Gorliz Log Cabin Combo Shed 4.0 x 2.98m

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Mr. Phillip Rogers
Jul 26, 2023
Delivery was good. Not erected as yet due to weather. Pleased so far
Patrick Quinn
Jun 15, 2023
Although the delivery time was long at 10 weeks, it did arrive as agreed and the delivery driver was excellent.
As it arrived as a 'flat pack' it took some time to unpack and identify the items, there is no identifying mark or sticker on any of the items, so separating some of the logs into size order required measuring the logs.
Once sorted, the construction is relatively easy, as can be expected, some of the logs may be twisted and this caused some of the dovetail joints to almost pull apart, requiring filler to fill the gap, is is to be expected with this kind of product.
After construction, I did end up with 2 small logs and a number of spare screws and nails that I had no idea what they were for.

The cabin is excellent quality, easy to construct (I am over 70 and did it myself) and is very good value for money, when you compare it to other cabins on the market.

PS this is my third Tuin cabin.