Hendrick Log Cabin 5.0 x 5.0m Double Glazed

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Chris Grigson
May 10, 2024
I've had my Hendrick cabin installed for 3 years now. The best thing about it is the quality of the wood, it's simply amazing! Everything was straight as a die and ready to go. This is cabin is a private label model and I expected some teething problems but the only things were a clash between the second roof beam from the left and the door trim and the window sill. The sill needed bevelling outwards to stop the rain coming in and the door trim was easy to cut. The shingle roof was time consuming to fit and initially it leaked a little. I talked to Tuin and read the IKO installation guides online. IKO suggest a different install method on roofs below 15 degrees pitch. Search for IKO Residential Information Bulletin No R-55 August 2012 "APPLYING ASPHALT SHINGLES ON LOW SLOPES" TBR55AspShLowSlope.pdf. Tuin's solution was similar and they kindly supplied tubes of shingle mastic free of charge to glue the tabs down. Combined with a plastic drip edge the roof has been great, although if I was doing it again i would have used a lead for the drip edge instead. I installed the cabin in September on the wet west coast of Scotland which was daft. If you live someplace humid and you want to store anything in the cabin any time soon keep the wood dry and don't put it up in the wet. I store a large collection of antique engines and bicycles in the Hendrick and as the water came out of the wood the condensation was shocking. With our weather no amount of ventilation would stop it so I used an ELA DD822 desiccant dehumidifier which fixed the problem and is still going strong today. As the wood dried out it acts as to regulate the humidity inside the cabin and the water collected by the dehumidifier when I run it in winter is minimal. I used Sadolin Superdec paint and learned this should only be applied in warm, dry weather and don't forget to run some sealant around the window glass before painting. I used visqueen damp proof membrane and wrapped the edges around the foundation logs.
robert erback
Dec 2, 2023
Excellent customer service, excellent product. Only gripe is instructions not very clear.
robert erback
Nov 19, 2023
great product instructions lack detail
Jul 16, 2023
I absolutely love my Hendrick log cabin. It’s finally decorated inside and will be a yoga, VR gaming space and photographic studio. Hans the delivery driver was super lovely, and with 3 willing workers it was built in a day
Mr. Garry McDonnell
Apr 2, 2023
This cabin is a brilliant very happy with quality & how well it went together.
Mr. David Renals
Feb 28, 2023
Can't fault anything, delivered on time. We put the cabin up in a day and looks great. Good firm to deal with. Would recommend them!
Jez W
Jan 17, 2023
Bought a Hendrick 5x5M cabin in May 2022. Customer service & delivery spot on. Took a day to take all the parts by hand 50M up the garden, a couple more to build and get the roof on and weather tight with the shingle roof by day 4. Fairly straight forward to build although instructions for the door and windows could be much better. A couple of pieces where badly warped but with some effort managed to straighten enough to use. Used the suggested paint (3 coats externally and 1 internal) and the logs haven't moved at all even after the hot summer, and rain/wind of this winter.
Vivianne Brown
Dec 22, 2022
Thank you Tuin for an easy pleasant transaction the cabin was easy to build and looks amazing and the extra room it has given us is a fantastic
Mr. John Sneddon
Nov 18, 2022
Doors and window could have been better quality. The rest of it is great quality.
Claire Williams
Oct 25, 2022
After recently recieving a log cabin from billy oh & having to send it back because of faulty parts & poor quality i was a bit apprehensive in in re-ordering from one of their rivals, but ordering from Tuin right through to delivery i couldnt have been impressed more, with both the service & quality provided.I would recommend Tuin to anyone.
Stephen Foster
Sep 26, 2022
Very pleased. Was easy to set up and looks fantastic. Delivery was also excellent, very helpful driver who worked with us to get the cabin down our narrow street. Will definitely be using Tuin again.
Bryan Crawford
Feb 9, 2022
Great product and company, very trustworthy. Make sure you apply preservative inside and out to avoid wood issues.
David Bayne
May 10, 2020
Hendrick cabin arrived on time, and the driver was able to use his fork truck to deliver it to my house. It stayed in the packaging for a week or so because of bad weather. I have used the CoronaVirus episode to build the structure, and this is now complete. It went up very quickly, but I added insulation to the roof. This extended the build time. I am currently working on the floor, adding insulation beneath the plywood as I go. The cabin will house a hot tub, and eventually, a shower, toilet and bar area. Beginning to run out of basic materials such as wood screws, but hope to have the hot tub operational in the next few days. I hope to give a walk through of the cabin when complete. Thank you, a quality product delivered on time.

D Bayne
Mr. Dylan Prentice
Mar 29, 2020
Had a day, well 8 hours to get the log cabin/giant shed built. With 4 people in total and probably an average of 2.3 for the entirety. Within that time we got everything done apart from the shingles on and the cabin sealed. The most difficult bit was squaring up the wooden frame that I had made and we got it to within 10mm, so that was good enough. From the start of the build to the final rafter going it was about 5 hours and that was after a few wobbles with not doing the door at the right time and missing a support from the frame that I made. So it could have all been up and in situe in 4 hours, give or take if you like to look at the instructions( which we didnt until we discovered an extra length of wood. There were a few warps in the logs, possibly 6 or 7, but with a bit of persuading they do slot in and it eases off on most occassions with additional weight of the other members. We had one that was pulling where the door frame was going, but we just screwed it down and it sorted it.
Getting to the crux of the matter you need to ensure that you count the number of the logs and ensure you know when to come in with the first of the longer lengths for the beginning of the roof section as we had to take a layer out. Getting the apex for the roof to sit on was the most difficult to fit, obviously due to it being the final part of the build, but with a gentle rubber persuader we got it in and it fitted like a glove.
When you the package arrive and you think there are loads of extra roof boards, there isn't, it's just the way the thing is packed together. I think there were about 6 extra boards and the roof is well over 100 boards for the Hendrick one.
So everything seems to be great at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get a couple of wee snags here and there, but I'm delighted with it at the moment and I'm looking forward to finishing it.
Mr. Mark Pontin
Jan 20, 2020
I was absolutely amazed at how easy the cabin was to build. Everything just fits!

I am extremely pleased with the cabin and cannot recommend it highly enough.
Mr. Andrew Flack
Sep 24, 2019
From delivery through to build the whole experience has been outstanding. The delivery driver was able to put the excellently packed cabin on to our drive where we wanted without any trouble at all with the fabulous multi directional forklift. Unpacking the “kit”, we were very impressed how well it had all been packaged to minimise any damage to the components. Following the erection guidelines, with the help of my two sons, we were fully finished bar the tiles in two days. No problems or issues just trust in the erection guide and it all comes together.
Mr. Michael Ward
Sep 16, 2019
Very pleased with this product. Delivery was early and the driver couldn’t have been more helpful.
The cabin fitted together very easily and the wood is good quality, made to last. I would recommend Tuin.
James Cable
Sep 14, 2019
We bought two of these for our business, the experience from start to finish was excellent. The delivery driver was so helpful, our drive is 250m long, is uphill and has some tight bends. This was not a problem, it took an hour to get both up and the rain was torrential , this wasn't a problem to the driver. The cabins themselves were well packed and incredibly easy to construct, we hardly needed instructions. We'd previously lined and levelled our base to 1mm so it was just a case of putting one on the other and checking as you go. The cabins themselves are good quality with everything as it should be. We will be ordering another two next year
Mr. Neil Layton
Apr 9, 2019
My first cabin buy...everything went as planned. I was initially unsure which one to buy, so spoke to a Tuin representative on the phone. She was very helpful and helped me finalise my decision. Delivery arrived on the date as expected.

The cabin was simple to put up, with the main walls being done in a few hours the same night it was delivered. The roof however took longer than expected due to having about 60 slats either side which needed nailing in.

Looks awesome when completed..
Jon harbinson
Mar 11, 2019
Could not recommend this company or product highly enough very helpful great knowledge even down to delivery effort less
Matt Calder
Mar 1, 2019
We couldn't be happier with our Tuin Hendrick model cabin. Excellent customer service, easy delivery and the driver went out of his way to place in the perfect position. It took 3 of us a day to make it, instructions were easy to follow. The shingles provided take a little more time to fit that standard felt, but they look lovely when finished. The door has settled (to be expected I guess) and the fit isnt a great as Id like, but some basic re-hinging and refitting sorted it. Excellent. Thanks Tuin.
Simon Stirling
Jan 16, 2019
Excellent build quality. About a day and a half's work. Very spacious. Only quibble would be that the instruction book should be e-mailed as PDF - not just inserted in the middle of the pack.
We also had the extra window. Well worth it for the extra light.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, with every order we send the instruction advice page link, we also send this with your order. It is also linked from every product page. We also print on the front the the instruction booklet supplied with the cabin. We are sorry if these were not clear enough.

If asked prior to delivery or indeed post delivery we can also send these as a pdf and plans if required.

We are pleased to hear about the build quality and extra light.

Thank you.

Mrs. Susan Forbes
Sep 3, 2018
We purchased this cabin from Tuin after looking at many competitors cabins and being put off by their pricing. Most competitors seem to have a headline price which appears competative until you change the log size from 22mm to 45mm and have a shingle roof instead of none at all etc etc. We were therefore delighted that the Tuin price, which is cheaper at the outset, is for a 44mm logs as standard, double glazed and (with the offer) included roof shingles. All in all this represented a huge saving over the competitor cabins we looked at.
The communication prior to delivery was very good and the cabin arrived exactly as arranged. Our worries about how the driver would get a 6m long pallet in the drive were allayed when he simply pulled a lever on his fork lift and the wheels turned through 90 degrees and he drove in sideways, fantastic, placed it right by the gate leading to the back garden. Ours is a large cabin so there is a lot of timbers, however, as we unpacked it was fairly obvious which bits were the walls, perlings, ridge, roof timbers etc so it is easy to stack these in the appropriate piles ready for assembly.
The assembly of the walls is very easy as they simply slot together and this part of the build is very quick, the build then slows down a bit as nailing on the T&G roof and then the shingles is very time consuming, there are 130 T&G timbers in our roof and each required 8 nails. The T&G took a couple of days (1 man build), the shingles take a similar amount of time.
All in all we are delighted with our cabin, the quality of the service was very good, delivery was smooth, the cabin is good quality, the build was easy and the end result looks fantastic.
We are delighted with our purchase.
Mr. Brendan Vickers
Aug 28, 2018
Excellent service from this company.
We are absolutely delighted with our log cabin . It is made from excellent quality wood . It was easy for two of us to assemble. People have been sending us messages and asking us about our cabin and we cannot recommend your company and our cabin enough . We have also pointed a few people that are interested in buying cabins/sheds in your direction .
Steve Bowring
Jun 6, 2018
From the moment I ordered my cabin everything has been straight forward to arrange and complete, ordering and payment was simple and the staff at the end of the phone have been very helpful and knowledgeable. I arranged delivery to be a month after order to allow me time to prepare the site and build a wooden base after watching a number of the online videos on the TUIN website. The subsequent ordering of additional extras such as the adjustable pads (and the return of some as I ordered the wrong sizes) was easy and quick.

Although access to my property from the road is very easy, the road itself is a small lane which I was concerned may be an issue for the delivery driver, after discussing this with the staff at TUIN it was agreed that they believed delivery could be achieved. On the day I had a phone call an hour before arrival and the driver parked about half a mile away and delivered the very heavy 6 meter long package on a forklift truck (fantastic to watch the very skilled operator!)

After about 2 hours of unpacking/checking all the pieces (nothing broken!) it took two of us 8 hours to assemble completely so that the cabin was up and the roof on. It took another five days for me to treat, paint, insulate roof, shingle roof, insulate floor and build floor.

All in All very pleased with the product and the service provided.
Mr. Scott Morgan
Mar 9, 2018
I’m glad I got asked to review my cabin. I am in north east Scotland so finding a company that realises it’s not the other side of the world was difficult, however not for these guys. The price for my delivery was brilliant and the company that delivered it was superb, nothing was a problem. I opted for the order now and invoice when delivery has been arranged as it’s alot of money to give to a company you haven’t dealt with before. They contacted me as agreed and it gave me piece of mind. I didn’t even have to wait long up in Scotland for a delivery date either. Now for the cabin part. It’s a brilliant log cabin and although the instructions aren’t that great at first glance, you soon realise it’s because the cabin is so easy to build all you really need is the pictures given. The quality was spot on, every bit links together perfectly and the design of it was impressive at its simplicity. It’s pretty difficult to get it wrong ! It’s taken me 5x longer to put the shingles on than to build the cabin but they are good quality shingles and I still can’t believe they were free. I believe you never really get anything for free, but in this case it was. I genuinely saved 50% compared to locally purchasing and it was hassle free. I’ve recommended Tuin to a few people now who don’t believe what I got for the money.
Mrs. Lyn Howie
Jan 15, 2018
Excellent log cabin.We bought it to put inside a large argricultural shed as a place to heat and relax. This cabin is everything we hoped for and more. It took my husband and father inlaw 3 nights after work to complete and is a high quality product. So much so we would like to buy another one. Service was first class and delivered within the time stated at the time of order. Delivery driver was extremly helpful and knowledgeable, Over all a great service from start to finish. You won't be disappointed.
Mr. Kevin Barrs
Dec 10, 2017
I spent months looking around and visiting sites before choosing Tuin. Great service from start to finish. The cabin is super quality and has given us a fantastic garden room and entertainment centre. Fantastic value
Mr. Ian Dearn
Jun 12, 2017
The tuin website is really useful, watching the videos about construction really help me know what I was getting into, we also followed the advice in the blogs regarding insulation and used the 50mm celotex on the roof and floor, all went very well. Do make sure to have a level foundation, and once the door frame is in make sure to try the doors, we missed this step and ended up with badly aligned doors that were catching the frames. We only found this out after finishing the build, luckly tuin answered our query in 24hrs, and after sending pics, informed me I could rectify it by undoing the outer frame allowing me to resquare the door frame fix the issue.

The log cabin is great, its a 5m x5m which gives an internal size of 4.72m x 4.72m more than enough for the family to have a pool table dart board and bar installed, the wood is great and we have followed the tuin blog and treated it with sikkens 4 coats, its expensive but worth it. And we also had the free roof shingles, this took me about 3 days on my own with the insulation under these too, but it looks so good from out the bed room window. All in all a great purchase and great customer service, even the delivery driver phoned from abroad twice on the bank holoday weeked to confirm delivery on the tuesday
Mr. mark smith
May 27, 2017
I ordered the cabin after a friend recommended Tuin. The quality is first rate. A few people said to us that a big cabin like ours must be difficult to assemble but my son, wife and I put it together in no time at all. The instructions are basic but very intuitive. We had no problems at all. Everyone who has seen it is very impressed. I would recommend Tuin to anyone.
Mr. Bernard Abbs
May 23, 2017
I have very pleased with my purchase,the sales team were helpful,the delivery company made what I saw as an awkward job seem very easy. The cabin was well made & easy to assemble but some of the instructions lacked detail, but there was plenty of tips on your website. So overall very pleased.
Mr. Paul Bennett
May 19, 2017
Cabin was delivered as arranged, well packaged with no damage, is of good quality wood, precision machined so fitted together good, extra roof timbers and shingles also welcome. In all a quality cabin at a very reasonable price.
Mr. paul wilson
May 14, 2017
very pleased with log cabin. me and my two brother built the cabin and put the roof and tile on in a day.The delivery driver was very helpful and arrived on time.
May 5, 2017
This is my 2nd purchase after buying a Summertime cabin late 2016. Loved the process so much had to make room for another one. The Hendricks I found easier to build due to knowing from the last build but I found it went together a lot easier and the quality of windows and doors is fabulous. Had to cut the front facia boards but this wasn't a massive hassle. To build basic cabin me and my 18 year old daughter took very little time a day in all mostly on the roof boards. The shingles took a couple of days in inclement weather but a lot of fun. Should have bought these years ago. Fab service as usual...highly recommended......
Ms. Estelle Horder
Mar 28, 2017
I couldn't be more pleased with my Tuin cabin. Good quality, amazing finish, spacious and just what I wanted.
The service from Tuin and the installation team was excellent all round.
Rodger Boyd
Jan 11, 2017
The company delivering the cabin were really bad. We booked a time and they turned up 12 hours late. We spoke to them and they lied every time about traffic and accidents, when it eventually turned up the driver told us he had been sent to another job.We called Tuin to see if they could help put some pressure on and they couldn't have been more disinterested. The girl on reception was really unhelpful, gave loads of reasons why she couldn't help and did nothing to support us.
We're very pleased with the cabin, the quality is good, the build instruction allowed 2 novices to put together a strong construction, everything is clearly identified, there was nothing missing and most importantly the cabin looks good.
It would have been a 5 star review if the delivery hadn't been so bad.
Nov 22, 2016
Really impressed by this company. They took my order did not want any money until delivery.
I placed my order with the free shingles and was given a delivery date of the 31/10/16 when they could not deliver they informed me and were so helpful to re arrange or even cancel the order. No pressure just nice people from Karen to Ben.
Even when I had missing parts they arranged next day delivery for critical parts. what more can you ask for.
The Bailey House
Aug 10, 2016
From ordering our Hendrick Log Cabin to delivery we have been very impressed with Tuin. The office staff were very helpful and we were kept informed with the delivery details. It took my husband and Dad a matter of days to put the cabin together and we are all really pleased with the finished product.
simon hearn
Jul 31, 2016
I purchased the Henrick 5 x 5 metre log cabin. I am so happy with my purchase, it looks lovely. The support was good, the company answered all my questions and delivery was on time. I will definitely recommend this to other people. I did a lot of research and this came out the best quality and value for money.
Mr. Andrew Dobbing
Jul 4, 2016
After purchasing the hendrick log cabin we are very pleased with the quality of the product.the build was easy following guidance from the excellent Web site,all the info you could need. Customer service was excellent e mails answered within minutes,delivery simple and on time. Would use tuin again. Very good experience thanks to all the team
Steve speed
Jun 22, 2016
Very happy with everything ,quality and service,my cabin looks amazing ,looked into other suppliers a lot more expensive,saying they are better quality,rubbish.I would highly recommend tuin.
Mr. Stephen McGachy
Jun 4, 2016
found the whole expereince very straight forward. build went well , only problem i would say was that drawings supplied could have been a lot clearer with more detail.
Delivery arrived when it was due, all went together with ease, built in a weekend.
i would reccommend this cabin to anyone looking for one.
Mr. steve bonnick
Apr 13, 2016
If you are thinking if buying a log cabin Tuin is the only place you need to look, and trust me I looked everywhere. Frim the start my random emails were answered almost instantly and were very helpful, and partly why I chose this company. I chose to build my own, when it arrived I was scared stiff at this huge package. Once it was open and I sorted what was what, it took a day to build, two novice diyers. The second day we put the roof shingles on, we took advice and used shingle adhesive, 5 tubes but. They are easy to build, trust the instructions and you will be the proud owner of a beautiful well thought out cabin from an outstanding company, don't let the cheaper prices fool you into thinking less quality they are superb.
Mr. Jamie Percy
Apr 4, 2016
After much deliberation I opted to order my Log Cabin through Tuin. There are lots of providers out there and having not heard of Tuin previously I was sceptical about ordering through them. What swayed me to order from Tuin was the amount of expert advice from the website and also in person from the Tuin team who answered all of my questions in great detail prior to ordering. Delivery of the cabin was very efficient and apart from holding the whole road up for about 5 minutes whilst it was unloaded (as it comes on a huge Articulated Lorry) it was as Tuin state on the website and very efficient. Upon unpacking the cabin there was a few minor faults which Tuin promptly corrected and replaced. I opted to get the cabin professionally fitted and spoke to Tuin regarding this and they put me in touch with one of their recommended fitters. Luckily enough the fitter had a cancelation and the cabin was fitted a week or so after the purchase. I was going to fit this myself however with taking time off work I opted for the fitting service and glad I did as it was completed in one day with the roof felting and floor all installed. When speaking to the fitter (who was independent from Tuin and fits cabins from a range of other suppliers) he said the Tuin cabin were a lot better quality than the others he fits which gave me a great deal of confidence. On now to finishing the cabin to get it how I want it in time for spring and summer. Would I recommend Tuin ? Definitely and I wouldn’t hesitate in ordering further products as looking to now order the side storage for the cabin itself.
Well done Tuin.
Mrs. Elizabeth Scott
Apr 1, 2016
The Hendrick Log Cabin is a great buy, would thoroughly recommend this cabin design. The customer service at TUIN in particular has been outstanding, being updated at each stage in the process from purchase through to delivery was so straightforward, with very responsive e mail and telephone communication. The cabin itself is exactly as expected great quality wood. The base took the longest to get right, after that the walls slotted together very easily and quickly. At this stage the roof and shingle is on, just to do the floor. My husband and I have built the rest of the cabin between us over a couple of days. The only thing which could improve easiness of construction is a more tailored to this particular product set of assembly instructions though it was easy enough to logically work out. We looked at various cabin designs but felt that this cabin would suit our needs the best and with the other great reviews it certainly hasn't disappointed in any way. Great log cabin !
murray duguid
Feb 23, 2016
I hunted for ages for a log cabin 5x5 m I was starting to get depressed with the prices people were selling them for, I then stumbled across Tuin on the web boy o boy am I glad I did. Price fantastic, quality superb, customer service outstanding, delivery brilliant.
Don't even bother looking elsewhere all you have to look at is how professional the web site is there is just so much information on it. I can't stress enough how impressed I am with this company, nowadays customer service like this is hard to find.
Almost finished building my cabin, went up a dream the quality of the wood was very good as good as cabins twice the price. I built a lugarde cabin years ago. The Tuin cabin was every bit as good for literally half the price and went together every bit as easy.
Thank you very much Tuin people. Pleasure doing business with you.
Mr. Andrew Muckley
Jan 30, 2016
Hi all, started the build at 09.30 this morning and ran out of light at around 5.30 this evening and only the ridges and barge boards to put on. Ok there was four of us and most of the time was taken up on the roof and shingles.
It flew up and only a couple of boards needed a bit of coaxing into place with the aid of a couple of clamps as per the on line video's.
The only bad part was that one of the apex part's were too long and needed trimming to size, but not that simple as the measurements for the notches at each end were probably taken from end to end, they were way out (25mm each side) so had to notch them out to suit, a pain in the butt but lucky we knew what we were doing to resolve this and then trim off the ends
The overall quality and ease of the build, apart from the bit of fettling we had to do, is superb, we are very pleased with the result and couldn't wish for a better product, in fact two of our friends who helped us are now going to order one themselves they were so impressed.
So be prepared to do a little bit of adjustment's if you need to and the rest goes up just as per plan.
I did a fair bit of emailing the tuin team before starting and watched the video's. Please do this as there is lots of info there for you and i was so impressed, that as a shift worker that they emailed me back within minuets what ever the time was.
The delivery was just as good, it turned up at the time he said, on the fork truck and apart from installing it for me he could not have been more helpful.
I still give it 5 stars even though i had a bit of adjusting to do, but i think you expect that, though it's not an excuse for the bad apex part. Also as a company it deserved the rating because of the fantastic email response from Richard and the whole team.
Would i buy from Tuin again ? Yes you bet, my wife is looking at a potting shed.
To sum up then, excellent product, excellent delivery, excellent customer service.
Dave Rushworth
Jan 25, 2016
We ordered this unit in December 2015. Delivery was very quick (on a 40 ton wagon with fork lift truck). You need good access for this. Arrived at 7.30am and delivery complete 20 minutes later. What was delivered was exactly what we ordered on a single pallet 5m x 1m. We used a local firm to erect the building, and they finished with ease in 4 man days. The quality is very good. The design of the windows is unusual and the opening light has proved difficult to close. Overall however a very good product.
Mr. Marius Schultz
Nov 2, 2015
The Hendrick is a spacious cabin and perfect for my workshop/playroom/storage purpose. I have chosen the 45mm logs and it is more sturdy that what I expected. The timber is good quality and the delivered pallet is hard to fault. In terms of the building experience, this is the first one I have attempted and as a natural worrier, the amount of information on the website with the videos on YouTube helped to get everything right. The customer service is top class and no matter how many emails you bombard Richard with, he will always come back swiftly and give good advice. I can recommend Tuin for a good product, top class customer service and a most satisfying building experience.
Bobby munroe
Jul 27, 2015
Brought the hendrix 5x5 log cabin and was very impressed with the quality of the cabin. Everything fitted together perfectly and i managed to to put the hole thing up barring the roof boards and shingles in just 3 hrs. Very strong structure indeed. Highly recomend to anyone looking to buy an outdoors area. We are using ours as a spare bedroom have insulated it and had electics fitted carpet layed all the mod cons and it is a hole lot cheeper and more convenuant then having a brick structure built. Also the liason between myself a tuin was amazing very helpfull indeed with any questions you have and the deliveriey guy was very helpfull aswell.
Mr. Stephen Campbell
May 29, 2015
Hi, really impressed with my Hendrick log cabin 5.0 x 5.0.
Took about 2 days to erect completely (me and the wife), only had one problem with the roof, there were 6 boards short, but for me this was not too much of a problem as I own a joinery company so I quickly popped to the workshop and made some up, also did not have quite enough shingles to finish the ridge but I have sorted that out as well. (Perhaps you supplied the roof for a 400 overhang instead of 700)
The quality of the timber and machining is excellent and value for money second to none.
Even though I had a couple of problems I still think it is worth 5 stars, prompt and efficient delivery, excellent product, will definitely recommend you to my friends ,
Many thanks
Steve Campbell
Mr. Nigel Stannard
Mar 22, 2015
Great service all round, delivery driver was excellent and got a very large pallet into a very narrow drive. The Tuin website is very informative and everything they say they will do they do which is refreshing. I've put my cabin on a slightly raised wooden frame, due to gradient change front to back, supported on 600x600x50mm slabs. Richard's expert written ideas for wooden frames was invaluable. I went for profiled foundation beams which in hindsight was probably overkill given the wooden frame and my design did not cater for the back lip on these beams which I had to notch out to allow for the beams on my wooden frame. I took about a week on and off to get the base and wooden frame ready to accept the cabin, I did listen to the all important rule get the base square and level. The cabin itself went up in less than 6 hours, (walls and purlins). Roof boards ( a tedious job) took about 4 hours and the shingles (even more tedious) took another 5 hours. I'm really happy with my purchase, quality and finish miles better than the Uk versions Iooked at at garden centres. I wouldn't change a thing if I had my time again and would recommend a Tuin log cabin to anyone.
Peter Wrycraft
Jan 18, 2015
After searching ages & ages through the internet, at garden centres and other log cabin supplies I cam across Tuin- & by golly- I'm very pleased I did. The ordering was completely painless, delivery was absolutely as promised, the delivery driver more than helpful to ensure the pallet was placed in exactly the right place. Although I could not erect the cabin for a while because I was making a solid concrete foundation, when me & a friend started to erect it was complete in just over 1 day. This would have been one day, but for the fact that it was being erected in a freezing January. Shingles took another day to fit.
Throughout the whole process, erection was flawless- all the parts fitted together perfectly, without having ti fiddle about with any part to fit it correctly. The doors & window opened & closed perfectly. All parted were absolutely accurate & at the end I have a workshop that, I'm sure will last for years.
My base was 4" of mill waste whacked down, a damp proof membrane then 4" reinforced concrete. I'm aware that this might be a bit of an overkill, but wanted to ensure longevity. As an aside, I am a reasonably competent DIY'er, but if that was not the case, i cannot see any reason that someone less skilled could not complete the build- although understandaby it might take a little longer. I finished the building wit 2 coats of Sadolin extra durable wood finish.
To all who are thinking about a log cabin, my suggestion is to immediately stop searching & buy a Tuin one. You won't be disappointed- value for money is superb- so much so that I'll soon be ordering another for my wife!
Aug 27, 2014
I spent months researching the log cabin minefield online - 100's of companies offering numerous types and sizes, a real headache - There is only one company to use & that's Tuin.
The cabin is of V high quality 45mm logs, nothing compares for the price (we visited a few places) - Our builder found it very easy to erect, the whole thing was completed within two days , the main walls within a few hours (the roof & shingles take the most time & patience!) . The service and communication was fantastic, delivery very swift & direct from Holland - Very well packed with zero defects and even spares included!! - Be warned the packaging is large (5mtr long)..Make sure you have room to store if not erecting that day..! I have no problem recommending Tuin to anybody wanting a Log Cabin - Tip: Make sure you use a very high quality wood protector, this will add a few £100 to the total cost, but very well worth the investment.
Alan Bennett
Apr 18, 2014
Please please don't look no fur further for a log cabin .it is great and Karen and Ricard to .it took two days to put up it was so easy .the hard bit is the shingles it took a day .but looks great