Hazel Log Cabin Studio 4m x 3m

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Louisa Higginson
May 27, 2022
Bought as a hot tub room and we added an extra set of doors for ventilation.
Delivery was easy and the driver negotiated our rural lane with ease. Installation was straight forward it took 2 of us (minimal diy knowledge) 4 hours to assemble the main building and then the rubber roof took much longer than the actual build!
Overall very impressed with the quality and would recommend and it has turned out exactly how we wanted it
Mark Porter
Feb 19, 2022
Hazel Log cabin is a lively product, the 4x3 foot print is big enough to offer versatile use without being overwhelming. Do the basics right and follow the support material online and fairly straight forward to assemble. I chose 26mm flooring which is strong and robust. We are using the cabin as a gym. Worth bearing in mind that the purlins do inhibit headroom, fairly obvious but standing on a treadmill and being 6’2’’ is squeaky. Built on a timber frame supported by concrete pads as garden not very level. Insulated in floor and on top of roof boards with OSB layer with EDPM. Delivery on time and very helpful driver. My only observation is you can’t rely on the offer timer, it influenced my decision in when to purchase and then kept getting extended. Overall would highly recommend Tuin and it’s products.. really pleased with how it turned out.
Miss Christine Wright
Nov 18, 2021
I am delighted with my Hazel log cabin which is now my garden office. I asked a local handyman for a quote to build it and was told it would take two men a week to do. As the Tuin website says repeatedly, "do it yourself", I decided to have a go. It took myself and a friend 2 days to build and we had no previous experience. I am 60, she is 52 and we were very smug when we finished it. I have not had to insulate except for the floor and it is cosy to work in all day. I would highly recommend.
Nov 9, 2021
Quality Quality Quality. Easy to assemble, advice if required. If you are thinking of buying one, just buy it. You will not be disappointed.
Sep 30, 2021
We bought the hazel log cabin and couldn't be happier with the quality and service. Everything from the info provided at purchase, to support with questions from the customer service team, to delivery and then the finished built product itself have been 5 star. The customer info and guides on the website are so useful and comprehensive. Really pleased with the look and finish, it looks amazing in our garden. Highly recommended
Mr. Robert Hill
Aug 19, 2021
Love the log cabin and have set it out as a cinema/bar. It was fairly easy to build if you have a bit of knowledge but the instructions were terrible, especially when it came to fitting the roof covering (epdm). There's only so many times you can watch a YouTube video, which also isn't in English. There were quite a few bowed,warped timbers. This was expected to a point, and was managed by arranging them at the bottom so the weight would try and straighten them out. Took two days to build and then another couple of hours for the roof covering.
That aside, I'm honestly over the moon with the product and I would recommend.
Gordon McCormick
Jul 2, 2021
Decided that 2020 holiday money was being spent on an outside entertainment space for the boring garden. The size was ideal for our space and I had helped build a Tuin cabin for a relative the previous year so knew how easy they are to construct. Delivery was later than first thought due to pandemic but it meant the deck extension and base were all ready for the build day. Delivery driver couldn’t get down my drive but did deposit the large package right outside my house. Started the build about 11:30 and it was all up, except the roof boards, by 14:00. Took a couple of hours to finish nailing on the roof. Such an easy system and really good fun. I would recommend anyone, with or without DIY skills to buy and build one of these. We use it all year round for entertaining and as an extra bed room as we put a sofa bed in it.
Mr. D Martin
Jan 25, 2021
A really good product and just what we were looking for in our garden. Delivery was really easy - arrived exactly when they said it would. Very easy to put up with clear instructions and online help to guide through the trickier bits. Took two of us just over a day. Thought it was really good value too. Would highly recommend!
Mr. John Presland
May 26, 2020
Fantastic service and a great product. I built the cabin in a day however, it took another day to insulate the roof and put in the insulation and floating floor into the cabin. The tuin team were really helpful both after order (asked a few questions) and delivery guy was superb (all appropriately social distanced). Thanks for all your help. JP
Steven Buchanan
Apr 26, 2020
My wife and I built a deck 5 years ago with the intention of putting (her in) a cabin of some description on it, but nothing ever took our fancy until we saw Tuin's Hazel 40mm log cabin. A perfect 4x3m for our site, with double doors and full height window - 99.9% the image of a cabin I almost built from scratch the summer before - for exactly the same price I would have paid just for the 19mm timber and fittings: £1600 plus £100 delivery - I'm sure I ordered the cabin in the 1st or 2nd week it was up for sale and got an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. The pandemic caused a bit of delay in delivery but was kept up to date throughout. The delivery driver was a gem of a guy; saved me a days labour by dropping the huge package exactly in the perfect location that I was sure was an impossibility, but what do I know. I was in no hurry to build it, so read the instructions, took a bit of time to watch the recommended videos, and used my 1st day to check and lay out the components in the best possible positions for a start the following morning. I had the weather on my side, and it took me about 3 x 8-hour shifts over 4 days at a leisurely pace, plus many tea breaks, to complete the build. Follow the short guidance booklet and you will NOT go wrong - I promise you. Everything fell into place perfectly - the build quality was 1st class. I had one moment of doubt during the build, but Karen, Jamie and Ben were right back at me to keep me on track - thanks guys. I now only have to lay a floor and paint it, but that can wait until later. The only optional item I bought was the storm kit, not just because we're in Scotland, but quite simply for piece of mind. Would I buy another cabin? ABSOLUTELY. Would I recommend to others? ABSOLUTELY. Would I offer to help build a friends cabin? ABSOLUTELY - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Harry Dick
Apr 21, 2020
Had a bit of trouble building my base in very wet weather and the help I had organised for the cabin erection couldn’t come due to the lockdown. So I was a little apprehensive about putting the cabin up on my own. In the event it was fairly straight forward helped by good drawings and on line videos. I am not ultra practical but I found it easy and almost fun. It looks very solid apart from the section between the doors and window which will require extra bracing. I would certainly use Tuin again and the staff on the phone and emails are lovely.
al dobney
Apr 14, 2020
Great price and delivery Excellent quality throughout easy to build Built myself in 3 days
Colin Muirhead
Apr 6, 2020
Purchased the Hazel log cabin and it arrived in the time slot given. Excellent quality and I am really pleased with the overall finished look. The customer service was excellent and I would not hesitate in purchasing another product from Tuin
David Jones
Apr 6, 2020
bought this cabin recently and was pleased with the service i received. Cabin came 1wk early but glad it did due to the current situation we all face. Built this cabin with my wife and was very easy to build. instructions could be slightly better but otherwise with the online videos was good. Would defo recommend these to friends if they are looking.
Mr. Steve McCauley
Apr 3, 2020
Bought the Hazel log cabin for a garden office. Was worried about the size but it’s perfect. Really easy to put up too, majority of time was spent ensuring the foundation logs were perfectly flat after that they all simply slotted into place. Added insulation to create a warm roof, the extra roof height looks really good too however I will need to buy some wider cladding but I knew I would.
Yet to fit out the interior due to the lockdown in the UK putting everything on hold.
Was delivered a couple weeks of earlier than expected, the delivery company rang the day before to ask if I was ok for early delivery.
Really impressed with this cabin, the quality is amazing an easy 5 star from me.
Mr. Dennis Dean
Feb 2, 2020
This is the 2nd log cabin I have had from Tuin, and again they do not disappoint. The quality is outstanding, they are so easy to build, and they look fabulous.
I am the envy of all my neighbours.
You can pay £700 for a bog standard shed from anywhere, which will probably rot in a few years. these log cabins will outlast me, in fact the one I purchased 3 years ago still looks brand new.
Trust me if you want a log cabin thats lasts and looks great look no further than Tuin