Kwaspa Log Cabin with Side Porch 8.0 x 4.0m

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Mr. Colin Greig
Apr 29, 2018
We have been very impressed with the whole experience and our cabin and the price is very reasonable.

I had concerns over the delivery as I live down a small single track lane. However, we were kept up to date with the delivery all the way with a polite call confirming the morning of our delivery. We were the first of the day with a very nice lad turning up at our door at 6:30 in the morning. He had already parked his lorry at the end of the lane and had the Cabin on his fork lift waiting to place it where we wanted it. Superb!

It took a while due to bad weather (snow and rain for weeks) before we opened the package, but it was well wrapped in plastic so all weather proof.
The build could not have gone any easier. the design of these cabins are so good that they really do just fall into place and go up so quick. It only took 2 of us a day to get the whole cabin up ready to be tiled. This also included painting on wood preserve as we went to ensure the tongue and grooves were well protected.
It took longer to final paint than to build.

My only criticism with the cabin would be the doors. All of the main cabin is smooth and planned nicely, but the doors are rough. the bars between the windows are very rough and slightly lets down the overall quality of the Cabin which is otherwise highly recommended.
Gary Ward
Mar 20, 2017
Ordered this in the summer and then spent many anxious days wondering whether or not to build it ourselves or pay for it doing. Having got quotes from all over and watched the excellent videos on this site we decided we would have a go. We had the base done though, a man has to know his limitations! My wife and I, DIY novices, waited for arrival day. From start to finish the ordering and delivery process were excellent, the delivery driver could not have been more helpful, putting the huge, and daunting pallet exactly where i wanted it which was not easy!
Having taken five days off just to be sure i had the time we had it built more or less that afternoon! a few roof boards the next morning and just the shingles to do! If you are in doubt trust me just give it a go and take the time to read the blogs and watch the videos on this site and really is pretty straight forward. The Gazebo Cabin is lovely, high quality and exactly what we wanted. Having looked at others that were more money for lower quality we are delighted. Just have a long weekend ahead now with treatment and a brush!