons : firstly and primarily because the local company tried to hard sell their base and their installation and secondly because the whole Tuin website experience was excellent in terms of all round information on preparation and construction and really gave the impression that the Company cares about its customers.
We absolutely made the right choice : Delivery was as promised in the on the Monday of week we selected ; construction was pretty straightforward (we had no prior experience of cabin construction) because of the huge amount of information on the website - the videos were hugely helpful as well as the blog with details of all aspects of installation.

We are very pleased with the result. Obviously I cannot comment on how long the cabin will last but we have followed the recommendations around treatment so hopefully many years to come. I would highly recommend this product and the Company in general to anybody based on our experience.
Kate Wilson
Apr 20, 2020
Looks absolutely superb only problem is I'm going to have to tidy up the garden which now looks scruffy
Mr. James McAllister
Apr 17, 2020
Very pleased with our Philip Log Cabin. It is very nice to look at and offers us an additional outdoor space to sit and relax. Quality is very good and with additional roof and floor insulation is is great for cool spring days.
My only disappointment is that the quality of the door and window fittings are not as good as the rest of the cabin.