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Lianne Modern Log Cabin 3x2m

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Apr 12, 2023
outstanding product very happy with it very easy to assemble
Mr. stephen gray
Mar 2, 2023
Cracking quality and once my friend and i got in the groove the cabin went up in no time. The instructions can seem confusing and over whelming at first but take your time and read them thoroughly and all will become clear. Cant recommend this product enough.
David Smith
Oct 24, 2022
Lovely shed
Neil Bain
Nov 20, 2021
Delivery system works well, but do not be surprised if the driver turns up early evening! Drivers are proficient and delivery swift.
Quality of the product is generally excellent although the occasional warped timber can spoil the overall look.
Where Tuin fall down in my view is quality of instruction and what you receive will certainly have you scratching your head at times.
Only downside is the quality oinstructions which leave a lot to be desired.
Tuin reply: Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback and we're pleased that overall it went well

Timber can be a pain sometimes we know and we're sorry about that, They are normally packaged in a way which helps prevent warps and twists, Typically they can only warp when opened and then exposed before being added into the building. im sure you managed to overcome them.

The instruction's are something we do continually work on and we agree improvements are still possible, something we will keep working at

Thank you again and please enjoy the building
Peter Butler
Dec 20, 2019
My new shed arrived on time on the agreed date, delivery was by a very large truck and a smart fork lift truck delivering it to where i needed it to be, it was very well packaged which was good as it was raining.
A check of parts against the packing list showed all parts where present.
I treated all the parts before assembly with a clear wood preservative soaking the ends in a bucket for 20 minutes before applying 2 coats of preservative to the pieces.
Assembly was very easy and the completed shed looks great and has attracted many positive comments from visitors to our house. I would recommend this shed for its design, ease of assembly and quality.
Mr. alec pruce
Sep 10, 2019
delivery on time..driver phoned us night before, wanted to drop off early..luckily the sun was shining. oh my..pack was huge. took 4 hours to unpack and check.. nothing missing..
construction.. walls were easy, some slightly warped, but slotted in with rubber mallet.. even the pent roof was reasonably easy.. but the door and window frames, the air got a bit blue at times..after watching quite a few video's.. where the frames slotted in.!!!. ours had lots of bits of wood, but no explanation. i'm quite a clever geezer, but it took about 3 hours to figure a plan to fit the frames..
3 weeks have elapsed since our delivery..its water tight. (added celotex to the roof, floors next) painted, guttering installed..started to install power etc.
The cabin is a stunning piece of woodwork.
Looking forward to using it to its full potential..for many years to come..
Timothy Ambridge
May 15, 2019
I brought the Lianne Modern Log Cabin 3 x 2m last month, and asked for delivery week 6 not realising I was on holiday that week.
I rang to ask if it could be delivered a few days earlier and they said yes no problem.
Very impressed with the quality and would definitely buy another one if required.
Painted it stone colour with grey door to match our modern style house and it looks brilliant.
Paresh Dabhi
Apr 15, 2019
I purchased the Lianne Modern Log Cabin from Tuin after carrying out an extensive study of products on the internet. The Tuin specification and quality seemed to be far superior then other similar products which I found. The ordering process and delivery was as expected with good communication along the way.
I’m an experienced DIYer so I was sure that I had the capabilities to assemble this cabin without any fuss. The instructions are basic at best but I found the additional information and tips on the website excellent and very valuable. Believe me, as long as you know how to use a hammer, mallet and screwdriver then this is a job you are well capable of doing. The main thing to remember is to make sure that your base is flat and true.
I built the cabin on a slabbed base which I had specially prepared for the project. I found that the cabin slotted together nicely with minimum force needed to be applied. I built most of it by myself with minimum help from my son and wife. I was surprised at how easy it all went together and although it took me 3 weekends to finish off, this was mainly down to the weather and spare time I had available. I’m sure that if my idle son was a bit more active I could have finished the cabin build in a single day. I’ve added a proper insulated floor with DPM, 50mm thick Cellotex and 18mm chipboard floor panels all supported on a wooden frame of battens. I’ve also applied 3 coats of Ronseal 10 Year External Wood Care, both inside and out. Finally, I’ve fitted external guttering along the back edge of the roof line to divert the rainwater away from the cabin.
The only issue I encountered was the door and window wouldn’t close properly, but this was easily fixed by adjusting the hinges and recessing the lock into the door. All in all I’m extremely pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend both the product and Tuin to anyone looking for a log cabin.
David Paterson
Jul 4, 2018
This is now the 3rd log cabin we have purchased from Tuin and I have to say every one has been first class.
The latest cabin the Lianne is an excellent addition to the new build due to the modern lines and excellent look of the cabin.

As always every experience of Tuin is first class, and I have already recommended to family, friends and neighbors to purchase direct from Tuin. Excellent deliver and first class support if you need anything.

Thanks again!
Steven Ford
Jun 5, 2018
After reading reviews and doing a lot of research this seemed like the best choice and a professional Company,
The delivery driver was amazing so that was a good start but that was the only good part The bad points,
I know there are videos to watch
But the instructions are really a waste of time very poor.
When opening the packaged which was covered in dead bugs which only scared my wife and to be fair seemed well packed.
I placed the timer in flat piles and could notice the some timbers were warped and only become a problem when putting together, also had some bad splits I was starting to question the quiaty of this product, parts missing including a roll of roof felt, me and my carpenter started Friday and had to be finished of Sunday because of all the issues, we had to strengthen it with batterns as it was flimsy, the window had to be taken apart as it did not open,poorly put together, the roof joists were 2 different and not the same as the poor instructions, the trouble with the warped log boards is because they are not straight they put the rest of the door boards out and make it so much harder, all we have been offered were 3 new rolls of felt which is not good enough.
I am a very experienced D.i.Y er but this was a nightmare.
We did call several times Friday only to get an answer machine but did get a call back and was sent the same poor instructions no help at all, and were closed over the weekend.
Not had any help from customer service really, and you can tell a good company about the way they put the problems right.
I can only give 1 star at the moment untill I receive some of my money back.
This log cabin was not cheap and I expected so much more from this experience .
I know there can be a few issues but this was beyond a joke and felt sorry for my carpenter who had to spend extra time resolving them.

Some of the Timber had more of a bend than a David Beckham
Free kick, just be cautious when buying..
Tuin reply: We are sorry this has not been a good experience with this building and problems have occurred. I understand the team are in contact with you regarding this.
Mrs. Rebecca Smith
May 16, 2018
Absolutely excellent cabins. Strong, sturdy and warm. fantastic value for money. Excellent customer service.
Mr. Krystian Orszulik
May 15, 2018
Lianne cabin - very good quality everything fits and was easy to build without previous experience.

It has taken me and my dad day and a half to build it.

The communication with Tuin was really good and I had vey helpful delivery driver.

The floor for the cabin which was bought seperatly was a bit overkill. Good base its enough I believe.

I'm very happy to choose Tuin cabin over cheap shed.

Highly recommended.
Sarah Strong
Jan 4, 2018
Had lots of positive comments about the cabin. My husband and his father put it up in just one day. Very pleased with the quality and build. The whole experience from start to finish excellent.
Sergei Latosev
Sep 23, 2017
Fabulous! The Log Cabin is easy to put together, really solid construction.Delivery was very good, the driver was fantastic, friendly and polite.
All my friends and family are impressed by the cabin and I very recommend to buy it.

Mr. Rodney Morris
Aug 4, 2017
Excellent quality product, easy and quick to erect, but instructions need to be reviewed. Written guide was poor, but frequent reference to various videos saw us through the process. A specific written/illustrated guide for the Lianne is needed. Overall, well worth the money.
Mr. Ian Bell
Jul 25, 2017
After searching the internet visiting shops looking at different types of log cabins We decided to buy online with tuin.The delivery and ordering of our log cabin was easy with no problems. The delivery driver could not of done any better and was delivered on day and time arranged. As for the log cabin we could not be any happier with it .It was easy to put up using the website and instructions for reference. We bought the log cabin so we could use it all year round. The log cabin has a modern design and is exactly as described by's been used as a multi purpose space for all the family, a place where the children can play,watch television,listen to music, read books,relax etc. Everyone who has seen it or been in the log cabin have been impressed with its design and the fact it's used by all the family.i would recommend this log cabin and tuin to anyone considering buying one.
Mr. Simon Catchpole
Jun 5, 2017
After deciding which log cabin to buy the Lianne was perfect for the space i had. From the ordering to the delivery process , the helpful guides, instruction and and quality of my Cabin Tuin are exceptional. I can't be more pleased, At first after sorting out all the apropiate logs and fixings it seemed very daunting. but with minimal effort (and help) i managed to finish my instal in less than a day!! Its also quite rewarding. very well made, i would highly recommend if you are considering a log cabin. Well done guys keep up the great work
Mr. Glenn Drake
Jun 1, 2017
The kids love it! Easy to put up, the web site and blogs are a real help to answer any questions or concerns. It took a day to construct on my own with minimal tools - the key was to have a level base. I built mine on top of railway sleepers. Would recommend treating the window and door before installing, as it will actually save time. Very impressed with the final result.
Mr. Peter Cawthorne
Apr 6, 2017
Attractive garden building of high quality and durability. The parts where accuratelyrics cut and machined and fitted together like a leg model. I built it my self in a slow methodical manner. Having a really level firm platform to build it on is essential.
Mr. Ronald Jackson
Nov 16, 2016
Second cabin off you and totally satisfied from order to delivery and the product itself