Maggie 40mm Log Cabin 4m x 3m

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Jan 30, 2024
Very happy!

Took about 3 days total to complete, spread over a couple of weeks. I had help for about 4 hours of that, to get extra materials onto the roof. The kit as supplied by Tuin was all done solo.

Things that could be improved on the Tuin side: the instructions are clear what parts go where, but leave quite a lot of the rest to the imagination. But there is quite a lot more information on the Tuin blog.

The door frames were tricky to get completely square -- fortunately this can be adjusted in-situ by removing the trims that clamp them in place -- I used glazing packers to keep them where I wanted.

I added 3x2 floor structure, 40mm PIR insulation board and MR chipboard flooring. For the roof I added 2x2 framing, 40mm PIR and 9mm OSB. I used some of the extra roof timber to add a slope around three edges of the roof. I also added some guttering and a strip of UPVC trim to clamp the free edge of the EPDM into it.

Have got some BEDEC Barn Paint to treat/paint this, but I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before doing that.
John Clark
Oct 20, 2023
Great delivery … cabin is amazing, great quality and built to last!
Very easy to build and was fun to do…. Got the whole family involved :)
Barry Nicholls
Oct 19, 2023
The whole experience, from ordering through to completion was so easy and straightforward. Communication from Tuin was superb. Delivery was as arranged and the driver was a nice friendly chap. The build was very straightforward. Apart from a helping hand with the doors and laying the 'rubber' roof, I completed it on my own in a day and a half without any issues. I'm currently in the process of sorting the electrics and insulating the roof, before getting down to the decor.
Any regrets? None whatsoever.
Bron Parker
Sep 5, 2023
excellent service great quality
Bron p arker
Sep 1, 2023
Excellent service awaiting installation looks good quality delivery was brilliant
Ms. Hannah Gordon
Apr 24, 2023
We are so chuffed with our latest log cabin (Maggie) from Tuin. It is of good quality and easy to put together. The advice on the website is very comprehensive and any questions we had about building or any problems that cropped were answered very quickly.
R Ashwin
Jun 5, 2022
The modern clean lined design of the Maggie suits my small coastal garden. Taking two of us, a dry weather weekend to complete. Simple to build with basic instructions, we found Turin’s blogs useful, especially for the EPDM roofing. In order to assemble the pent gradient roof section ( labelled WA-1 & WB-1) it took a minute to figure that these parts came in three separate sections for each side. The double glazed doors and windows are superb quality. Windows can both open fully to the side or tilt down from the top. We installed them to open in towards the double doors; this enables them to fold back flush against the front panelling between the window frame and the double doors. Storm bracing has been fitted.
A functional sturdy cabin which blends into my garden despite its size. Pleased I chose this cabin from Tuin.
May 23, 2022
I assembled our 4x3m Maggie cabin in March 2022, in uncharacteristically dry sunny weather. It was easy to assemble, my key tip is to check the drawing twice, and then check again before putting a piece into place! The planks are very well manufactured and the tolerances spot on, it's a quality product and it shows. I put down a damp proof membrane and built a floor using joists with 50mm insulation board between them and chipboard flooring boards on top.
I also put 50mm insulation boards on the roof and finished it with EDPM, which is 100x easier to work with than felt. The help section and blog on the Tuin website was enormously useful, especially the bits on foundations and base. now the power is in we have a terrific work / chill / sleepover space in the garden. I've painted it with Tuin's Embadecor paint, it's excellent quality paint and goes on beautifully but the 'light pine' is much yellower than I expected. So much so that I'm thinking of painting the window frames green in tribute to Norwich City.
I would recommend a Tuin cabin to anyone.
Mr. Stephen Platt
May 4, 2022
After searching the market for a good quality log cabin I decided to go with Turin and I’m really glad that I did. From the very start I found the Turin team (in particular Will) extremely helpful from ordering the exact cabin specification to the delivery which went very smoothly. The cabin itself was extremely easy to build and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of materials supplied. The online instructions and paper instructions which came with the cabin were easy to follow and I found that I could research each stage of the build inline to give me the confidence to construct the cabin as easily as possible. Great service, great product, I would definitely recommend.

Regards Mr Platt - Cornwall
Apr 23, 2022
Maggie cabin is great. Purchase easy & straight forward, delivery (to Scotland) also easy & without hiccup. All parts as detailed and quality excellent. Cabin easily assembled (not by me) and is a fantastic addition to our garden, giving us a great space to use in all weathers. Highly recommended.
Paul Wilson
Mar 22, 2022
Great quality cabin with easy instructions for building.
Could not fault anything about this.
First class company to deal with.