Laula Log Cabin 4.3x4.3m Double Glazed

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Mrs. Moira Hay
Feb 22, 2024
Delivery was very quick and easy the delivery driver was very nice and he put the log cabin where I wanted it left. Haven't got it erected yet waiting for the foundation to be concreted. Hopefully will have it finished for the summer.
roy coleman
Mar 24, 2023
Having never purchased one of these before to erect myself i must be honest and say how easy they are to erect and how impressed I am with the finished product. As long as the base is correctly put in, the building of the cabin is so straight forward it only took 2 men one day from start to finish. Good delivery service as well.
Am very happy with my choice of supplier at a very good price
Andrew Hemley
Aug 24, 2022
Beautifully crafted, well thought out construction. Well packaged, delivery was no drama. The cabin went together easily and very quickly without issue and I had no trouble incorporating insulation to the floor and roof. Tho not yet finished it is stunning. The overhanging roof is perfect to shade the glass frontage in hot weather. My only criticism is that the door handle opens directly onto the glass of the window, so have had to incorporate a stop to prevent it smashing the window. Hence the 4 stars
Tuin reply: Thank you Andrew for taking the time to share these great pictures and feedback with us, That is frustrating i agree ref the handle. A door stop was a very good way to overcome it

Thank you and please enjoy the building
Simon Ellis
Aug 9, 2019
We did a lot of research before deciding on Tuin and their range of log cabins. I went to see one of their competitors at their depot.. where customer care and service left a lot to be desired. I was immediately put off when I saw their sales targets pinned up on a wall and got the impression that was all they were interested in. So we bought the Laula from Tuin and we couldn’t be happier with it. Helene and I are in our sixties. We built the cabin between the two of us after constructing a very substantial wooden base frame with my son that sits on an uneven concrete base. The cabin was delivered and placed in exactly the place we requested and the delivery driver couldn’t have been more helpful or polite he called when half an hour away - great service. The cabin build went generally very well over 4 days which included insulating the roof and applying the roof shingles ( 2 days on the roof - not so good on my poor old knees but really pleased with the result). My advice to anyone considering buying from Tuin? Don’t bother with the rest ... Tuin quality, price and service is very good. Their online guides and advice is great too... very happy with our purchase from these guys !!
Mrs. Vanda Roberts
Apr 23, 2019
My Laula was due to arrive on Thursday 18th April but on the day before at 5pm I received a call from the driver asking if I would like it delivered then. As we were in and with the moving of our vehicles to allow it to be placed up the drive it arrived. As it is a fairly large building it was at the bottom of the pile on the lorry. After much moving of other deliveries our Laula made it`s way up our drive on the Moffat mover and onto the area where we would be able to sort it out. Throughout all this the driver was good humoured and nothing was too much trouble-thank you.
We were lucky with the Easter weekend being especially good weather and a very capable friend who is a chippy. As to the building, it is strong, the logs went together well even with a little bit of persuasion where a couple were a little out of true.
By 6pm most of it was up and we got as far as completing half of the roof boards. We stopped for a BBQ and a rest.
The second day we completed the roof and half of the shingles. We have covered the rest of it with a sheet until we have time to finish it off. My wife have also given it one coat of wood preserver in case of rain
It seems a good strong building and has been admired by neighbours. We did look at other makes but they were not as good as Tuin`s. Our next door neighbour has had one for 10 years and it was due to seeing this that we made our final decision. I would certainly recommend this company as everything happened as they said it would. We were short on one piece of wood and I will contact Tuin tomorrow regarding that matter.
Many thanks TUIN
Mr. Patrick Wright
Apr 17, 2019
Excellent from start to finish!. Had a call from delivery company with date. Received a phone call from driver with time, arrived on time, off loaded within minutes GREAT.
All parts delivered in neat FULLY wrapped plastic sheeting.
When assembled I was not disappointed with this top quality product.
Have recommended this company to other friends as price and product is unbeatable.
Mr R Tamkin
Oct 12, 2018
Very pleased with our purchase quality and service have been good, but I have had a problem with the size of the base which is specified as being 4.3 X4.3 wide which was laid prior to delivery. However this was laid adjacent to my property boarder not realising the roof line is much wider. I feel Tuin should have made it clear that the base needs to be 0.5 metre in from any side boundary as its actual dimensions are 4.8m x 5.2m. It is also worth noting that if guttering is to be added that this dimension needs to be added also if adjacent to a boarder.
Mr. Patrick Wright
Sep 11, 2018
Absolutely great. After much research decided on Tuin. Telephoned to check still available, ordered. Had a telephone call to confirm delivery date, The next contact was the driver to confirm time of arrival.
Arrived, off loaded in minutes in a neatly packaged fully water proof plastic sheeting.
The cabin is now in my back garden and looks terrific. Would 100% recommend.
Ms. Angela McCarthy
Jun 8, 2018
What an absolutely lovely well made cabin . Put the walls together in one day 2 60 year old amateurs and a lady with no building experience. We had such a fun day and the sense of achievement is rewarding. Make sure you lay out all the parts and familiarise yourself with them . I would describe the build as like a giant Lego kit all slotted together easily and no nails . Thank you Tuin will recommend to friends.
Christine R
Jun 4, 2018
The cabin was well-packed, however, as we were unpacking it, we noticed one log was damaged. I emailed Tuin and they kindly sorted a replacement log straight away. The structure went up in a day, with the roof shingles and floor finished off the next day. I had read all the helpful information on Tuin’s website so any small issues we came across during the build were not a problem. The cabin is so lovely and is at such an great price point. And the customer service I received from Tuin was exemplary. I can’t praise them enough. Highly recommended! Thank you Tuin!
Mike Morrison
Dec 13, 2017
Fits nicely into the available space in my back garden and has received loads of compliments from every one who sees it. My first log cabin build and turned out to be quite straightforward even though my package had been opened (customs? ) and poorly resealed causing water ingress and some superficial damage which I dealt with. With the help of my teenage grandson, we managed to build ready for fixing the roof planks in one afternoon. Luckily, we threw a tarpaulin over because the rain poured down for the next couple of days. Had a little scare when I noticed that the top few rows of planks were leaning to one side but Tuin's suggestion to rachet-strap it back into shape till some roof boards were fixed, did the trick! Another afternoon and the roofing planks were nailed down. I then deviated from the standard build and installed insulation on the roof, adding a new OSB deck on top of the insulation and fitted the shingles on this. Biggest problem I've had was working out if all the nails, screws and other bits were necessary or just standard kits. Pity I can't seem to source wider 5.3m fascia for my thicker roof so looks like I'm going to have to join two shorter lengths! I've also gone to town with floor insulation and I'm installing a small log burner to brew my coffee while I enjoy the luxury of my nex workshop!
Mrs. Elaine Lee
Sep 21, 2017
Delighted with the log cabin arrived on time no damage considering it was one hell of a package, my husband who only has basic diy skills surprised me when i came home from work he had the walls built by himself, only needed a hand with the roof and floor, overall very good cabin only small negative comment is the door handles they are forever going loose maybe a new design required.
Mr. Philip Childs
Oct 30, 2016
The cabin arrived on time only problem was that one of the double glazed doors had a crack in the glass, but tuin has told me to get it replaced they will reimberse me.I have still yet to do this. Myself and friend started to erect the cabin but when we got to door hieght found that the base was not perfectly level so finished up taking it back down. have done a proper base re constructed the cabin, went up like a dream seams very good quality took 2 days spent nearly a full day on shingles but cabin looks great, yet to install doors and frame and replace sealed glass unit but will finish that when hot tub arrives it is too wide with doors on. to put door frame in after is going to be easy so a very satisfying experiance, highly recomended
Mr. Robert Hicks
Sep 27, 2016
Very impressed with log cabin.

The package arrived exactly as described in the blogs. The friendly driver didn't mind waiting whilst we re-positioned the car, and managed to put it down off the road alongside the house, which was a very tight squeeze for the forks.

It took quite a while to unpack and lay out all the pieces but this really paid off when it came to build. The instructions showed you how to layout the pieces to make up the Laula cabin, but do not show how to put it together, that is they show the arrangement not the method. However, I had read all off the installation blog on the Tuin site, and followed that.

I had a friend and his boy helping, and we didn't start the build until just after lunch. Once the base was square and we had few logs down, our confidence grew, and we had the walls done in no time. Another friend popped round to see how it was going and helped for a couple of hours as we finished the walls and fitted the roof beams. After stopping for a BBQ, it was just a matter of nailing down the roof boards. And that was it, the whole cabin kit up in a long afternoon with no prior experience!

The best bit of advice on the Tuin website was "Trust in the product and trust in the instructions." There were plenty of twists and bows, but because I had read through the instructions I knew what expect and what to do about it. Everything closed up as the weight grew and the cabin is perfectly settled now. I thoroughly recommend putting it up yourself, it was a genuinely enjoyable experience.

Mr. Christopher Mulhall
Sep 26, 2016
Best thing I've ever bought for the garden. We've slowly turned into a bar with some comfy sofas over the last 8 weeks. Looks absolutely great and really warm as we have insulated it.
Very sturdy cabin and well worth the money. Would definitely recommend this supplier. Professional and helpful throughout.