Peggie Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m

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Mr. Steven Hume
May 20, 2024
Bought the log cabin a couple of months ago and delivery came as expected despite heavy snow! Manages to build the shed with couple of mates onto a prelaid concrete base, and finally managed to get the shingles on the roof this weekend with the better weather arriving, All in all an excellent service from Tuin and delivery company. Simple to assemble, especially if you take the time to organise into numbered piles in advance.
Apr 27, 2024
Excellent quality product and easy to assemble without any assistance required. Delivery hassle free and driver helpful with his forklift used to deliver onto driveway. Instructions clear and Tuin videos provide extra support when needed for reference. Took me around 5 days to assemble the building with poor weather conditions making it a stop and start project, this included adding insulation to the floor and roof alongside guttering. Roof shingles were the biggest time consumer but look excellent when finished. Would recommend this product and Tuin highly to other people thinking about a log cabin.
Mr. John Hammond
Nov 16, 2022
This is my second log cabin purchase from Tuin. The finish on the milled joints on this cabin isn’t quite as good as the first, requiring a little extra effort to assemble but you can’t tell now it’s together. Pictures show the build with a tarpaulin over the part finished felt shingles on the roof.
So far it has survived everything the rather foul weather has thrown at it although I’m still waiting for a dry spell to get the floor in.
Dawson Mcclements
Apr 30, 2022
Absolutely fantastic we love our cabin easy to put together and looks fantastic
Simon Coombs
Mar 30, 2022
Peggie Log Cabin 3m x 4m. Received my delivery within 3 weeks of order. Delivery went well and delivery driver was very helpful and polite.
2 of us built the cabin fully in 2 days with very few problems. The cabin looks fab, and has the look and feel of total quality. I added my own floor after the build that also went well and my new gym is complete. My only 2 issues were i had no diagrams or building instructions within my delivery. TUIN emailed me the 4 picture diagrams, that helped, but no instructions were forwarded. I also went for the profile tanalised foundation beams which I ended up ditching and using standard tanalised foundation beams. This because with the Peggie the front does not come with a completed full door frame, and so the bottom where the foot plate lies needs to be flat to sit right, look right and to allow the doors to function correctly. This cannot sit flat or correct on a profiled beam, as such were ditched.
Apart from that, at this point I am very satisfied with my cabin and would recommend Tuin to any prospective buyers.
Mr. Adrian Tallon
Mar 12, 2022
I ordered the Peggie log cabin - 4x3m - in January. Really impressed with the whole purchase and the quality of the cabin is great

It was delivered within a couple of weeks. Delivery was by a big artic lorry, so be prepared for that - he has to park around the corner and drive the rest of the way on his forklift which was no problem.

Assembly was straightforward, just needed to follow the directions and keep it square. The trickiest bit I found was the shingles on the roof; it was quite cool when we assembled them so they were a bit brittle. I’m sure they’re more mailable in warmer weather.

All in all, really pleased with my cabin. Only just assembled it, so I’ve not built the floor or kitted out the inside yet but I’m looking forward to finishing the job and having had my home office fully set up.
Craig Moseley
Feb 9, 2022
I love my Tuin Peggie! I received the cabin in July 2021. I would have liked more choice for deeper/narrower cabins due to the size and shape of my back garden, but the Peggie was a perfect fit. Delivery was on time and very efficient.

I booked the week off work to give myself plenty of time for building and painting, I had read all the guides and watched the videos so was ready to go. It took me roughly 2.5 days on my own to move and sort the components, build the cabin (a bit of levelling/packing as the base was slightly out) and add the roof boards. Everything fit together really well and it really shot up once I got the hang of it and was really solid (the only thing which let it down was the door handles which aren’t up to it).

Once that was done everything got a treatment of impregnation fluid. Then came the 50mm roof insulation (longer clout nails needed) and shingles which was another couple of days. The shingles fit lovely and look great - they really set the cabin off!

Next was the inside. I laid floor joists on a damp proof membrane and 50mm insulation between and floor boards on top and skirting board. I purchased the timber cheaper from a local merchant rather than buy the floor pack.

Now came the laborious task of painting/staining! I underestimated how long this would take - multiple coats inside (Embadecor timber stain) and 3 coats of Carefree Protect (2 colours) outside, with time between coats to dry, took far longer than building the cabin!

Finishing touches outside included sealing/painting the foundation beam/concrete pad, fitting wider facia boards (because we added insulation), guttering, water butt and lights.

Inside was carefully furnished to maximise space. We have included a bar, fridge, sofa, long table, 4 bar stools, tv, fire and music memorabilia and we regularly have 8-10 people comfortably inside up to a maximum of 12 (a bit cosy!).

We absolutely love it, and everyone who comes is really impressed with how solid it is. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tuin cabins to anyone.
sandra collins
Jan 13, 2022
Ive had my Peggie log cabin for a year now. Very happy with it.
The company was also very good, keeping me informed about delivery, etc.
overall |I would recommend this product and Tuin
Dawson McClements
Jan 2, 2022
Absolutely fantastic service ordered and delivered within a month. Driver was so helpful when he delivered the cabin. cabin is now up and is a fantastic space to chill out and quality is second to none. Looking forward to many years of use. Thanks Tuin
Mr. Paul Fitzgerald
Dec 21, 2021
i purchased this log cabin to use as an office as i am currently working from home.
as soon as i put in my order to Tuin i received a confirmation email and a link to how to build the cabin, which included some very useful pictures and videos that made the construction of the cabin a lot easier.

delivery of the item was quicker than expected and this was preceded by phone calls from the company telling me when my delivery was to be expected ( including a call from the driver the day before and an hour before actual delivery)
the item arrived in a single waterproof wrapped pallet which the driver expertly put down exactly where i requested.
on opening the package i found a set of paperwork which included a contents list and building plans, while the building plans are basic combined with the information and the videos supplied by Tuin the build was very straight forwards.

the actual build from just a pre laid concrete base to walls and an un-shingled roof took myself and a friend approximately 4 hours with another six hours the following day for me alone to shingle the roof ( plenty of shingles & nails supplied). the build was as straight forward as it could be with the logs fitting in to each other snugly with no more than a gentle tap with a rubber mallet to seat the tongue and groove together. the doors and windows came as a prebuilt unit and were easy to fit with minimal adjustment of the doors needed.

a couple of coats of wood preserver/stain and that was the outside complete.
i didn't purchase the optional tongue and groove flooring but opted to use sheets of marine ply on tantalized lats for my flooring.

on the whole i am very happy with my purchase and cannot find fault with the cabin at all. it is sturdy and well made with good quality seasoned wood that had minimal bends in the logs the joins are well cut and fit together really well.
Patricia McCarter
Nov 19, 2021
Cabin was delivered by a very helpful delivery company. The cabin itself is excellent quality and was easy to assemble by a single person with the right skill set. I would highly recommend this cabin and tuin
Mr. Alex Thimm
Nov 13, 2021
Very solid sturdy garden house.
Great quality.
Does need a very good level base but sound advise on website.
Mrs Charlotte knibb
May 10, 2021
Arrived in 3 weeks excellent delivery driver husband built it on his own. Went together quickly and its to a high quality. Looking forward to spending lots of time in it, thank you.
Mrs. Linda Coates
Dec 9, 2020
Excellent company to deal with, delivery driver couldn’t of been any more helpful than he was, he placed the pallet exactly where I asked him to. Everything was clearly labelled with what part went where and assembly was really easy and quick I’m just over 5 foot tall and my husband helped. We got it up to eaves height in a few hours and the roof put on the following day with some assistance from a kind neighbour as i’m not too keen on being up that high. Quality of the product is excellent and I would highly recommend anyone to deal with Tuin. I have painted my cabin with Sadolin Superdec paints and it is used for my crafty hobbies.
Geoff Bates
Aug 24, 2020
Had this peggie 4x3 log cabin 40mm thick for just under a year. Great delivery service and after sales, easy instructions to follow. Don't rush your choice of external colour treatments and preserver. Really pleased with tuin's products. Thank you.
Miss. Annemarie Lowrie
Aug 17, 2020
Great company. Delivered my cabin within the specified time. It’s better than I expected.
Mr. Sean Bevis
Apr 29, 2020
The Cabin was delivered on schedule and the delivery driver was extremely helpful in getting the cabin to the rear of the property down a narrow drive.
There was minor damage to the corner of one the gable ends due its location in the package. It was easily repaired.
The Cabin went together well but there were some issues with parts of the Cabin. The floor boards had numerous big holes which were to big to repair, there was also major damage to one of the boards, fortunately there were enough boards to cut the damaged parts out.
Unfortunately there were sections of the side of the cabin which were not of the same length so the corners did not all sit flush.
The shingles were of very good quality although colour difference are slightly evident.
Overall we are very satisfied with the Cabin and believe it should give us many years of use.....
Mr. James Baker
Nov 7, 2019
Fantastic product! We ordered the Peggie Log Cabin to replace an old asbestos garage which was too small for a modern car anyway - it took my brother and I just a day to construct, including the roof and floor, although we worked fast. The assembly is straight forward. We used the composite base, it did tend to move a bit and needed readjusting every now and again- we should really have screwed it to the bottom logs, but it’s solid now. All the timbers were excellent quality- no warping or excessive knots, and even the nails and screws were decent. Often that’s where companies cut corners... not here. Very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend.
Christopher Binge
Sep 13, 2019
I bought the Peggie Log Cabin.
Selected on line paid for online. Communications about delivery were great. Delivery driver was a real gent placed the pallet exactly and precisely where I asked for it. It was a tight access but he is skilled with his fork truck.
I had watched the construction videos on line a few times and read online Blog and tips and could remember most but I did have to run the video a few times during construction when I need reassurance that I was doing it correctly—the instructions with the kit are very basic but it is a pretty basic construction. For me the hardest part was getting the foundation beams set up correctly ie the beams are 3m long and my cabin is 4m a 3m ---two of the bottom logs are “halves” ie about 4inches deep and two of the bottom logs are full depth ie about 8inches---I needed to drill through the logs to be able to screw them to the foundation beams—drill bit length and screw length! Needed a quick trip to DIY shop to purchase a long 8mm wood drill and “long screws”.
After getting the base square and with damp proof strip under the foundation beam building the walls is simple and quick—a little gentle pulling and pushing with a few logs which had small bends worked well and its an easy plan to follow.
Window installation needed a bit of thought for which is the inside and outside and which it top and bottom……hinges go to outside!
Door threshold was the next puzzle and as I was putting in an insulated floor with 2 inch joists I needed the door to be as high as possible ---used wedges to keep it in place and then gently hammered a piece of tantalised 2” wood under the threshold and screwed it to the foundation. Doors fitted on hinges, lock fitted and handles ---little bit of moving of frame and then fixed with one screw each side.
Roof beams I fixed myself using a ladder at one end as my helper and lifted the other end into place.
Nailed the roof boards on-fitted the trims down the sides.
That was day one from 7.30am to 6.30 pm on my own. Spent the first hour moving the parts to the site and sorting. The foundation beams set up, mitering, squaring and fixing took about 2 hours but everything else went quickly and easily.
Shingles took about 2 hours – final trims another hour.

I have now insulated the floor and the roof with 50mm Celtex- put flooring in and plan to add “cushion floor” employed an electrician who has fitted power sockets and lights inside and outside.
First coat of Sandolin applied.
Really happy with my “Peggie” – I am in the process of building a 5m x3m deck outside overlooking my koi pond and then its just furniture to finish. It looks good, it feels solid and well built---I think its really good value for money.
Thank you Tuin
May 16, 2019
Brilliant cabin easy to put up, I managed to do it on my own in 2 days.
Delivery was quick and the driver placed it where it was needed!
Would recommend this product and company!
Mr. Roger Mihalop
Apr 24, 2019
The Peggie log cabin we have recently installed is absolutely excellent and is a head and shoulders above any other cabins on the market. I had previously purchased a competitor's log cabin which in comparison to the Tuin cabin was rubbish. It had to be dismantled and collected and I have now received my refund. In spite of being an interesting experience I would have preferred not to have had I must praise Amy Hague of the Waltons installation team who handled my complaint very well indeed. She deserves much praise for her interpersonal skills.

I have nothing but the highest praise for your recommended installer Kevin Binfield and his team who were thoroughly professional, cost effective and did an excellent job. I would recommend him to anyone requiring an installation service.

All in all well done Tuin!!

All in all it was a pleasant experience dealing with the Tuin team.

Mr. Anthony Green
Sep 24, 2018
I bought this cabin for my wife to house her ever increasing hobby. She is so pleased with her new cabin. The delivery was fast and everything went together so easily. It took me and a mate just a couple of days to put it together. Great product definitely recommend this company. Excellent value for money.
Cate McKee
Sep 11, 2018
We love our Tuin Cabin! The team were brilliant, and ensured our delivery date was the same even when our bank declined payment due to a fraud scare. It was so easy to put together with two of us, as none of the parts were too heavy to manage. Fitting in the extra door did require a little head-scratching as it wasn't the same as the one supplied, but thanks to all the fantastic information on the website we did it! It looks fantastic - now all our friends want one!
Mr. Richard Burn
Jul 6, 2018
Tuin Peggie Review

We have recently embarked on a garage conversion to add a little extra space to our house. Of course, this meant that I had the normal garage full of ‘useful stuff’ to store elsewhere. After scouring the internet for solutions, I found the Tuin site, with so much detailed advice, how-to’s and glowing customer reviews, I thought I’d give them a go.

The Peggie cabin was a great price and just the right size for a spare piece of ground currently used for growing potatoes! Next decision was how to make the base. I looked at using patio slabs, railway sleepers or a concrete pad. In the end, I decided on a concrete pad, which would be perfectly flat, robust and also keep my local rat population at bay (we have chickens… enough said?)

The ordering process was simplicity itself and the delivery date was confirmed. I had a restricted choice of roof shingles but that was fine as they were free! I plumped for the green rectangular type, which proved to be a good decision, they look great and were easy to fit.

The day of the delivery came and the driver turned up in a very large truck. The driver was a lovely chap; very friendly and polite but most importantly, he was able to use the amazing little all-wheel-steer forklift to position the very long pallet exactly where I needed it, despite the access being tight. There was no damage at all to the over-packing and everything looked fine. The driver went merrily on his way and I started hauling logs!

The built was really very simple; stack logs on top of each other until you run out of logs - then fit the roof, again very easy, as everything is numbered as per the plan. Although I intended to built the cabin myself, I managed to divert a couple of my builders from doing builder stuff in my garage to give me a hand with the longer logs. Having read the advice on the website about not using any nails or other forbidden fixings, I briefed the boys but when my back was turned I found a nail holding two logs together! I duly removed the offending nail and gave it back to a (sheepish) builder!

Fitting the double door turned out to be the trickiest part of the build. I put the frame together, glued and screwed and slid it into place. However, what I perhaps should have done was check that the doors were a good fit before glueing and screwing. When I fitted the doors I found that the catch would not operate as the doors had too large a gap between. It was at this point I discovered how fantastic Tuin customer support really is. I emailed at just before 6pm on Thursday evening to see if there was a solution to this issue… the reply came at 23.13 the same evening and gave a detailed explanation of what needed to be done with useful links to more pertinent information on the site. Now that’s what I call customer service! The solution was spot on and the doors are now a perfect fit.

All that remains is to treat the timber when I have time (I will do it soon…).

Overall my experience with Tuin has been outstanding, I can’t rate them highly enough. In fact my builder was so impressed, he is ordering a cabin to use as a bar in his garden (I obviously pay him too well!) I don’t usually write reviews but I have been genuinely impressed with all aspects of this experience and thought why not give a little credit where it’s due!
David Benfield
Jul 19, 2017
Great service from start to Finnish ,well pleased with product and after sales service.
Delivery was excellent after some concern of width of road.Would recommend Tuin
May 8, 2017
Very happy with the product and service from Tuin.
The cabin I ordered was delivered promptly, very easy to assemble and very high quality. Within 6hours, the cabin was fully assembled and treated. I would defiantly recommend purchasing a cabin from Tuin.
Mr. richard trayler
May 2, 2017
I ordered the Peggie log cabin on 21st March and it was delivered on 31st March. I was seriously considering having it installed by someone they recommended as there was a lot of wood, but having read the instructions for installation online i thought I would give it a try myself. I started on good Friday and it was completed by Easter Sunday including 3 coats of their carefree protectant timber treatment. I am extremely impressed with the log cabin's thickness and quality and ease of installing, my only issue is they could make the instructions clearer and more detailed for people who are installing themselves. Overall I would definitely recommend this log cabin and company as the service in and out of hours of business is outstanding.
Joe pierce
Apr 16, 2017
The quality of the cabin was fantastic, I put these cabins up for a living and only use tuin now as a supplier, the quality is unbeatable