Mia Garden Office 5.0m x 3.8m - 70mm Logs

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Oct 26, 2022
Fantastic cabin - could not be more happy with it. Cabin arrived exactly when Tuin said it would and the quality of the cabin is really great.

Pretty straightforward to install but defo needs two people at points - specifically the rubber roof is one sheet so it's really heavy and needs two people to install.
Graham Chappell
Jun 23, 2022
Relatively easy install taking 2 and half guys (me being the half) about 2 days to complete. We are all new to the Tuin brand and we know next time it'll take less time. There is a spare beam with this one. Be careful to put it to one side and make sure everyone's aware of it being a spare. We didn't. Oops. Crisis averted after an hour of jiggery pokery. Everything slotted in well onto a 6" concrete base. We bought the rubber roof and finishing edges from a third party. The floor was Tuin's and went down easily. We have a mass of spare timber left over (no bad thing) but it's 100% complete and the doors/windows fitted well (the door needing adjusting as expected. Lovely cabin and looks far too good for the purpose intended so it'll be storage and day use too.
Robert lee
Jan 7, 2022
Exceptional quality, took 2 days to to the logs and 2 days to fit the edpm roof with insulation and boards.
Havent need to insulated walls like I expected. We have a 1.5kw heater near my wifes work area but it it more than adequate.
We went compostite profiles and pvc windows. Both worth it only issue with design is the window boards arouns the windows lets water sit on them then soak through so we had to modify but nothing some common sense couldnt fix.
Tuin were late to deliever and communiction could be improved but very happy with product
Steve Langston
Dec 23, 2021
Cabin arrived about 3 months late due to Covid and supply issues which i completely understand excellent quality of materials and great instructions enjoyed the construction phase and looks great only concern was late delivery of the insulation kit issue seems to be with communication between yourselves and not the supply company which meant i have had to fit a temporary roof covering for the winter.
That said i would recommend the company and its products
Mr. Marcel Puijk
Nov 28, 2021
I purchased the MIA office earlier this year but due to the well known problems of sourcing anything timber or building supplies it took a lot longer to arrive than expected. In the end Tuin delivered pretty much to their revised expected timeline.

My Mia is installed on a wooden base on a sloping underground. Since it is in a valley I also purchased the most solid walls and with an internal floor so that I can get it as insulated as possible. It took 2 of us about a day to build the whole structure. If you sort the pieces of timber by the number on them, which corresponds to the timbers in the plan you save yourself a lot of time later.

If you have some understanding of timber and experience of building things it is really straightforward to put together. Just screwing the bottom timbers into the base and then bang the other pieces in. It all fitted absolutely perfectly. No missing pieces, no pieces didn't fit.

If you add some insulation to the roof, like we did, you need some additional timbers but that is worth the effort and the expense. The EDPM roof was heavy but very easy to fit and appears very reliable.

Overall the delivery was great, just make sure you have the space for it as it is big, building it was a delight. Couldn't be happier with our cabin. It feels solid and looks great.
Gordon Mckenzie
Nov 12, 2021
Cabin was everything we wished for from planning to completion delivery no problem erection not difficult and end product amazing will buy again well done tuin.
Mr. Robert James
Dec 28, 2020
Very happy with my Mia. Like so many of us I was looking to create a home office, but also wanted a 'retreat' space as well as room to play with my toy soldiers. The table I use is 6' by 4' and I have several thousand soldiers that need to be stored. So needed something with a bit of room that would be well insulated and have good light to work in.

I put down a concrete slab with the help of a friend who is a jobbing builder. The concrete had to be pumped 60m and the pipes went through the house! There was an extra charge due to the length of the pipework so it always good to check that out.

The timber was delivered to the front of the house and then I had to carry it 40m to the back of the house. One of the rafters fell on my toe as I was unpacking and I was glad I was not wearing sandals, but wish I had my walking boots on!! Wear hard work shoes if at all possible.

I sorted the wood as made clear in the instructions into piles, and that really helped when it came to putting up the walls. I managed to get the cabin up to the rafters on the first day, but then had to wait to the weekend for some extra help for the roof, doors and windows.

The friends who were helping me had some questions and the emails I sent off on a Saturday morning were all answered within minutes. (Great customer service.)

it was tipping down and my friends were only able to be there for a few hours. Got the roof boards on and the doors and windows in. I had gone for the upgraded door and windows. They were huge and heavy and I could not lift them by myself. I was just glad that my friends were younger and fitter than me.

Despite the rain I managed to put a first treatment on the wood. It was several days later before I managed to get the EPDM up on the roof to find that I had been sent the wrong size (the right size piece was delivered within a couple of days). I did not realise how heavy the EPDM sheet would be 40Kg and this was a challenge to get up and move into place. (My back felt it for two weeks afterwards!)

I had to get electricity and a data cable run down to the cabin (another cost) and I also insulated the roof and floor. I went for internal insulation between the rafters rather than making a frame to go the roof. This allowed me to have 140mm of insulation board which was then finished with 8mm tongue and groove.

As a note I found it helpful to put a sealant between the composite foundation beam and the concrete base to stop water coming in underneath the insulation boards on the floor. I also got the flooring pack and in retrospect that is the only thing I wonder whether I should have upgraded as I may well have to put a carpet down and that will hide the floorboard so a mdf boards could have done just as well.

I have installed an 1800w heater and that seems sufficient to heat the shed. I have been down there through some pretty cold days and whilst I have an extra pair of socks and jumper on, I was wearing them when working in the bedroom/office anyway!

So all in all, I am really happy with the cabin and how I will be using it. It took me longer to finish than anticipated as in part I was waiting on a number of different people to help me finish it off.

Whilst I could do all the basics I was glad I had some friends to help me who knew what they were doing with some of the more fiddly bits and could do some of the heavy lifting. This is not a job I could have completed on my own.
Mr. Terence Parkes
May 26, 2020
The Mia went together very well, it was a 75m. so I did need help on the lifts. I used the recycled foundation beams and these needed to be screwed to base logs before construction. The rubber roofing is really good, but is heavy and you will need help (+2) to lift and glue. in "lockdown" the weather has been good but the cabin should be well weather proofed. If insulating the floor you need to take into consideration the depth as the windows are almost at ground level. A very enjoyable project.
Mr. Terence Parkes
May 9, 2020
prompt delivery, very good design and construction.
Sally Yau
Apr 17, 2020
Our Mia cabin is almost finish apart from the roof due to the Coronavirus workmen have to stop. We are very impressed with the products, so are the fitters and everyone seen it . It is so well made and so easy to put up( only if my daughter and I are strong and tall enough) . It looks really good . Specially we add on the luxury windows and door. We got the floor pack too . Love it ! Well done and Thank you Tuin !