Funen Log Cabin 5.98m x 5.98m

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Limberlost landscapes and Construction ltd
Jul 30, 2022
The cabin arrived as planned was packed brilliant.
We spent the morning sorting every piece into stacks and ticking off which is essential.
I would say the numbering of each component could be a lot better and clearer.

We then take our time with the bearers and the first layer , squaring it all up then it flys up in the next day.

Any twisted or wrarped timber straightens up with the right tools.

Once all up and done and treated it looks amazing and the customer is very happy.
Mr. Andrew Russell
Sep 13, 2021
Funen log cabin. Arrived as scheduled, delivery driver was very helpful indeed and the cabin, on its pallet was dropped exactly where I needed it to be. The instructions with the cabin are not detailed, mostly just a materials list and then pages of assembly drawings. However, if you are reasonably competent at reading drawings and can look at the list/drawings logically you can do the assembly on your own. It's a big job for one as there are some heavy lifts and leveling 4 mtr logs at 2.5 mtr heights takes a bit of makeshift temporary positioning, but it can be done, much better though with help. The quality is great and once the foundations are levelled up and squared, the logs drop in relatively easily. I was short of specific materials at the beginning of the build which I noticed, but when contacted, Tuin were fairy quick at getting the shortage sent out and again at the end of the build, I noticed another material shortage. Tuin again got it sent out as soon as I had noticed and let them know, so after sales was pretty good. I had a few questions regarding ambiguous bits of the drawings or instructions relating to them, but my questions were answered with enough clarity for me to proceed, even if it meant actually having to build some bits not as per the supplied drawing. It's not an easy build and on your own is extremely difficult, but it can be done. If you can get a couple of friends to muck in then it makes the build much more straight forward. It took me 6 or 7 weeks on my own, in my spare time to get it completed with just the paintwork to finish, so overall very pleased with it and the backup service provided by Tuin. Once I've got it painted and a tiled patio layed round it, it will be a great addition to the garden. Looking forward to using it now.